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The Longevity Economy: Gigantic And Getting Bigger – Forbes

Posted: December 31, 2019 at 1:45 pm


As a new decade and year are about to begin, professional forecasters are, of course, going through the exercise of guesstimating the future course of the markets and U.S. economy. From what Ive seen, theyre generally expecting the record-breaking U.S. expansion to continue at a middling 2% pace in 2020. Among the factors routinely listed as preventing faster growth is the demographics of aging: The rising ranks of retirement-age Americans, many experts say, is bad for the economy.

Theyre wrong. This timeworn economic dictum is not only outdated, it ignores changes in American society that are turning an aging population into more of an economic and social asset than ever. For evidence, take a look at the new report, The Longevity Economic Outlook by the Economist Intelligence Unit for AARP, an update of a 2013 AARP study.

Were still fighting some of the negative stereotypes about older Americans, says Debra Whitman, executive vice president and chief public policy officer at AARP. The Longevity Economy Outlook demonstrates the sheer magnitude of older Americans contributions to all of society.

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The new AARP report calculates the contribution to the U.S. economy of the 117.4 million Americans who are 50+ (35% of the population) at $8.3 trillion, or 40% of gross domestic product (GDP). Thats up from $7.1 trillion when AARP last looked in 2013. Put another way, if Americas 50+ population were its own country, its GDP would now be the worlds third largest, following the U.S. and China.

The studys projections to 2050 are equally illuminating, and Ill touch on a few striking figures in a moment. But broadly speaking, the report is a timely reminder that too much of the conversation about aging dwells on costs and burdens of older Americans, while voicing despair at the financing challenges of Social Security and Medicare. The popular image of growing old is too often pictured as years of chronic illness and mental decline as Shakespeare wrote, "sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything."

The Longevity Economic Outlook is just the latest analysis reframing the discussion about aging toward the economic and social possibilities created by greater longevity. The key questions such studies raise are: How can the nation best maximize the economic and social returns from longer, healthier lives? What private and public initiatives would improve the quality of work well into the retirement years, promote lifetime learning and training, boost the odds for successful late-life entrepreneurship and encourage business to imagine products and services geared toward engaged older adults?

While these questions have been floated around for years by reformers, its time to get urgent about embracing change.

Older adults are an increasingly powerful force as workers, consumers, entrepreneurs and active participants in their communities, says Paul Irving, chairman of the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging. But an aging population should not be feared. The rapid growth of the longevity economy offers new opportunities for innovation, employment and economic growth for people of all ages.

The recent Washington Innovation in Longevity Summit that my colleague Richard Eisenberg attended was filled with evidence of burgeoning interest by tech entrepreneurs and investors here and abroad to serve the 50+ market. Almost every week, I hear from people from another country saying: I want you to meet an entrepreneur or I have an investment fund for you to look at, said Mary Furlong, host of the summit.

Now, let me turn to the future of 50+ Americans, as the AARP report sees things:

While these gains are expected to be driven by businesses across the board, several fields in particular will do well, according to AARP, including financial services, insurance and health care.

The Economic Intelligence Unit, Bureau of Economic Analysis, REMI

Two other sets of numbers in the report are worth emphasizing and refute conventional wisdom that older Americans are a financial burden on the nation.

The Economist Intelligence Unit, Bureau of Labor Statistics, REMI

First, the tax contribution of the 50+ group is substantial. For example, the study says, the share of federal income taxes paid by the 50+ population amounted to 59% of the total income taxes paid in 2018, far above their share of the population Their portion of the federal tax total in 2050 is projected to rise to 65%. A similar dynamic holds on state and local levels.

The second figure of note is the estimated economic value of unpaid contributions. Those are things like caring for an aging parent, grandparents supporting grandchildren and volunteering. The AARP report puts the total value of this unpaid work at $745 billion in 2018.To put that in context, $745 billion is slightly more than total amount of Medicare benefits paid in 2018.

Perhaps most importantly, especially in an era when memes like OK Boomer manage to get an audience, is the theme of intergenerational benefits in the workplace and in society that runs throughout The Longevity Economic Outlook. Simply put, ideas for improving economic opportunities for older adults also boost prospects for younger generations (who, after all, will age, too).

Want the economy to grow faster than 2%? Then lets start encouraging older Americans to work longer if they can; welcome them into the workplace; treat them with respect and give them the opportunity to use their skills and experience for employers and to start their own businesses.

That will make them become an even more powerful force for rejuvenating the economy.

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The Longevity Economy: Gigantic And Getting Bigger - Forbes

Azerbaijan’s secret to long life? Mountain air in the village of Lerik – The Union Journal

Posted: at 1:45 pm

(CNN) There are a selection of locations all over the world famed for the longevity of their residents.

In Japan, Okinawas sprightly centenarians have earned it the nickname Land of the Immortals. Campodimele, Italys Village of Eternity, is testomony to the Mediterranean food regimen. Within the sunny Californian city of Loma Linda, a group of Seventh-Day Adventists reaping rewards of fresh dwelling.

