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117 Year Old French Nun Links Red Wine to Her Longevity – VinePair

Posted: February 19, 2021 at 3:48 am

On Thursday, the French nun Sister Andr turned 117 and celebrated with an exceptional feast. A first course of foie gras set the tone for capon with fragrant mushrooms, and was washed down with a hearty glass of red wine.

David Tavella, the communications manager for Andrs care home in Toulon, told the Associated Press that red wine is one of Andrs secrets to longevity. Across the table, red wine, Champagne, and port flowed as Andrs friends toasted in her honor.

The meal concluded a few hours later with Sister Andrs favorite dessert, Baked Alaska. It followed a mass in her honor, led by the local Catholic bishop, and a video call with her great, and great-great, nephews.

At this point, Sister Andr is in line to become the worlds oldest living person. Shes currently Europes oldest and the worlds second oldest, right behind Kane Tanaka, who turned 118 last January.

When asked how shell celebrate her next birthday, Andr replied, I wont be here next year. But dont be perturbed, shes repeated the phrase every birthday for the last ten years, so winemakers better start setting aside their best reds for the next feast.

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117 Year Old French Nun Links Red Wine to Her Longevity - VinePair

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