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Nutrilite Nutrition 101 – Episode 1 – Video

Posted: December 31, 2013 at 3:46 pm

Nutrilite Nutrition 101 - Episode 1
Check out Amway #39;s Nutrilite healthy living tips with Red Wings Head Athletic Trainer, Piet VanZant.

By: OfficialRedWings

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Nutrilite Nutrition 101 - Episode 1 - Video

NUTRITION: Mushrooms, Chicken, Rice – Video

Posted: at 3:46 pm

NUTRITION: Mushrooms, Chicken, Rice
DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in all Philosia videos are of my own personal views and opinions and are not the views of the school as a whole....

By: Freddie #39;s Modern Kung Fu

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NUTRITION: Mushrooms, Chicken, Rice - Video

Asha Nutrition Sciences Launches Pre-sales Fundraising Campaign to Promote Tailored Lipids, LipiLife

Posted: at 3:46 pm

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) December 31, 2013

Asha Nutrition Sciences, Inc., creators of the revolutionary tailored lipids product line, LipiLife, announce the launch of pre-sales fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to promote LipiLife and the importance of lipids. Based on levels achieved, funds raised will be used for a combination of production scale-up, marketing campaigns, and to create a documentary highlighting the critical and precise requirement of lipids in diet as prevention against many chronic health issues. A daily tailored vial of lipids, LipiLife, is more important for health than a daily glass of milk.

According to Centers for Disease Control, chronic diseases cause seven in 10 deaths in the United States each year. Furthermore, more than 75 percent of the costs of healthcare are due to chronic conditions, nearly 2 trillion dollars of the 2.6 trillion dollar health spending done by the U.S. in 2010. Skyrocketing healthcare spending, rising obesity rates, and an alarming number of Americans living with chronic illnesses, nearly one in every two adults, indicates that something is wrong with the current way people view and address disease. Studies show that lipid imbalance is associated with a variety of chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, strokes, arthritis, asthma, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, neural disease, depression, and cancer.

Asha Nutrition Sciences finds that many health issues can be reduced and even reversed by consuming the tailored lipids in LipiLife (worldwide patents). Available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian formulas for women and men individually, LipiLife is made up of fats, fat-soluble vitamins and sterols that are vital for health and well-being.

"Lipids are critical for health," explains an article on Asha Nutrition Sciences' Indiegogo campaign site. "Every cell in the body is enveloped in lipids, and the cell cannot function without the right balance of lipids. Health benefits of balanced lipids are across multiple indications, because lipids affect a broad range of physiological functions including respiration, vision, digestion, musculoskeletal function, mood, mental function, immunity, sleep, and reproduction. Approximately 80 percent of health issues and health spending are associated with imbalanced lipid consumption."

Asha Nutrition Sciences aims to create a better outcome and a brighter future for world health by preventing current trends from continuing. The introduction of LipiLife signals a radical shift in the way people consider what it means to consume healthy fats and how chronic health issues are preventable and even reversible with the right formula and methods. Those who believe in the urgency of this mission to improve the health of Americans and citizens of the world everywhere are urged to support the LipiLife Indiegogo campaign to raise awareness of these important findings. With outstanding leadership and a team of internationally renowned scientists, Asha Nutrition Sciences works to address a long-felt, persistent, and critical unmet need in today's nutrition and health care system. For more information, visit http://igg.me/at/Asha-Nutrition-Sciences.

About Asha Nutrition Sciences, Inc.

Asha Nutrition Sciences is a private wellness company offering tailored nutrition with balanced lipids, antioxidants, and phytochemicals with LipiLife and other product lines. Lipids are the basis of life, as crucial cell membranes components, as gene regulators, and as precursors of hormones and other bioactive compounds. Lipids affect a broad range of physiological functions and health aspects including respiration, vision, digestion, musculoskeletal function, mood, mental function, immunity, sleep, and reproduction. Antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, hormones, and temperature materially alter lipid metabolism. Therefore, the precise requirements of lipids change by diet type, gender, stage of life, climactic temperature, and other factors. The company holds impressive worldwide intellectual property. The company is currently funded by private investors.

