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CHO launches ‘Nutrition on Wheels’

Posted: April 30, 2012 at 4:15 pm

by Sheila Covarrubias

The City Health Office (CHO) recently launched Nutrition on Wheels, an outreach program intended to empower communities through proper nutrition.

The program is another innovation adopted by the CHO headed by Dr. Rodel Agbulos to advance its vision of Un Ciudad sin Enfermedad.

Mayor Celso Lobregat together with Councilors Nonong Guingona, Rudy Lim and Myra Paz Abubakar and Dr. Agbulos and staff of the CHOs Nutrition Division spearheaded the launching of the program highlighted by a feeding program for young children at the CHO compound in Pettit Barracks, April 26.

Dr. Agbulos said the CHOs mobile van will be used to visit rural areas to conduct feeding programs and information campaigns on good nutrition for people of all ages.

He stressed the program is primarily aimed to eliminate malnutrition in the city. At least 10 barangays have been identified as top 10 in malnutrition problem with barangay Pasobolong as number one in the list.

The Nutrition Division of the CHO will conduct feeding programs, information drives and check on the nutrition problem in each of the citys barangays through the use of the mobile van, Dr. Agbulos said.

The city government through the CHO has been cited for its aggressive nutrition strategies for several years now.

Agbulos stressed that good nutrition is not the intake of costly foods or cuisine but the proper preparation of food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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CHO launches ‘Nutrition on Wheels’

Health office launches 'Nutrition on Wheels'

Posted: at 4:15 pm

Sunday, April 29, 2012

THE Zamboanga City Health Office (CHO) has launched Nutrition on Wheels, an outreach program intended to empower communities through proper nutrition.

The program is another innovation adopted by the CHO headed by Dr. Rodel Agbulos to advance its vision of Un Ciudad sin Enfermedad (A city without sickness).

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Mayor Celso Lobregat, together with Agbulos and his staff of the Nutrition Division, spearheaded the launching of the program on Thursday highlighted by a feeding program for young children at the CHO compound in Pettit Barracks.

They were joined by Councilors Benjamin Guingona III, Rodolfo Lim and Myra Paz Abubakar.

Agbulos said his offices mobile van will be used to visit rural areas to conduct feeding programs and information campaigns on good nutrition for people of all ages.

Agbulos said he program is primarily aimed to eliminate malnutrition in the city.

At least 10 villages have been identified as top 10 in malnutrition problem with the village of Pasobolong as number one in the list.

The Nutrition Division of the CHO will conduct feeding programs, information drives and check on the nutrition problem in each of the citys barangays through the use of the mobile van, Agbulos said.

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Health office launches 'Nutrition on Wheels'

Fitness and eating right

Posted: at 4:15 pm


THERES a saying, Once the truth is revealed, the path becomes clear. In my previous column, I discussed some health and fitness questions which hopefully helped clear your confusion about fitness concept. You have answered questions most people never even asked. Now, lets talk more about fitness and eating right.

Many people are confused about what to eat and type of exercise they want to follow because if they ask 100 different experts on eating right and exercise, theyll get 100 different answers. On top of that, there are those TV infomercials that claim this or that exercise gadget or miracle pill is the answer. We have those workout videos, fitness magazines and hundreds of books. But do we have answers? Well, no. What we have is a junk heap of false conclusions, endless

contradictions and half-baked exercise and nutrition theories that are creating so much uncertainty and confusion. These myths have been around for so long that some people have already regard them as truths. These myths rear their ugly heads when you least

expect them and threaten to destroy your efforts to build a leaner, stronger, more energetic body.

Lets not allow that to happen. Lets conquer those myths, s separate fact from fiction and

create some clarity once and for all. To get more information and enlighten your mind about these myths and wrong concepts, I researced and culled information about eating right and exercise. These are based on my experience in fitness industry for more than 30 years.

Q: Is aerobics better for shaping than weight training?

A: To transform your physique, you must train with weights. Walking around the block or

simply climbing a flight of stairs is better than just sitting there doing nothing. But the best form of exercise for reshaping your body is weight training. Through resistance training, you can also significantly increase your metabolic rate, the rate at which your body burns fat. As you may already know when you gain muscle, your body requires more energy to maintain that new muscle. Fat weight doesnt require any at all to maintain because it just sits there. Thats why weight training is even superior to aerobic exercise for people who want to lose fat. If you do nothing but aerobic exercise even if you eat less, your results will not be optimal. Yes, you may lose weight but your overall shape will stay the same. If you start an aerobic exercise program shaped like a pear, the most likely result is you will end up looking like a smaller pear, which is fine, if thats what you want. But thats not what I call a transformation. With weight training, you not only burn fat but you can also change the shape of your bodyyou can achiever wider shoulders and a narrower waist. You can build muscular arms, lean, defined abdominal muscles, strong legs and you can become empowered, confident and strong.

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Fitness and eating right


Posted: at 4:14 pm

30-04-2012 03:35 http Health awareness programme by ICSP

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Time Warner Cable Launches Health on Demand, a 24 Hour Healthy Lifestyle Destination

Posted: at 4:14 pm


Time Warner Cable today announced the launch of Health on Demand, providing 24 hour access to healthy lifestyle content to its Digital Cable customers. This new offering will provide marketers with access to a geographically targeted audience of engaged, hand-raising health content seekers. Health on Demand provides advertisers with the ability to promote their content with two healthy lifestyle partners, Cooking Light, the only epicurean brand positioned at the intersection of great-tasting food and healthfulness, and Gaiam TV, a streaming video subscription service that includes exclusive yoga, Pilates and fitness classes. Local health care providers will also be able to feature patient education videos on the new channel.