Theres one long-lived nook of the globe you will not have heard talked about as a lot, and it is residence to the worlds solely Museum of Longevity. That is Lerik in southern Azerbaijan.

The South Caucasus nation is residence to a number of areas recognized for producing residents who reside to triple-figure ages, together with Lankaran and Nagorno-Karabakh. However one other, Lerik, is reputed to have the very best focus of centenarians.

On this emerald land excessive above the clouds within the Talysh Mountains, reached by loop after loop of a serpentine highway, folks appear to have found a secret to a protracted and wholesome life.

The 2-room Museum of Longevity, inbuilt 1991 and renovated in 2010, holds greater than 2,000 reveals documenting the lives and reminiscences of the areas oldest inhabitants.

It charts particular person lifespans with the home goods that theyve outlived, equivalent to three generations of clothes irons. There are chests stuffed with headscarves and shirts, silver pitchers and bowls, fantastically knitted socks, and hand-dyed rugs which are nonetheless brightly coloured regardless of their age.

After which there are the letters, written in each Azerbaijani and Russian private artifacts so previous that the ink is beginning is fade.

Maybe essentially the most charming options are the portraits of centenarians that cowl the museums partitions. These photos, relationship from the 1930s, have been donated by French photographer Frederic Lachop.

The museum, and official Azerbaijan statistics, outline centenarian extra loosely than youd count on: Right here, it means anybody over 90 years previous.

Nevertheless, again in 1991, there have been greater than 200 folks in Lerik registered as being greater than 100 years previous, out of a inhabitants of 63,000.

Numbers have been much less spectacular since then, which locals blame variously on radiation from communication towers and environmental decline, however might simply as simply be all the way down to extra rigorous record-keeping.

At the moment, there are 11 folks greater than 100 years previous, out of a neighborhood inhabitants of 83,800.

Is that this the worlds oldest man ever? Maybe not.

Kamilla Rzayeva

Leriks present oldest citizen is Raji Ibrahimova, at 105 years. That is a high quality classic, but it surely pales compared to the age apparently reached by spaces most celebrated centenarian, Shirali Muslumov, a shepherd who supposedly lived to be 168.

The phone book of his passport declare that he was born in 1805 and his headstone states that he died in 1973. If true, it will make the the oldest individual to have ever lived.

Sadly, again within the early 19th century, delivery registrations not often came about in such distant villages as his birthplace of Barzavu, so there isnt any certifable report of when he was born.

Numerous letters despatched from everywhere in the world on his varied birthdays go away little question that he was certainly of a really respectable age, but it surelys maybe greatest to think about a minimal 20-year margin of error.

Amongst these corresponding with Muslumov have been Vietnamese communist chief Ho Chi Minh, who despatched a postcard greeting him with the endearment, Pricey Grandpa.

This longevity gene appears to run within the household. His 95-year-old daughter, Halima Qambarova, tells CNN Journey that whereas she wont reside to 168, like her father she at the very least hopes to reside to the age of 150, like her grandfather, or 130, like her aunt.

When the climate turns chilly, most centenarians relocate to the kinder coastal climes of Lankaran, however Qambarova was nonetheless within the Lerik village of Barzavu when CNN Journey dropped by her fathers modest two-story residence, surrounded by huge apple and pear bushes (in all probability contemporaries of her well-known father).

Sitting by the window, wrapped in a scarf, she speaks with a slight accent, switching typically to her native language of Talysh, a dialect spoken by simply 200,000 folks and categorized as susceptible by UNESCO.

She exhibits off her passport, which does not record a month or date of delivery, solely the yr: 1924. She could also be 95, however she is absolutely current, interacting along with her great-grandchildren, and demonstrating her vigorous humorousness. When requested her age, she cheerfully replies, 15.

Stillness of the thoughts is a part of their secret, the museum information says. They avoid stress, fascinated by life fairly philosophically, dwelling in the future at a time, with out a lot planning or fear for the long run.

Halima Qanbarova is a younger factor of 95. Her grandfather is alleged to have lived to 150, her father to 168, and her aunt to 130.

Kamilla Rzayeva

Qambarovas day begins at daybreak; she does not let herself sleep in. I rise up as quickly as my eyes open, she says.

She spends the entire day working within the backyard or round the home. Her room is small, with a thick comfortable carpet and pillows on the ground. Many individuals right here want sleeping on the bottom, with only a skinny blanket as a substitute of a mattress, because its believed to be the healthiest technique to relaxation the again.

Opposite to fashionable perception, the centenarians of Lerik do eat meat, however they inherited a desire for recent dairy merchandise equivalent to shor (cottage cheese), butter, milk and the yoghurt drink ayran from earlier centenarians, for whom the abstinence from meat was extra attributable to financial circumstance.

Qambarovas daughter-in-law brings in an enormous plate with pears and apples from their backyard and a few fragrant tea.