About Urvashi Bhagat, President and CEO, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, Asha Nutrition Sciences

Inspired by her mother Asha's knowledge of nutrition and subsequent battle with debilitating neural disease due to the flawed teachings to reduce fats, Asha Nutrition Sciences CEO and Founder Urvashi Bhagat founded the company and has dedicated her life's work to addressing true nutritional needs in order to prevent debilitating diseases. Ms. Bhagat has had a multifaceted career in health care, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical development. She is a medical visionary devoted to achieving breakthroughs in the use of nutrition to prevent and treat disease. She has made groundbreaking discoveries in lipid metabolism and the role of lipids and other nutrients on the manifestation of infectious and chronic diseases and acute events. Since the foundation of Asha Nutrition Sciences in 2008, Ms. Bhagat has set the strategic direction and focus of the company on bringing these discoveries to consumers in the form of balanced and tailored nutrients, with a specific emphasis on lipids, antioxidants and phytochemicals.

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Asha Nutrition Sciences Launches Pre-sales Fundraising Campaign to Promote Tailored Lipids, LipiLife

Whole Foods adding classes on nutrition and healthy eating

Posted: at 3:46 pm

Detroit Whole Foods Market is opening a space near its Midtown store dedicated to free nutrition and culinary education classes on Jan. 13.

The Lets Talk Food center will be in a small commercial space with a working kitchen, located directly across the parking lot of the 115 Mack Ave. store. The center at 3670 Woodward Ave. is next to a Bank of America branch and in the same building as the Ellington Lofts and a Starbucks cafe.

In January, courses such as understanding food labels, combating food cravings and maintaining a healthy diet will be offered. In February, a Healthy Eating Challenge program will cover the entire month. Several Metro Detroit chefs, including a vegan, yoga instructors and physical trainers, as well as medical officials from nearby Detroit Medical Center, have agreed to speak.

The center will be operated by Dr. Akua Woolbright, a Whole Foods nutritionist who quickly moved to Detroit once the Midtown store was announced. The store opened in June.

The chance to discuss healthy eating options to communities of color I couldnt pass that up, Woolbright said. That is what she has been doing weekly for more than six months now, always free of charge. Shes been to churches, peoples homes, community centers and offices.

So many people in Detroit are already eating healthy, she said. They know a great deal about canning of food and people have been growing their own vegetables for a long time.

The range of topics at the center will continue to grow based on community feedback, she said. Registration is required for most classes; to register, email akua.woolbright@wholefoods.com.

Many officials from the Austin, Texas-based chain view the Detroit store as a chance for Whole Foods to prove its formula of organic and locally-made fare can work in communities with a wider range of incomes. Detroit often is named one of the poorest big cities in the nation, according to several studies, as well as ranking high for obesity rates. And Whole Foods has derisively been called whole paycheck for its premium prices.

Two months after the Midtown Detroit store opened, Whole Foods Market Co-CEO Walter Robb told Bloomberg News, The store is exceeding our wildest expectations, and added that it serves a wide area of the community. Many officials say it offers competitive pricing compared with other national chains.

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Whole Foods adding classes on nutrition and healthy eating

Fitness Motivation Kickboxen vol.1 – Video

Posted: at 3:46 pm

Fitness Motivation Kickboxen vol.1
Besucht unsere Seite fr mehr Fitness Videos und untersttzt uns! http://www.facebook.com/venividivicifitnesslove.

By: VeniVidiVici

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Fitness Motivation Kickboxen vol.1 - Video

Fitness Experts Give Tips for Shedding Extra Pounds After the Holidays

Posted: at 3:45 pm

Danville, VA - Most of us splurged during our holiday meals - indulging more than we should in desserts and holiday goodies. Now folks are trying to find ways to work off those extra pounds.

Danville's newest fitness hub has seen steady traffic since opening its doors in September.