Were always looking to provide our customers with the opportunity to explore and find new offerings from local advertisers while enabling advertisers to reach their key audiences, said Joan Hogan Gillman, President, Time Warner Cable Media. Health on Demand will create a robust destination for anyone seeking tips and recipes for a healthy lifestyle while allowing advertisers to engage with self-selected heath content seekers and maintaining 100% share of voice with a responsive television audience.

Cooking Light segments will feature recipe makeovers and tips for making healthful food choices. Cooking Light videos available at the launch include Healthy Salads, Kids Snacks, Get Your Fiber, Cast-Iron Burgers and Key Lime Pie, among others.

"We're excited to partner with Time Warner Cable into this new digital platform because we have great step-by-step video instruction for healthy cooking, and cooking is really the ultimate on-demand activity, said Cooking Light Editor, Scott Mowbray. People cook daily and need inspiration dailyat the time they're trying to figure out what to make for dinner. The Health on Demand channel is the perfect solution."

Gaiam TV segments will feature videos on exercise and stress reduction, including Cardio Weight Loss, Pilates Energy, Daily Yoga and Buff Moms, among others.

"We are excited to introduce Gaiam TV to the Time Warner Cable Health on Demand audience, said Patricia Karpas, Gaiam TV's Digital Strategy Officer."Gaiam TV.com offers its subscribers unlimited online access to award-winning workout, yoga and wellness videos, plus inspirational films and personal growth videos. We're thrilled to provide a hand-selected sampling of our videos to Time Warner Cable."

On the new channel, health and lifestyle advertisers can use long-form content to engage viewers who are prime prospects for their products and services. Customers can also target their message in the category in which it will resonate most Cooking Light, Get Fit or My Local Health. Time Warner Cable Media will provide detailed metrics and insights to track viewership and engagement for each campaign, and overall marketing support will focus on raising year round consumer awareness with customized, multi-platform campaigns.

Additionally, advertisers will be able to leverage Time Warner Cable Medias full suite of offerings to cross-promote their long-form content on Health on Demand by leveraging Enhanced iTV, where available, as well as their online and broadcast campaigns.

Many advertisers have already found success using Time Warner Cables Video on Demand platform, including SummaCare, a provider-owned health insurance company that reaches 18 counties in the Cleveland, Akron and Canton, Ohio market with its Medicare Advantage plans. During the 2011 Medicare Open Enrollment window, SummaCare ran a ten week My Life on Demand campaign providing viewers access to a free Medicare education video.The insurer quickly noticed the value in being able to engage hundreds of their target consumers, and as a result, they signed on for a new campaign that will launch next week, this time on Health on Demand.

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Time Warner Cable Launches Health on Demand, a 24 Hour Healthy Lifestyle Destination

Health costs: What works?

Posted: at 4:14 pm

Prepare for some health care policy wonkery. It looks like the state Senate is going to take up Gov. Patricks health care cost containment bill and an alternative, yet to be unveiled by Sen. Richard Moore.

The Times offered up some interesting context for this discussion in an article Sunday that cites real progress on health costs:

In 2009 and 2010, total nationwide health care spending grew less than 4 percent per year, the slowest annual pace in more than five decades, according to the latest numbers from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. After years of taking up a growing share of economic activity, health spending held steady in 2010, at 17.9 percent of the gross domestic product.

A lot of it is because of the recession: People lost their insurance, or chose not to seek health care to save money. Some of the savings is from people with higher deductibles and co-pays moderating their use of health care. But some of it appears to be from actions government, insurance companies and health care providers have taken to stop health care inflation everyone now realizes is unsustainable. The Times writer takes a deeper look at the things Boston Childrens Hospital:

All in all, the hospital made more than 100 changes and cut tens of millions of dollars in costs, Ms. Fenwick said. It not only reoriented itself to focus on quality, rather than quantity. It has started renegotiating its contracts with insurers to move away from fee-for-service medicine.

Most of the people in the Times piece are encouraged by what seems to be happening, but some are careful to note that its hard to yet exactly whats working and if it will continue, but theres a nice formulation that points out (as Ive long said) how important this effort is on many fronts:

If the growth in Medicare were to come down to a rate of only 1 percentage point a year faster than the economys growth, the projected long-term deficit would fall by more than one-third.

Of special interest is how the expansion of accountable care organizations bend the cost curve. That part of it that which replaces fee-for-service will probably be at the heart of the debate over Massachusetts next act of health reform leadership.

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Health costs: What works?

3M Health Care Receives Two Top Edison Awards

Posted: at 4:14 pm


Today, 3M Health Care announced it has been honored with a Silver Edison Award for Quality of Life in the Lifestyle and Social Impact category for its 3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape and a Silver Edison Award for Analytic Systems in the Science/Medical category for its Aerobic Procedure for Lactic Acid Bacteria with 3M Petrifilm Aerobic Count Plate. The Edison Awards, established in 1987, recognize the most innovative products in the world.

