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Scooby’s Home Fitness And Bodybuilding Workouts

Posted: December 29, 2017 at 3:41 pm

I am an engineer and one thing I am known for in the fitness and bodybuilding worlds is the unsurpassed quality of my free tools. Ten years ago I started with my calorie calculator which would make one sample meal. It was so popular that in 2015 I made a second generation planner which allowed full meal planning and it was even MORE popular. I learned a lot from that second generation meal planner so I spent over 2000 development hours improving its shortcomings to make the best free fitness meal planner in the world. Whether you want to bulk, cut, or recomp using keto, low-carb, medium-carb, vegan, or vegetarian my new meal planner lets you make an optimal meal plan in a single click. Although it keeps the simplicity of the old meal planner by having a Create Quick Meal Plan button for one click meal plan generation, it also allows full and complete flexibility and allows you to enter your own recipes. Some of its amazing features include the ability to make a shopping list in a single click, the ability to tell exactly when you will get sixpack abs if you are cutting and your projected weight if you are bulking. Last but not least, the most requested feature is finally available in this new meal planner the ability to print your meal plan Give my third generation free custom fitness meal planner a try!

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Scooby's Home Fitness And Bodybuilding Workouts

Fairfax County Health Department | Health

Posted: December 28, 2017 at 6:40 pm

December 18, 2017 | 10:46AM

Ten county eateries recognized for outstanding food safety practicesThe Fairfax County Health Department has announced the winners of its 14 Carrot Gold Food Safety Excellence Award for 2017.Ten local food service operations, including two catering companies, two fast-casual Mexican restaurants, a local high school, a Fortune 500 company caf, a grocery store, and a group home for girls, are being recognized for maintaining outstanding food safety practices and employee education. This years winners were selected from the more than 3,400 permitted establishments inspected each year by environmental health specialists with the Health Department.The 2017 recipients of the Fairfax County Health Departments 14 Carrot Gold Food Safety Excellence Awardare:Annandale High School, 4700 Medford Dr., Annandale.Atrium Catering & Event Design, 263 Sunset Park Dr., Herndon.Aurora House Girls Group Home, 420 South Maple Ave., Falls Church.Five Guys Burgers and Fries, 8971 Ox Road, Lorton.FLIK at Freddie Mac HQ4 Caf, 1551 Park Run Dr., McLean.Moes Southwest Grill, 5005 Westone Plaza, Chantilly.Qdoba, 10338 Main St., Fairfax.Ruby Tuesday, 7692 Richmond Highway, Alexandria.Simply Elegant, 11600 Sunrise Valley Dr., Reston.Wegmans Food Markets, 11620 Monument Dr., Fairfax.We instituted this awards program to recognize food service facilities that place a high importance on food safety practices and policies, said Environmental Health Director Pieter Sheehan. While every food service facility is required to meet minimum food safety requirements, these ten establishments are to be commended for going above and beyond to safeguard their patrons from the risks of foodborne illness.In receiving the award, Robert Henry with Wegmans Food Markets noted: Food safety is more than our mission it is the beacon that guides our day.Food service establishments can be nominated for the award by members of the food service industry, the public, or from health inspectors. An awards team from the Health Department reviews the nominations and selects winners. Awardees receive a plaque and recognition in the Departments newsletter and website.To be eligible for consideration, recipients of the 14 Carrot Gold awards cannot have any critical violations during inspections conducted in the last 24 months, and no more than six non-critical violations in the past year. The facility must also have a valid permit to operate and be in good standing with the Health Department.The Health Departments Environmental Health division conducts close to 8,500 site visits at more than 3,400 restaurant and food service establishments annually in Fairfax County and the cities of Fairfax and Falls Church. Health inspectors look for potential risk factors that contribute to foodborne illness, such as an unapproved food source, poor food employee hygiene, improper cooking temperatures, inadequate cold and hot holding of food, and cleanliness of food contact surfaces.The department also reviews food establishment plans; responds to citizen complaints and inquiries; investigates foodborne illness outbreaks to determine the source and to minimize the spread of disease; provides food safety information; and holds food safety trainings and workshops.For more information about the food safety program or to review inspection reports, visit https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/health/food or call 703-246-2444, TTY 711.

