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Holistic Medicine | Doctor Hermann M.D.,P.A.

Posted: February 26, 2019 at 10:53 pm

Posted byAnne Hermannon Wed, Apr 11, 2012 @ 04:10 PM

Anne Hermann, MD

What You Need to Know about Bioidentical Hormone Therapy from Tampa and St Petersburgs Own Expert!

This article focuses on female hormone therapy. On my blog, I also post articles focused on male hormone therapy. As an author of nationally recognized research onbioidentical hormone therapy, I have been treating men and women for 9 years in Tampa Bay. I recommend hormone replacement therapy when non-hormonal and natural therapiesdo not work in treatment of menopausal symptoms including:

The medical community is learning that some forms of hormone replacement, called bioidentical hormones, have less side effects and less danger than standard hormones. Less risk does not mean no risk, and I always discuss these pros and cons with my patients.

Hormone therapy is not recommended for women with the following:


The North American Menopause Society, the Endocrine Society, the International Menopause Society, and guidelines from the European Menopause and Andropause Society for the management of menopausal women all favor the use of bioidentical forms of hormone replacement in women with high risk of blood clots. Unlike standard estrogen treatment, bioidentical estradiol does not increase risk of blood clots or stroke (doses 50 g). Bioidentical progesterone also has less risk of blood clots and breast cancer than standard therapy. Based on these data, which are now included in the guidelines, the use of transdermal estradiol and micronized progesterone could reduce the excess risk of blood clots, stroke, and possibly even breast cancer associated with hormone use. Simon JA. Whats new in hormone replacement therapy: focus on transdermal estradiol and micronized progesterone. Climacteric. 2012 Apr;15 Suppl 1:3-10.

I was the first author in the study that demonstrated that the bioidentical form of progesterone cream is absorbed as well as progesterone pills.Over-the-counter progesterone cream produces significant drug exposure compared to a food and drug administration-approved oral progesterone product. Hermann AC, Nafziger AN, Victory J, Kulawy R, Rocci ML Jr, Bertino JS Jr.J Clin Pharmacol. 2005 Jun;45(6):614-9. Look out for my blog on this topic in the future.

Anne Hermann, MD is double board certified in Internal Medicine and as a Physician Nutrition Specialist.Toschedule your consult, please call (813) 902-9559.

This post was written by Anne Hermann. Follow Anne Hermann on Google, Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.

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Holistic Medicine | Doctor Hermann M.D.,P.A.

Vitality Holistic Medicine – Fertility Acupuncture, Yoga …

Posted: at 10:53 pm

Welcome to Vitality Holistic Medicine! My goal is to help you be your healthiest, most vital self and create the life and family youve always wanted. My clinical focus is on fertility and womens health, which involves helping women get pregnant naturally or in conjunction with assisted reproductive technology (ART), as well as treating common problems like endometriosis, PCOS, menopause, dysmenorrhea and PMS. I do that with acupuncture, herbal medicine, yoga, nutrition, lifestyle changes and compassion interventions that have been extensively researched for fertility and health.

Chinese medicine is a complete and very powerful medical system that puts you as a person, not just a patient at the center. It has a long history of treating infertility and womens health and my approach today builds on those centuries of knowledge and experience while incorporating modern technology and science. Were not fixing a symptom or developing a work-around; were addressing the root cause of the issue, which improves your overall health and ability to conceive.

Are you ready to sow the seeds for a more vibrant, vital, fertile life?

Janet Lee, L.Ac., DACM, Dipl. OM

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Vitality Holistic Medicine - Fertility Acupuncture, Yoga ...

Holistic Medicine – Acupuncturist in Reno, NV

Posted: at 10:53 pm

Holistic medicine takes a comprehensive approach to wellness and healthcare, by considering all of the factors that play an integral role in your health - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. From pain management to assistance with successful weight loss, holistic medicine encompasses a number of services to help you manage existing symptoms and issues. Dr. Melissa Bachman and Dr. Chad Bachman offer holistic as well as functional and integrative medicine services for the whole family at the Reno Health Institute in Reno, NV.

There are a number of therapies and treatment approaches that fall under the banner of holistic medicine. So rather than just recommending a method of treatment for a specific set of symptoms, a holistic medicine practitioner will work with you to identify the underlying causes and issues that may be causing your symptoms and impacting your overall health and quality of life. You are probably already familiar with some of the most common therapies under the holistic health umbrella:

As a practice, holistic medicine looks at the whole person rather than just at the symptoms to design an adequate treatment plan. Holistic medicine can work together with traditional medical treatments for problems like chronic pain, headaches, digestive problems, and a number of other common health issues to offer symptom relief and help improve your quality of life.

Holistic medicine can combine elements of both alternative and traditional medical therapies, and also aims to promote health and wellness and prevention in addition to addressing existing health issues.

For more information about natural and holistic medicine and therapies, contact the Reno Health Institute by calling(775) 507-4740 to schedule an appointment with Drs. Melissa and Chad Bachman today.

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Holistic Medicine - Acupuncturist in Reno, NV

Rise Of The Superfit Sixties | Worldhealth.net Anti-Aging News

Posted: February 25, 2019 at 11:46 pm

Most people think about hanging up exercise gear in their 50s never mind the 60s, but in the modern day the numbers of older health conscious people make this a different story altogether. Modern day sixtysomethings are aware that age is not a deterrent to some of the most challenging athletic goals, and a new tribe of hard body sexagenarians is emerging.

Members of the superfit 60+ers put in longer hours at the gyms than any other age group, and average 8+ visits to the gym each month, and its not just gentle classes such as yoga drawing them in, its high intensity workouts and tough training regimens, according to Nuffield Health.

The biggest rise in sports participation in recent years in among older populations, with running and cycling having massive growth, according to Sport England. Over the past 12 months England Athletics has had a 12% increase in members aged 60+ joining running clubs; and British Cycling reports over 74% of those aged 60+ saying cycling is not just to enjoy the scenery but also to seriously improve fitness.

Trainer Matt Roberts says his older clients are more demanding and expect as much from their bodies as 30-40 year olds; concern over high impact exercise as being unhealthy for joints is being challenged, with some scientists arguing that exercise may be protective.

Brigham University has found running to help protect joints and keep them working smoothly. John Brewer of St. Marys University says research shows running doesnt hurt the knees if you build up and are consistent with it, rather than moving straight to long distance running.