Winners were announced at The Edison Best Products Award Gala in New York City on April 26.Nominees were judged by a panel of more than 3,000 leading business executives including past award winners, members of the MarketingExecutives Networking Group, academics and leaders in the fields of product development, design, engineering, science and medicine.

3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape, a next generation medical tape introduced by 3M Skin and Wound Care, integrates 3Ms adhesive technology with a silicone base to provide an optimal balance of securement and gentleness. The new technology allows this repositionable tape to be removed easily and harmlessly from patients skin, catering especially well to pediatric and aging patients and increasing nurse satisfaction.

This new tape was developed to minimize skin trauma caused by adhesive removal while enhancing patient comfort and safety, so its a special honor to receive an award recognizing its benefits to lifestyle and social impact, said Paul Keel, president of 3M Skin and Wound Care Division. We see medical tape touch almost every patient every day and the gentle removal of this tape furthers our ultimate goal of improving the lives of patients worldwide.

The Aerobic Procedure for Lactic Acid Bacteria is a testing method developed by 3M Food Safety in collaboration with its food processing customers. This procedure provides a simpler way of testing food and environmental samples for their concentration of lactic acid bacteria, which can affect the shelf life, as well as the flavor and color of products. In addition to allowing for less waste in the food supply chain due to the ability to bring about longer-lasting shelf lives, 3Ms Lactic Acid Bacteria testing procedure offers processors the environmental benefits of needing less incubator space in the lab, and fewer chemicals and waste in their testing.

We are honored to receive this Edison Award as a recognition of 3Ms commitment to bring innovative solutions to the food safety industry that are easy to use, more practical and more cost-effective, said Francine Savage, vice president and general manager for 3M Food Safety. By developing the product alongside our customers, we created a result that can be far-reaching and long-lasting.

About the Edison Awards The Edison Awards recognize and honor innovation and excellence in the development, marketing and launch of new products and services in 11 categories. The 2012 Edison Awards are sponsored by Nielsen, USA Today, Discovery Communications, SCIENCE, CSRware, applepeak and ViridiSTOR. The awards are named after Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) whose inventions, new product development methods and innovative achievements literally changed the world, garnered him 1,093 U.S. patents, and made him a household name. For more information about the Edison Awards, visit http://www.edisonawards.com.

About 3M Health Care 3M Health Care offers solutions in the medical, oral care, drug delivery, food safety and health information markets. We have an unparalleled ability to connect people, insights, science and technology to think beyond today, solve problems, and make better health possible. Our culture of collaboration empowers us to discover and deliver practical, proven solutions that enable our customers to protect and improve the health of people around the world.Learn more at 3M Health Care.

About 3M 3M captures the spark of new ideas and transforms them into thousands of ingenious products. Our culture of creative collaboration inspires a never-ending stream of powerful technologies that make life better. 3M is the innovation company that never stops inventing. With $30 billion in sales, 3M employs about 84,000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 65 countries. For more information, visit http://www.3M.com or follow @3MNews on Twitter.

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3M Health Care Receives Two Top Edison Awards

Coventry Health Care of Iowa, Nebraska Receive URAC Full Health Plan with Health Utilization Management Accreditation

Posted: at 4:14 pm


Coventry Health Care of Nebraska and Coventry Health Care of Iowa announced today that both plans were awarded full Health Plan with Health Utilization Management accreditation from URAC, a Washington, DC-based health care accrediting organization that establishes quality standards for the health care industry.

At Coventry, we take great care to ensure our standards and processes support the delivery of quality, affordable care to our members, said Michael A. Nelson, CEO of Coventry Health Care of Iowa and Coventry Health Care of Nebraska. Coventry is pleased to once again receive full Health Plan accreditation from URAC." In Nebraska, Coventry has earned full Health Plan URAC accreditation since 2000. The Iowa plan has earned full Health Plan URAC accreditation since 2009.

By applying for and receiving Health Plan with Health Utilization Management accreditation, Coventry Health Care of Nebraska and Coventry Health Care of Iowa have demonstrated a commitment to quality health care, said Alan P. Spielman, URAC president and CEO. Quality health care is crucial to our nations welfare and it is important to have organizations that are willing to measure themselves against national standards.

Coventry Health Care of Iowa (www.chciowa.com) and Coventry Health Care of Nebraska (www.chcnebraska.com) offer a broad range of traditional and consumer-directed health insurance products, including self-funded, fully-insured, individual plans, Medicare Advantage and managed Medicaid. Coventry serves approximately 220,000 members in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota.

URACs Health Plan Accreditation program involves comprehensive review of a health plans network management, quality improvement, credentialing, member protection and utilization management standards.

URAC, an independent, nonprofit organization, is a leader in promoting health care quality through accreditation and certification programs. URAC's standards keep pace with the rapid changes in the health care system, and provide a mark of distinction for health care organizations to demonstrate their commitment to quality and accountability. Through its broad-based governance structure and an inclusive standards development process, URAC ensures that all stakeholders are represented in setting meaningful standards for the health care industry. For more information, visit http://www.urac.org.

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Coventry Health Care of Iowa, Nebraska Receive URAC Full Health Plan with Health Utilization Management Accreditation

Waldo Health Licenses Bosch Telehealth Patent Portfolio

Posted: at 4:14 pm

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire -04/30/12)- Robert Bosch Healthcare Systems, Inc. and Waldo Networks, Inc., also known as Waldo Health, entered into a licensing agreement as of April 24, 2012. Waldo Health now has the right to sell products and services incorporating technologies from Bosch's extensive telehealth portfolio.

