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Supreme Skin Offers Anti Aging Microcurrent Facials In Asheville, NC Providing A Ravishing Look as an Alternative to …

Posted: October 16, 2012 at 6:17 pm

Do you wish to lighten up your life by looking ravishing and younger? These days, more advancement is being made at YourSupremeSkin.com. These anti-aging microcurrent facials in Asheville, NC are designed to tighten up and tone sagging muscles, and they are getting attention. With these face and body treatments, Supreme Skin LLC provides a range of appearance enhancers that are helping people look great

Asheville, NC (PRWEB) October 16, 2012

These anti aging facials have the ability to restore the energy to the tissues and thus turn back the clock. These specialized treatments are in essence resulting in a non-surgical facelift. In a non-invasive way, the procedure stimulates elastin and collagen production and much more. Elastin and collagen are two important proteins required for the skin to stay glowing and youthful. The result is toned skin having less sagging, less wrinkles, decreased pore size and the smoother texture.

Supreme Skins anti-aging microcurrent facials in Asheville, NC involve the utilization of the low level electrical current which stimulates muscles and revitalizes the skin back to a more youthful state.

Carole Gardner, the owner of Supreme Skin in Asheville, NC states Anti aging Microcurrent facial is a painless, safe, non-invasive, and non-surgical cosmetic procedure, which helps lift, firm, and tone sagging muscles back to a more youthful state. It firms and tightens aging skin and helps improve the appearance and health of the skin.

Supreme skin offers face and body sculpting that provides the results, which are getting people talking. One of the wonderful things is that any type of skin responds to it, since it is extremely gentle. Moreover, even young people can benefit from it, because it also helps to prevent the natural succession of the aging process.

Carole Gardner Supreme Skin LLC 828-582-1965 Email Information

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Supreme Skin Offers Anti Aging Microcurrent Facials In Asheville, NC Providing A Ravishing Look as an Alternative to ...

Anti-Aging Company Announces New Alzheimer’s Reports After Reports Reveal Drugs to Prevent Alzheimer’s Are Being Tested

Posted: at 6:17 pm

Anti-aging website, http://antiagingproductsreviewed.com/, is announcing a new anti-aging report that questions whether Alzheimers can be prevented after new reports on Alzheimers related studies were revealed earlier this week.

Houston, TX. (PRWEB) October 15, 2012

The new study is slated to start next tear and will test three different drugs that can possibly prevent the onset of Alzheimers. Since the professionals at Anti Aging Products Reviewed are dedicated to helping those deal with the aging process, they decided to launch their new initiative to help seniors and aging adults get a better understanding of Alzheimers disease. The company is hoping that the new study, which is raising awareness for the possible cure of this disease, will encourage more women to look for early signs of this disease and do what they can to prevent the onset of Alzheimers themselves

The anti-aging site is launching the new promotion through their company website. The companys latest endeavor has recently launched and is available for any individual interested in learning more about the disease and the possible prevention of Alzheimers and what they can do to educate themselves on this disease.

To find out more about the company and the best anti-aging solutions available in todays market, visit: http://antiagingproductsreviewed.com/.

Keith Bax antiagingproductsreviewed.com 859-569-3441 Email Information

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Anti-Aging Company Announces New Alzheimer’s Reports After Reports Reveal Drugs to Prevent Alzheimer’s Are Being Tested

Matrix Nutrition Discover the Secret to Restoring Damaged Muscle

Posted: at 12:17 am

Due to a recent study Matrix nutrition have now discovered a new secret that aids recovery after intensive exercise and rebuilds cells. This new information confirms their beliefs on the importance of vitamins when learning how to build muscle through weight gainer supplements.

(PRWEB UK) 15 October 2012

The study was conducted by scientists from the University of Kent who made an alarming discovery as they uncovered the process in which one of the most coveted vitamins, B12, is produced in human cells.

As B12 plays a crucial role in our health on a daily basis this new information is set to change the way medicine works. B12 is an essential vitamin for anyone undergoing exercise or weights training as decencies of the vitamin are associated with disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Martin Warren led the group and it was his systematic plan that allowed students to observe the construction of B12 in bacteria. Forming a series of molecular machines on a conveyor belt, he was able to vary the length of the line of assembly revealing how this crucial vitamin is manufactured.

However it was after this process that the real revelation was revealed, one that may change the way we treat patients of cancer and other life threatening illnesses. The student team did not only observe but also tampered with the structures and found that they could alter the way the vitamin is made. This breakthrough hopes to utilize these new forms of the vitamin to use in drugs to fight TB and cancer.

Professor Warren said, this is a really important step forward. Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that is only made by bacteria and is not present in plants. Therefore a significant proportion of the world's population, including vegetarians, are at risk of B12 deficiency. Our work will assist in the generation of better ways of making more of this vitamin available and is also permitting us to make new compounds that will literally allow us to throw a spanner in the works of infections such as TB and diseases such as cancer.'

Adam Latham the owner of Matrix Nutrition is pleased that the supplements he sells include this vitamin, he says, weve always understood the importance of B vitamins in our products as they not only help with restoration and recovery of the body after intensive exercise they also have mood enhancers that are essential when training is getting a little tough or when trying to lose weight. The majority of our protein shakes UK Manufactured contain a unique blend of vitamins and minerals that support the immune system and help to repair the body the natural way.