Its not just famous A-lister celebrities being role models in the area; take Chris Zaremba, 62, a London trainer and fitness model, told he was dangerously obese at 50, who turned his life around. Others such as Yazemeenah Rossi, 63, grandmother and model, who fronts for the fitness brand Sweaty Betty, and spends 30 minutes to an hour every day to yoga and exercise.

The high priestess of Pilates, Lynne Robinson, says that her generation is the first to have graduated from adulthood exposed to a burgeoning fitness industry; being in their 20s when gym chains were beginning to expand and running/personal trainers became popular norm, making the generation more informed about health than previous generations.

Studies have shown evidence of a never say die and gung ho attitude that is changing the face of fitness as people age that is very positive and infectious, says Dr. Peter Herbert of the Centre for Health and Ageing. Herbert, 75, is one if the oldest people set on completing an Ironman triathlon in Wales, and to compete in velodrome cycling, trying to win a medal at the World Age Group Championships this year.

Supreme fitness is being seen to offset the slide in self esteem that can occur during the 60s that makes them feel good as well as look good, that they just dont want to give up, in numbers not seen before in previous generations.

Fast twitch fibres in muscles that produce speed can deteriorate before slow twitch fibres depended upon by marathon runners do, meaning long distance runners are not as prone to the effects of ageing provided they train intelligently, according to John Brewer, professor of applied sport science.

Those 60+ lose muscle mass naturally, making time for short conditioning workouts or bodyweight/kettlebell exercise 2-3 times a week is important to help offset muscle wastage, maintain good running form, and general muscle tone which help to deter injury says Wendy Smith-Sly, silver metal runner in 3000m at 1864 Olympics, who is celebrating her 60th this year by running in the London Marathon with a 60 year old friend.

Cycling is experiencing a boom among those 60+ partially because it is more gentler on joints, those participating are not looking to compete rather out of desire to remain mentally and physically healthy. These bike workouts need to be carefully planned if wanting to improve as there is need for more recovery leaving less time to fit in training sessions which could mean less progress if not planned smart. One of Herberts studies published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society had 20 athletes cut regular cycling from a minimum of 3 hard weekly sessions to 1 every 5 days involving 30 second sprints on indoor bikes, and limited activity in between to steady cycling for 30 minutes a day maximum; results showed significant increases in VO2 max, reduced fat, improved muscle strength, and significant increases in leg power.

Weight/resistance training has been proved to be an effective way to offset some of the effects of natural muscle loss that occurs with age (sarcopenia). Currently in the USA there is a huge upswing in trends of those 60+ weight training in which progression is important. Beginner 60+ training should shoot for 2-3 times a week at a challenging yet manageable levels that allows for 10-12 repetitions, then gradually work up, theres no shortage of trainers to help design a programme best suited to the individuals specific needs.

Yoga has a healthy portion of those 60+ in the tribe, many of which dominate classes being just as if not more strong, flexible, and mobile as those half their age. Yoga responds best to consistency and does not really have any limits, rather gets better the more you do. In yoga age is not a barrier, it promotes flexibility, balance, strength, coordination, concentration, and endurance. Hot Yoga is another option that offers infrared heat shown to soothe tired muscles.

Swimming is another form of exercise that can be done at any age, and is gentler on the joints. Swimming has been shown to help improve heart health, improve cardiovascular health and endurance, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, increase flexibility, improve muscle tone and strength, boost mental health, and helps to reduce risks of osteoporosis, heart and lung disease. Thanks to indoor pools this fun and engaging activity can be done all year long alone or in a variety of classes ranging from aerobics to weight/resistance training.

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Rise Of The Superfit Sixties | Worldhealth.net Anti-Aging News

Anytime Fitness Dashboard

Posted: February 23, 2019 at 5:43 pm

Anytime Fitness Dashboard Terms and Conditions

The Anytime Fitness Dashboard Terms and Conditions ( Agreement) is an agreement between Anytime Fitness, LLC (Anytime Fitness, we, us, or our) and you, individually, (you) and contains the terms and conditions that govern your access to and use of the Anytime Fitness Dashboard at //db.anytimefitness.com/ and the content and materials available on the Dashboard (collectively, the Services). This Agreement applies to your access to and use of the Services and does not alter the terms and conditions of any other agreement you may have with Anytime Fitness.

This Agreement takes effect when you click a Login or I Accept button or check box presented with these terms or, if earlier, when you use any of the Services (the Effective Date). You represent to us that you are lawfully able to enter into contracts.

1. Limited Use of the Dashboard.

1.1. Grant. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, we hereby grant you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and non-transferrable license to have access to and use the Services solely in connection with, and within the scope and purpose of, your business relationship with Anytime Fitness or an Anytime Fitness health and fitness club.

1.2. Confidentiality. The Services are the confidential and proprietary information of Anytime Fitness (the Anytime Fitness Information). You may use the Anytime Fitness Information only in connection with your use of the Services as permitted under this Agreement. You will not disclose Anytime Fitness Information during or after the term of this Agreement. You will take all reasonable measures necessary to avoid disclosure, dissemination or unauthorized use of Anytime Fitness Information. When this Agreement terminates, you can no longer use the Anytime Fitness Information.

1.3. Additional Restrictions. You may not, and may not permit any third party to, use the Services in any manner or for any purpose other than as expressly permitted by this Agreement. You may not, or may not attempt to, and may not permit any third party to: (a) modify, alter, tamper with, copy, translate, or otherwise create derivative works of the Services; (b) reverse engineer, disassemble, or decompile the Services or otherwise attempt to derive the source code of any software included in the Services; (c) resell or sublicense the Services; (d) use the Services to develop any software or other technology having the same primary function as the Services; (e) use the Services in a manner that interferes with other users' use of the Services; or (f) use the Services in any manner that violates our Policies. All licenses granted to you in this Agreement are conditional on your continued compliance this Agreement, and will immediately and automatically terminate if you do not comply with any term or condition of this Agreement.

1.4. Reserved Rights. We own and reserve all right, title, and interest in and to the Services. This Agreement does not grant you any rights in or to the Services except for the limited rights to use the Services expressly granted by this Agreement. We may change or remove features or functionality of the Services at any time.

2. Your Account. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL USE AND ACTIVITIES ASSOCIATED WITH OR ARISING FROM ANY USE OF YOUR ACCOUNT. WE AND OUR AFFILIATES ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS TO YOUR ACCOUNT. You will contact us immediately if you believe an unauthorized third party may be using your account or if your account information is lost or stolen. You will be deemed to have taken any action that occurs under your account. You agree to keep your password secret and not to share it with anyone except as may be expressly allowed under this Agreement.