Planet Fitness offers membership for as low as 10 dollars a month, and they expect to see even more people signing up after the New Year.

"Everybody splurged for the holidays, including myself, so it's a great time to get back in that routine and get off the couch, " said staff member Terri Davis.

Some may think that's easier said than done, but local fitness instructor David Gluhareff says it's all about taking that first step.

Gluhareff has almost 18 years of experience offering personal training and nutritional guidance on the Southside.Post-holiday prep work with his clients usually begins before the big feast.

"My biggest workout days are Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, so a lot of my clients are getting ready for those meals so we're being proactive, " Gluhareff said.

He says a few personal training sessions can be very beneficial for those trying to get back into the swing of things.

"You're going to practice good form when you're with a trainer, you're going to have somebody that's going to hold you accountable, " Gluhareff said.

He says don't be afraid to splurge every now and then, and keep your fitness routine light-hearted in order to stick with it longer than a few months.

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Fitness Experts Give Tips for Shedding Extra Pounds After the Holidays

Fitness Just Got More Focused. MyMuscle.com is Live.

Posted: at 3:45 pm

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- WebEnertia is excited to announce the launch of its latest website project, MyMuscle.com. MyMuscle.com combines the training and competitive nature of a fitness app with the motivation and accountability of social media. "We see people checking in at the gym and posting selfies after a monster workout, but friends and family don't always want to see those posts and photos. And the fitness-minded members that MyMuscle targets want a performance tool and a community they can connect and compete with. That's why MyMuscle was developed." says Danny Halvorson, Interactive Director at WebEnertia.

The website brings together a community of fitness fanatics and atheletes looking for real fitness and real transformations. On MyMuscle, they have a place to not only track progress and post their results with journals, stats, and photos, but also the opportunity to challenge themselves in competition with other members. "There's a new community-focused trend in fitness. The intense popularity of MMA, Tough Mudder style events,and Crossfit show that people aren't looking for a run-of-the-mill workout. MyMuscle gives these users another outlet to build their motivation network," says Michael Marcus, co-founder of MyMuscle.com.

The MyMuscle.com site uses responsive design to optimize the experience no matter what platform users are on, something that the team at WebEnertia has become passionate about. With MyMuscle.com being frequently accessed by desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, responsive design allows users to view the site on any device, without sacrificing quality and functionality.

Custom applications and new ideas are the heartbeat of WebEnertia. "We love a challenge," adds Halvorson. MyMuscle.com combines their creative design and programming expertise to bring a new social fitness platform to life. WebEnertia worked with the team at MyMuscle to develop robust components like goal setting, diet tracking, stats, challenges, ranking, and more, for a complete competitive experience. Fitness fanatics can sign up at MyMuscle.com. For more information about responsive design and the opportunities it offers in website development, visit WebEnertia.com.

About Webenertia

WebEnertia is an interactive design and development agency based out of San Jose, California that delivers highly functional and engaging websites, applications, e-commerce solutions, flash, multimedia, graphic design, print, and marketing strategies and solutions, along with consultation and management services for our clients.

Media Contact: Danny Halvorson, WebEnertia, 408-246-0000-16, danny@webenertia.com

News distributed by PR Newswire iReach: https://ireach.prnewswire.com

SOURCE WebEnertia

RELATED LINKS http://webenertia.com/

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Fitness Just Got More Focused. MyMuscle.com is Live.

Top Fitness Trend in 2014 Can Show Scary Results

Posted: at 3:45 pm

Rock Hill, South Carolina (PRWEB) December 31, 2013

A recent survey was released from the American College of Sports Medicine predicting the top fitness trends in 2014. Although, some of the fitness trends on the list are very effective, it is very important to complete the research needed to make before taking that leap. The survey states the top 20 fitness trends in 2014, and why these trends are effective.