It is natural, floral and refreshing. Again on the museum, the information exhibits a desk with the varied herbs native to Lerik.

The key of lengthy life is nice diet, the minerals within the spring water and the herbs that we add to tea to stop diseases, so folks do not should take any drugs, solely utilizing the pure treatments, says the information. Certainly, Qambarova insists shes by no means taken any treatment.

Past her home windows, it might appear that the village is quiet and nonetheless. However the bodily work that villagers put in on daily basis is immense. From dawn till sundown they work in gardens and fields in addition to round the home. They sew and knit and care for huge households.

Such was the approach to life of Mammadkhan Abbasov, a 103-year-old from Jangamiran village. Sitting on the carpet, throughout from the window, the centenarian has virtually fully misplaced his sight and may barely hear his son telling him that friends have arrived, however when he lastly catches it, he begins singing, providing prayers and good needs.

At Abbasovs facet is his nice grandson a century hole between them.

Similar to Qambarova, Abbasov has been a busy villager his entire life, working within the fields till about seven years in the past, when his imaginative and prescient deteriorated.

Lerik is testomony to the advantages of recent mountain air.

Kamilla Rzayeva

He has at all times been an excellent man and lived his life correctly, his son says.

When it comes to meals, he eats no matter God provides with only one restriction he by no means drinks alcohol.

Abbasov attributes his lengthy life to each day bodily exercise, to not the purpose of exhaustion, however sufficient to problem the physique.

Together with the great diet from the farm merchandise, he additionally used to drink liters of ice-cold spring water, which is wealthy with minerals mentioned to contribute to longevity.

The headache-inducing altitudes of mountains may additionally be an element.

The ages of a few of these celebrated centenarians should be disputed, however right here in Lerik their legacy lives on by way of the folks that also abide by the straightforward secret of Leriks longevity: bodily exercise, good diet, plenty of water and an angle to life that claims: We solely reside as soon as, but when we do it proper, as soon as is sufficient.

Museum of Longevity, 22 A.Asadullayev avenue, Lerik, Azerbaijan; (025) 274-47-11

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Azerbaijan's secret to long life? Mountain air in the village of Lerik - The Union Journal

Bar JV Angus Sale To Be Held On March 24 – The Roundup

Posted: at 1:45 pm

Everyone in the Angus business brags about the Angus cow. No matter what environment you put her in she will adapt and thrive.

This year, we attended a Montana Angus Association tour of the Certified Angus Beef headquarters in Wooster, OH, and the National Angus convention, Reno, NV. We feel it is important to stay informed about changes in our industry and the quality end product we are providing to the consumer. We were especially impressed with the standards that are met with Certified Angus Beef.

Bar JV Angus has always been a family run operation. There are currently three generations collaborating at the ranch; Jim and Loretta Vitt, Dale and Jill Vitt and Cody and Sierra Vitt. We currently run 325 registered cows and 160 commercial cows. In its 44 years as a registered Angus business, Bar JV has continued to produce a product that will provide quality and increase profitability for their customers.

At Bar JV Angus we remain focused on developing a solid foundation of quality Angus genetics. Our mission is to remain focused on what is important to a commercial operation: low maintenance cows with longevity that produce pounds at weaning. Breeding elite Angus females who produce high performance bulls for the profitability of commercial cattlemen is the ultimate goal.

While the American Angus Association has provided us with a great set of selection tools, there are traits that we require beyond EPDs. Structural soundness, good feet and udders are fundamental and essential for longevity. Disposition and maternal instincts are also absolutely necessary. Also breeding bone into our cattle to enable them to handle the amount of growth that is found in today's genetics. Another thing we look for is a long neck and smooth shoulders, which ensures calving ease. We consider calving ease to be bred into our cow herd.

Dale and Jill Vitt. (Submitted photo)

They also believe that cows should be able to take care of themselves; allowing them to graze until the weather forces them to feed. In the winter season, alfalfa and grass hay are fed along with beet pulp and corn silage. Calving begins the first week of March at Bar JV, allowing most of the herd to calve out in the pasture unassisted.

Bar JV Angus' annual production sale will be held Tuesday, March 24 in the sale barn at the ranch. We will be selling 100 bulls and 180 commercial heifers. Bar JV invites you to join us on sale day. Visitors are always welcome to come by the ranch to view the bulls, heifers or the cows. We would love to show you our operation. We are always happy to discuss any questions you may have and assist in finding you the right bulls or heifers to match your needs.

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Bar JV Angus Sale To Be Held On March 24 - The Roundup

Amble a day keeps the vet away for Alfie – The Times

Posted: at 1:45 pm

Carol Smart, Alfies owner, credits dry food and daily walks for his longevityNORTHPIX

The owner of one of Scotlands oldest dogs has revealed the secret of her pets longevity: daily walks and dry food.