3. Policies. Your use of the Services is subject to our general website Terms of Use currently referenced at http://www.anytimefitness.com/terms-of-use and the privacy policy currently referenced at http://www.anytimefitness.com/privacy, as each may be updated from time to time, and any other policy or terms for access to and use of the Services (collectively, the Policies). You will comply with all applicable laws and regulations in connection with your use of the Services.

4. Term and Termination

4.1. Term. This Agreement shall commence on the Effective Date and will continue thereafter until terminated as set forth in this Agreement.

4.2. Suspension. We may suspend your right to access or use any portion or all of the Services immediately upon notice to you if we determine: (a) your use of the Services may subject us, our affiliates, or any third party to liability or may adversely impact the Services or the systems of Anytime Fitness; or (b) you are in breach of this Agreement or any other agreement you may have with Anytime Fitness. Our right to suspend your right to access or use the Services is in addition to our right to terminate this Agreement pursuant to Section 4.3.

4.3. Termination. This Agreement automatically terminates at the time your business relationship with Anytime Fitness or an Anytime Fitness health and fitness club terminates. In addition, we may also terminate this Agreement immediately, without notice or liability, if we determine in our sole discretion that: (i) you have breached any portion of this Agreement or any other agreement you may have with Anytime Fitness; (ii) your use of or access to the Services inhibits any other user from using or accessing the Service; or (iii) the Services will no longer be offered. We may also terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason by providing you notice.

4.4. Effect of Termination. Upon termination of this Agreement, your rights to use the Services and the Anytime Fitness Information immediately terminate.


6. Limitations of Liability.IN NO EVENT SHALL EITHER ANYTIME FITNESS OR ITS AFFILIATES OR LICENSORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF OR IN ANY WAY CONNECTED WITH THE SERVICES OR THE AGREEEMENT, WHETHER BASED ON CONTRACT, TORT, WARRANTY, STRICT LIABILITY OR OTHERWISE, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF ANY SUCH DAMAGES.UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER SHALL ANYTIME FITNESSS, ITS AFFILIATES OR LICENSORS AGGREGATE LIABILITY RESULTING FROM OR RELATING TO THIS AGREEMENT OR THE SERVICES EXCEED ONE HUNDRED U.S. DOLLARS ($100.00). Certain state laws do not allow limitations on implied warranties or the exclusion or limitation of certain damages. If these laws apply to you, some or all of the above disclaimers, exclusions, or limitations may not apply to you, and you may have additional rights.7. Indemnification. You will defend, indemnify, and hold harmless us, our affiliates and licensors, and each of ours and their respective employees, officers, directors, and representatives from and against any claims, demands, damages, losses, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys fees) arising out of or relating to any third party claim concerning: (a) your use of the Services (including any activities under your account); or (b) your breach of this Agreement or violation of applicable law. We will promptly notify you of any claim subject to this Section 7, but our failure to promptly notify you will only affect your obligations under this Section 7 to the extent that our failure prejudices your ability to defend the claim. You may: (a) use counsel of your own choosing (subject to our written consent) to defend against any claim; and (b) settle the claim with our prior written consent before entering into any settlement. However, we may also assume control of the defense and settlement of the claim at any time.

8. Modifications to the Agreement. We may modify this Agreement at any time by posting a revised version on the Anytime Fitness Dashboard website or by providing notice to you as set forth in this Agreement. The modified terms will become effective upon posting. By continuing to use the Services after the effective date of any modifications to this Agreement, you agree to be bound by the modified terms.

9. Survival. The provisions of this Agreement, which, by their terms, require performance after the termination of this Agreement, or have application to events that may occur after the termination of this Agreement, shall survive the termination of this Agreement.

10. Notices. All communications and notices to be made or given pursuant to this Agreement must be in the English language. We may provide any notice to you under this Agreement by means of posting a general notice on our website or by sending a message to the email address then-associated with your account. Notices we provide by posting on our website will be effective upon posting and notices we provide by email will be effective when we send the email. It is your responsibility to keep your email address current. You will be deemed to have received any email sent to the email address then-associated with your account when we send the email, whether or not you actually receive the email. You may give notice to us at any time by any letter delivered by nationally recognized overnight delivery service or first class postage prepaid mail to us at the following address: Anytime Fitness, LLC, 12181 Margo Avenue South, Hastings, MN 55033 USA. Notice to us shall be deemed given when received by us.

11. Assignment. You will not assign this Agreement, or delegate or sublicense any of your rights under this Agreement, without our prior written consent. Any assignment or transfer in violation of this Section will be void. Subject to the foregoing, this Agreement will be binding upon, and inure to the benefit of the parties and their respective successors and assigns.

12. No Waivers. The failure by us to enforce any provision of this Agreement will not constitute a present or future waiver of such provision nor limit our right to enforce such provision at a later time. All waivers by us must be in writing to be effective.

13. Relationship of the Parties. The parties to this Agreement are independent contractors, and this Agreement does not create an agency, partnership or joint venture.

14. Severability. If any portion of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining portions of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect. Any invalid or unenforceable portions will be interpreted to effect and intent of the original portion. If such construction is not possible, the invalid or unenforceable portion will be severed from this Agreement but the rest of the Agreement will remain in full force and effect.

15. Governing Law; Venue. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Minnesota, without giving effect to its conflicts of law principles. For the purpose of resolving conflicts related to or arising out of this Agreement, the parties expressly agree and consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of, and venue in, the federal and state courts in the State of Minnesota.

16. Entire Agreement; English Language. This Agreement includes the Policies and is the entire agreement between you and us regarding the subject matter of this Agreement. This Agreement supersedes all prior or contemporaneous representations, understandings, agreements, or communications between you and us, whether written or verbal, regarding the subject matter of this Agreement. We will not be bound by, and specifically object to, any term, condition or other provision which is different from or in addition to the provisions of this Agreement (whether or not it would materially alter this Agreement) and which is submitted by you in any receipt, acceptance, confirmation, correspondence or other document. If the terms of this document are inconsistent with the terms contained in any Policy, the terms contained in this document will control. This Agreement has been prepared in English, and English is the controlling language with respect to all matters concerning this Agreement.