For more information please visit http://www.matrixnutrition.com

Matrix Nutrition is the first choice for body builders and those looking to lose weight. They provide a range of supplements and protein powders to increase energy, help lose weight, increase muscle and to support the body through intensive training. Matrix Nutrition has a very simple mission plan: To provide effective sport supplements at an affordable price. While it is common knowledge the price off raw materials within the nutrition industry is rising (i.e. whey protein) we will do our utmost to keep Matrix Nutritions products some off the most affordable on the market. While other companies may take advantage of these rising costs to inflate their prices even more we will not.

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Matrix Nutrition Discover the Secret to Restoring Damaged Muscle

Nutrition Point enhances EDI efficiency with Kewill

Posted: at 12:17 am

Nutrition Point, a leading supplier of gluten free products, has selected Kewill, a leading provider of solutions that simplify global trade and logistics, to provide a fully integrated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system, to improve its order and invoicing processes.

Nutrition Point has already seen cost savings on processing orders more quickly by using Kewill MessageBroker since its go live in October 2008. The new system enables employees to focus more on customer service as it does not require the manual re-entry of order and invoice details.

As an end-to-end managed B2B integration service, maintained on a 24/7/365 basis, Kewill MessageBroker gives Nutrition Point more visibility over the process as notifications are received via email to confirm an order has been received.

The company chose Kewill MessageBroker because of its ability to connect, convert and control data in any format, through any communication channel.

Mehdi Barani, Systems Development Analyst, Nutrition Point, commented, After the implementation of a new ERP system, we decided that it was time to review our EDI processes. We already had a good working relationship with Kewill, as we previously used their client-side EDI solution, EasyTrade, to trade with partners. However, we required an outsourced, hosted system which had the ability to integrate into Navision. Kewill was able to supply a fully managed EDI service with seamless integration and the ability to process our orders and invoices quickly and efficiently.

Jacquie Boast, European Chief Operating Officer for Kewill commented, Nutrition Point is experiencing the efficiencies from using Kewills MesssageBroker solution with immediate effect, demonstrating the quick ROI we deliver to our customers. Their order process has been streamlined, freeing up users time to enhance customer service which in todays economic climate is a key measure of customer satisfaction and retention

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Nutrition Point enhances EDI efficiency with Kewill

MPs weigh-in on Nutrition North

Posted: at 12:17 am

It has been two weeks since the Nutrition North program came into full effect and Members of Parliament from various parties are weighing in on how it's working.

As of Oct. 1 the list of foods eligible for air freight subsidies shrunk. Items such as canned fruits and vegetables, dry pasta and rice are no longer covered.

Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae visited a grocery store in Kuujjuaq, Quebec last week. He said too many family staples are no longer covered by the subsidy.

Well its pretty astronomical. I think people in the south just dont get it if you dont see it for yourself, Rae said.

The government I think is trying to present it as sort of a nutrition program, but really its more about price and affordability and about the cost of living. Rather than the nanny state telling people, well well cover this food but we wont cover that food.

New Democrat MP Romeo Saganash wants all stakeholders government, retailers and consumers to work together.

The Prime Minister needs to call a summit so that everybody can sit down [and] discuss this and see how we can fix this problem once and for all, Saganash said.

The parliamentary secretary for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Conservative Greg Rickford, said the government wants to make sure people understand the program first. Then, Rickford says, the program is designed to be flexible and change with conditions over time.

Nutrition North representatives say that since the new program started the price of a northern food basket dropped by eight per cent. Rickford is not sure when the first annual report from the Nutrition North advisory board will be released.

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MPs weigh-in on Nutrition North

Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. Acquires Chesapeake Nutraceuticals

Posted: at 12:17 am

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich., Oct.15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. (FITX), a nutritional supplement company focusing on active lifestyles, announced today the details and name of the acquisition ofChesapeake Nutraceuticals http://www.chesapeakenutraceuticals.com, from August 20, 2012 press release. Chesapeake Nutraceuticals was a wholly owned subsidiary of SCD Enterprises, a vertically integrated nutritional supplement holding company. Chesapeake Nutraceuticals (Chesapeake) is a premier supplement brand geared towards providing the nutritional support necessary for the aging who strive to increase their quality of life through proactive nutrition.The entire product line is specially formulated based on the science provided by elite U.S. and International Medical Institutions. Dr. Ron Blankstein, who has been practicing for over 30 years (Dr. Blankstein is Board Certified in both Internal and Cardiovascular Medicine), plays an important role in the formulation of this product line. Chesapeake has a customer base of 120,000 people and has delivered more than 10 million informational and product news letters to its target market.

"Chesapeake Nutraceuticals, like http://www.ScienceDefinedNutrition.com, http://www.scifitauthentic.com and http://www.cenergynutrition.com, are brands that truly bring a measured benefit to those who take them. We look forward to growing these brands within our current and new distribution networks both domestic and international. We will continue to aggressively grow and expand our presence in the sports nutrition marketplace through both organic growth and strategic acquisitions like this one," stated Bill Chaaban, Creative Edge Nutrition's CEO and President.

