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Rawtill4 Vegan Health Benefits – My Story – Video

Posted: May 30, 2014 at 11:47 am

Rawtill4 Vegan Health Benefits - My Story
Why I started a Rawtill4 Vegan diet and what sort of health benefits I #39;ve experienced. -Cured my eczema -Made my digestion perfect -Regulated my menstrual cycle -Helped me sleep better -Helped...

By: Alley Apple Tree

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Rawtill4 Vegan Health Benefits - My Story - Video

TV 84 Health Matters ep 12 part 2 – Video

Posted: at 11:47 am

TV 84 Health Matters ep 12 part 2
Interview with Dr. Surinder Singh Panshi.

By: TV84Channel

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TV 84 Health Matters ep 12 part 2 - Video

Dr. Larry Lytle on Health Benefits of QLaser’s Laser Therapy FarOutRadio 4.15.14 – Video

Posted: at 11:47 am

Dr. Larry Lytle on Health Benefits of QLaser #39;s Laser Therapy FarOutRadio 4.15.14
http://faroutradio.com/ Support Us. Please Subscribe. Our QLaser expert, Dr. Larry Lytle joins us for another amazing interview on the scientific approach to working with pain at the cellular...

By: FarOutRadio

Dr. Larry Lytle on Health Benefits of QLaser's Laser Therapy FarOutRadio 4.15.14 - Video

spanish health PROYECTO CULTURAL – Video

Posted: at 11:47 am

spanish health PROYECTO CULTURAL
spanish video.

By: mousenuts39

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spanish health PROYECTO CULTURAL - Video

Juicing and Overall Health – Video

Posted: at 11:47 am

Juicing and Overall Health

By: The Self Preservation Health Initiative

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Juicing and Overall Health - Video

Youth Mental Health – Video

Posted: at 11:47 am

Youth Mental Health
Youth panel discusses how they are affected by mental illness.

By: AllyTro

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Youth Mental Health - Video

Kawerau’s new health clinic ready to treat whnau – Video

Posted: at 11:47 am

Kawerau #39;s new health clinic ready to treat whnau
A new medical centre in Kawerau seeks to pull down barriers and make it easy for whnau to see a doctor. It #39;s a health clinic operating on the same principles as one established by Dr Lance...

By: Te Karere TVNZ

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Kawerau's new health clinic ready to treat whnau - Video

Making Of Mango Rice Recipe – Nutritious Diet – Video

Posted: at 11:47 am

Making Of Mango Rice Recipe - Nutritious Diet
Nutritious Diet is an exclusive program by CVR Health TV in which health consious dishes are prepared by chefs. Today #39;s episode demonstrates the preparation of Mango Rice Recipe . For a better...

By: CVR Health TV

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Making Of Mango Rice Recipe - Nutritious Diet - Video

The city of Kouvola: Child Health Clinic – Video

Posted: at 11:47 am

The city of Kouvola: Child Health Clinic
Opastusvideo: Kouvolan kaupungin terveyspalvelut, lastenneuvola, englanti. Child Health Clinic.

By: Kouvolan kaupunki

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The city of Kouvola: Child Health Clinic - Video

Health overhaul may ease rate hikes

Posted: at 11:47 am

The wild hikes in health insurance rates that blindsided many Americans in recent years may become less frequent because of the health care overhaul.

Final rates for 2015 wont be out for months, but early filings from insurers suggest price increases of 10 percent or more. That may sound like a lot, but rates have risen as much as 20 or 30 percent in recent years.

The rates that emerge over the next few months for 2015 will carry considerable political weight, since they will come out before Republicans and Democrats settle their fight for Congressional control in next falls midterm elections. Republicans are vowing to make failures of the law a main theme of their election push, and abnormally high premiums might bolster their argument.

In addition to insuring millions of uninsured people, the other great promise of the massive health care overhaul was to tame the rate hikes that had become commonplace in the market for individual insurance coverage.