Waldo Health is one of the first licensees of Bosch's extensive telehealth patent portfolio which consists of more than 145 issued U.S. patents and more than 60 U.S. patent applications and foreign equivalents. It includes: pioneering technologies for devices; methods and systems for transmission of physiological and psychological data of a patient; interactive communication between a patient and a health care provider; recording and analysis of health related physiological and psychological data of a patient; and feedback to a patient regarding compliance with a health-related care plan. In 2011, Bosch Healthcare initiated an active technology licensing program.

"Bosch Healthcare is pleased to work with Waldo Health as a licensee of our telehealth technology," said Dr. Jasper zu Putlitz, president of Robert Bosch Healthcare Systems, Inc. "This is an important step in giving innovative start-up companies like Waldo Health the opportunity to advance the telehealth market. Our ultimate goal is patient-focused -- we all want to improve patient health outcomes and lower healthcare costs by leveraging technology to provide premium care at home. Licensing our technology helps Waldo Health to fulfill these common goals and we wish them great success in continuing to enhance patient care."

Vincent Salvo, Waldo Health's new chief executive officer, stated, "Waldo Health is excited to be one of the first companies to license the Bosch portfolio. It provides our team with the ability to focus on larger strategic initiatives and create the most meaningful customer experiences in the telehealth space. Our competitors do not have rights to the Bosch technology. This, combined with the launch of our next generation of innovative products and services, makes Waldo the clear choice when it comes to collaboratively improving people's lives."

Robert Bosch Healthcare Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative telehealth systems. Bosch's product spectrum ranges from patient interfaces to comprehensive health management and patient evaluation software allowing healthcare professionals to efficiently evaluate the patient's health status. Bosch Healthcare strives to help improve diagnosis and treatment through systematic patient monitoring and involvement. The result is that health professionals are able to provide a higher quality of care for patients with chronic conditions, patients lead happier and healthier lives, and the cost of healthcare is reduced for payers. Robert Bosch Healthcare Systems, Inc. is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Bosch Group. For more information, go to http://www.bosch-telehealth.com.

In the U.S., Canada and Mexico, the Bosch Group manufactures and markets automotive original equipment and aftermarket products, industrial drives and control technology, power tools, security and communication systems, packaging technology, thermo technology, household appliances, solar energy, healthcare telemedicine and software innovations. Having established a regional presence in 1906, Bosch employs over 22,500 associates in more than 100 locations, with sales of $9.8 billion in fiscal year 2011, per preliminary figures. For more information, visit http://www.boschusa.com.

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. According to preliminary figures, more than 300,000 associates generated sales of 51.4 billion euros ($71.5 billion) in the areas of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods, and building technology in fiscal year 2011. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its more than 350 subsidiaries and regional companies in some 60 countries. If its sales and service partners are included, then Bosch is represented in roughly 150 countries. This worldwide development, manufacturing, and sales network is the foundation for further growth. Bosch spent more than 4 billion euros ($5.5 billion) for research and development in 2011, and applied for over 4,100 patents worldwide. With all its products and services, Bosch enhances the quality of life by providing solutions which are both innovative and beneficial. Further information is available online at http://www.bosch.com and http://www.bosch-press.com.

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Waldo Health Licenses Bosch Telehealth Patent Portfolio

REACH Health Introduces Advanced Telemedicine Platform

Posted: at 4:14 pm


REACH Health, Inc., a leading provider of telemedicine technology solutions for health systems, today announced the launch of its enhanced telemedicine clinical platform, REACH Access. The software supports virtual multidisciplinary, collaborative care and is easily configured to accommodate all medical specialties.

The REACH cloud-based platform was originally developed to provide urgent care for stroke victims, delivering neurological assessment and treatment in situations where any delay could slow recovery, intensify long-term effects or increase morbidity. REACH Access now extends these telemedicine benefits to other disciplines and clinical protocols.

Having realized the tremendous benefits our facilities have received through providing telemedicine stoke care to our patients for years, expanding our telemedicine service line to include specialties beyond stroke with the new REACH Access platform has been instrumental in our hospitals strategic care initiatives, said Lynnette McCall, RN, stroke network coordinator at St. Josephs/Candler. It is an intuitive product that allows us to extend beyond our hospital walls to care for the larger community, and we were delighted to be one of the first to utilize the technology.

The introduction of REACH Access comes at a time when healthcare is seeking innovative solutions to address the competing priorities of improving patient outcomes, increasing access to physician specialists and reducing costs. The industry is rapidly turning to technology solutions like telemedicine to deliver superior care to patients in a cost-effective manner. Healthcare leaders likewise recognize the strategic value telemedicine offers in strengthening referral networks, effectively and efficiently leveraging resources, and demonstrating leadership in patient care.

Time is of the essence for patients in need of urgent care, says Richard Otto, president and CEO at REACH Health. REACH has enabled thousands of stroke patients to receive the specialized care they need, removing critical time and distance barriers. REACH Access leverages our knowledge and experience in telemedicine to support a broad set of diagnostic and treatment protocols, bringing multispecialty physician care to all patients regardless of their medical needs or location.