A complete list of our acquisitions:

About http://www.chesapeakenutraceuticals.com

Chesapeake Nutraceuticals provides premium grade supplements to aging Americans. Their products are formulated in conjunction with the latest research from elite U.S. and International Medical Institutions. Please visit our site at http://www.chesapeakenutraceuticals.com

About http://www.supplementstogo.com

http://www.Supplementstogo.com is one of the leading online retailers in the market today for discount supplements. The Company focuses on leading edge products that produce the best results for their customers with superior pricing and delivery costs than the competition. Please visit our site at http://www.Supplementstogo.com

About http://www.a-z-nutrition.com

A-Z-Nutrition.com is one of the best known e-tailers of discount nutritional supplements. The Company has served its customers for over a decade by providing quality products at the best prices around. Please visit our site at http://www.a-z-nutrition.com

About Science Defined Nutrition, Inc. http://www.sciencedefinednutrition.com

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Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. Acquires Chesapeake Nutraceuticals

Fitness carnival for Gaborone

Posted: at 12:17 am

Fitness carnival for Gaborone

Frederick Kebadiretse Staff Writer

Mutizira says while in the past the majority of participants were from Botswana, they are expecting more participants from neighbouring countries like South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland, as they try to increase the popularity of the event in the region. He says over 100 people have already registered for this year's event and they are expecting registrations to pour in this week leading up to Saturday.

The fun filled day will see instructors teach several fitness classes while there will also be individual and group competitions. Participants will compete in three categories of classes of high-low, Kata-Bo and step. High-lo classes involve interval training that encompasses high intensity exercises followed by low intensity ones. Kata-Bo on the other hand is a combination of martial arts movement and other gross body movement exercises geared at gaining overall fitness and weight control. There will also be a fun Zumba class held early in the morning to break the ice. Zumba is a dance that entails rigorous dance movements performed to gain fitness and for weight control. Competitions will be divided in to beginner and advanced categories which will be sub-divided into adult and youth groups.

Local instructors are expected to showcase their prowess in fitness and also test their mettle against tough instructors from other countries. Mutizira says the primary objective of the carnival is to promote healthy lifestyles through fitness as well as sharing ideas on the best and current models used in fitness. Yarona FM and O3 refreshments are among companies that support the carnival. Individual entry for the event comes at a price of P260, while a corporate group is charged P1,900

Meanwhile, the annual Fatboy Challenge is in full swing and enters its fourth week today. The initiative, a brainchild of Yarona FM and Chyna's Kata-Bo, sees popular media personalities and company executives shed off weight and get fit to raise money for charity. The participants are once again under the tutelage of renowned fitness instructor Tshephang 'Chyna' Mokaila of Chyna's Kata-Bo who has become synonymous with the challenge.The challenge has gained a lot of popularity in its four years of existence and President Ian Khama participated in the previous two editions.

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Fitness carnival for Gaborone

WellPoint Affiliated Plans That Offer Healthways SilverSneakers® Fitness Program Extend Contract

Posted: at 12:17 am


In a continuing effort to promote well-being, WellPoint, Inc. (WLP) has extended its current contract offering Healthways (HWAY) award-winning SilverSneakers Fitness Program to eligible members of several WellPoint affiliated health plans. SilverSneakers, the acclaimed exercise program designed to keep older adults active and healthyi, is provided to more than 700,000 eligible Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement members of WellPoints affiliated plans.

The SilverSneakers Fitness Program is designed exclusively for older adults. The program engages participants in active behavior change through access to a variety of physical activity venues and senior-specific programming that incorporates physical activity, nutrition, cognitive and social experiences.

SilverSneakers is a great way for Medicare beneficiaries to get started or continue with an exercise program because it groups participants with their peers and provides them with age appropriate exercises, said Leeba Lessin, senior vice president and president of WellPoints senior business. We are very pleased to be able to offer it to eligible members in many WellPoint affiliated plans and we encourage them to take advantage of it.

Physical activity can play a critical role in the prevention and treatment of various chronic illnesses. A published Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study found that individuals who participate in SilverSneakers programs have lower long-term medical costs and require fewer hospital admissions.ii A separate CDC study found that SilverSneakers provided tangible health benefits for high-risk members. Members with diabetes who were active in SilverSneakers were admitted to the hospital less often, had lower inpatient care costs and had significant reduction in overall health care costs after only a year of participation.iii

There is growing recognition that the most effective solutions are based on collaborative efforts that help individuals, wherever they may be on the health continuum, avoid the next episode of care. Research has consistently demonstrated that SilverSneakers improves the health and well-being of participants through its unique combination of exercise and social support, said Ben R. Leedle, Jr., Healthways president and chief executive officer. Many of WellPoints affiliated plans have provided SilverSneakers access to eligible Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement members since 2003. By continuing to offer the SilverSneakers program, WellPoint has confirmed its commitment to providing time-tested, proven solutions to help improve not only the physical health of plan members, but also their overall well-being.

The SilverSneakers Fitness Program was founded in 1993 and serves more than 9 million eligible members. The Healthways fitness center network offers convenient access to more than 15,000 participating fitness and wellness facilities nationwide.

The benefit information provided is a brief summary, not a complete description of benefits. For more information, contact the plan. Benefits may change on Jan. 1 of each year. Limitations, co-payments and restrictions may apply. The SilverSneakers Fitness Program is provided by Healthways, Inc., an independent company. SilverSneakers is a registered mark of Healthways, Inc.

About Healthways

Healthways is the largest independent global provider of well-being improvement solutions. Dedicated to creating a healthier world one person at a time, the Company uses the science of behavior change to produce and measure positive change in well-being for our customers, which include employers, integrated health systems, hospitals, physicians, health plans, communities and government entities. We provide highly specific and personalized support for each individual and their team of experts to optimize each participants health and productivity and to reduce health-related costs. Results are achieved by addressing longitudinal health risks and care needs of everyone in a given population. The Company has scaled its proprietary technology infrastructure and delivery capabilities developed over 30 years and now serves approximately 40 million people on four continents. Learn more at http://www.healthways.com or http://www.silversneakers.com.