No one expects price increases to go away, but some nonpartisan industry watchers say they do expect the big hikes to hit less frequently in the years to come, even though its still early in the laws implementation. They point to competition and greater scrutiny fostered by the law as key factors.

Public insurance exchanges that debuted last fall and were created by the law make it easier for customers to compare prices. The overhaul also prevents insurers from rejecting customers because of their health.

That means someone who develops a health condition like high blood pressure isnt stuck in the same plan year after year because other insurers wont take her. She can now shop around.

The Urban Institute, a nonpartisan policy research organization, said in a recent report that competition will help restrain individual insurance prices next year.

And it could have a lasting impact once the new markets for coverage stabilize in a few years, said Larry Levitt, an insurance expert with the Kaiser Family Foundation, which analyzes health policy issues.

Now if a plan tries to raise premiums a lot, people can vote with their feet and move to another plan, Levitt said.

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Health overhaul may ease rate hikes

Vienna VA Holistic Medicine Practitioner Shep Saltzman Thyroid Talk Part Two – Video

Posted: at 11:46 am

Vienna VA Holistic Medicine Practitioner Shep Saltzman Thyroid Talk Part Two
Visit Vienna Contemporary Medicine in Vienna, VA for more information about thyroid conditions and how holistic medicine from an integrative practitioner, Shep Saltzman, can help alleviate...

By: Vienna Complementary Medicine

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Vienna VA Holistic Medicine Practitioner Shep Saltzman Thyroid Talk Part Two - Video

Cigarettes and Alcohol Can Cause Visual Impairment Reports Holistic Ophthalmologist

Posted: at 11:46 am

Grants Pass, OR (PRWEB) May 30, 2014

Cigarettes and alcohol can cause visual impairment. Nearsightedness can be caused by stress. Macular degeneration can be caused by drinking too much coffee. Those were among many insights offered by Holistic Ophthalmologist John Monroe during a guest appearance on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water Radio show.

Holistic Ophthalmology was recently in the news because of the nation of Dubais announcement that they will soon be offering medical tourism packages, including Ophthalmology and Holistic Wellness. The recent John Monroe interview summarized what medical tourists to Dubai might expect when seeking Holistic Ophthalmology treatment.

John Monroe, MD, is an ophthalmologist associated with Dr. Deborah E. Bankers holistic eye care clinic in Boulder, Colorado.

The globally syndicated Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio show, with host Sharon Kleyne, is heard on the VoiceAmerica Variety and Health and Wellness Channels, and on Apple iTunes. Kleyne is Founder of Bio Logic Aqua Research, a research, technology and product development center, and the worlds only company specializing in fresh water, atmosphere and health. Natures Tears EyeMist is the Research Centers global signature product.

Holistic medicine, Monroe explained, is based on the assumption that diseases are not isolated and that if doctors only treat specific disease symptoms, the underlying causes will remain. Monroe and Banker specialize in the application of this approach to eyes and vision.

An example is the effects of drinking coffee on vision. According to Monroe, coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant, but also contains tannic acid, a vaso-constrictor. If ingested to excess, tannic acid can cause capillary constriction that is damaging to the brain, liver and eye retinas. Cigarette smoke is also a vaso-constrictor.

Monroe and Banker believe that when treating retinal disease, factors such as coffee intake must be considered.

Consuming alcohol, according to Monroe, can cause physical dehydration that, among other things, can reduce the basal tear flow from lachrymal glands to the eyes, and cause floaters to break off the retina and migrate into the visual field. To avoid alcohol dehydration, Monroe and many other experts recommend drinking one glass for water for every alcoholic drink consumed.

Drinking additional water also reduces the effects of cigarette smoke on the eyes and body.