REACH Access was developed in collaboration with leading physicians, and offers an intuitive interface with full electronic clinical documentation functionality. Its multidisciplinary solutions benefit numerous clinical environments, including emergency departments, ICUs, and other patient care locations. REACH Access addresses the needs for specialized remote assessment of neurology, pulmonology, cardiology, psychiatry and other clinical specialties and sub-specialties.

Now available for implementation, exclusive features of REACH Access include:

About REACH Health

REACH Health, based in Alpharetta, Ga., is a healthcare technology company with a specialized focus on telemedicine solutions. The companys technology overcomes traditional obstacles of time and distance to connect specialty physicians and patients for live consultations using comprehensive patient data in tandem with realtime audio/video interaction. REACHs multidiscipline solutions benefit numerous clinical environments including emergency rooms, ICUs and patient rooms for pulmonology, cardiology, neurology, psychiatry and stroke applications.

REACH Health Introduces Advanced Telemedicine Platform

Health Net, Armed Services YMCA and Blue Star Families Present: Families in the Kitchen

Posted: at 4:14 pm


Health Net Federal Services, LLC, part of the Government Contracts segment of Health Net, Inc. (NYSE:HNT - News) has partnered with Blue Star Families and Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA) of Hampton Roads to present Families in the Kitchen, an interactive evening for military families to prepare a healthy meal together on Monday, April 30.

Approximately 20 local military families have been invited to participate in a hands-on event with the goal of drawing families together and putting emphasis on meal time as a way to stay connected as a family before, during and after deployment.

Health Net recognizes the unique pressures and challenges military families face. In observance of the Month of the Military Child, we have partnered with Blue Star Families and ASYMCA to host an evening that brings families together. Its important to establish and continue healthy family routines, and meal time is an ideal time to reconnect and decompress as a family unit, said Tom Carrato, president of Health Net Federal Services.

Parents and children will prepare their own fresh garden salad and healthy pizza to take home, bake and enjoy. The hour-long event will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Hampton Roads ASYMCA, 1465 Lakeside Road, Virginia Beach, Va.

The Armed Services YMCA of Hampton Roads is excited to partner with Health Nets Families in the Kitchen event, which aligns with our mission to make military life easier for military families, said Juanita Pryor, regional outreach programs director, Armed Services YMCA of Hampton Roads. We are proud to partner on events like these that benefit the families we work with.

The Families in the Kitchen event is a great opportunity for our military families to enjoy, said Sheri Robey-Lapan, Blue Star Families senior director, Programs. Health Net, a true supporter of our military family, brings a unique and fun-filled event to our community, and we are thrilled to be part of the evening.

In addition to a delicious and healthy meal, each family will leave with a cookbook created by Health Net filled with fast, easy recipes kids can help prepare, and copies of Health Nets kids journal, My Life, designed for military children who are experiencing the deployment of a loved one.

Members of the media are invited to attend. For more information, contact Angela Kennedy at (571) 227-6630.

About Health Net

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Health Net, Armed Services YMCA and Blue Star Families Present: Families in the Kitchen

Health Net of California Expands SmartCare Network to Orange County

Posted: at 4:14 pm


Health Net of California, Inc. is expanding its SmartCare tailored network to cover those who live or work in Orange County.

SmartCare, which can provide employers with up to 25 percent in premium savings compared to Health Nets full network, made its initial debut March 1, 2012, and more than 200 small- and mid-sized employers in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Bernardino counties already are offering the coverage to their employees.

Since SmartCare became available, it has proven to be popular with employers seeking an easy-to-use plan that delivers more affordable value, said Steve Sell, president of Health Nets Western Region Health Plan. We are excited to add Orange County to the areas served by SmartCare.

The SmartCare network is built on strategic alliances with more than 40 medical groups throughout Southern California dedicated to helping deliver accountable care through greater care coordination and a focus on preventive care. In addition to its more affordable premiums, SmartCare provides coverage for acupuncture and chiropractic care and provides a financial incentive for members healthy behaviors.

We are delighted to be part of the SmartCare network, said Dan Frank, CEO of Prospect Medical Group. We believe that SmartCares strategic alliances and focus on promoting healthy habits will help improve the patient experience and help keep costs affordable for members.

SmartCare is a game changer, said Lambert Hsu, RHU, president of Benefit Pro Insurance Services in San Diego. Employers are drawn to SmartCare for the combination of its affordable premiums and emphasis on easy-to-use benefits that focus on preventive and complementary care.

Orange County Medical Groups Participating in SmartCare

The following medical groups in Orange County currently participate in the SmartCare network:

Over the coming months, additional health care providers and counties are expected to be added to the SmartCare network.

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Health Net of California Expands SmartCare Network to Orange County

Tonight At 6 p.m.: Finding Holistic Treatments For Chronic Pain

Posted: at 4:14 pm


There is a chronic pain epidemic in Ohio, but more and more people are turning to alternatives to pain pills and opiates.

Now, holistic treatments from massage to acupuncture are helping people escape pills and defeat the pain in their lives.

At Max Sports Medicine in Columbus, Dr. Doug Diorio tackles some of the worst pain with acupuncture.

Pat Puchalski, 63, runs marathons and ironman competitions, and started acupuncture after a biking accident.

"To have a concussion, sprained neck and I was told I should look at surgery, and Dr. [Diorio] said, 'Let's try acupuncture,'" Puchalski said.

