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12 Best home workout accessories you need to have for ultimate fitness goals during the pandemic – PINKVILLA

Posted: June 6, 2021 at 1:46 am

Cant afford to skip another day at the gym? Fret not, as we have compiled a list of the best home gym accessories that you should get right away to achieve that summer body!

While we are still in the face of the pandemic, struggling to find the new normal, let us not forget about our fitness woes that might end up ruining us if we dont do anything about it. Fitness is key to a healthy lifestyle and it should be the main priority right now for a lot of us.

As we are already facing mental health problems, let us not take things for granted and let them affect our physical health. The body needs to be active and energetic to be performing all tasks well and to be able to get through the pandemic without facing a hustle in terms of fitness and health.

So, we have listed down the best home gym equipment that will ultimately help you achieve the body of your dreams and ensure that you stay fit and active during these testing times.

A non slippery organic yoga mat

Get yourself an organic yoga mat and start practising yoga right away to achieve the ultimate mental and physical fitness. The organic yoga mat is not harmful to the environment and it will keep you more grounded and agile. You can perform your yoga asanas on this mat every morning and start your day on a fresh and positive note.

Ankle weights

Get yourself a set of ankle weights, preferably 1 to 3 lb ankle weights. These are great for your leg day and for enhancing your exercise. These are great for muscle building and building stamina on your legs.

Resistance bands

These are trending as we speak. Many fitness trainers have come to use resistance bands in their training especially for lunges, squats or any cardio exercises. They build flexibility, strength, stabilise muscles and theyre a great alternative to machines and super heavy weights.

Dumbbell set

These are a must have for any fitness enthusiast and it goes without saying. These weights add to your muscle growth, build stamina and strength in your arms, forearms and increase flexibility. They also promote coordination and flexibility for joints.

Kettlebell weights

It improves your core strength and flexibility. It improves your posture and stabilises muscles and the spinal cord. They are also known to boost your metabolism and strength.

Skipping rope

This is the best form of exercise if you are doing cardio. It promoted a healthy heart, burns down calories straight away. It improves your digestive system, increases stamina and it helps you to get rid of fatigue. It also boosts mental health and strengthens your bones.

Stationary exercise bike

It helps in weight loss and it is an excellent way to pump your heart and get that blood flow going. It is a low impact workout that you can do at any given point in time during the day. It strengthens your legs and builds muscles in the lower body.


Another must have gym equipment you need to invest in for your house is the treadmill. You can place it outside on your balcony or on the terrace to get some fresh while youre running on the treadmill. It is best for your overall physical and health wellbeing and promotes a healthy heart and builds stamina.

Elliptical machine

This machine is again a low impact workout but it is great for your stamina, burns lots of calories and puts less stress on your joints. It is great for cardio as it combines both upper and lower body workout.

Slam ball

Slam ball is another gym accessory that you get yourself for a home workout. It increases muscle density, improves metabolism and improves heart health.

Rowing machine

This is the perfect gym equipment for building your core strength and building stamina. It helps in getting rid of the belly fat, aids in weight loss, improves flexibility and gives you an overall body burn. It also helps strengthen your arms and increases stamina in the upper body along with fixing your posture.

Suspension training kit

It is great for developing muscles and stabilising them. It helps in improving the overall strength of your body and provides a complete body workout without going to the gym.

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12 Best home workout accessories you need to have for ultimate fitness goals during the pandemic - PINKVILLA

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