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Integrative & Holistic Medicine – Progressive Medical Center

Posted: March 3, 2019 at 1:40 am

Integrative & Holistic Medicine

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Atlanta's Best Integrative Center

"What is Integrative Medicine?"Integrative Medicine is a partnership between the patient and the practitioner in the healing process that uses the best of both conventional and natural medicine to facilitate the bodys natural healing response.

What are the principles of integrative medicine?

Traditional medicine focuses on symptoms. Integrative medicine identifies and treats the root cause.Our goal is to stop your symptoms from occurring, by treating the real cause of the illness.

If you have a chronic headaches, a traditional physician will give you a prescription in order to minimize your headaches.We take this further and ask, Why do you have a headache? Through our state-of-the-art diagnostics, we have helped patients identify the root cause, which for headaches has been food sensitivities, dehydration, muscle inflammation, etc.

Good medicine should be inquiry-driven and be open to new paradigms. The use of natural, less invasive, interventions are used whenever possible, unless it is an acute infection. This includes the use of broader concepts or promotion of health, and the prevention of illness, as well as the treatment of disease.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of a cure. If you prevent a disease, youll be able to handle more acute situations more effectively.

Integrative medicine uses a team approach. We have MD's (medical doctors), osteopathic doctors, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, and dietitians who work together. this group partners with you on your health journey to look at your condition from many angles and develop the best plan to restore your health.

Each practitioner comes to us with a unique background in Integrative Medicine & combined with a commitment to ongoing education we are leading a medical movement in Integrative Medicine. That is what makes Progressive Medical Center unique.

Together, we enhance the body's ability to heal through the partnership of the patient and physician.

Can You Solve My Problem?

Integrative Medicine has been remarkably effective at successfully treating chronic conditions where patients often experience pain for months or even years on end. If youve experienced a prolonged struggle with any medical issue then an integrative solution may be what you need to significantly improve your quality of life.



Bio-identical Hormones

Chronic Fatigue




Joint Pain



Sleep Disorders

Thyroid Disorder

Viral Infections

Weight Management

All I can say is Progressive Medical Center is the most AMAZING place I've ever been. I have m (...)

I was desperate when I came to Progressive. I was impressed by their approach of seeking and t (...)

The team of doctors did not give me a band aid to treat my symptoms. They worked together to f (...)

The staff at PMC collectively has been most supportive in helping me be a healthy person again.

The treatment was so beneficial and helpful. After one visit, I knew I was in good hands. I ha (...)

After 6 visits going to PMC 3 times a week I started noticing a big difference. I was able to (...)

I was amazed at the swift recovery that I received from Progressive Medical Center. She was so (...)

The doctors at Progressive are by far some of the very best chiropractic healers I have encoun (...)

I was first referred to Progressive Medical Center when I got in a car accident. The doctors t (...)

The doctors at PMC helped change my overall health, not just through Chiropractic but with con (...)

Taylor Scott, 104.7 The Fish

I have learned so much about healthy living through Progressive Medical Center. I love knowing (...)

With the help of doctors at Progressive, I have overcome my osteopenia and my bone density is (...)

I love you all for the great work you are doing. It took a while for my lab work to look this (...)

I love this place. The doctors are awesome. I have thyroid issues that are finally more balanc (...)

I was impressed from the start. My son's stubborn acne that he suffered with is all but gone. (...)

The doctors at Progressive immediately knew what was wrong with me. I cried and was so relieve (...)

Progressive took time to listen and then he explained to me the possible reasons behind my dia (...)

Thank God for Progessive Medical! In 3 short months I was driving again! I continued to improv (...)

The doctors at Progressive are consummate professionals with technical expertise, intuitive pa (...)

The extreme pain in my arthritic knee has been decreased by 85-90%! I'm so excited and I know (...)

Professional and compassionate care are the words I choose to describe the attention and treat (...)

I am starting to feel much better! I'm definitely noticing my sleep is better, I have a better (...)

Richard & Abigail Gonzalez

Richard & Abigail Gonzalez

From the first day that I met Dr. Arnold and Andrea, I was impressed. They genuinely care abou (...)

Dr. Melissa Arnold is at the top of her profession. I'm quick to recommend her work to anyone. (...)

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