It's not a new concept. Acupuncture is centuries old, used to treat all kinds of pain.

"Bowel pain, gut pain, I treat a lot of back pain and neck pain with this," Diorio siad.

It's been a big part of his practice for 14 years, and Diorio said it's all about bringing balance to the body.

Tonight at 6 p.m., hear how acupuncture and other holistic treatments are making a difference in the lives of Central Ohio pain sufferers.

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Tonight At 6 p.m.: Finding Holistic Treatments For Chronic Pain

San Antonio Spurs' longevity spells hope for Utah Jazz

Posted: at 4:14 pm

Top List: Utah Jazz head-to-head matchups against San Antonio Spurs

Because the Jazz qualified for the playoffs in the next-to-last game of the season, and because they're facing the team with the best record and longest winning streak in the NBA, this might not be the perfect time to bring this up.

But timing was never my strong suit.

So here it is: The Jazz think they could win the championship. Eventually.

Hard to imagine, since they barely made the playoffs, but don't listen to me. I'm just the messenger.

Many assumed hope died for the Jazz in 1998, when Michael Jordan went smirking off the Delta Center court. Not necessarily. It would just take luck in the draft, some sorcery in the free agent and trade markets, and a few players who don't really care if Salt Lake shuts down at nine.

Plus, they'll probably want at least one 14-time All-Star, who doesn't care whether Spike Lee or Jack Nicholson is watching.

Voila! The Jazz could become, well, the next San Antonio Spurs.

I bring this title business up because, with the Jazz meeting the Spurs in Sunday's playoff opener, I'm realizing that San Antonio could again be a champion. That's about as newsy as a celebrity arrest, but the point is that the little guys are hanging in there and have been since, well, the Battle of the Alamo. So it's not all about big-market teams. New Jersey is sitting home, as are Toronto, Golden State, Washington and Houston large markets all.

Meanwhile, Indiana, Orlando, Memphis, Oklahoma City, San Antonio and Utah are still punching the clock. Along with the Spurs, the team with the best shot at coming out of the West is Oklahoma City, a village so small it doesn't even have a Neiman Marcus!

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San Antonio Spurs' longevity spells hope for Utah Jazz

The Dart: Starting early on living longer

Posted: at 4:14 pm

STAMFORD -- At the Longevity LLC gym on Research Drive last week, Christian Tapia held up boxing mitts and let 9-year-old Daniel Sweeney swing away.

Tapia, a certified personal trainer, corrected Daniel for dropping his arms between punches, which reduces healthy cardiopulmonary exertion.

"There you go," Tapia said. "Your big brothers will have to watch out."

The workout alternated periods of cardiopulmonary exercises such as boxing, which are more strenuous, with less taxing exercise using nylon traps to build upper body strength.

"I feel stronger," Daniel said.

After spending a little more than a decade building a client base for his personal training and massage therapy services, Tapia reached his long-held goal last year of opening his own office and workout facility at 100 Research Drive along a strip of road dominated by home improvement and other service businesses.

"This has always been the light at the end of the tunnel," Tapia said. "I still visit clients in their homes but I've always wanted to have my own location."

Tapia said his clients start with all levels of fitness and include all ages, but a significant group of customers are adolescents.

Tapia said that better performance and resistance to injury for all athletes is strongly linked to proper strength and flexibility among the correct muscle groups.

"I see a lot of student-athletes who are multi-sport athletes who come to me and are not training their muscle groups in the right way," Tapia said. "There is a proper way to train from sport to sport."

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The Dart: Starting early on living longer

Hollywood A-list Inspire Creation of New $2 000 Anti-aging Cream

Posted: at 4:13 pm

LONDON, April 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Hollywood A-Lister's are revered as global icons, and inspire millions around the world. Now, Hollywood movie stars have inspired London based cult skincare brand, Angel & Weightman, to launch a new, anti-aging cream that costs over $2 000 (USD).

The anti-aging cream is named "The Count of St Germain", after the 17th Century European courtier and alchemist, who according to legend, possessed the secret of eternal youth. The cream uses a powerful combination of botanical extracts, minerals, nutrients, collagen, enzymes, concentrated vitamins and stem cell research, to diminish wrinkles and renew the skin.

Sandra Rothberg, Angel & Weightman's director of product development, commented, "Movie stars, especially female stars, are icons because they are ageless and larger than life. They represent perfection, and are like modern day equivalents of the Count of St Germain, because they transcend all notions of aging. It's because of this, movie stars always stay relevant, and always remain young in our minds. We wanted to give our clients the same kind of power, and give them the means to look younger." She continued, "That is why we created the St Germain anti-aging cream, because it improves skin at the cellular level, and gives women control, over how their skin looks, and feels. Originally, it was a custom order for a wealthy Russian client, who said she wanted to look younger. She was so pleased with the results, that she gave us permission to market the formula, because she wanted others to enjoy the same benefits. Hollywood stars inspire us, not just because of their accomplishments, or star power, but because they are committed to helping the less fortunate. This is why a portion of every sale that we make of our anti-aging products, goes to charities that help women in need."

The Count of St Germain, at $2499, is among the most expensive anti-aging creams in the world, and is the latest product offering from Angel & Weightman. Its new range includes the made-to-order premium Alchemist skincare line, which usually starts at $199 (USD), and the diffusion skincare line Olympian, which starts at just $39.99 (USD).