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WellPoint Affiliated Plans That Offer Healthways SilverSneakers® Fitness Program Extend Contract

Body Bar AquaFLEX Raises the Bar on Water Fitness

Posted: at 12:17 am

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 15, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Body Bar(R) Inc., a premier fitness company specializing in products and educational tools for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities, today announced Body Bar AquaFLEX. AquaFLEX is the same award-winning, versatile Body Bar FLEX, but modified for use in water fitness classes. The bar is very lightweight, flexible, and buoyant, plus its variable resistance adds to the natural resistance of the body's movement through the water for a very effective workout.

Created by MaryAnn Briggs, a Boulder, Colorado-based water fitness instructor and personal trainer, the AquaFLEX Program is an effective low-impact workout for developing muscular strength and endurance, core conditioning, and dynamic flexibility, as well as being a fun and unique way to exercise in the water. The AquaFLEX Workout is a series of 20 moves that can be incorporated into existing shallow or deep water fitness classes. The exercises are designed to target all major muscle groups and because most of the moves are compound in nature, functional fitness is enhanced and improved agility and coordination are a positive side effect. Performing these moves with standard water fitness traveling movements can increase the cardiovascular benefits.

The AquaFLEX Bar comes in three sizes:

BBFlex-10(AquaFLEX): 10 lbs of resistance, 48 inches in length, weighs 25 ounces

BBFlex-20(AquaFLEX): 20 lbs of resistance, 48 inches in length, weighs 27 ounces

BBFlex-40P(AquaFLEX): 40 lbs of resistance, 48 inches in length, weighs 36 ounces

Click here to see a brief video on the AquaFLEX Program.

"Our goal was to provide a unique and fun way to address muscular strength and endurance in the aquatic fitness environment, and that's what we did," commented Craig Williams, president and owner, Body Bar Inc. "We are proud to provide the AquaFLEX Program to water fitness instructors who want new ways to motivate and encourage their students."

About Body Bar Inc.

Founded in 1987, Body Bar(R) Inc. provides the infinite workouts and solid educational tools that fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities still choose after 24 years -- because they work. Body Bar Inc. provides quality products and innovative educational tools with a commitment to changing lives worldwide through functional fitness. We consider passion, integrity and fun to be essential elements of our content and community.

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Body Bar AquaFLEX Raises the Bar on Water Fitness

The Election's Choice on Health Care Reform

Posted: at 12:16 am

On the issue of health care reform, your choice on Election Day comes down to Obamacare or "repeal and replace."

President Barack Obama's position can be "summed up" in 2,400 pages. That's the length of his Affordable Care Act, the landmark 2010 health care overhaul informally known as Obamacare, which makes sweeping consumer-centric changes to common health insurance practices.

The law is closely modeled after the Massachusetts health insurance reform that Republican challenger Mitt Romney championed when he was governor of that state in 2006. But now, the former Massachusetts governor vows that if he's elected president, he'll repeal the Obama law and replace it with a more conservative alternative. But what that might look like is one of the campaign's big questions.

Obama touts health care law in his campaign

Obama is promoting the Affordable Care Act as he makes his case for a second term. Go to the health care section of his campaign website to find out where he stands, and what you'll find are links where you can "learn how Obamacare benefits you."

Under the law, insurers by 2014 may no longer: deny coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions; impose lifetime or annual dollar limits on coverage; cancel coverage arbitrarily; limit doctor choice and out-of-network emergency services; or charge higher premiums based on gender or health status.

The act also allows young adults to remain on their parents' policy until age 26, and it provides a laundry list of preventive care screenings and services to all ages at no additional cost.

To help pay for this expansion of benefits, the law's "individual mandate" requires most Americans to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty. To help consumers find affordable coverage, new state marketplaces called exchanges will open in 2014, government tax credits will be available for low-income individuals and families, and states are encouraged to expand their Medicaid programs to millions of uninsured, lower-income Americans.

The Medicaid expansion had been a requirement under the law, but the U.S. Supreme Court made it optional for states.

Romney plan short on details

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The Election's Choice on Health Care Reform

Scott & White Health Plan is Texas and Regional Leader in NCQA Health Insurance Plan Rankings

Posted: at 12:16 am

TEMPLE, Texas, Oct. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Scott & White Health Plan leads all health plans in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama in national rankings for Medicare HMO products and private health insurance.

According to the NCQA (National Committee for Quality Insurance) Private Health Insurance Plan and Medicare Health Insurance Plan Rankings, 2012-2013, Scott & White is the highest-ranked Medicare HMO in Texas, with a national rank of 44. SWHP is also the highest-ranked private HMO in Texas, with a national rank of 161. The rankings mean Scott & White Health Plan leads in a seven state region spanning parts of the South and Southwest.

The rankings are based on evaluations of 474 private Health Insurance Plans and 395 Medicare Health Insurance Plans nationally. The NCQA rankings are based on a combination of effectiveness of clinical care, member satisfaction and NCQA Accreditation. NCQA's Health Insurance Plan Rankings for 2012-2013 used the agency's established rankings methodology, which has been used and widely recognized since 2005.

Scott & White Health Plan's consistent performance over the past several years in disease prevention and treatment initiatives and patient access and satisfaction, contributed to its ranking as the leading provider for both Medicare HMO and private insurance in the state.

"It is gratifying to receive these recognitions," said Allan Einboden, president and chief executive officer of Scott & White Health Plan. "But the real honor is in knowing we have provided a level of service to our members that helped them achieve and maintain healthier lifestyles and receive high quality patient care."