Alfie, a jack russell-dachshund cross from Nairn in the Highlands,will celebrate his 20th birthday on New Years Day and has hardly a days illness in his life, according to his owner.

Carol Smart, 56, has cared for Alfie for 14 years and believes that daily walks and dry food have kept him healthy. However, she admitted recently noticing a cloudiness in his eyes.

Despite his age, Alfie spent this summer competing at the Nairnshire Farmers show. In his first try at being t a show dog he won several awards, including first prize in the any variety veteran class and reserve best in show.

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As the World Lives Longer, Investment in Early Healthcare is Paramount – Qrius

Posted: at 1:45 pm

Looking back 150 years, the proportion of elderly in Japans population was only a few per cent; now it exceeds 27%, making Japan the worlds top super-aged society.In 2060, it will exceed 38% and remain at this level in the future, retaining its top spot. OECD countries and many emerging economies including China will follow suit at their own respective speeds. The transition is a great outcome of public health and medicine.

A super-aged society is a natural consequence of longevity and we should celebrate it; on the other hand, our new challenge is healthy longevity or how we can be healthy, active and happy until the very end of our lives. Japanese data on the elderly, gathered byDr Hiroko Akiyama of the University of Tokyo, suggests that health status at 65 is a strong indication of quality of life for the rest of life. In the 70-year-lifespan model, where people die in their 60s or 70s, health is not as big an issue for working-age people; in the 100-year lifespan model, one should continuously invest in ones health from as early a point as possible to maintain ones health after retirement. But how?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution offers good news on this front. Now, it is much easier than ever before to gather indicators of what affects ones health. We can gather genomic data, daily vitality data, health check data and medical treatment data. We can also gather data regarding lifestyle, social connectedness and financial activity all at a lower cost. Then artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data analysis can help us to understand our health more accurately and easily, and maintain it cost-effectively. We have rich new solutions for healthier lives.

The issue is the motivation or incentive for ordinary people to invest in their health before becoming elderly. Health geeks with rich health literacy invest in their health, using new technology but we observe quite a number of ordinary people with less health literacy. How can we inspire such uninterested people toward health investment or prevention before becoming sick?

The traditional approaches are from government, insurers or healthcare providers. National or local governments encourage members of their populations to improve health literacy and to receive health checks. Insurers may change member premiums and conditions, based on the members health status or lifestyle. Hospitals and medical doctors are in a good position to advise locals. However, governments tend to lack resources, insurers cannot reach non-members and hospitals cannot cover people who dont come to hospitals.

Governments can enforce obligations for ordinary individuals or businesses to take care of their health. A typical example of this is regulation for occupational health. While the requirement level and compliance level differs country by country, we observe employers obligations to secure employee safety and health in offices and factories in many countries. However, while a legal obligation is good at securing minimum standards, it is not good at encouraging best practices. An obligation is necessary but insufficient.

We need to use incentives for both individuals and businesses to realize better occupational health. A public-private partnership programme called Health and Productivity Management (H&PM) started in Japan six years ago. It encourages CEOs and company management to invest on a voluntary basis in their employees health for productivity and creativity purposes. The return of that investment is healthier employees with energy and enthusiasm and better evaluations from the labour market, capital markets, customers and society, all of which improves the value of the company. Now, more than 2,300 large companies and 35,000 SMEs in Japan have implemented H&PM.

External evaluation strengthens the return of investment. The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange select 35 listed companies from 26 sectors (based on the results of a yearly survey) for the H&PM stock selection competition. in addition, Nippon Kenko Kaigi, a large business and medical federation including the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Japan Medical Association, nominates 3,300 companies as certified H&PM companies.

So far, we have observed positive outcomes from H&PM. In the past five years, certified H&PM companies have outperformed other ordinary companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, according to an analysis by Tokyo Mitsubishi and Morgan Stanley Securities. Some institutional investors such as AXA Insurance have started considering H&PM as one element of environment, social and corporate governance (ESG).

While direct evidence is lacking, logically speaking, H&PM will have positive external effects on the rest of society and the economy, since healthier employees become healthier citizens and active consumers. Considering new business trends such as the SDGs, ESG or stakeholder capitalism, some companies are now more focused on these external effects than on the financial returns derived.

H&PM is not unique to Japan:Johnson & Johnson started H&PM decades ago and say one dollar invested generates 3 dollars in return.The US Chamber of Commerce issued a reportthat poor occupational health reduces GDP by 8.2%, 7%, 5.4% in the US, Japan and China respectively. In 2019, Business 20 (B20) included H&PM into its proposal to the G20. H&PM is a good strategy for improving occupational health in emerging economies with fewer initial resources. Sri Lanka started an H&PM awards programme in 2019.

It is fair to say that the rapid expansion of H&PM in Japan faces a unique challenge owing to the countrys labour shortage. As an ageing society, Japan lacks younger individuals as human resources, which makes recruitment a very important business issue. The same is true for the need to retain trained staff and convincing them not to resign. While H&PM works very well in this regard, such a labour shortage may happen in many countries as they age.