The Count of St Germain anti aging cream is available to order now from the Angel & Weightman Online Store. (http://www.AngelWeight.com)

Press Contact: Jacob Russell Taylor Rothman llp Jacob.russell@TaylorRothman.com +44(0)207-873-2062

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Hollywood A-list Inspire Creation of New $2 000 Anti-aging Cream

Air Pollution and Life Expectancy in China

Posted: April 29, 2012 at 3:50 pm

I've noted work on correlations between air pollution and reduced life expectancy in past years; the statistical differences are usually very small in comparison to what you can do for yourself via calorie restriction and exercise, as air pollution in wealthier regions of the world is a fraction of what it was a century past. As populations became radically richer in the course of the past three centuries, the luxury of being able to pay for a better environment became possible - either directly or through investment in technologies that cause less pollution in the course of achieving their end goals. It wasn't all that long ago, for example, that there were dead rivers in the US and Western Europe. Those rivers would still be dead if not for the fact that our societies are far wealthier than those of our grandparents; to be able to be an environmentalist is very much a luxury. It requires sufficient surrounding wealth or knowledge to be able to do things a different way.

In any case, here is a recent study on air quality and life expectancy in China - a region of the world that is still largely an expanse of 20th-century styled comparative poverty, scattered with enclaves and belts of modern wealth.

Air Pollution Shortens Life Expectancy and Health Expectancy for Older Adults: The Case of China.

Outdoor air pollution is one of the most worrying environmental threats China faces today. Comprehensive and quantitative analyses of the health consequences of air pollution in China are lacking. This study reports age- and sex-specific life expectancy and health expectancies (HEs) corresponding to different levels of air pollution based on associations between air pollution and individual risks for a host of health conditions and mortality net of individual- and community-level confounders.


The main outcome measures in this study include life expectancy estimated from mortality and HEs based on five health conditions including activity of daily living, instrumental activity of daily living, cognitive status, self-rated health, and chronic conditions. Net of the controls, exposure to outdoor air pollution corresponded to subsequent reductions of life expectancy and HEs for all five health conditions. These detrimental pollution effects were stronger for women. The gap in life expectancy between areas with good air quality and moderately heavily polluted areas was 3.78 years for women of age 65 and 0.93 years for men. The differences in HEs at age 65 were also large, ranging from 1.47 years for HE for good self-rated health in men to 5.20 years for activity of daily living disability-free HE in women.

Air quality tends to be mixed up with a range of other confounding factors, however. This requires careful work on the part of researchers to have a chance of teasing out air quality effects independently of other factors that lead people to remain in areas of poor air quality:

I would be willing to wager that the correlation has more to do with the relative wealth of these areas and those who make the economic choice to live there, as well as access to medical technology and lifestyle choices. Things are rarely as simple as a two-parameter study casts them to be.

Still, aging is damage, and there's do great doubt that very polluted air does damage people over the long term, to a degree related to the level of pollution: inflammation, increased risk of age-related disease, outright lung damage, risk of cancer, that sort of thing. But once the air becomes clean enough for effects to be subtle - meaning much less in magnitude that effects of exercise, differences in wealth, intelligence, or even state of mind - then attention should turn to other controllable factors in life.


Researcher Steven Austad Writes a Biweekly Column on Aging Science

Posted: at 3:50 pm

This seems like an interesting marker of public awareness of aging science; one of the noted researchers in the field recently started on a biweekly column for a local paper. Links to the columns published to date can be found on this page: "In my last column I discussed something we all know intuitively: Generally speaking, larger species of animals live longer than smaller species and this pattern extends even to whales that live more than 200 years. Are there dramatic exceptions to this rule - like people, for instance? Think of other mammals about our size, such as deer or mountain lions or seals. Don't we live longer than they do? The answer is, 'Yes, we do.' Humans live about five times as long as the average mammal of the same size, which makes us pretty special - but not as special as bats. Texas is bat country, as anyone who has watched millions of bats boil out of Bracken Cave or from under Austin's Congress Avenue Bridge can verify. What many people don't realize is how long bats live. For their size, bats are the longest-lived mammals by far, living up to 10 times as long as an average mammal of similar size. ... Think about this for a second. Your dog or cat, eating the best food science can provide, protected from predators and the elements and vaccinated against all sorts of diseases, is doing well to reach 15 to 20 years of age. By comparison, in order for a bat in the wild to survive it must catch its own prey, elude predators, resist climatic extremes, and avoid a wide range of infectious diseases. Yet despite these challenges, bats can live twice as long as your pampered pet." Current thinking on bat longevity looks to be similar to theories on naked mole rat longevity - it has to do with resistance of cell membranes (and especially mitochondria) to oxidative damage, otherwise known as the membrane pacemaker hypothesis of aging. This is thought to have developed in bats, and in birds, in respond to the metabolic demands of flight.