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Cigarettes and Alcohol Can Cause Visual Impairment Reports Holistic Ophthalmologist

Holistic practitioners surge in Stillwater

Posted: at 11:46 am

My dearest friend practices something that sounds mysterious to the uninitiated craniosacral therapy. I asked her to demonstrate. Lying on my back, she gently held various parts of me, beginning with my feet and ankles, my lower back and belly, then my shoulders and head. This was not massage or pressure. It was holding, as one would hold a bowl filled with cherries or pretty shells gathered from a shore a bowl one would not want to drop. I felt attended to, replenished, peaceful. She explained the therapy allows her to feel and coax the stream of fluids surrounding ones cranium, spine, organs and muscles. A healthy body is like a creek the hiker is delighted to find in the forest water is moving smoothly around rocks and bits of tree branch. An apt craniosacral client is someone whose body is like creek water that stumbles to get past rocks and branches.

Stillwater is surging with holistic practitioners who focus on easing stress on the body as a whole stress that interrupts the flow of fluids and energy (akin to electrical currents), immunities and other body functions. These practices may complement, or stand apart from, medical provisions. My friend is moved by craniosacral clients who feel transformed by the geniune attention their body receives. They feel truly seen, she said, in what seems like a first-time or rare experience.

Joni Polehna offers movement, touch, and other techniques in her Mind Body Spirit Integration practice in Stillwater. She leads the River Valley Holistic Practitioners professional organization, rivervalleyholistic.com, which began meeting in Stillwater seven years ago with five practitioners, and has grown to 35 today, offering acupuncture, biofeedback, Body-Mind Centering, Brain Gym, chiropractic, colorpuncture, counseling, craniosacral, doula birthing, emotional freedom technique, essential oils, healing touch, HeartMath, herbology, hypnosis, homeopath, integrative nutrition, kinesiology, life coaching, massage, medical intuitive, music therapy, myofascial, neurolinguistic programming, qigong, quantum healing, raindrop therapy, reflexology, reiki, Thai bodywork, theta healing, watsu aquatic bodywork and yoga.

Clients come to me after their MD was unable to find any physical reason for their complaints, but they still feel lousy, said Polehna. She incorporates research by biologist Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, which postulates that one can change their genes by changing their beliefs, thereby improving their physical health.

My clients ask me for assistance with unhappiness and lack of purpose most of the time, said Polehna. Acute issues, accidents and infections most often need traditional medicine to stabilize a situation, and once stabilized, the holistic practitioner works to assist the client to realize [and shift] what underlying belief or lifestyle may have led to the medical issue in the first place.

Compass Center for Healing in Stillwater, compasshealing.com, tilts toward the river on the slope of Chesnut Street, west of Second. Compass is anchored by Little Parrot Art Sanctuary, featuring visual arts, and meditation supplies. Holistic practices are tucked beside and below the art sanctuary.

Thea Ennen, textile artist, folk musician, yoga teacher, and Stillwater school bus driver (its a lot of material for songs, she says), founded Compass four years ago, bringing seven practitioners. Today Compass has grown to 13 practitioners offering yoga, chiropractic, myofascial and craniosacral therapy, ayurveda, shiatsu, massage, psychotherapy, reflexology, biofeedback, bio-energy, tai chi, qigong, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, lomi bodywork, meditation and hypnosis.

Acupuncturist Jesse Katzman and nutritionist Lisa Freitag teamed up to open Stillwater Acupuncture & Nutrition three years ago, on Main Street north of Mulberry, stillwateracupuncturenutrition.com. Its along the North Main holistic row, including Studio One Yoga and Massage (14 practitioners), Healing River Chiropractic, Amy Olson Acupuncture, bodywork therapist Kellie Cottrill, Mama Luna Natural Apothecary, and River Market Community Co-op, with its selection of herbal health products.

Katzman has welcomed a steady increase in number of clients. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are appropriate, he said, for treating any non-emergency medical condition including skin, heart, brain, digestion and breathing issues.