Increasing human productivity is one of the hot topics among global businesses amid rapid industrial structural change. I believe, H&PM is a new, positive strategy for realizing healthy longevity which will prove effective in many companies and economies.

Kazumi Nishikawa,Director, Healthcare Industries Division, Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan

This article was originally published in World Economic Forum

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Doctor Who: Why fans can never have enough of their favorite series – Doctor Who Watch

Posted: at 1:45 pm

This monthmarked thirty years sinceDoctor Who ended on television. At the time, it was practically hated by some of the senior people in the BBC, some of whom had been trying to end the series for a while. So when it was suddenly cancelled, it probably wasnt too much of a surprise for fans despite the fact that the last two seasons featured an exciting new direction for the show.

For almost any other series, twenty-six seasons isnt a bad number at all. In fact, in the case of some, it can easily be seen as being too many. TV series can easily ran out of ideas, and the cast and crew can get very, very tired after working so hard for so long.

Equally important is the story. Theres never any point in stretching a series out if theres no more story left to tell. Sometimes, its better to go out with a bang, and leave the fans wanting more.

And fans did want more. A lot more. Of course, there was a simple reason for that: forDoctor Who, twenty-six seasons wasnt too long. In fact, itwasnt nearly long enough.

Despite ending after twenty-six, fans still wanted more Doctor Who. Much, much more.(Image Courtesy BBC Studios, BritBox)

What makesDoctor Who so special is that its basically free of the traps that restrict so many other shows, or even stories in general. It doesnt need to worry about feeling tired because its designed to refresh itself every few years, anyway.

Even in the New Series, the entire cast has changed since Series 1, or even since a couple of years ago. In other series, thats a huge risk, but forDoctor Who, its a core part of the shows DNA.

But more important than that is the fact that the show has very few storytelling limits. Oh, it may have budgetary restrictions, and of course, you want the stories suitable for a family audience. But beyond that? It really can go anywhere in time and space. There are very few shows that have that level of ambition. The TARDIS is such a basic part of the show, but its also the key to the shows longevity.

As a result of these factors, fans will always want more. Theyll always want more stories of the Doctor and their companions. Thanks to books, audios and comics, this isnt even limited to the current TARDIS team. We can always revisit our favorite Doctors in new adventures, and there are so many new adventures for all of the Doctors out there in some shape or form.

No matter how many stories weve been given, fans will always crave more new ones. And that, perhaps more than anything else, will always helpDoctor Who to survive, even when its off the screen completely.

What do you think is the most important reason forDoctor Whos longevity? Do you crave stories with the current TARDIS team most of all, or do you want stories for earlier Doctors more? Let us know in the comments below.

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Doctor Who: Why fans can never have enough of their favorite series - Doctor Who Watch

Houstons fitness czar offers tips for sticking to healthy resolutions – Houston Chronicle

Posted: at 1:44 pm

Health and fitness expert Samir Becic has a New Years resolution for the entire city of Houston.

I want to make Houston one of the fittest cities in America, he said. I cant tell you how motivated I am to make our great city the healthiest.

As with any resolution, a list of excuses can pop up. For example, Houstonians often complain about the climate or the lack of opportunities for fitness, Becic said. Unlike colder places, however, Houston is an ideal place for an active life, he said, with parks that make it easy to get outdoors.

Becic was recently named Houstons health czar by Mayor Sylvester Turner. Before founding Health Fitness Revolution and ReSYNC Fitness, he served as fitness director for Bally Total Fitness.

He has observed firsthand the wave of individuals signing up for gym memberships in January and February, ready to tackle their New Years resolutions. Then that excitement goes down, and suddenly they disappear, Becic said. By April, they stop coming completely.

His goal is to make fitness a year-round lifestyle of Houstonians.

Sticking with resolutions can be an ideal way to focus on self-care, said Ashley Garza, who founded,with Heather Hazen, Cormentum Health and Wellness in west Houston. As health and lifestyle coaches, Garza and Hazen recognize that committing to change is both mental and physical.

Everybody should take time to invest in themselves, Garza said. We all need to recharge.

Health experts in Houston have a number of tips for making resolutions stick:

1. Start slow. Its a marathon, not a sprint, Becic said. Its step-by-step. Keep in mind that better health is a process, he added. That means setting small, realistic goals, like losing 6 pounds in a month instead of 30 pounds. Becic also recommends starting with shorter work-outs in the gym, and adding five minutes at a time. Starting slow and being steady can help reduce injuries and exhaustion, he said.

The same is true of diet. Instead of eliminating everything all at once, make minor changes and work toward being healthier. Jill Sechi, owner of Wellness Coaching and Nutrition Therapy, has similar advice. A lot of resolutions are very broad and overwhelming, she said. Youve got to make sure your goals are realistic and small.