High-intensity workouts are predicted to top the 2014 charts. High-intensity workouts normally involve short streams of activity followed by a rest period and are normally completed in 30 minutes. With todays busy schedules, people find these workouts appealing because of the short amount of time needed. Many see it as a way to get fit at a quicker rate. Although this fitness trend may work for some,it can also be dangerous. Along with the popularity of high-intensity interval workouts in 2014, the injury rates from this trend are also blooming. Many who choose the program do not consider the negative effect it may have on the body. It can be difficult to find a highly trained professional with this fitness trend. Although high-intensity interval workouts have help many reach fitness status, others should consider speaking with a physician before embarking on such a journey.

Ace Medical Weight Loss Center understands the dangers of programs that are demanding extreme exercise. These programs are not for everyone. Many people are not ready for these challenges physically. This is why two physicians created the SlimPlate System. The SlimPlate System is a portion control weight loss method used with real food. This method teaches one to eat correct portions and how to eat properly. This method implements a healthier lifestyle that will allow one to become more active, without the risks of high-intensity interval workouts.

The SlimPlate System was created by two well known weight-loss Physicians. Dr. Nwe is a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine and is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine. She co-founded the Ace Medical Weight Loss Center with Dr. Grewal. Sandeep Grewal, M.D. is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and was the recipient of The Charlotte Business Journals Health Care Innovator Award for 2013, and also named to the Top Forty Under Forty List in 2013.

For complete information on weight-loss through portion-control, visit the SlimPlate System.

Reference: Thompson, Walter R. Ph. D., FACSM. (2013). Now Trending: Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2014. ACSM'S Health and Fitness Journal. 17(6)10-20. doi: 10.1249/FIT.0b013e3182a955e6.

Media Contact: SlimPlate System Attn: Brittany Farrar 744 Arden Lane, #100 Rock Hill, SC 29732 803.325.1111

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Top Fitness Trend in 2014 Can Show Scary Results

PSA: On Health Insurance – Video

Posted: at 3:45 pm

PSA: On Health Insurance
GetCovered http://www.tellafriendgetcovered.com.

By: jonhuertas

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PSA: On Health Insurance - Video

Holiday heart health – Video

Posted: at 3:45 pm

Holiday heart health
Holiday parties, family pressure and over-indulgence can take a big toll on your health this time of year. Global National #39;s health specialist Dr. Ali Zentne...

By: GlobalToronto

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Holiday heart health - Video

Health Talks and Sign ups – Video

Posted: at 3:45 pm

Health Talks and Sign ups
Health Talk and Sign Ups.

By: NewPatientMaven

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Health Talks and Sign ups - Video

Galaxy Note Pro Leaks, New Wearables G Arch, and G Health – Android Weekly – Video

Posted: at 3:45 pm

Galaxy Note Pro Leaks, New Wearables G Arch, and G Health - Android Weekly
http://carbonite.com Code:Android - Join Jayce as he talks about Google Patent Wars, the new Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 inch leak, and LGs new wearables devices li...

By: Android Authority

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Galaxy Note Pro Leaks, New Wearables G Arch, and G Health - Android Weekly - Video

In Sickness and in Health – Trailer – Video

Posted: at 3:45 pm

In Sickness and in Health - Trailer
Experience an exciting new chapter in Hip-Hop music as you travel into Kenya, deep into the heart of East Africa. Known as Genge music, Kenya #39;s unique brand ...

By: OnCueNetwork

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In Sickness and in Health - Trailer - Video

U.S. Moves to Cut Health Risks from Trans Fats in Food – Video

Posted: at 3:45 pm

U.S. Moves to Cut Health Risks from Trans Fats in Food
Health officials say trans fats in food can lead to deadly health conditions.

By: VOA Learning English

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U.S. Moves to Cut Health Risks from Trans Fats in Food - Video

UNMH resident develops free health care app – Video

Posted: at 3:45 pm

UNMH resident develops free health care app
One New Mexico doctor is thinking outside the box when it comes to health coverage.


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UNMH resident develops free health care app - Video

Health official who oversaw ObamaCare rollout to retire- Mom spends holiday fighting ObamaCare glitch

Posted: at 3:45 pm

Published December 30, 2013


The health official who oversaw the problem-plagued launch of the federal ObamaCare website is retiring.