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Fairfax County Health Department | Health

Dulles Health & Rehab Center | Rehabilitation and Long …

Posted: at 6:40 pm

Dulles Health & Rehab Center, which opened in July 2016, is located in Herndon, VA. Our facility provides a sanctuary of rehabilitation, long-term, and respite care to our neighbors in Herndon and the surrounding communities. At Dulles Health & Rehab Center, our goal is simple: to provide the most effective treatment for you in a compassionate, comfortable environment.

When you visit Dulles Health & Rehab Center, you will find technical innovation and a caring, expert staff. Everyone here will work hard to create a welcoming, healing atmosphere. Whether you come for short-term rehab or long-term nursing, your care will be our primary concern. Were doing more than just challenging the status quo. Were changing lives.

Interested to see how a different approach to care can change lives?Call us at703-934-5000 to set up a tour and a consultation.We look forward to meeting you.

Take a virtual tour of our beautiful, warm, and welcoming facility.

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Dulles Health & Rehab Centeris committed to serving the area, not only as an expert nursing and rehabilitation facility, but as a community partner. We are passionate about what we do, and strive to infuse our everyday work and life with that spirit.Read More

At Dulles Health & Rehab Center, our patients and residents benefitfrom our numerous services and amenities.

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Dulles Health & Rehab Center | Rehabilitation and Long ...

How Sauna Use May Boost Longevity – YouTube

Posted: December 19, 2017 at 5:41 am

Get the brand new, comprehensive article I wrote on how sauna may affect longevity HERE: http://www.foundmyfitness.com/?sendme...

In this video Dr. Rhonda Patrick summarizes a recent study that found that frequency of sauna use was associated with decreased risk of death. Using the sauna 2-3 times per week was associated with 24% lower all-cause mortality and 4-7 times per week decreased all-cause mortality by 40%.

Rhonda discusses some possible mechanisms that could be responsible for the effect on longevity including the increased production of heat shock proteins (HSPs) and activation of the longevity gene, Foxo3. Heat stress increases the production of heat shock proteins, which prevent protein aggregation and protect against cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. Heat stress also activates FOXO3, which activates many other genes that protect against the stress of aging including DNA damage, damage to proteins and lipids, loss of stem cell function, loss of immune function, cellular senescence and more.

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How Sauna Use May Boost Longevity - YouTube

California Age Management Institute – anti-aging medicine …

Posted: December 18, 2017 at 6:44 am

Anti Aging / Age Management Medicine. We have been the first full service anti-aging center since 1996.

Why Anti Aging Age Management Medicine? Variably termed holistic, preventive, longevity, regenerative, integrative, complimentary, functional, and/or nutritional medicine.Because you want to look, feel and act like you did 10- 15 years ago. Because you want to be actively engaged in your 60s, 70s and 80s.Because you want to remain competitive in your work or business. And because you owe it to yourself, your family and your work to maintain your optimal health and well being.

We offer long-term solutions, searching for root causes, imbalances and dysfunction not quick fixes.

We promise you Individualized and unsurpassed attention in resolving your challenges and problems. To regain lost energy, youth and vitality.

Our Age Management approach is not drive through medicine. It is not a 15 minute encounter. It is a total look at your entire health blueprint. That is holsistic the total you.

Anti-Aging Age Management Medicine is the new paradigm for the 21st century. It is based on restoring vital function and balance not simply treating symtpoms. Thus, the term functional medicine. We search for root causes and correct these imbalances. It is goal based. Are we achieving your set of goals that you determine?

We have helped thousands over the past 20 years. Now its your time and your turn.

Call us at408-358-8855 or email [emailprotected]

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California Age Management Institute - anti-aging medicine ...