When we first opened our doors, said Freitag, I got a lot of folks looking for supplements, detoxes and cleanses. What has emerged in 2014 is people saying, I really want to eat a clean diet or a whole foods diet. Freitags clients come with allergies to gluten, dairy, corn, soy, eggs, and meat. It is so refreshing to hear people ready to really learn how to eat real food. It not only puts an end to roller-coaster dieting, but also saves our earths resources by avoiding processed and packaged foods, and supports local farmers who are replenishing our soil. My clients always report a sense of renewed vitality and greater clarity on their direction and purpose in life.

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Holistic practitioners surge in Stillwater

Leonard Perlmutters 14th Annual Meditation and Yoga Retreat to be Held at The American Meditation Institute in …

Posted: at 11:46 am

Averill Park, NY (PRWEB) May 29, 2014

The American Meditation Institute (AMI) in Averill Park, New York will host Leonard Perlmutters 14th annual Heart and Science of Yoga summer intensive retreat July 18-20, 2014. This CME accredited course will offer an extensive curriculum of Yoga Science as mind/body medicine including topics on meditation, stress and pain management, breathing, easy-gentle yoga, Ayurveda, Yoga psychology, immortality and nutrition. The weekend retreat is designed for first-time or experienced meditators, and offers 15 continuing medical education credits for physicians, nurses and psychologists. Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev), AMI founder, noted educator and author of the award-winning book The Heart and Science of Yoga: A Blueprint for Peace, Happiness & Freedom from Fear will present all course components.

This intensive Heart and Science of Yoga course presents a comprehensive training in the worlds most effective holistic mind/body medicine and explains its scientific foundation. Noted physicians Dr. Oz (Mehmet Oz MD), Dean Ornish MD, Bernie Siegel MD and Larry Dossey MD have endorsed the curriculum being offered. The American Medical Association, American Nurses Association and the American Psychological Association provide medical accreditation credits for health care practitioners in attendance.

As part of AMIs Yoga of Medicine program, this weekend intensive will include the following areas of study: an easy meditation procedure; a systematic method for harnessing the power of the mind; breathing practices to enhance the immune system; an understanding of the creative benefits of mantra science; Ayurvedic health principles; easy-gentle yoga exercises for joints, glands and internal organs; and the benefits of contemplation and prayer. The entire agenda is designed to encourage active participant interaction by combining engaging lectures, practicums and Q&A in a concentrated three-day format. Leonard Perlmutters 37 years of personal study and teaching will provide all attendees, regardless of the level of experience, a complete set of meditation tools that can ease stress, reduce pain, boost the immune system, heal relationships, enhance problem solving abilities, and help them experience greater health, happiness, creativity and security.

Meditation master Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev) has taught on the faculties of the New England Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine, the Himalayan Yoga Teachers Association and the College of Saint Rose. He is a disciple of holistic health pioneer Swami Rama of the Himalayas, the Yoga scientist who, in laboratory conditions at the Menninger Institute, demonstrated that blood pressure, heart rate and the autonomic nervous system could be voluntarily controlled. Leonard has presented courses at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, the Albany Medical College, the Commonwealth Club of California and The New York Times Yoga Forum with Dean Ornish, MD, and the United States Military Academy at West Point.

According to Leonard Perlmutter, Human beings are not merely physical bodies. We are breathing and thinking beings alsoliving with complex thoughts, desires and emotions. Our individual achievement of optimal health does not begin with a lower health insurance premium. First and foremost, human wellness requires a reliable blueprint for mind/body self-care. With active and discriminating participation in our own health management, we can form a healing partnership with our physiciansand stop working against our own best interests.