As a not-for-profit HMO, Scott & White Health Plan has invested in the communities it serves by delivering programs such as screenings, well child exams, and disease management consults. It has also worked to advance medical care for its members through quality measurement and improvement initiatives.

"We are constantly looking for ways to translate our quality data into services that will assist us in achieving our ultimate objective: building healthy communities," said Einboden. "It is how Scott & White Health Plan will contribute to the transformation of the present state of health care in the U.S."

NCQA is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care quality. NCQA accredits and certifies a wide range of health care organizations. It also recognizes clinicians and practices in key areas of performance. NCQA's Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is the most widely used performance measurement tool in health care.

About Scott & White Health Plan:

Scott & White Health Plan (SWHP), affiliated with Scott & White Healthcare, began operation in January of 1982 as a not-for profit Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). Scott & White Health Plan eventually evolved into a vast health care network covering over 226,000 members (across all products) in seventy-one (71) counties, with thirty-six (36) participating hospitals, and over 3,000 physicians in Central, West, and East Texas. In 2003, the Insurance Company of Scott and White was formed as a wholly owned Health and Accident Insurance Company subsidiary of Scott and White Health Plan. Both Scott &White Health Plan and the Insurance Company of Scott& White have always had as their principal location offices in Temple, Texas.

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Scott & White Health Plan is Texas and Regional Leader in NCQA Health Insurance Plan Rankings

eMerge Health Solutions Releases eMerge|ENDO Version 4.0

Posted: at 12:16 am

MASON, OH--(Marketwire - Oct 15, 2012) - eMerge Health Solutions today announced the latest release of its SaaS-based intra-operative documentation and workflow solution. It will be showcasing the features of the newest release at the ACG Annual Meeting in Las Vegas later this month.

eMerge Health produces a hands-free intra-operative documentation and workflow solution that allows physicians and nurses to document procedures at the "moment of care" by using keyword-driven voice commands, a first in the market. All of the procedural notes, pathology requisition and billing information can be captured during the procedure and distributed accordingly throughout the medical facility.

One of the most exciting features of version 4.0 is the customizable voice commands for the physician.The proprietary voice processing engine now allows the physician to create their own voice commands and define personalized content for procedure reports and discharge instructions.For example, based on differences in training and practice, a physician now has a personalized method of describing a procedure and can express his or her own unique practice style in their procedure reports.

"Since our very first release of the software, this newest version represents one of our biggest platform releases to date, covering a wide range of enhancements, bug fixes, and greatly improved performance and scalability on the cloud," said Trent McCracken, president and CEO of eMerge."Version 4.0 is the direct result of a cumulative effort on the part of our customers and our software engineers to continue to improve the next-generation intra-operative documentation and workflow solution for the healthcare industry."

About eMerge Health (www.eMergeHealth.com) eMerge Health is a leading provider of intra-operative endoscopic workflow systems that enables physicians and nurses to fully document endoscopic procedures in real-time. Through use of the eMerge|ENDO system, clients are able to eliminate paperwork and increase productivity, while also lowering costs and producing accurate, perfectly documented procedure reports. It is a portfolio company of CincyTech.

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eMerge Health Solutions Releases eMerge|ENDO Version 4.0

New York Digital Health Accelerator Reveals Inaugural Class

Posted: at 12:16 am

NEW YORK, Oct. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) and the Partnership for New York City Fund (Partnership Fund) revealed the inaugural class of the New York Digital Health Accelerator (NYDHA), a program that will make New York a hub for the emerging digital health technology industry. The partnership is the largest-funded health IT accelerator program in the United States, and the first to provide access to senior-level healthcare providers who are committed to the success of the eight growth-stage companies selected.

(Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20120816/NE58665LOGO)

With its initial investment of $4.2 million, the NYDHA program will create approximately 1,500 jobs over five years. In addition, it is expected that the companies will attract upwards of $150 million to $200 million in investment from the venture capital community post-program.

The program has selected 8 early- and growth-stage companies that are developing cutting-edge technology products in care coordination, patient engagement, analytics and message alerts for healthcare providers. The program received 250 applications from companies located in 27 states and 10 countries. Each chosen company is awarded up to $300,000 along with invaluable mentoring from senior-level executives at leading hospitals and other providers in New York for nine months. Each company has committed to opening an office in New York State.

"The Accelerator provides much-needed, valuable tools for providers in support of New York State's Medicaid Redesign initiative," New York State Health Commissioner Nirav R. Shah, M.D., M.P.H. said. "The initiative, which promotes a shift from the costly fee-for-service model to a more effective and efficient managed care approach, is resulting in better care - at lower cost - for patients across the continuum of care. The Accelerator is an essential first step to stimulate the market and nurture innovation within the entrepreneurial community."

Tech companies accepted into the program are receiving direct mentorship and feedback from senior-level executives with the participating providers. Their coaching, testing, and feedback will help these companies create the most efficient tools that the medical community will want to use to streamline the sharing of electronic medical records and improve coordination of care.

In addition, companies have direct access to the technology platform that is connecting electronic health records across New York State, the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY).

"We are creating the next generation of healthcare applications that will transform the healthcare delivery system," said NYeC Executive Director David Whitlinger. "These companies are the first software development vendors to have direct access to the SHIN-NY, a secure platform that embodies all of the federal and state policies for usage of patient data by the community."

"One of the biggest challenges for early stage health care companies is getting access to large customers" explains Maria Gotsch, President and CEO, Partnership for New York City Fund. "This program not only provides that access but allows the eight companies to benefit from high level feedback, which will accelerate their growth and create good jobs in the important health IT sector in New York."