Princeton Longevity Center – Official Site

Posted: December 17, 2017 at 12:41 pm

Welcome to the future of Preventive Medicine

Princeton Longevity Center is a next-generation medical facility providing the most advanced, integrated and individually tailored preventive medicine programs in the country. With focus on early disease detection and evaluating and modifying risk for future disease, Princeton Longevity Centers unique program gives you the ability to take control of your future health before the onset of symptoms or other indications of a problem.

Princeton Longevity Centers Comprehensive Preventive Exams combine the newest and most advanced technology with the most in-depth assessment available to detect potential health problems. Our preventive medicine experts will show you simple, easy adjustments you can make that wont dramatically impact your lifestyle but will give you the tools you need to maximize your future health and keep you looking and feeling years younger. Our individually tailored programs will improve your health and longevity, enabling you to make the most of your future years for you and the people who depend on you.

Named one of the countrys top centers for a Comprehensive or Executive Physical exam by the Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine, the Princeton Longevity Center provides you with an unparalleled level of personal care and attention.

When you visit Princeton Longevity Center, youll be met by a team of professionals that provides an extensive series of medical assessments, diagnostic tests and health screenings. On the same day well review all your results with you and give you as much time as you need to ask questions about them. Individualized attention from a team of Physicians, Exercise Physiologists, Registered Dietitians, Nurses and Patient Care Coordinators is a hallmark of our preventive medicine center, and sets us apart from other wellness centers. Patients come to Princeton Longevity Center because were not a hospital-based exam we are the specialist in prevention and early disease detection.

You will find that one day with Princeton Longevity Center will provide more insight into your health and future health than all your previous routine annual exams combined.

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Princeton Longevity Center - Official Site

Baltimore Health Health Resource Center

Posted: December 15, 2017 at 6:40 pm

The world is experiencing a dark age once again. However, this times around the darkness envelopes our habitat in the form of drug abuse. What with the increase in the use of drugs like opium, we are facing a crisis Read More

Medical marijuana in the state of Maryland has hit another snag, but this time, the federal government has nothing to do with it. Instead, one of the companies that expected to receive a license to grow medical marijuana from the Read More

Dr. Greg L. Semenza, 60, is the director of vascular programs at the John Hopkins Institute for Cell Engineering. His discovery of a previously unknown protein and subsequent research has earned him the Lasker Basic Medical Research Award Read More

Baltimore Officials Reach Agreement for Lower-Incoming Housing in Covington Port On September 14th, six members of the Baltimore City Board of Estimates approved of a $100 million deal with developers for the Covington Port project. The Covington Port project, Read More

Conceding to public pressures, the FDA has volunteered to issue a black box warning the most serious precaution available against co-prescribing two popular classes of medication. Under this new advisory, opioids and benzodiazepines are now clearly outlined as Read More

After 18 months of preplanning, the Baltimore City Health Department announced Healthy Baltimore 2020, a dynamic 5-year approach dedicated to improving upon a wide number of health-related issues currently impacting the city. Using input from community leaders, nonprofit organizations, and Read More

A series of legal obstacles are preventing psychiatric hospitals in Baltimore and throughout the state of Maryland from assisting countless sufferers of mental disabilities and substance abuse disorders. Together, Governor Hogan and Baltimore Health Commissioner Leana Wen are rallying awareness Read More

Although 17 percent of seniors in Baltimore live beneath the poverty line, a new tax credit will provide some extra assistance to seniors with homes who qualify. The measure, led by City Council President Bernard C. Jack Young, hopes to Read More

A new Baltimore Ravens headquarters and training facility in Owings Mills is ready to proudly serve the NFL team by generating 460 thousand kilowatt-hours of solar energy per year approximately 15 percent of the facilitys annual electricity requirements. The Read More

An unprecedented wave of crime throughout Baltimore has shocked and dismayed law enforcement and city officials alike. According to new police statistics, crime has become a prevalent lifestyle in the Baltimore area at the expense of the general publics Read More

Baltimore Health Health Resource Center

Happiness linked to longer life – CNN

Posted: December 9, 2017 at 8:42 pm

Older people were up to 35% less likely to die during the five-year study if they reported feeling happy, excited, and content on a typical day. And this was true even though the researchers took factors such as chronic health problems, depression, and financial security out of the equation.