Meditation is the unifying thread throughout all Mr. Perlmutters lectures. The word meditation is related to the root word for medical or medicate. It implies a sense of attending to or paying attention to something. Meditation involves an inner attention that is concentrated, quiet and relaxed. Mr. Perlmutter teaches attendees how to consciously let go of their habitual tendencies to think, analyze, solve problems, and dwell on events of the past or concerns for the future. Students learn to slow down their rapid succession of thoughts and feelings, and replace that mental activity with an inner awareness or mindfulness. They learn how to witness and set aside stressful mental processes, such as worrying. Instead, they develop a valuable new skill that facilitates detachment, discrimination, willpower and creativity.

The stress, anxiety, speed and dissatisfaction associated with many aspects of our modern culture, has led individuals from all walks of life and religious traditions to practice meditation in order to reduce their physical, mental and emotional dis-ease. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, everyday lifestyle choices are responsible for 53 percent of all disease. According to Perlmutter, Sound decisions concerning a beneficial diet, healthy nutrition, daily exercise, diaphragmatic breathing and lifestyle selection are all much easier to make when the mind is trained through meditation.

About the American Meditation Institute

The American Meditation Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization devoted to the teaching and practice of Yoga Science, meditation and its allied disciplines as mind/body medicine. In its holistic approach to wellness, AMI combines the healing arts of the East with the practicality of modern Western science. The American Meditation Institute offers a wide variety of classes, retreats, and teacher training programs. AMI also publishes Transformation, a bi-monthly journal of meditation as holistic mind/body medicine.

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Leonard Perlmutters 14th Annual Meditation and Yoga Retreat to be Held at The American Meditation Institute in ...

Calico, SENS Research Foundation and Human Longevity Incorporated Are Worth Knowing About – Video

Posted: at 11:46 am

Calico, SENS Research Foundation and Human Longevity Incorporated Are Worth Knowing About
Calico, SENS Research Foundation and Human Longevity Incorporated are worth knowing about. Support efforts to develop radical life extension technologies. We...

By: Michael Ten

Originally posted here:
Calico, SENS Research Foundation and Human Longevity Incorporated Are Worth Knowing About - Video

Ultra Capacitor Power Bank | Part 6 | Storage Longevity – Video

Posted: at 11:46 am

Ultra Capacitor Power Bank | Part 6 | Storage Longevity
Ultra Capacitor Power Bank | Part 6 | Storage longevity and Recharging from a running car with jumper cables. Sad news first, Bike wouldn #39;t start, since the ...

By: Steven DeZalia

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Ultra Capacitor Power Bank | Part 6 | Storage Longevity - Video

Cleaveland: Unexpected challenges of longevity

Posted: at 11:45 am

An elderly widow, who has carefully managed her resources, becomes increasingly frail and unable to care for herself. She cannot afford a care facility.

Part-time sitters are hired so she may remain in her modest home. Her savings gradually erode over the next two years. She is faced with the choice of selling her home to finance a stay in a nursing home or moving cross-country to live with her retired daughter.

A couple, both in their 90s, can no longer care for themselves because of combinations of chronic illnesses. Their savings are exhausted. They sell their home and relocate to an apartment in the town in which their 70-year-old son lives. He and his wife become the principal caregivers of the pair.

These two examples highlight some of the dilemmas posed by our increasing longevity. Retirees, some in their eighth decade, find themselves as the guardians of their parents and other more-senior family members. The new dependents have outlived their savings. They may have encountered medical expenses for which they have no Medicare or other insurance coverage. Depending upon state of residence, Medicaid is an uncertain resource.

Meanwhile, costs for comprehensive, retirement care have dramatically increased and are now outside the reach of many elderly citizens.

In 1900, the average life expectancy for men was 46.3 years; for women 50.6 years. Vaccines and antibiotics largely accounted for a rise in 1950 to 65.6 years for men and 71.1 for women. By 2000 the average life expectancy for men had risen to 74.3 and for women to 79.7. At each stage, the life expectancy for black men and women lags by several years. There is considerable variation among states. Tennessee ranks 43rd in average longevity.