The Obama administration confirmed Monday that Michelle Snyder, the No. 2 official at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, is leaving her post. The departure was announced by CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner.

Though Republicans, and some Democrats, have been calling for heads to roll over the botched launch of the program, and particularly HealthCare.gov, it's unclear whether Snyder's resignation at this point was already planned.

Tavenner claimed that Snyder originally was preparing to leave a year ago but "characteristically chose to postpone her retirement from federal service at my request to help me with the challenges facing CMS in 2013."

The statement from Tavenner included no criticism of Snyder's performance over the past year. She praised her "41 years of outstanding public service."

Tavenner added: "While the agency is losing a key member of its leadership team, we should celebrate Michelle's dedication to a mission that provides vital health care services to tens of millions of our fellow Americans through the Medicare and Medicaid programs."

While Snyder is not a well-known official, her name surfaced in connection with the botched rollout during an Oct. 30 hearing. At the time, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius revealed that Snyder -- as chief operating officer -- was in charge of the launch. But then, under questioning from Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., Sebelius tried to shoulder the blame.

"Michelle Snyder is the one responsible for this debacle?" Blackburn asked.

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Health official who oversaw ObamaCare rollout to retire- Mom spends holiday fighting ObamaCare glitch

Health Plan Scramble Crams Minn. Agency Helpline

Posted: at 3:45 pm

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) A late scramble to finalize health coverage before the new year crammed the call center Tuesday at Minnesotas insurance marketplace, which is still working to repair problems with its centerpiece online portal.

People who wanted to guarantee theyll be covered from Wednesday forward had to complete enrollment by Tuesday. The call center was the fallback for shoppers vexed by the troubled MNsure website, a state cousin of the federal health exchange created under President Barack Obamas signature law.

An Associated Press reporter testing wait times Tuesday morning was on hold for two hours and 15 minutes before reaching a live operator. MNsure has been trying to get people to call instead during weekend or evening hours when volume is lower.

Scott Leitz, MNsures interim chief executive officer, said insurance shoppers are justifiably frustrated by hiccups in the system as they attempt to lock in coverage.

Its not a perfect system yet, and some people do encounter some challenges, Leitz said Tuesday on a Minnesota Public Radio call-in program.

More than 53,000 people had successfully enrolled in a health plan through the Minnesota marketplace as of Friday. About two-thirds enrolled in a publicly subsidized program. MNsure officials said there had been 72,000 applications in some phase of the process that account for 125,000 people on individual and family plans. Updated figures that factored in the last-minute enrollment crush werent released.

Leitz said customers who have done their level best to secure a health plan could expect to have coverage in the new year even if it takes time to sort everything out. Some applications were being done on paper and manually entered into the system.

Leitz said once the pre-Jan. 1 crush passes, officials will undertake an end-to-end review of the Internet-based system as they seek to fix bugs ahead of the critically important March 31 deadline. Thats the latest someone without health insurance can choose a plan without facing federal penalties. After that date, only a qualifying life event such as a job change or birth of a child will trigger a new enrollment phase for 2014.

People who missed Tuesdays deadline but enroll by the middle of January will have insurance that starts in February. While people could buy their coverage directly through insurers and some were only those shopping through MNsure could obtain tax credits if their income level made them eligible.

People were given until Jan. 10 to pay their first months premium and still have valid coverage from the first of the month.

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Health Plan Scramble Crams Minn. Agency Helpline

Health Officials Report First Pediatric Flu Death

Posted: at 3:45 pm

The Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) reports the first confirmed pediatric influenza death for the 2013-2014 flu season. The death was a child from North Mississippi with chronic underlying health conditions. Pediatric deaths are defined as deaths of individuals 18 years of age and under.

Including todays reported death, there have been a total of 12 pediatric flu deaths reported in Mississippi since pediatric flu deaths became reportable during the 2007-2008 flu season.