"We had expected that we might see a link between how happy people felt over the day and their future mortality, but we were struck by how strong the effect was," says Andrew Steptoe, Ph.D., the lead author of the study and a professor of psychology at University College London, in the United Kingdom.

Previous studies on happiness and longevity have largely relied on the participants' ability to recall how they felt during a certain period of time in the past. These recollections aren't always accurate, though, and to get around this problem Steptoe and his colleagues asked more than 3,800 people to record their levels of happiness, anxiety, and other emotions at four specific times over the course of a single day.

The participants, who were between the ages of 52 and 79 when the study began, were divided into three groups according to how happy and positive they felt. Although the groups differed slightly on some measures (such as age, wealth, and smoking), they were comparable in terms of ethnic makeup, education, employment status, and overall health.

Five years later, 7% of people in the least happy group had died, compared with just 4% in the happiest group and 5% in the middle group.

When the researchers controlled for age, depression, chronic diseases, health behaviors (such as exercise and alcohol consumption), and socioeconomic factors, they found that the happiest and medium-happy people were 35% and 20% less likely to have died, respectively, than their gloomier counterparts.

It may seem far-fetched that a person's feelings on one particular day would be able to predict the likelihood of dying in the near future, but these emotional snapshots have proven to be a good indication of overall temperament in previous studies, says Sarah Pressman, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Kansas, in Lawrence.

"There is always room for error, of course; if I get a parking ticket or stub my toe on the way to the study, I'm not going to be particularly happy," says Pressman, who was not involved in the study but researches the impact of happiness on health. "But given that the study worked, it suggests that, on average, this day was fairly typical for the participants."

Unlike the happiness measures, depression symptoms were not associated with mortality rates once the researchers adjusted for overall health. According to the study, this finding suggests that the absence of happiness may be a more important measure of health in older people than the presence of negative emotions.

Positive emotions could contribute to better physical health in a number of ways. Regions of the brain involved in happiness are also involved in blood-vessel function and inflammation, for instance, and studies have shown that levels of the stress hormone cortisol tend to rise and fall with emotion.

The study doesn't prove that happiness (or unhappiness) directly affects lifespan, but the findings do imply that doctors and caregivers should pay close attention to the emotional well-being of older patients, the researchers say. "We would not advocate from this study that trying to be happier would have direct health benefits," Steptoe says.

However, this study and others like it should help establish happiness as a legitimate area of concern for health professionals, Pressman says. "There are still some people who see happiness as something fluffy and less scientific -- not something they should be worried about like, say, stress or depression," she says.

Happiness, she adds, "may be something for doctors to ask their patients about."

The study, which was published today in the Proceedings of the Academy of National Sciences, included participants from a larger, long-running British study on aging. The authors received funding from the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, and the (U.S.) National Institute on Aging.

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Happiness linked to longer life - CNN

San Antonio – Campuses – The University of Texas Health …

Posted: December 3, 2017 at 10:41 pm

Since 1979, UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonio has been serving the state of Texas training and educating public health leaders for the South-Central Texas Region.

The San Antonio campus of the School of Public Health has a long history of working with UT Health San Antonio, UTSA and the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, as well as Brooke Army Medical Center, one of the Armys largest medical care facilities. Students at UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonio gain hands-on experience with exposure to public health professionals at these organizations and workingwith other local community partners and non-profit organizations.

The faculty at UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonioconduct research based upon the needs of the surrounding community. Research areas include health disparities, childhood obesity, occupational and environmental exposures, and injuries and chronic disease risk among farm workers and other working youth.

UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antoniooffers the following academic programs:

Master of Public Health

Master of Science

Doctor of Public Health

Doctor of Philosophy

Dual Degree Programs

Certificate Programs

The UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonio offers all levels of graduate education, from certificate programs to masters and doctoral degree programs.

The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is the basic graduate degree in the field of public health. The MPH degree offered at UTHealth School of Public Healthcovers all five core areas of public health: biostatistics; health promotion and behavioral sciences; epidemiology, environmental and occupational sciences; and management, policy and community health.

MPH classes are held at the San Antonio campus and online. Classes are taught by San Antionio-based faculty as well as faculty at all other UTHealth School of Public Healthcampuses via Interactive Television (ITV). Access to all UTHealth School of Public Health campuses via ITV gives students a broad perspective of the public health issues across Texas.

A Master of Science (MS) degree in Epidemiologyis also offered at UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonio.

Threedoctoral programs are available at UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonio- a DrPH in Community Health Practice,a PhD in Environmental Sciences, and a PhD in Epidemiology. In the Community Health Practice program, students complete a course of study focused on the practical and applied aspects of public health science at the community level. Students in the EnvironmentalSciences learn to examine the anticipation, identification and characterization of potentially harmful physical, chemical and biological agents in environmental and occupational environments. Epidemiology students learn to examine the distribution and determinants of health-related states or events in specified populations, and the application of this study to the control of health problems.

Two dual degree programs are offered at UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonioin conjunction with other local UT System universities.

The certificate programs at UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonioare intended for public health practitioners and individuals considering a graduate degree in the field. The five courses in each of these non-degree certificate programs cover the core content of the specific discipline. Classes are availableon campus and online.

Who Should Apply?

Each MPH and DrPH student must complete a practicum experience prior to graduation. A practicum is a planned, supervised and evaluated real-world experience that allows you to use the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom and apply them in a community-based setting. The practicum should be directly relevant to the students educational and career goals.

PLEASE NOTE - It is the students responsibility to ensure that their practicum is properly documented in the academic record by:

If however, you have just started our program and are not quite ready to commit several hours a semester to a practicum, but still want to expose your skills to local organizations, consider clicking on the Volunteer Opportunities in the San Antonio Community link for ideas.

We would like this to be a combined effort, so if you find a great practicum/volunteer opportunity, please ask your preceptor/supervisor to fill out the Practicum Description Form and submit it via email to UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonio and/or fax it to 210-276-9028 so that we may investigate the possibility of offering a similar opportunity with the same organization to future students.

Here youll find online answers to questions and concerns are specific to UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonio.

The Student Health Center at San Antonio7703 Floyd Curl DriveSan Antonio, Texas 78229School of Nursing, Rm 1.422210-567-9355http://shc.uthscsa.edu/

UT Police Department (Student ID & Parking) UTHSCSA7703 Floyd Curl DriveSan Antonio, Texas 78229210-567-2800 (non-emergency)210-567-8911 (emergency)http://utpolice.uthscsa.edu/

Student CounselingUTHSCSA7703 Floyd Curl DriveSan Antonio, Texas 78229Room 101F, MED210-567-2648http://students.uthscsa.edu/counseling/

Where do I find information on course offerings?

Local and ITV course offerings for UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antoniomay be found by clicking here.How do I obtain a photo ID badge?

Even though students enroll through UTHealthSchool of Public Health in Houston, all students attending the UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antoniowill need to obtain a Photo ID card fromThe UT Health Science Center at San Antonio(UTHSCSA). This will enable students to access UTHSCSA Student Services and the Briscoe Library.

What student email accounts will I have?

Email is a major communication mode for administration, staff, students and faculty. It is very important that each student have a valid e-mail account. When a student enrolls in a course, the student receives a Houston-based e-mail account: (name@uth.tmc.edu). At UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonio, students also receive a San Antonio-based e-mail account: (name@livemail.uthscsa.edu).

What library do I have access to?

Students will have access to theBriscoe Libraryon the campus of the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio and theUTHealth School of Public Health Libraryin Houston.