2. Celebrate small successes. Feelings of anxiety and depression surrounding weight loss often prevent people from working out, Becic said. Positive reinforcement for even small wins can help. Realistic goals make celebrating small successes easier, he said. For example, be excited about losing 10 pounds instead of beating yourself up for not losing 40. When you achieve something, you feel better about yourself, Becic said.

3. Develop patience - and flexibility. Reaching your goals takes time. Becic recommends being prepared to wait longer to see lasting results. Expect six to eight weeks to make up for a year of an inactive lifestyle, he said.

Garza added that sometimes success means being able to handle change. Find ways to cope, she said. If a goal isnt perfect, modify it and continue on a path to better health. Sechi said that setting manageable goals can be difficult. Instead, she recommends spending time reflecting on values. Values are not something you can accomplish, she said. Instead, look at ways to continually work toward the values that define you.

4. Find a partner. A number of individuals want to be healthier in the New Year. So you have plenty of partners to choose from, Becic said. Have a friend, and you can each motivate each other to stick with it. Hazen and Garza serve as each others accountability partners at Cormentum Health. Youre not in it alone, Garza said.

5. Narrow your focus. Be specific about your resolutions, Garza said. Once you gain momentum, you can go on to another, she said. Having too many goals can dilute your ability to conquer any, Becic said. Often people pick multiple goals at once, he said. Why stress yourself out? Pick one goal at a time. Be specific about what you want and hone in on that, he said.

6. Write it down. cCmmitting to a resolution with pencil and paper makes for a stronger commitment in general, Hazen said. Written goals are important, she said. Not only does it serve as a reminder, but it also becomes an affirmation. It helps you think, I can do this, she said.

7. Learn to love yourself. Hating what you see in the mirror is never helpful, Becic said, even if thats why you want to change. He recommends saying, I will change my body, but I will love myself in each phase.

8. Make time to rest. The body requires rest to become healthier, Becic said. Getting the proper amount of rest is essential. You need sleep, Becic said. He recommends getting seven to eight hours each night.

9. Hydrate. Its not simply the amount of water that matters. Its also how and when you drink it, Becic said. He recommends getting about a gallon a day. Every time you feel hungry, drink one big glass of water, and wait 10 to 15 minutes, he said. Most times, youre not hungry. Youre just thirsty, and your brain cannot tell the difference. He also suggests not drinking too much during a meal to promote healthy digestion and to reduce bloating.

10. Think about your triggers. Since behavioral change has a mental and emotional component, Hazen recommends exploring the root causes of behaviors. What makes a person smoke when theyre trying to quit? What makes you go to the pantry and grab a Twinkie? she asks. Thinking about triggers can make individuals better prepared to address and avoid them.

11. Eliminate stress. Stress can prevent rest and self-love - and even stop individuals from going to the gym or eating properly. Find the reason why youre stressed, Becic said. Start meditating, and getting in tune with yourself. He says to spend time to find whats causing stress and how to destress. Then, take that calmer path.

12. Make it fun. Becoming healthier doesnt have to be a bootcamp - even if thats your preferred fitness program. Hazen said that making small changes and seeing success can be rewarding. Change doesnt have to be painful, she said. It can actually be exciting.

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The Hypersphere Mini Is One of the Best Fitness Products We Tested This Year – InsideHook

Posted: at 1:44 pm

Percussive therapy had a moment in 2019.

A burgeoning market of massage devices that look (and sound) like power drills with names like Theragun G3Pro or Hyperice Hypervolt Plus have firmly hit the mainstream, as athletes of all ages and abilities have now come to rely on their 60-pounds-of-force, 40-percussions-a-second capacity for easing soreness around the body.

The machines punching heads induce blood flow to soft tissue, which in turn relaxes connective tissues and elongates muscle fibers. Weve used multiple models, and they all work wonders. Fifteen minutes of use after a tough lift or long run is now a crucial portion of my workout routine. For an industry thats pushed useless crap on an unwitting, credulous public for decades, a product that can actually address common aging ailments (stiff knees, locked backs, sore calves) feels like a near miracle.

That said, there are still some prohibitive elements to bringing one home. The price, for starters. You could fly round-trip to most European cities for the price range of a percussive device, which hovers between $350 and $600. The design is clunky, too. Theragun and Hyperice have made massive ergonomic improvements on their earlier models, but you still wouldnt take one out of the house. (They comes in briefcases, and have numerous attachments, like a vacuum.) Theyre also just super loud.

So we were understandably pumped when Hyperices Hypersphere Mini dropped earlier this year. The device, which made our list of the years best fitness products, is as effective as the flagship, drill-shaped models, but smaller than a softball. It sources the same style of massage an electronic riff on the Swedish deep-tissue practice of tapotement but it does so without sacrificing any portability, and without putting a hole in your wallet. The Mini is just $99 and TSA-approved, and does a good job of hitting spots the larger therapy devices cant reach (assuming youre administering them by yourself), like the upper back or the balls of the feet.