Last updated June 3, 2014

4828-4563-0747, v. 1

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Anytime Fitness Dashboard

Fitness Images [HD] – Download Free Stock Photos

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Youll find tons of fitness pictures showcasing the hard work people put in to stay healthy. From the avid runner to the lean, mean fighting machine, youll find a range of different fitness photos. The fitness photography in this collection includes everything from the relaxed yogi to the powerful weightlifter. Youll find pictures of runners, weightlifters, cardio-machine users, dancers, and more. Pictures of different types of workouts are also included in this collection such as push-ups, sit-ups, curls, stretches and a few other workouts. Our collection includes empowering images of strong men and women.

You can use our fitness images in anyway, shape or form according to our Creative Commons Zero license. Are you opening up a local gym in your community? You can use our fitness pictures for your website, flyers and more. Do you own an online store in the fitness niche? Our fitness images can be used for your blog content, banner images, and ads. Are you teaching a class on positive health habits? Youre free to use any of our images for your presentations, brochures and other related marketing materials. Are you a fitness instructor working on building your social media presence? You can add motivational quotes to our inspiring fitness photography to help motivate your clients. Are you working on a school assignment for your physical education class? Youre able to choose from any of our fitness images.

Were busy pumping out new fitness pictures for this collection. Our images are royalty-free & high resolution. So be sure to check back often to see new additions to keep your projects strong.

Fitness Images [HD] - Download Free Stock Photos

EnhanceFitness – the Y : YMCA of the USA

Posted: at 5:43 pm

Across the country, a growing number of Y associations offer EnhanceFitness, an evidence-based group exercise program for older adults that uses simple, easy-to-learn movements that motivateindividuals (particularly those with arthritis) to stay active throughout their life.

Here are some of the changes our participants have noticed:

In addition to the physical benefits, research has shown that, among older adults who participate in EnhanceFitness, health costs were lowered each year by close to $1,000.

Each class session includes cardiovascular, strength training, balance and flexibility exercises and the fostering of strong social relationships between participants. EnhanceFitness is geared toward older adults. Those with a chronic condition, such as arthritis, need not worry; they will never have to do anything that hurts. Participants can use chairs for support, if necessary, and increase the weight they use for strength training at their own pace.

Ready to learn more? Search below ordownload a list of EnhanceFitness YMCAs Opens a new windowto contact a participating location for details.

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EnhanceFitness - the Y : YMCA of the USA

The importance of health, fitness, and wellness

Posted: at 5:42 pm

The four primary components (also known as the components of health related fitness) that are important to improved physical health are as follows:

Cardiorespiratory capacity is the ability of the body to take in oxygen (respiration), deliver it to the cells (circulation), and use it at the cellular level to create energy (bioenergetics) for physical work (activity). In fitness, we also refer to cardiorespiratory capacity as aerobic capacity. This capacity includes aerobic endurance (how long), aerobic strength (how hard), and aerobic power (how fast). Some of the long-term adaptations of cardiorespiratory training are: decreased resting heart rate, decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, improved endurance, increased stroke volume and cardiac output.

Muscular capacity refers to the spectrum of muscular capability. This includes muscular endurance (i.e., the ability to apply force over a long period of time or to complete repeated muscle contractions); muscular strength (i.e., the ability to generate force, or the maximum amount of force that a muscle can exert in a single contraction); and muscular power (i.e., the ability to generate strength in an explosive way). Some of the long-term adaptations of improving muscular capacity are increased strength, improved muscular endurance, increased basal metabolic rate, improved joint strength, and overall posture.

Flexibility is the range of movement or amount of motion that a joint is capable of performing. Each joint has a different amount of flexibility. Some of the long-term adaptations of improved flexibility are decreased risk of injury, improved range of motion, improved bodily movements, and improved posture.

Body composition is the proportion of fat-free mass (muscle, bone, blood, organs, and fluids) to fat mass (adipose tissue deposited under the skin and around organs). Some of the long-term adaptations of improving body composition are decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, improved basal metabolic rate, improved bodily function, and improved BMI.

The secondary components of fitness (also known as the components of performance based fitness) are involved in all physical activity and are necessary for daily functioning. Athletes experience different levels of success depending on how well these secondary fitness components are developed. Although the primary components of fitness are thought to be the most important, we should not ignore the secondary components because of their importance in the completion of daily tasks. The secondary components include the following.

Balance is the ability to maintain a specific body position in either a stationary or dynamic (moving) situation.

Coordination is the ability to use all body parts together to produce smooth and fluid motion.

Agility is the ability to change direction quickly.

Reaction time is the time required to respond to a specific stimulus.

Speed is the ability to move rapidly. Speed is also known as velocity (rate of motion).

Power is the product of strength and speed. Power is also known as explosive strength.

Mental capability is the ability to concentrate during exercise to improve training effects as well as the ability to relax and enjoy the psychological benefits of activity (endorphins).

Health is a dynamic process because it is always changing. We all have times of good health, times of sickness, and maybe even times of serious illness. As our lifestyles change, so does our level of health.

Those of us who participate in regular physical activity do so partly to improve the current and future level of our health. We strive toward an optimal state of well-being. As our lifestyle improves, our health also improves and we experience less disease and sickness. When most people are asked what it means to be healthy, they normally respond with the four components of fitness mentioned earlier (cardiorespiratory ability, muscular ability, flexibility, and body composition). Although these components are a critical part of being healthy, they are not the only contributing factors. Physical health is only one aspect of our overall health.

The other components of health (Greenberg, 2004, p. 7) that are just as important as physical health include the following:

Social health-The ability to interact well with people and the environment and to have satisfying personal relationships.

Mental health-The ability to learn and grow intellectually. Life experiences as well as more formal structures (e.g., school) enhance mental health.

Emotional health-The ability to control emotions so that you feel comfortable expressing them and can express them appropriately.

Spiritual health-A belief in some unifying force. It varies from person to person but has the concept of faith at its core.

Wellness is the search for enhanced quality of life, personal growth, and potential through positive lifestyle behaviours and attitudes. If we take responsibility for our own health and well-being, we can improve our health on a daily basis. Certain factors influence our state of wellness, including nutrition, physical activity, stress-coping methods, good relationships, and career success.

Each day we work toward maximizing our level of health and wellness to live long, full, and healthy lives. The pursuit of health, personal growth, and improved quality of life relies on living a balanced life. To achieve balance, we need to care for our mind, body, and spirit.

If any of these three areas is consistently lacking or forgotten about, we will not be at our optimal level of health. We are constantly challenged with balancing each of these three areas throughout life.