Link: http://barshop.uthscsa.edu/main/newsseminars/news/u50


Examining Mitochondrial DNA Damage in Detail

Posted: at 3:50 pm

Damage to mitochondrial DNA contributes to aging, and mitochondrial function is in general influential upon aging - damage causes harm by preventing the production of protein machinery vital to mitochondrial activity, which is the start of a long process that sees cells overtaken by dysfunctional mitochondria, and exporting their dysfunction to surrounding tissue by emitting harmful reactive molecules. There are numerous different sorts of DNA damage, however. Point mutations, for example, have been shown to do little to aging. Deletions, where whole reaches of DNA are knocked out, are a different story, and here researchers are investigating how this form of DNA damage varies between species: "Deletion mutations within mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) have been implicated in degenerative and aging related conditions, such as sarcopenia and neuro-degeneration. While the precise molecular mechanism of deletion formation in mtDNA is still not completely understood, genome motifs such as direct repeat (DR) and stem-loop (SL) have been observed in the neighborhood of deletion breakpoints and thus have been postulated to take part in mutagenesis. In this study, we have analyzed the mitochondrial genomes from four different mammals: human, rhesus monkey, mouse and rat ... Our analysis revealed that in the four species, DR and SL structures are abundant and that their distributions in mtDNA are not statistically different from randomized sequences. However, the average distance between the reported age associated mtDNA breakpoints and their respective nearest DR motifs is significantly shorter than what is expected of random chance in human and rhesus monkey, but not in mouse and rat, indicating the existence of species specific difference in the relationship between DR motifs and deletion breakpoints. In addition, the frequencies of large DRs tend to decrease with increasing lifespan among the four mammals studied here, further suggesting an evolutionary selection against stable mtDNA misalignments associated with long DRs in long-living animals."

Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0035271


A Brace of Open Access Papers on the Genetics of Longevity

Posted: at 3:50 pm

The latest issue of the open access journal Immunity & Aging includes a number of interesting papers covering the overlap between genetic contributions to natural variations in longevity and the aging of the immune system - which contributes to a range of age-related dysfunction and systems failure. They are very much in the mainstream model of narrow, unambitious, cautious vision: aiming for and expecting only modest, gradual improvements in health and longevity. Even in this time of radical change in biotechnology, the old habits of incrementalism and understatement regarding the bounds of the possible for human longevity are only slowly fading. The future must be one of ambitious, grand visions in medical science and funding for research if we are to benefit fully from the true potential of biotechnology. In any case, these papers remain interesting for what they are, and are available as provisional PDFs at this time - the download links are on the abstract pages below.

"Positive biology": the centenarian lesson:

The extraordinary increase of the elderly in developed countries underscore the importance of studies on ageing and longevity and the need for the prompt spread of knowledge about ageing in order to satisfactorily decrease the medical, economic and social problems associated to advancing years, because of the increased number of individuals not autonomous and affected by invalidating pathologies. Centenarians are equipped to reach the extreme limits of human life span and, most importantly, to show relatively good health, being able to perform their routine daily life and to escape fatal age-related diseases. Thus, they are the best example of extreme longevity, representing selected people in which the appearance of major age-related diseases, such as cancer, and cardiovascular diseases among others, has been consistently delayed or escaped. ... The aim is to realize, through a "positive biology" approach (rather than making diseases the central focus of research, "positive biology" seeks to understand the causes of positive phenotypes, trying to explain the biological mechanisms of health and well-being) how to prevent and/or reduce elderly frailty and disability.

Epidemiological, genetic and epigenetic aspects of the research on healthy ageing and longevity:

In this article we aimed to overview the research on the biological basis of human healthy ageing and longevity, discussing the role of epidemiological, genetic and epigenetic factors in the variation of quality of ageing and lifespan, including the most promising candidate genes investigated so far. Moreover, we reported the methodologies applied for their identification, discussing advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches and possible solutions that can be taken to overcome them.

Genetics of longevity. Data from the studies on Sicilian centenarians:

Scientists have focused their attention on centenarians as optimal model to address the biological mechanisms of "successful and unsuccessful ageing". They are equipped to reach the extreme limits of human life span and, most importantly, to show relatively good health, being able to perform their routine daily life and to escape fatal age-related diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Thus, particular attention has been centered on their genetic background and immune system. In this review, we report our data gathered for over 10 years in Sicilian centenarians. Based on results obtained, we suggest longevity as the result of an optimal performance of immune system and an over-expression of anti-inflammatory sequence variants of immune/inflammatory genes.

Extending healthy ageing: nutrient sensitive pathway and centenarian population:

To increase our understanding of how ageing works, it may be advantageous to analyze the phenotype of centenarians, perhaps one of the best examples of successful ageing. Healthy ageing involves the interaction between genes, the environment, and lifestyle factors, particularly diet. Besides evaluating specific gene-environment interactions in relation to exceptional longevity, it is important to focus attention on modifiable lifestyle factors such as diet and nutrition to achieve extension of health span. Furthermore, a better understanding of human longevity may assist in the design of strategies to extend the duration of optimal human health.

The application of genetics approaches to the study of exceptional longevity in humans: potential and limitations:

The average life-span of the population of industrialized countries has improved enormously over the last decades. Despite evidence pointing to the role of food intake in modulating life-span, exceptional longevity is still considered primarily an inheritable trait, as pointed out by the description of families with centenarian clusters and by the elevated relative probability of siblings of centenarians to become centenarians themselves. However, rather than being two separate concepts, the genetic origin of exceptional longevity and the more recently observed environment-driven increase in the average age of the population could possibly be explained by the same genetic variants and environmentally modulated mechanisms (caloric restriction, specific nutrients). In support of this hypothesis, polymorphisms selected for in the centenarian population as a consequence of demographic pressure have been found to modulate cellular signals controlled also by caloric restriction.


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