Where can I receive writing assistance?

UTSPH has resources on writing your thesis, dissertation, and other publications.

Is there a Computer Lab on campus?

The SARC Computer Lab is equipped with sixteen PC compatible computers.The Computer Lab also doubles as a classroom and has the same videoconferencing technology and equipment as the regular classrooms.

What is there to do in San Antonio?

From visiting the River Walk to seeing the Alamo and the other Missions, there are many fun activities to do in San Antonio.

Do you have any restaurant recommendations?

The Medical Center has several delicious options of all types of cuisines. For restaurant suggestions, click here.

UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antoniois building on the existing capacity of the South-Central Texas and the Texas-Mexico Border region to respond to public health demands and assist our community in examining and identifying health problems, as well as providing assistance in implementing solutions to enhance disease prevention activities. This growing research focus is enhanced by our participation with research and training centers.

UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antoniohas more than15 faculty whose research cuts across all fields of public health. Download the faculty research profiles.

Research Highlights

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San Antonio - Campuses - The University of Texas Health ...

PRODUCTS – Longevity NJ

Posted: December 2, 2017 at 2:41 am

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PRODUCTS - Longevity NJ

good nutrition – Verywell

Posted: at 2:41 am

Nutrition is the process of consuming food and having the body use it as raw materials for growth, fuel, and function. But there are various parts that comprise overall nutrition, including actual nutrients, reasons to eat healthy, ways to eat smart, and much more.

The foods you eat provide the energy your body needs to work. Just like you need to put fuel in your car or recharge your cell phone battery, your body needs to be fed food that provides it with energy every day.

Glucose is the body's favorite form of energy. Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose as well as fructose and galactose units. If you don't get enough carbohydrates, your body can make glucose from protein through a processed called gluconeogenesis. If you consume too many carbohydrates, your body will convert them into fat, used then for storage in your adipose tissue.

Protein comes from foods you eat and is broken down into individual amino acids.

The body uses these amino acids to build and repair the various parts of itself. Also, muscles contain lots of protein which needs to be replenished through diet. The body even uses protein towards its immune system, hormones, nervous system, and organs.

In terms of fats, the body needs them and needs them to be of the healthy variety. Not only are fats required to signal hormones, but membranes that contain fats surround all the cells of the body. Even the brain has fatty acids.

The vitamins and minerals you get from your diet are just as important as the carbohydrates, protein, and fats (even though you only need them in small amounts). They usually function as co-enzymes, which means they help speed up some of the body's chemical reactions.For example:

Speaking of calcium, it's probably the best known dietary mineral. It has several functions in the body. But the reason you hear or read about calcium so much is because lots of it is stored in your bones and teeth. Therefore, you need it from your diet to keep your bones and teeth strong.Another mineral you've probably heard a lot about is iron. Although you don't need as much iron as calcium, it's essential for your cells to get enough oxygen.

Your diet needs to provide adequate amounts of all of these "little helpers." And a healthy, balanced diet will give you lots of vitamin and minerals. An unhealthy diet may make the body deficient in one or more of them.

Good nutrition provides more than energy, structural components, vitamins, and minerals. Antioxidants help protect the body from damage that comes from the sun, pollution, smoke, and poor dietary choices. They are the phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables (responsible for the bright colors). Some vitamins and amino acids even function as antioxidants as well.

Phytochemicals are antioxidants found in plant-based foods. Although they aren't required for body function, they may have a very powerful impact on your health. For example, quercetin (found in red apples) operates like an antihistamine and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Ahealthy dietwill give your body the right amount of energy, enough raw materials, and all the "little helpers" you need to stay healthy.

Good nutrition will also provide phytochemicals and antioxidants that will help keep you feeling young, looking great, and perhaps even disease-free.

Essentially, a healthy diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables, some whole grains, high-quality protein, enough dairy or other calcium sources, and a bit of healthy fat. And while you don't want to deny yourself a few treats and the foods you love, it's best to cut back on unhealthy foods that are high in sugar, fat, sodium, and calories. That's where portion control comes in handy.