As fitness professionals, we have a responsibility to guide and motivate others to improve their level of health and wellness. We can promote a holistic approach to health (mind, body, and spirit), not just encourage physical activity. As good role models, we should demonstrate positive health behaviours that assist in improving our own health and the health of others. If our focus is strictly on the physical benefits of exercise, we are doing a disservice to our clients and we are not fulfilling our professional obligation.

As fitness professionals, we spend a great deal of time inspiring and assisting others in their pursuit of improved health. Education is an important aspect of this. We must promote the benefits of regular activity and help people understand why they should be active.

Figure 1.2 will help you educate your clients about the benefits of activity and why each of these benefits is important to long-term health.

Health Canada introduced Canadas Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living to help Canadians make wise choices about physical activity as a way to improve health. Scientists say you should accumulate 60 minutes of physical activity every day to stay healthy or improve health. The recommendations in the Physical Activity Guide are as follows:

Endurance-On 4 to 7 days a week, perform continuous activity for your heart, lungs, and circulatory system. Time required for improvements depends on effort.

Flexibility-On 4 to 7 days a week, perform gentle reaching, bending, and stretching to keep muscles relaxed and joints mobile.

Strength-On 2 to 4 days a week, perform resistance exercise to strengthen muscles and bones and improve posture.

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has also developed activity guidelines for improving health:

Perform 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity on most days of the week for cardiovascular health. The 30 minutes need not be continuous.

Performing 1 set of 8 to 12 repetitions of resistance training for the entire body is necessary to maintain and develop muscular strength and endurance.

Flexibility training should be performed daily, including stretches for all major muscle groups, in order to maintain mobility.

The importance of health, fitness, and wellness

Membership Fitness Connection

Posted: at 5:42 pm

Kids Club FAQ's

Is your facility a licensed day care?Our Kids Club facility is not a licensed day care facility, therefore you must remain inside the facility while your child (ren) is/are signed into the Kids Club.

Can I leave the facility while my child is in the Kids Club?All members must be present in the facility while their child is in the Kids Club.

What documentation do I need to provide to leave my child in the Kids Club?Members must provide their membership card and a valid state issued photo ID to sign their child(ren) in/out of Kids Club each visit. We do reserve the right to ask for proof of legal guardianship.

Can I sign my child in and have someone else pick them up?The same parent/legal guardian that signs a child in must be the one to sign them out. Only legal guardians can drop off/pick up children. This is for the childs safety. In case an issue is to occur, it is in the childs best interest to have someone present that can make medical decisions.

What is the allowed age range of children in the Kids Club?All children signed into the facility must be a minimum of 3 months of age and a maximum of 11 years of age.

If my child is sick can I bring him/her in?No, sick children are not allowed in the Kids Club.

Can I bring personal toys along with my child?No personal toys are to be brought into the Kids Club.

Will my child ever be unsupervised?Children may not be in the room without a Kids Club attendant, and only during Kids Club operating hours.

How do you handle diaper changing and bathroom visits?Fitness Connection employees will page the parent to change diapers and assist children not potty trained in the rest room. Fitness Connection staff will not assist or accompany any child into the bathroom.

Will your staff give medication to my child?OOur staff will not administer any medications to children.

How long can my child be in the Kids Club for?There is a two hour time limit.

Is food or drink allowed in the Kids Club?No food or drink is allowed.

How do you handle discipline issues?If we have any issues with the child we will call the guardian that dropped the child off and let them know. The guardian will then be responsible for handling the issue.

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Membership Fitness Connection

San Francisco Integrative Health & Holistic Medicine …

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At the Hana Holistic Medical Center, serving Berkeley and the San Francisco area, were taking a new approach to integrative health and holistic medicine. With Dr. Hanas unique blend of primary care with wellness classes and traditional Chinese medicine, were helping our members achieve their health goals. At Hana Holistic, we believe that health means whole body wellness. In addition to being your primary care doctor in the Berkeley and San Francisco area, youll have access to classes and programs covering topics like holistic medicine, yoga, Tai Chi or massage therapy.

Our practice combines the latest integrative health research with traditional holistic medicine and acupuncture techniques to achieve the most effective treatment. Hana Holistic goes beyond what other doctors in Berkeley can accomplish. We wont just treat your symptoms. Well help you build a healthy lifestyle through the principles of nutrition, integrative health, and holistic medicine. When you join the Hana Holistic Medical Center, youre taking the first step on a personal transformation.

Unlike other primary care physicians in the San Francisco area, we dont want to wait till you are sick to start helping you. By focusing on building a healthy lifestyle, holistic medicine, and integrative health, Hana Holistic helps you stay healthy and avoid illnesses before they begin. Our preventative medicine approach also helps manage chronic health problems. Become a Hana Holistic member today and begin your journey to health.

If you have any questions, please call us at (510) 527-1678 or email us at info@hanaholistic.com.

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San Francisco Integrative Health & Holistic Medicine ...

Physical Health – Provident Living

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"The Lord has commanded members to take care of their minds and bodies. They should obey the Word of Wisdom, eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, control their weight, and get adequate sleep. They should shun substances or practices that abuse their bodies or minds and that could lead to addiction. They should practice good sanitation and hygiene and obtain adequate medical and dental care. They should also strive to cultivate good relationships with family members and others." (Handbook 2: Administering the Church)

Maintaining the best possible physical health has been a gospel ideal throughout the agesfrom the strict dietary laws of ancient Israel, with the example of Daniel and his associates, to the Word of Wisdom in this dispensation and the counsel of today's prophets and apostles. By maintaining good physical health, we become more self-reliant and are better prepared to progress personally, strengthen the family, and serve in the Church and community.

The following links provide information that can help maintain and improve physical health.

Physical Health - Provident Living

Chapter 29: The Lords Law of Health

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Our Bodies Are Temples of God

One of the great blessings we received when we came to earth was a physical body. We need a physical body to become like our Heavenly Father. Our bodies are so important that the Lord calls them temples of God (see 1Corinthians 3:1617; 6:1920). Our bodies are holy.

Because our bodies are important, our Father in Heaven wants us to take good care of them. He knows that we can be happier, better people if we are healthy. The Holy Ghost can be with us if our bodies and minds are clean. Our Father knows that we face temptations to treat our bodies unwisely or to take harmful things into them. For this reason He has told us which things are good for our health and which things are bad. Much of the information God has given us concerning good health is found in Doctrine and Covenants 89. This revelation is called the Word of Wisdom.