The MSDH continues to receive reports of serious illnesses and deaths from flu in young and middle-aged adults, many of whom were previously healthy. The only strain identified in Mississippi this flu season has been the 2009 influenza A H1N1 strain, which has in past years primarily affected those under 65 years of age.

This is another serious reminder that it is important for people of all ages to get the flu vaccination, said MSDH State Epidemiologist Dr. Thomas Dobbs. Fortunately, this years flu vaccine includes coverage for the H1N1 strain that is currently circulating throughout the state.

Seasonal flu vaccinations are recommended for anyone ages 6 months and older. Among children, vaccination is especially important for those younger than 5 years or any child with underlying medical conditions such as asthma or neurological or neurodevelopmental disorders. These children are at higher risk for serious complications if they become infected with influenza.

Flu vaccinations for adults and children are available for $30 at all county health department clinics. Those 18 and under who are eligible for the Vaccines for Children program or the Childrens Health Insurance Program (CHIP) can receive the vaccination for $10. A high-dose flu vaccination for adults 65 and older is available for $55, and the pneumococcal vaccination is available for $83.

The MSDH accepts Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP and the State and School Employees Health Insurance Plan (AHS).

While individual flu cases and flu-related deaths in adults are not reported to MSDH, the agency monitors flu activity through the Influenza-Like Illness (ILI) Sentinel Surveillance System, made up of healthcare providers in Mississippi such as family practice clinics, student health centers, pediatricians, primary care physicians, and hospital emergency departments who report the percentage of patients with flu-like symptoms to a statewide database.

Symptoms of seasonal flu include fever, cough, and often, extreme fatigue. Sore throat, headache, muscle aches, and a runny or stuffy nose are also often present. More severe symptoms and death can also occur.

While vaccination is the best protection, basic infection control measures can also reduce the spread of flu. These measures include covering your mouth when coughing and sneezing, staying at home when you or your children are sick, and washing your hands frequently.

The rest is here:
Health Officials Report First Pediatric Flu Death

Longevity: Artefill Enhances Natural Beauty – Video

Posted: at 3:44 pm

Longevity: Artefill Enhances Natural Beauty
Artefill is not your average wrinkle reducer. It works on the microscopic level to help you achieve a result that is long-lasting and natural.

By: Longevity OKC

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Longevity: Artefill Enhances Natural Beauty - Video

Secrets Of Longevity In Humans: anti-aging secrets, live …

Posted: at 3:44 pm

What makes up the true factors of longevity? This site focuses on bringing together the best information from a variety of sources such as:

The latest health science and anti-aging research The healthy lifestyle factors found in every longevity society The anti-aging secrets of ancient cultures Instinctual, intuitive and common sense health philosophies

With the overabundance of health information on the internet, it is easy to get caught up in random anti-aging advice that is all theoretical and just plain fraudulent, such as the ridiculous, yet popular notion of taking Tylenol to protect your heart...

If you have enough self-respect to truly pursue human excellence within yourself, then you are going to love what this site has to offer! With humanity's average life expectancy predicted to grow exponentially over the coming years, it is very realistic that super centenarians will be the new 80. Along with living longer, you want to have vitality in these extra years. The information in these pages shows you how to achieve both!

Here are some examples of the types of articles and anti-aging secrets you will be able to find on this site:

~ A list of superfoods and adaptogenic herbs ~ The benefits of mind exercises such as meditation ~ Basic lifestyle habits for a long life ~ Why you don't need to inherit a long life gene ~ Why live, raw foods make up the best type of anti-aging diet ~ How sex and relationships impact your health ~ How you can get a high protein vegetarian diet if you need it ~ Why should people exercise?

"Stacking" a wide variety of healthy lifestyle factors and healthy habits into your daily routine is one of the key antiaging secrets I reveal in these pages. It's time to begin exploring your youth potential!

Embrace Life Without Limits, Zak

P.S. Please feel free to add me as a contact on any of the sites listed below:

Original post:
Secrets Of Longevity In Humans: anti-aging secrets, live ...

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