Eating right looks easy enough on paper (or on a computer screen). But if you haven't been doing it for some time, it can be difficult to get back on track. Here are some tips to get you started on a healthy diet:

The dietary supplement industry is big business and you can find supplements that claim to do a lot of things.

However, the use of dietary supplements can ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need every daymost any multivitamin will accomplish that. But, as long as you eat a balanced diet you shouldn't need to take any supplements.

And about those claims. Despite what you see on the labels, there isn't always scientific evidence to back them up. While there are times when taking supplements is supported by evidence, it's always best to speak with your health care provider before taking them, especially if you have any health issues.


Gropper SS, Smith JL, Groff JL. "Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism." Sixth Edition. Belmont, CA. Wadsworth Publishing Company, 2013.

Smolin LA, Grosvenor, MB. "Nutrition: Science and Applications." Third Edition. Wiley Publishing Company, 2013.

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good nutrition - Verywell

What Is the Definition of Nutrition? – Health Guidance

Posted: at 2:41 am

What is the definition of nutrition? Nutrition is the sum total of the processes involved in the taking in and the utilization of food substances by which growth, repair and maintenance of the body are accomplished. It involves ingestion, digestion, absorption and assimilation. Nutrients are stored by the body in various forms and drawn upon when the food intake is not sufficient.

I have read and still read the great philosophers, going back to the Greeks .... but I was appalled when I realized that those truly great men of those times seemed to know virtually nothing about nutrition. How could this happen? Why was nutrition ignored? That is the greatest puzzle of all time, as far as I am concerned.

You may say that wild animals don't know anything about nutrition and they do all right. Well, the important thing here is that animals know what to eat and drink by instinct .... while man long ago lost his powers of instinct. Thus, man needs nutritional knowledge and an animal doesn't.

Where will we get our nutritional knowledge? Man knows about science and about a thousand and one other things but about nutrition he knows virtually nothing. That happens to be one of the sciences about which man is blissfully ignorant .... even though his welfare, existence, health and life itself depend upon it. How did this 'boner' happen or come about? Ah, that is the burning question and I'm afraid Tobe cannot give you the answer.

I have diligently searched for information on the study of nutrition and I am thunderstruck to learn that in America the study of nutrition at the university and research level only began in 1894, by a scientist named Atwater. Its progress since that time has moved forward at what I would call a snail's pace. Yes, while there are millions of dollars available for research, little, if any, finds its way into the universities to study nutrition. Speaking with logic and a clear bright eye on the truth, nutrition is virtually a no man's land among the intelligensia.

Foundations and those who control endowment money won't contribute a cent to the study of nutrition. All universities get huge sums of money, running into the millions or tens or hundreds of millions of dollars .... but not a cent for the study of nutrition. Don't be surprised at this. Accept it .... because it is true. Besides, it makes good sense.

Most doctors refuse to study nutrition even as a minor course and if you look at the matter in a fair-minded manner, you cannot blame them. A medical doctor doesn't want to spend four or five years at high school and about ten more years earning a medical degree, just to teach people what to eat and drink so they can remain healthy and stay away from doctors. Let's be realistic nutrition is the most important science on earth, yet it is the most unwanted by some segments of our economic structure.

A busy medical physician in any one of the major cities in either Canada or the United States would earn at least $50,000 to $100,000 annually. Yes, and according to the newspapers, many earn from $250,000 to $400,000. Do you think they would entertain the idea of allowing nutrition to louse up that kind of money? Besides, these selfsame big, big money earners have the means and the clout to keep nutrition down in the dumps for at least another 50 years .... unless man suddenly rises up from his long, long sleep. However, the chances are he'll never wake up if they keep dousing him with valium and hundreds of other somniferous, mind boggling drugs.

There is a chance that man may yet gain some knowledge about nutrition but it must happen elsewhere than in America. I do hope that there will emerge some means whereby the study of nutrition will go forward at a full task force pace.