We must obey the Word of Wisdom to be worthy to enter the temple. If we do not obey the Word of Wisdom, the Lords Spirit withdraws from us. If we defile the temple of God, which is our body, we hurt ourselves physically and spiritually.

The Lord commands us not to use wine and strong drinks, meaning drinks containing alcohol. The First Presidency has taught that strong drink often brings cruelty, poverty, disease, and plague into the home. It often is a cause of dishonesty, loss of chastity, and loss of good judgment. It is a curse to all who drink it. (See Message of the First Presidency, Improvement Era, Nov. 1942, 686.) Expectant mothers who drink can cause physical and mental damage to their children. Many automobile accidents are caused each year by people who drink alcohol.

For teachers: Writing lists can generate interest and help learners focus their attention. As class members or family members discuss substances that the Lord has commanded us not to take into our bodies, you may want to ask someone to write their answers on the board or on a large piece of paper. You could do the same when they discuss things that are healthful for our bodies.

The Lord has also told us that tobacco is not for the body (D&C 89:8). It is harmful to our bodies and our spirits. We should not smoke cigarettes or cigars or use chewing tobacco. Scientists have shown that tobacco causes many diseases and can harm unborn children.

The Lord also counsels us against the use of hot drinks (D&C 89:9). Church leaders have said that this means coffee and tea, which contain harmful substances. We should avoid all drinks that contain harmful substances.

We should not use drugs except when they are necessary as medicine. Some drugs are even more harmful than alcohol and tobacco (which are also drugs). Those who misuse drugs need to seek help, pray for strength, and counsel with their bishop so they can fully repent and become clean.

We should avoid anything that we know is harmful to our bodies. We should not use any substance that is habit forming. We should also avoid overeating. The Word of Wisdom does not tell us everything to avoid or consume, but it does give us guidelines. It is a valuable temporal law. It is also a great spiritual law. By living the Word of Wisdom, we become stronger spiritually. We purify our bodies so the Spirit of the Lord can dwell with us.

Fruits, vegetables, and wholesome herbs are good for us. We should use them with wisdom and thanksgiving.

The flesh of birds and animals is also provided for our food. However, we should eat meat sparingly (see D&C 49:18; 89:12). Fish is also good for us to eat.

Grains are good for us. Wheat is especially good for us.

In addition to Doctrine and Covenants 89, other scriptures tell us how to be healthy. They tell us that we should cease to be idle; cease to be unclean; cease to sleep longer than is needful; retire to thy bed early, that ye may not be weary; arise early, that your bodies and your minds may be invigorated (D&C 88:124). We are also told, Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work (Exodus 20:9). The Lord counsels us not to labor more than we have strength for (see D&C 10:4).

A latter-day prophet has told us that we should keep our bodies healthy. He counseled, Nutritious meals, regular exercise, and appropriate sleep are necessary for a strong body, just as consistent scripture study and prayer strengthen the mind and spirit (ThomasS. Monson, in Conference Report, Oct. 1990, 60; or Ensign, Nov. 1990, 46).

Our Heavenly Father has given us health laws to teach us how to care for our bodies. The scriptures tell us about Gods laws: No temporal commandment gave I, for my commandments are spiritual (D&C 29:35). This means that His commandments concerning our physical state are for our spiritual good.

When we keep the Lords law of health and obey His other commandments, the Lord promises to bless us physically and spiritually.

Physically we have been promised good health. As a result of this good health we shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint (D&C 89:20). This is a great blessing, but the spiritual blessings He has promised us are even greater than the physical ones.

The Lord promises us that we shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures (D&C 89:19). We will be taught important truths by the Holy Ghost through revelation. President BoydK. Packer taught: Our physical body is the instrument of our spirit. In that marvelous revelation the Word of Wisdom, we are told how to keep our bodies free from impurities which might dull, even destroy, those delicate physical senses which have to do with spiritual communication. The Word of Wisdom is a key to individual revelation (in Conference Report, Oct. 1989, 16; or Ensign, Nov. 1989, 14).

The Lord also promises that the destroying angel shall pass us by. President HeberJ. Grant said, If you and I desire the blessings of life, of health, of vigor of body and mind; if we desire the destroying angel to pass us by, as he did in the days of the children of Israel, we must obey the Word of Wisdom; then God is bound, and the blessing shall come to us (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: HeberJ. Grant [2002], 192).

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Chapter 29: The Lords Law of Health

For the Strength of Youth: Physical Health

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After you have begun working on your plans in Spiritual Strength and Priesthood Duties, create a project based on the standards in the Physical Health section of For the Strength of Youth. Use the steps on the following pages as a guide. Your project should be challenging and should include a significant time commitment. It should be based on your own needs and interests. It should establish a pattern that will help you build and maintain physical health throughout your life.

You could do step 1 with your quorum. Also consider doing your project with someone else, such as a quorum member, a parent, or a leader. In this way, you can support and strengthen each other.

Read Physical Health in For the Strength of Youth, and study the following scriptures: Doctrine and Covenants 88:124, Doctrine and Covenants 89, and 1Corinthians 3:1617. Identify principles that relate to physical health. Write down your answers to the following questions, and share them with a parent, a priesthood leader, or quorum members:

Why is it important to be physically healthy? How will being physically healthy help you fulfill your priesthood duties (including as a missionary, as a father, and in your service to others)?

What are the spiritual benefits of being physically healthy? What are the spiritual consequences of not caring for our physical bodies properly?

The temple of God is holy, which temple ye are (1Corinthians 3:17).

Create a project that will help you apply what you have learned about physical health. It should include two parts: (1)regular exercise and (2)nutrition. Have a parent or leader approve your project before you begin working on it. Here are some examples of things you could include in each part of your project:

Create a monthly exercise chart. Include a variety of exercises that help you become more physically fit, such as running, biking, or training for a sport.

Learn and participate in a sport.

Increase your capabilities in a physical activity you are already involved in.

Make a commitment to live the Word of Wisdom. Include in your commitment: (a)how you will avoid situations in which you may be tempted to violate this commitment and (b)how you will respond to temptations (for example, ways you might explain to others why you obey the Word of Wisdom).

Learn principles of proper nutrition from Doctrine and Covenants 89 and from books, the Internet, or other sources. Teach your family or quorum what you discover. Keep a record of what you eat for a month, and then make changes to your diet based on what you have learned about nutrition.