All you really need for this thing to do its job is a decent charge (it plugs in USB-style), and a portion of ground that can handle a bit of vibration, be it a yoga mat or a stretch of carpet. It works most effectively when youre pressing into it, not scraping it against yourself, so find a spot in the hammies that needs a little love, find your preferred mode of power (there are three) and let it dig in.

Oh, and definitely bring this thing on the road. You dont want to abandon your fitness over vacation or a business trip, and the Mini proves a godsend after a flight.

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The Hypersphere Mini Is One of the Best Fitness Products We Tested This Year - InsideHook

Working For You Setting New Year’s fitness goals and sticking to them Kelsey Anderson 9:59 – WRTV Indianapolis

Posted: at 1:44 pm

INDIANAPOLIS New year new you! The new year always comes with new year resolutions, and for most, it's usually health and wellness related.

"Typically, most people have the same goal of wanting to lose weight," Eric Thompson, an exercise specialist at Hancock Wellness Center, said.

"The easiest thing to do, in my opinion is to write them down. So, once you write them down, you kind of commit to it actually happening," said Cody Baker, he's a fitness supervisor at Hancock Wellness Center.

Both Thompson and Baker said people tend to break their New Year's resolutions after just a few months.

"Most of the time, people do fall off and know that that is part of the process. It's going to take a lot longer than you think to reach your goals, which is unfortunate, but it is kind of the beauty of it too," said Baker.

They told me it's all about finding what works best for you as far as your workout goes. But the most important thing is to remain consistent with your routine.

"Consistency will build most of the momentum you need to carry on in the new year. So, don't start with six days a week start with two to three," said Baker

But hitting the gym isn't the only thing you need to focus on to reach your goals.

"One of the biggest struggles is making sure they are doing things they need to be doing outside of the gym, too," said Thompson.

That means getting enough sleep and having proper nutrition. But both Baker and Thompson said patience is the key to success.

"Its definitely going to take a lot longer than you think. It could take twice as long, so give yourself that grace and give yourself that time to really be aware of what's going to be happening and be ready for that journey as you go," said Thompson.

For more health and wellness tips click here.

Original post:
Working For You Setting New Year's fitness goals and sticking to them Kelsey Anderson 9:59 - WRTV Indianapolis

La Jolla fitness clubs weigh in on best way to shed pounds – La Jolla Light

Posted: at 1:44 pm

According to a 2015 Nielsen survey, the most common New Years Resolution is losing weight/getting in shape.

Since the biggest gym in La Jolla history just opened a couple of weeks ago with more square feet than an average Whole Foods we asked Life Time Fitness, and the nine other cardio and strength-training facilities in town, for their advice on how to shed holiday pounds.

What follows are the answers from those who responded to the Lights e-mails and phone calls over the holidays:

1055 Wall St. (858) 410-7100. Open since Dec. 20, 2019.

Give yourself an adequate amount of time and consistency on behavior changes. A quick-fix approach is probably not the best option. In addition to a fitness program that suits you, I suggest nutritionally dense whole foods minimally processed as well as adequate amounts of water and protein. Michael Najera, Life Time fitness trainer and nutritional coach

About Life Time: Occupying the 46,000 feet formerly used by Brooks Brothers, this behemoth gym contains more than 200 pieces of equipment, organized into separate floor areas for cardio, strength training (four different equipment manufacturers), GTX and Alpha programs (featuring free weights, cardio and strength elements) and five group-fitness studios, which host 81 weekly classes. Life Time also offers personal training, nutrition counseling, micro-nutrient testing, a caf and daycare, and a spa featuring massages, facials and nail services.

7825 Fay Ave. (858) 456-2595. Open since: 1991.

Everyone should find out what affects their body and what does not. Start with eating whole foods and no processed items and work from there. Also, have a plan but sweat every day. Work with our professionals to outline a plan that you enjoy, therefore will stick with. Getting a workout buddy or a personal trainer to help with accountability will go a long way when you are just starting a new workout regimen. Kera and Brett Murphy, La Jolla Sports Club co-owners

About La Jolla Sports Club: The Villages largest locally owned and operated health club offers 75 classes per week, personal training, nutrition, micro-nutrient testing, a full gym, childcare, cryotherapy, massage, nutrition, fascia therapy services, physical therapy, IV therapy and intra-muscular shots.

565 Pearl St., Suite 110. Open since: 1994 (originally as Planet Fitness).

Losing 20 pounds is easy. All you have to do is physically burn 70,000 calories more than you consume! How is that easy? Because we arent going to beat the fat off your body with life-draining exercise sessions that leave you burned out, broken and back on the weight-gain train in a month or two. We take a more sane approach and focus on the habits and behaviors that provide for a strong, healthy, balanced life year after year. Jeremy Manning, La Jollas Finest Training owner

About La Jollas Finest Training: This cozy gym offers one-on-one personal training to people needing guidance, motivation and assistance in overcoming obstacles. Massage, assisted stretching, coordination and resistance-training are integrated to increase, and maintain, muscle mass, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular fitness.