In 2010, 75-year-old American men had a predicted additional life expectancy of 11 years. Women could expect a further 12.9 years of life. In 2010, 1.9 million Americans were aged 90 and older; the number has tripled since 1975.

Increasing longevity poses issues for individuals, families, Social Security and private and public pension plans.

Individuals will need to rethink their plans for retirement. Instead of anticipating a possible 25 years post-work, they may need to consider financing 40 or more years. A person with the option may wish to work into his or her 70s, if health and the demands of the job permit. More money may need to be directed into retirement accounts.

Families will need to take a detailed look at the finances of senior members whose health or ability to care for themselves may be on the wane. A plan should be in place before a senior's health finally collapses.

Cleaveland: Unexpected challenges of longevity

Oleophobic/Hydrophobic Coating enhances display glass durability.

Posted: at 11:45 am

May 29, 2014 - Toenhance performance and longevity of anti-reflective (AR) coated cover glass for displays, CleanVue PRO protective coating repels dirt, dust, water, grease, and oil. Properties also provide protection against scratching and allow repeated removal of fingerprints while maintainingdisplay's anti-reflective properties. Compliant with MIL-C-675C, coating's oleophobic and hydrophobic water repelling characteristics did not breakdown or degrade after abrasion testing. Abrisa Technologies 200 S. Hallock Dr. Santa Paula, CA, 93060 USA Press release date: May 27, 2014

Abrisa Technologies introduces CleanVue PRO, a severe abrasion resistant oleo/hydrophobic coating that repels dirt, dust, water, grease and oil, enhancing display glass performance and longevity.

This protective coating is well-suited for high performance anti-reflective (AR) coated cover glass for displays used in high contrast, heavy use and/or harsh environments. The resulting coated surface is easy-to-clean and maintain, does not stain, allows repeated removal of fingerprints, all while maintaining its anti-reflective properties. CleanVue PRO is ideal for protective vehicular instrument control panels and devices, field use touch and display panels, projected capacitive (PCAP) and capacitive touch screens, portable handheld devices, teleprompters, virtual reality applications, in-flight and vehicular entertainment screens and a host of other display devices.

CleanVue PRO is rugged and durable, and has a low coefficient of friction, providing protection against scratching. Abrisa Technologies extensive tests concluded that the products oleophobic and hydrophobic water-repelling characteristics did not breakdown or degrade after steel wool, cheese cloth, and eraser abrasion testing, in compliance with MIL-C-675C. The coating can be applied on glass substrates for optics applications with wavelengths between 250nm and 2,700nm.

Abrisa Technologies is a recognized global supplier of high quality, fabricated glass components, optical thin film coatings, and custom glass solutions for a wide variety of industries. From our US based Abrisa Industrial Glass fabrication facility in Santa Paula, CA and our ZC&R Coatings for Optics division in Torrance, CA we serve diverse industries such as microelectronics and displays, semiconductor, military, automotive, aerospace, medical, biomedical and scientific R&D. We provide custom specialty flat glass and coating products for applications such as: flat panel display, touch and gesture recognition; visible to IR imaging and surveillance; entertainment, indoor and outdoor lighting; advanced instrumentation; and photonics.

Visit link:
Oleophobic/Hydrophobic Coating enhances display glass durability.

ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra – Video

Posted: at 11:45 am

ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra
Now you can change the way your skin ages and embrace the look of youth with ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra. Combines Ethocyn, clinically proven to improve the key component of firm skin,...

By: Dallas Prevost

Originally posted here:
ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra - Video

LifePak Nano Enhanced Molecular Delivery Anti-Aging Program – Video

Posted: at 11:44 am

LifePak Nano Enhanced Molecular Delivery Anti-Aging Program
LifePak Nano is a pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplement formulated to nourish and protect cells, tissues, and organs in the body against the ravages of aging. LifePak Nano offers...

By: Dallas Prevost

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LifePak Nano Enhanced Molecular Delivery Anti-Aging Program - Video

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