The investment capital was provided by a syndicate of investors, including Aetna, Janssen Healthcare Innovation, Milestone Venture Partners, New Leaf Venture Partners, Partnership for New York City Fund, Quaker Partners, Safeguard Scientifics, and UnitedHealth Group. The Empire State Development Corporation, Health Research Inc., and NYeC have provided additional funds to operate the NYDHA.

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New York Digital Health Accelerator Reveals Inaugural Class

Anti-Aging Company Announces Marine D3 Product Review After Study Reveals Ways to Boost Good Cholesterol Production

Posted: at 12:15 am

Anti-aging website, http://antiagingproductsreviewed.com/ is announcing new anti-aging review on the Marine D3 aging supplement and how it can help with cholesterol issues after a new study reveals that things such as minimal exercise and dieting can actually boost cholesterol production in the body.

Houston, TX. (PRWEB) October 15, 2012

The company hopes that the new product review, along with the information from this study about natural ways to improve good cholesterol production in the body will encourage more people to take action when it comes to their cholesterol. This new study revealed there are a number of natural ways that people can help themselves with cholesterol related issues. This is why the anti aging company has announced their new free review of Marine D3; so those interested in lowering their cholesterol and improving their quality of life can learn how this natural and safe supplement can help them. The company hopes that more people will turn to things like diet and exercise as suggested by this new study while adding all natural supplements like Marine D3 to their routine so they can live healthier lives as they age.

The new review of this Marine D3 supplement will feature detailed insight on the product and its uses. To find out more about Marine D3 and how it can help lower these cholesterol levels visit http://antiagingproductsreviewed.com/. The companys new review has recently launched on the company website and is available for any individual interested for free.

To find out more about the company and the best anti-aging solutions available in todays market, visit: http://antiagingproductsreviewed.com/.

Keith Bax antiagingproductsreviewed.com 978-539-4586 Email Information

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Anti-Aging Company Announces Marine D3 Product Review After Study Reveals Ways to Boost Good Cholesterol Production

Kenya: Vaccines, Vitamins and Vegetables – On Nutrition Fight Frontlines

Posted: October 15, 2012 at 8:13 am

Nairobi A colorful pamphlet flies through the clinic's open doorway and hits the rooster headed towards it head-on. The disgruntled bird stops mid cockle-doodle-doo and struts away.

Alice Ngina Githae, the 71-year-old source of the projectile, chuckles to herself before turning back to business treating the people of Mukuru who, unlike the rooster, are welcome inside. This sprawling slum on the eastern edge of Kenya's capital is a world apart from the glassy skyscrapers towering over traffic-clogged city streets. Mukuru's estimated 700,000 residents no accurate count exists have limited access to essential needs, including toilets, clean water and medical facilities.

Clinic staff struggle to provide what care they can delivering an average of 30 babies a month, giving vaccinations, treating fevers and gastric disorders, providing HIV counseling. Now, a growing awareness of the far-reaching consequences of poor nutrition for mothers and their newborns could put the modest facility on the frontlines of a national and global initiative to save millions of lives and boost economic growth.

<< Nairobi Scrappy Clinic That Could - Photo Essay >>

Nearly 36 percent of Kenya's children are "stunted" a condition as ugly as it sounds. If children lack necessary nutrients in the womb and through their first 1000 days, they are more likely to die as infants, and, if they survive, to have irreversible cognitive and physical damage, including reduced resistance to infection and failure to achieve their intellectual potential.

Conservative estimates put the cost to the Kenyan economy due to stunting as 128 billion Kenya Shillings (U.S.$1.5 billion) in one year alone. The Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation warns that "without deliberate and concerted effort, this figure will rise to three trillion shillings in 20 years ($35 billion) and 527,000 lives will be lost".

As high as Kenya's rate is, those of at least two dozen African countries are higher, according to a series on maternal and child undernutrition by the British medical journal The Lancet, with the percentage of stunted children ranging as high as 54.2 percent in drought-plagued Niger.

Researchers at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) in the U.K. have been tracking the phenomenon of undernutrition, noting that while the number of stunted children has been declining across south Asia, in sub-Saharan Africa it has been steadily increasing. Because chronic nutrition is affected by many different factors, an IDS report said, it was "everyone's problem, but no one's responsibility a classic failure of collective action."

Dr. Sandra Mutuma is senior nutrition advisor to Action Against Hunger U.K. and lead author of a report on nutrition presented last month at Westminster, home of Britain's Parliament, by Action Against Hunger and IDS. She says only about 1 percent of the funds needed to effectively address undernutrition are currently being spent.

That may be changing, with both individual African governments and international donors showing new resolution to tackle the problem. Nutrition researchers have become advocates, arguing for relatively low-cost actions, such as breastfeeding counseling and vitamin and mineral supplementation for children under two.

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Kenya: Vaccines, Vitamins and Vegetables - On Nutrition Fight Frontlines

Maori-inspired fitness craze sweeps Germany

Posted: at 8:12 am

Published: 9:32AM Monday October 15, 2012 Source: Fairfax

A Kiwi-inspired fitness craze sweeping through Germany has taken parts of the New Zealand haka and turned it into "Maori Tae Bo", which has academics and Maori authorities questioning its legitimacy.

The programme, called Aroha, is taught in more than 200 gyms throughout Germany, according to its website.

It was created by former Les Mills Germany fitness instructor Bernhard Jakszt , who said he "just finds the Maori culture so inspiring".