Learn how to prepare three nutritionally balanced meals. Prepare them for your family.

Regular Exercise


Approval of a parent or leader

Estimated date of completion

My signature

Date completed

In the space below, write what you have learned from carrying out your project and how you will apply it throughout your life. Report on your experiences to your family or quorum members.

Excerpt from:
For the Strength of Youth: Physical Health

Physical and Emotional Health

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Your body is a temple, a gift from God. You will be blessed as you care for your body. Choose to obey the Word of Wisdom (see D&C 89). When you are obedient to this law, you remain free from harmful addictions and have control over your life. You gain the blessings of a healthy body, an alert mind, and the guidance of the Holy Ghost. You will be prepared to serve the Lord. Never let Satan or others deceive you into thinking that breaking the Word of Wisdom will make you happier, more popular, or more attractive.

To care for your body, eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. Practice balance and moderation in all aspects of your physical health. Also, avoid extremes in diet that could lead to eating disorders. Do not intentionally harm your body. Avoid dangerous activities that put your body at risk of serious injury.

Do not drink coffee or tea. Never use tobacco products or any form of alcohol; they are addictive and harmful to your body and spirit. Being under the influence of alcohol weakens your judgment and self-control. Drinking can also lead to alcoholism, which destroys individuals and families.

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Avoid any drink, drug, chemical, or dangerous practice that is used to produce a high or other artificial effect that may harm your body or mind. Some of these include marijuana, hard drugs, prescription or over-the-counter medications that are abused, and household chemicals. Use of these substances can lead to addiction and can destroy your mind and your body.

Addictions harm your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They damage relationships with family and friends and diminish your feelings of self-worth. They limit your ability to make choices for yourself. If you are struggling with any type of addiction, seek help from your parents and your bishop now.

Your emotional health is also important and may affect your spiritual and physical well-being. Disappointment and occasional sadness are part of this mortal life. However, if you have prolonged feelings of sadness, hopelessness, anxiety, or depression, talk with your parents and your bishop and seek help.

In all aspects of your life, seek healthy solutions to problems. Do all you can to safeguard your physical and emotional health so that you can fulfill your divine potential as a son or daughter of God.

What am I doing each day to care for my body?

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Physical and Emotional Health

FITNESS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

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These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

The relative fitnesses are also scaled by the arbitrary assumption of a generation time l 15 days made when fitting the discrete model.

If the wild-type homozygote is viable and fertile, then it is impossible to infer the four fitnesses from the three chromosome frequencies alone.

346 sume the one-locus model of fitnesses given above.

However, locally stable polymorphisms are possible even if all double homozygotes have higher geometric mean fitnesses than all other genotypes.

If so, then mean fitnesses do not climb peaks in the adaptive topography.

The fitnesses of the heterozygotes and homozygotes for the disfavoured allele are 1khs and 1ks, respectively.

Offspring phenotypes and fitnesses are assigned as above.

Also, relative fitnesses might change through time, as a result of direct or indirect frequency-dependence.

When this is so, the interactions between the loci in fitnesses will be at least of the same order of magnitude as their individual effects.

Their results indicated that genetic background did not have a strong consistent effect on the adaptive evolution they studied; allelic fitnesses were not strongly dependent upon genetic background.

The numbers and effects of the mutations can then be estimated from the fitnesses of the replicates by means of a model of the mutational effects.

Dynamical behavior for population genetics models of differential and difference equations with nonmonotone fitnesses.

A straightforward, pragmatic solution is to allocate fitnesses and transmission rate parameters directly to combinations of genotypes and cultural traits, a package known as a phenogenotype.

The coevolution approach reformulates the given or intrinsic fitnesses by formulating extrinsic fitnesses that take into account a component's contribution to the assembly that uses it.

Note that because the fitnesses of the two hermaphrodite genotypes are identical when l=0, we need only consider the phenotypes involved to determine hermaphrodite invasion criteria.

See all examples of fitness

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FITNESS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Fitness and Exercise – CNN

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Fitness and Exercise - CNN

Workplace Wellness: More than a fitness program – Sun Hire

Posted: February 6, 2019 at 11:41 pm

Hi All, today I wanted to discuss a very important topic regarding workplace wellness programs, and thats the mis-guided belief that your workplace wellness program is nothing more than a fitness program.

Workplace wellness programs encompassing fitness and nutrition utilize these three other components to create a strong, effective program that creates a positive team and company culture:

-Effective Leadership on the middle-management level: Effective leadership on the middle-management level is crucial to the success of a program. At the end of the day, no matter what your role is within your company, youre your own manager and you should feel empowered to be your own manager. Micro-management and ineffective communication strategies, along with a self-centered state of mind simply dont build a thriving team. Learning about your team members and building off of their strengths, while giving generously to their positive behaviors, reinforces them that theyre on the right path and doing the right thing. A major pitfall to company success is a middle management who doesnt recognize employee capabilities and successes in fear that the employees will be recognized for them. Successful teams build successful businesses and a successful manager will assign team members to carry out tasks to build their teams strengths. Managers who take on entire workloads in fear of delegation simply cant take their teams to the next level. If youre worried about what your team members capabilities are, talk to them. Learn about your team members and recognize their strengths and weaknesses.

Because I have an online bodybuilding team, plus an in-person business, I constantly have to learn about people and places. I have to learn about environments and how people operate within them. When something isnt working I have to dig deeper and uncover the source. If your team members arent working, and you dont have the time or capability to figure out why, simply observe their behaviors, listen with intent, and get to know them and their surroundings. Watch how their departments operate, recognize the way they convey messages to you, verses others, watch their tone of voice and facial expressions in conversions and pay attention to their behaviors. As a coach, Im constantly analyzing environments and people mechanisms. My goal is always to build strength and building strength requires understanding details within a person, place, and system. When you recognize the problem, focus on building a solution. Dont go it alone, build your team!! If your team isnt willing to learn and grow and youve spent time trying to find solutions, they probably arent the right team for your business and as a manager, its your responsibility to build a strong, thriving team. If youve tried everything, its time to recruit a new team and fire those who arent serving the success of your purpose.

-Understanding and Compassion towards employees on all levels: A key driver that strong leaders utilize, is compassion towards their teams members. Finding out what your team is passionate about, recognizing their strengths, and giving them reasons to build those strengths, creates a team that doesnt want to leave and pursue other ventures. As a manager, its your responsibility to build your team, recognize their strengths, and show compassion when they face roadblocks and hardships.