Something that puzzles me is why the Soviet Union hasn't done some worthwhile work on the subject of nutrition. I don't know but maybe it is due to the fact that in the U.S.S.R. there is not so much sickness. Further, they probably see no reason why they should pull our chestnuts out of the fire. I contend that in no way would the U.S.S.R. help save the lives of Americans for, remember, Khruschev told the American people, "We'll bury you!" Well, by the looks of things it could be that Khruschev might have been more right than anyone ever suspected. However, the American people are doing it themselves .... actually committing genocide.

No dollar-oriented society could possibly undertake the whole-hearted serious study of nutrition and I'm afraid that the powers with the most money will do their best to block or delay any nutritional gains or leaps forward. If you think I am over-reacting, let me assure you that I am being most sombre and calm and I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, exaggerating.

You may well ask why there is so much confusion about nutrition. Well, that's not hard to fathom if you take time to investigate the situation a little. When some good nutritionist or scientist comes up with an important health-contributing bit of scientific knowledge that does or can do harm to the drug, food, beverage and other big profit-making industries, these industries immediately hire the best nutritional research scientists that money can buy and in no time flat they come up with evidence that refutes the findings that could do umbrage to their products. That's how the nutritional ball game is played and that is why there is so much confusion in the ranks.

For over 20 years I have been researching researchers and, to my dismay, I have learned that even 50 and 100 years ago much of the research was rigged. You see, researchers needed money to carry on their work in those days, too, and it has always been that the man who pays the piper calls the tune.

Can we ever hope to change these abominable circumstances? Are there no honest research scientists'? Is there no one who will truly work and strive for the health and welfare of mankind? I am doing my best in the only way I know how with my pen!

I know, you know and, yes, we all know that there are honest men among our scientists, but the big money is only available to those whose principles bear a price tag and we must all realize that today money is the name of the game.

However, we must be logical and recognize that the study of the science of nutrition has been set back drastically because big business has a tight rein on science and I am realistic enough to know there is not a thing we can do about it.

I contend that millions have had their life-spans shortened and millions more will have to pay the supreme penalty before America will wake up and sweep the morass aside .... but don't hold your breath in expectation. No, man's inhumanity to man has not yet reached the end of its tether.

I predict that the cancer rate will rise higher and higher and that before the year 2,000 it will be responsible for more than 50% of the total deaths. Then maybe the perpetrators of this mass genocide will come to their senses and finally realize that life is more important than money .... but the monsters they create may destroy them, too! I write this with a heavy heart, yet everything I say is true.

Members of the medical profession are partly responsible, too ... not because they created the predicament but because they knew what was going on and did not raise their voices to correct the situation. Yes, and they did even more than that because they harassed, persecuted and plagued their colleagues who did speak out.

Strange to relate, it is difficult, if not impossible to know who are your friends and who are your enemies. Even I, who am continually in touch with the situation, do not know for sure who's who and what's what.

Let's face it, the medical profession in one way or another controls practically every health research dollar spent in the world, including those spent by the American Cancer Society and their affiliates. Now do you think they would suggest or even allow a research project using raw food as a control or cure for cancer? Surely you are joking if you say you think they would. The members of the medical profession don't want to go back to hard days like those of the dirty thirties when they had to resort to various nefarious practices to make a buck.

Of course, I recognize the rhyme and the reason for this reluctance on the part of the medical profession but, on the other hand, it isn't their money. Most of it is public money or endowment funds but the medical fraternity has control of it, due to government appointments or their being elected to the boards of various institutions. For some inexplicable reason the public seems to feel that doctors are the people to make these decisions. Whatever the reason, that's the way it's done and that is why the raw juice and raw food diet has never been truly studied so that the world might learn the truth about the merits of raw food.

Now without money for research how can we ever conduct experiments to prove to the world that raw juices and raw food can prevent and clear up most illnesses and diseases, including cancer?

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