According to the website, Aroha is a mix of haka, kung fu and tai chi. The haka component apparently "demonstrates the extraordinary force that is slumbering within every human".

"Haka evokes the force in the middle, an inner centre, that leads to a general well being," the website says.

Jakszt has also trademarked the term Aroha - meaning love in Maori - and has used a number of koru patterns on associated merchandise.

Auckland man Reuben Hamill came across the site after his German father-in-law asked if he had heard of Aroha.

Hamill said after watching a promotional video on the site it was evident "this guy has taken a Maori work, used the German love of all things Kiwi and created some kind of fitness scam".

He said it could only be described as "Maori Tae Bo".

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Maori-inspired fitness craze sweeps Germany

Health insurance exchange in Pennsylvania unlikely

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Pennsylvania's chances of having an online, in-house health insurance exchange up and running by this time next year are slim to none -- and slim, according to the state's insurance commissioner, may have just left town.

"For us to have something up and running by next year will be very challenging, if not impossible, given that we have no legislation" from the state, and little direction from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, said Insurance Commissioner Michael Consedine.

Health insurance exchanges -- online clearinghouses where people can compare and buy individual health policies, one of the hallmark features of President Barack Obama's 2010 Affordable Care Act -- are supposed to be up and running by January 2014. States have the option of building and maintaining their own exchange, or letting the federal government operate it for them.

In November 2011, Republican Gov. Tom Corbett announced his "commitment" to building a state-run insurance exchange rather than let the federal government operate Pennsylvania's exchange. But that commitment has been undermined, Mr. Consedine told the Post-Gazette, by HHS's failure to answer states' questions about the operational details of the exchanges.

By Nov. 16, the states that intend to have their exchanges operational by January 2014 are supposed to submit exchange blueprints to the federal government, a deadline Pennsylvania evidently will not meet.

"The clock is really ticking down," Mr. Consedine said. "We're not going to rush to build something that doesn't work."

Health reform advocates, eager to see the exchanges put into use, have suggested that some states have delayed the heavy lifting until after the election. Why spend time and money building something Republicans say they want to scrap?

"We're a little disappointed that the current administration is dragging their feet on this, in essence playing politics with people's health care," said Antoinette Kraus, project director of Pennsylvania Health Access Network.

But Mr. Consedine says that's not the case, and that the state Insurance Department is an apolitical organ.

"Everybody wants to insert politics into this," he said.

Health insurance exchange in Pennsylvania unlikely

Health tax increase a ‘yes or no’ vote on medical school, UT says

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Raising the stakes on a proposed property tax increase, the University of Texas has declared that its approval next month by Travis County voters is essential for establishing a medical school in Austin.

For us, this is a yes or no proposition, said Steven Leslie, UTs executive vice president and provost, in a memo to faculty and staff members that was obtained by the American-Statesman. Without a complete and reliable source of new funding, we will not be able to start a medical school.

Taxpayers in other Texas communities have helped finance medical schools and teaching hospitals through various means, but the proposal by Central Health, Travis Countys hospital district, differs in two important ways.

One, voters must first approve a 63 percent increase in their property taxes for health care, going from 7.89 cents to 12.9 cents per $100 of assessed value. No other medical school in Texas has hinged on raising local property taxes.

Two, a specific amount of the estimated $54 million a year in new tax revenue $35 million would be permanently earmarked for services provided to needy patients by the medical schools faculty and residents, who are physicians in training.

The tax is the final piece of a plan that has been under discussion for several years but that has not coalesced until recent months.

Building and operating the medical school for the first 12 years would cost $4.1 billion, according to UT-Austins cost estimates. The UT System Board of Regents has committed at least $25 million a year in endowment proceeds, plus $5 million a year for eight years to buy equipment. The nonprofit Seton Healthcare Family, which already spends $45 million to sponsor an academic education program, has tentatively committed $250 million to build a new teaching hospital to replace University Medical Center Brackenridge, which Central Health owns and Seton operates.

If Proposition 1 passes, the average Travis County homeowner would pay an extra $107.40 in 2014, for an average health care tax bill of $276.79. That prospect has aroused opposition from those who say UT should pay the full cost of its medical school.

Saying you have to pay a property tax for us to build a medical school is unprecedented in Texas history, said Don Zimmerman, campaign treasurer of the Travis County Taxpayers Union political action committee, which formed to fight the ballot proposition.

But proponents and others say it reflects changing financial and political realities.

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Health tax increase a ‘yes or no’ vote on medical school, UT says

Inovio Pharmaceuticals Animal Health Subsidiary's GHRH Treatment Approved in New Zealand

Posted: at 8:12 am

BLUE BELL, Pa., Oct. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE MKT: INO) announced today that its majority-owned subsidiary, VGX Animal Health, has received approval to market LifeTide SW 5.0, the world's first approved growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) therapy for food animals, in New Zealand. LifeTide is a once-in-a-lifetime treatment for female pigs (sows) that has demonstrated significant decreases in perinatal mortality of piglets from treated sows compared to untreated sows. The treatment, which increases the number of weaned piglets and results in greater overall meat production, was previously approved in Australia.

(Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20120131/LA44118LOGO)

"We've seen that when perinatal mortality is significantly reduced, pork producers can quickly realize production and profit benefits never before imagined," said Dr. Douglas Kern, DVM, and Vice President of Business Development for VGX Animal Health.