-An all-encompassing approach that utilizes proper management best practices and employee recognition: Recognition comes in many forms, acknowledge successes within your team and point out your team members who are being successful!! Celebrate YOUR TEAMs SUCCESS!!! If your team doesnt have success, get to the bottom of it!! Find out the root cause and fix it!! If you still dont have success, look within! Look at your processes, communications, behaviors. Figure out whats preventing your team from succeeding and solve the problem. If your team still isnt performing effectively, you probably have the wrong team.

Finally, effective leaders lead by example. Show your team how to be effective leaders through proper communication, compassion and recognition. They will become more productive, enjoy their jobs, and work harder towards your mission.

Ready to begin your workplace wellness program? Set up is easy and we can have your program up and running in under 1 week, call: 954-657-8945 or email savannah@sunhirewellness.com

Sign up for online coaching:onlinefitweightloss.com/sign-up

Coach Savannahs LinkedIn:https://linkedin.com/in/savannahcrayon

Coach Savannahs Instagram: https://instagram.com/savannahcrayon

Workplace Wellness: More than a fitness program - Sun Hire

How to get to I Think Fitness in Andheri West by Bus or Train

Posted: at 11:41 pm

Wondering how to get to I Think Fitness in Andheri West, India? Moovit helps you find the best way to get to I Think Fitness with step-by-step directions from the nearest public transit station.

Moovit provides free maps and live directions to help you navigate through your city. View schedules, routes, timetables, and find out how long does it take to get to I Think Fitness in real time.

Looking for the nearest stop or station to I Think Fitness? Check out this list of stops closest to your destination: Juhu Bus Stand; Juhu Bus Station; Juhu Hotel.

You can get to I Think Fitness by Bus or Train. These are the lines and routes that have stops nearby - Train: WR; Bus: 231, 28, 355 LTD, 56, 80 LTD.

Want to see if theres another route that gets you there at an earlier time? Moovit helps you find alternative routes or times. Get directions from and directions to I Think Fitness easily from the Moovit App or Website.

We make riding to I Think Fitness easy, which is why over 330 million users, including users in Andheri West, trust Moovit as the best app for public transit. You dont need to download an individual bus app or train app, Moovit is your all-in-one transit app that helps you find the best bus time or train time available.

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How to get to I Think Fitness in Andheri West by Bus or Train

Army sports and fitness – US Army MWR :: Ansbach

Posted: at 11:41 pm

1. What are acceptable forms of ID for access to the fitnesscenters?

CAC cards are the only acceptable form of ID.

2. Who is eligible to use the fitness centers?

Active Duty, Dependents, Retirees, Local Nationals, DoD Civilians

3. What is the youth age policy for the physical fitness centers?

Children 15 years and younger are not allowed in the Weight Rooms or Cardio Rooms. Children must have direct interaction with an adult/guardian at all times.

4. Are strollers or baby carriages allowed in the fitness area?

Yes, in designated areas only.

5. Do the physical fitness centers have a dress code?


6. Are there personal trainers available by request?


7. Can I request specific music to be played?


8. What is the age requirement for the Parent Tot areas?

Children must be 10 years or younger.

9. Can visitors use the fitness centers?

Yes, as long as their sponsor stays with them.

10. How much are the fitness center classes?


11. Are there spa & wellness services available? i.e. massages,esthetician, dietitians, etc.

Massage Therapy is available. Inquire at the Customer Service Desk for more information and to set up an appointment.

12. What are the prices of spa & wellness services? i.e.massages, esthetician, dietitians, etc.

Massage therapy prices vary depending on type and length, inquire at the Customer Service desk for more information and to set up an appointment.

Read the rest here:
Army sports and fitness - US Army MWR :: Ansbach

How A Fitness Coach Turns Regular People Into Army Recruits

Posted: at 11:41 pm

Former REME soldier Mark Maspero trains young people who wish to get in the Army (Picture: Mark Maspero).

It is no secret that the British Army could be facing a potential shortage of troops.

In this financial year alone, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) admitted that the Army is set to receive just 5,600 new recruits- less than 60% of the target.

While for some the issue lays with Capita, the recruitment company outsourcedby the MODwhich takes around 300 days to complete the application process, for other applicants the problem is their level of fitness.

"Todays generation isnt as physically fit and robust as previous generations," explain personal trainer Mark Maspero. "Though nofault of their own, they require extra tuition and motivation to reach the required Army standards."

Mr Maspero spent 22 years in the Army as part of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME), but "mostly working in the gym and playing sports". During his time serving, he qualified as a Personal Trainer Instructor (PTI).

Upon leaving the forces in 2014, he used his skills to train civilians, working with Olympic athletes, coaching for councils and professional football academies.

More recently, he decided to become a military trainer and use his experience to help young people pass the entrance tests for the Army:

"I had an amazing career in the Army and I want to help young people join the military with the best possible chance of success."

Mostly teenage boys from "working class families". "It's largely white males aged 16 to 19," he explains, "and occasional females."

Usuallysessions are one-on-one, but on some occasionsa small group of friends will enrol together.

Sporadically, Mr Maspero helps out with larger groups from colleges or cadet forces.

Ahead of deciding on a training routine, Mr Maspero puts wannabe-Army recruits through a basic fitness test to see where their physical abilities stand.

"I then compare them [the results] to the required results necessary to pass military selection," he explains.

Most of the initial training, he says, revolves around exercises aimed at improving muscular endurance with bodyweight. Once that is up to standard, he then focuses onworking on theperson's robustness and resilience.

Exercises range from lifting to carrying items over different terrains and obstacles.

"The most popular sessions involve tyre flipping, partner exercises," he explains,as well as "lifting and carrying exercises involving the power bags and jerrycans."

"I findthe individual's quitting point and push it a little further each time."

Depending on when the person's scheduled date to take the three-day selection exam, the number of sessions and theirduration varies.

However, Mr Maspero tries to schedule at least three to four hours physical training a week plus recommended two to three hours of running or team sports.

Mr Maspero believes a new Army recruit needs to have good all-round fitness:

"They dont have to be the fastest or the strongest, but have the mental ability to keep pushing themselves through adversity."

"They need to be resilient and robust to overcome injury, fatigue, and setbacks. The basic training will make recruits fitter and stronger, the recruits need to be open-minded and willing to learn," he continues.

His training has so far resulted in three people being recruited in the Army.

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How A Fitness Coach Turns Regular People Into Army Recruits

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