Dr. J. Joseph Kim, Chairman of VGX Animal Health and CEO of Inovio Pharmaceuticals, said, "This approval is another milestone for DNA plasmid therapy, where Inovio leads the world. Our plasmid-based technology platform provided this breakthrough in animal health and has demonstrated in humans its safety and immune responses in therapeutic and preventive vaccines for cancer, HIV, influenza and other infectious diseases in proof-of-principle clinical studies.

"We are investigating GHRH therapy in other veterinary as well as human disease areas since it has shown promise in treating a broad array of diseases such as cancer, HIV-associated lipodystrophy, diabetes, Alzheimer's and conditions that affect the kidney and heart."

The New Zealand approval is particularly significant in that genetically modified (GMO) products are not allowed in the country. Given the New Zealand stance on GMO technologies, VGXAH's ability to gain market approval for their non-GMO DNA based therapy is a testament to the safety and sustainability of this technology platform. The ability to enhance the genetic potential of the pig without permanently altering its genetic makeup is an important step forward in the effort to feed the United Nation's estimated 1 billion food-insecure people around the world. VGX Animal Health's accomplishment is an important step in developing technologies to enhance the world's ability to feed a population that will require a doubling of the amount of food we produce within the next four decades. For areas of the world concerned with preserving genetic diversity, this technology offers great promise.

Growth hormone releasing hormone or GHRH is a naturally occurring molecule that stimulates the body's pituitary gland to release growth hormone that it produces every day.

Earlier this year, Inovio reported that a study published in a leading peer-reviewed journal showed that LifeTide SW 1.0, an optimized version requiring only 20% of the dose of the approved LifeTide SW 5.0, demonstrated significant decreases in perinatal mortality, an increase in the number of pigs born alive, and an increase in the weight and number of pigs weaned compared with the control group. Additionally, there was a significant increase in the lifespan of the treated sows in the study. These findings provide further evidence of the potential of the plasmid-based GHRH technology to improve productivity and profitability for pig producers around the world.

About LifeTide Products, SW 1.0 and 5.0

VGX Animal Health's GHRH product for pigs, LifeTide SW 5.0, is administered as a once in a lifetime treatment for use in sows of breeding age. Licensing studies completed in Australia demonstrated a significant decrease in perinatal mortality and morbidity, resulting in an increase in sow productivity and the number of pigs weaned per sow. LifeTide SW 5.0 is the world's first therapeutic plasmid delivered by electroporation to be approved for use in food animals. The product is approved in Australia and New Zealand.

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Inovio Pharmaceuticals Animal Health Subsidiary's GHRH Treatment Approved in New Zealand

Camarillo Chiropractor: Chiropractic Pediatric Care May Help Children With ADD

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CAMARILLO, Calif., Oct. 14, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Camarillo Holistic and Chiropractic Center in Camarillo, CA promotes pediatric care for children with ADD, children with autism and children with allergies. According to Camarillo chiropractor Dr. James Aylor, DC, chiropractic care and nutritional counseling are an effective alternative treatment for children diagnosed with ADD, autism or acute allergies. Dr. Aylor, DC, says that these treatments help manage symptoms by addressing underlying misalignments and nutritional imbalances that may be contributing to health problems.

Camarillo chiropractor Dr. James Aylor, DC, is recommending holistic pediatric care for children with ADD, autism and allergies. According to Dr. Aylor, DC, undiagnosed spinal misalignments and an unhealthy diet may be contributing to these conditions.

"While holistic medicine cannot 'cure' autism or ADD, all-natural treatments are an effective alternative to traditional medications," said Dr. Aylor, DC. "Many parents are understandably nervous about heavily medicating their children."

ADD, also known as Attention Deficit Disorder, is characterized by inattention, impulsive behavior and difficulty concentrating. While doctors do not fully understand the underlying causes for ADD, an overactive nervous system that is unable to properly filter information may contribute to this condition.

"Traditional medical treatment for ADD relies on Ritalin, a stimulant that is used to mask the symptoms of ADD," said Dr. Aylor, DC. "However, parents often do not want prolonged exposure to Ritalin if there are alternatives. Dietary changes and chiropractic care are two effective alternatives that alleviate symptoms without exposing a child's young, developing body to a constant onslaught of artificial chemicals."

Hands-on chiropractic adjustments are gentle for children. These adjustments may remove the subluxations that are irritating the nervous system and affecting the brain's activity. Dietary changes that reduce a child's exposure to toxins and artificial ingredients may also help manage ADD.

"All-natural treatments like adjustments and nutritional counseling can make a tremendous difference for a child's overall health," said Dr. Aylor, DC. "For children with autism, allergies and ADD, addressing the underlying causes for these problems is always preferable to simply masking the symptoms with medication."

Dr. Aylor, DC, has completed numerous courses at Alabama's Clayton School of Natural Healing. Thanks to his studies, Dr. Aylor, DC, understands that a healthy diet not only provides essential nutrients and calories, but also prevents children from consuming "trigger foods" that can aggravate health problems. For example, eliminating whole milk, eggs and wheat, along with foods made from additives and artificial ingredients, can improve a child's health while reducing food allergies.

The addition of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are vital for maintaining healthy brain function. Dr. Aylor, DC, will create a customized treatment plan for each pediatric patient that addresses his or her individual nutritional needs. The chiropractor may also make lifestyle suggestions that help calm, rather than excite, the brain.

The Camarillo chiropractor additionally treats pediatric and adult patients in Somis, Oxnard and Newbury Park.

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Camarillo Chiropractor: Chiropractic Pediatric Care May Help Children With ADD

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