5628 La Jolla Blvd. (858) 255-8457. Open since: January 2012.

Combine our cycling classes which burn up to 800 calories in an hour with a sensible nutrition plan and the results will speak for themselves. Ian Harding, Rush Indoor Cycling owner

About Rush Indoor Cycling: Here, youll find indoor and group cycling classes, led by a trained instructor and held in a concert-style atmosphere.

5705 La Jolla Blvd. (858) 459-1900. Open since: January 2015.

To see the quickest transformation, take our class three-to-four times a week. Each class addresses every muscle group. Class choreography is constantly updated to avoid muscle adaptation. Meghan Boyd, Studio Barre Bird Rock owner

About Studio Barre Bird Rock: This boutique fitness studio offers a 60-minute, calorie-torching, music-bumping, personalized barre workout for all fitness levels {no dance background needed}. Isolated movements incorporate cardio and stretching to lift and tone the body.

8355 Cliffridge Ave. (858) 453-3483. Open since: 1964 (originally as La Jolla YMCA).

7877 Herschel Ave. (858) 551-9622. Open since: 1988.

Joining the gym is a great first step. But at the Y, we consider ourselves so much more than just a gym. Like anything, consistency is key to helping lose weight, gain muscle and be your best. A good way to start is simply move more. Its important for kids to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day, but adults need to get at least 30 minutes, too. If you do decide to join a gym in the new year, consider the Y and its KickStart program. A wellness coach can help you attain goals in three one-on-one fitness and nutrition sessions over for your 30 days. Courtney Pendleton, YMCA of San Diego County spokesperson

About Dan McKinney YMCA: This facility offers strength machines, free weights, ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes, stair-climbers, two outdoor pools, a spa with sauna and steam room, massage and reiki room, day care, Peloton bikes and studios for more than 100 group exercise classes per week including yoga, cycling, Zumba, Bodypump, barre and Pilates.

About Shepherd YMCA Firehouse: This facility offers strength machines, free weights, ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes, stair-climbers, and studios for 30 group exercise classes per week including yoga, Bodypump, Tai Chi and Pilates.

7680 Girard Ave., Suite 200. (858) 551-7800. Open since: 2005.

There are many ways to lose weight, but the most effective approach is a combination of healthy nutrition and consistent exercise. From a nutritional standpoint, eating whole foods and consuming fewer calories than you expend will provide your body with the nourishment it needs to support your energy levels and workout recovery, while allowing for a calorie deficit that promotes weight loss. When exercising, you also should focus on high-calorie burn. To accomplish this goal, consider a mix of cardio and resistance training. Josh Lyon, 24 Hour Fitness director of fitness

About 24 Hour Fitness: This national chain offers a variety of strength, cardio and functional training equipment including free weights and a multi-functional Olympic training rig. Also found here are GX and cycle studios, and Zumba, BodyPump and POP Pilates classes.

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La Jolla fitness clubs weigh in on best way to shed pounds - La Jolla Light

Free Fitness Classes This Week At River Trails Park District – Journal & Topics Newspapers Online

Posted: at 1:44 pm

By Nic F. Anderson | on December 30, 2019

River Trails Park District (RTDP) is giving the community a free Fitness Week with three days of free fitness classes from Thursday, Jan. 2 through Saturday, Jan. 4. RTDP is offering classes by experienced instructors to help community members reach their fitness goals such as managing stress, losing weight or living a healthier lifestyle.

On Thursday, Jan. 2 classes include yoga express at 8 a.m., gentle exercise at 9 a.m., We Fit U at 10:30 a.m., Tai Chi at 4:45 p.m. and cardio kettle strength at 6 p.m. Friday, Jan. 3 classes include core conditioning at 8 a.m., Barre Fusion at 9:15 a.m. and We Fit U at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 4 classes include interval mix at 8 a.m. and yoga at 9:30 a.m.

River Trails Park District is located at 1500 E. Euclid Ave. in Mount Prospect. Call the park district for more information.

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Free Fitness Classes This Week At River Trails Park District - Journal & Topics Newspapers Online

New Year fitness resolutions helping local gyms – WVNS-TV

Posted: at 1:44 pm

Posted: Dec 30, 2019 / 11:40 PM EST / Updated: Dec 31, 2019 / 10:00 AM EST

BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) Once the clock strikes midnight on Tuesday, it may be hard to get a spot on the treadmill at local gyms like the YMCA of Southern West Virginia because lets face itgetting in shape often makes its way to the top of new year resolution lists.

Director of Health and Wellness, Megan Clackler, sees it first hand every year.

Getting in shape and dieting are always at the top of the list! Clackler said. Which is good for us, we get a lot of new members and an influx of new people and old people coming back trying to get healthy for the new year.

Its the most wonderful time of the year for the Y financially speaking since they notice members cancelling or not coming as often during the holidays.

Its a huge benefit to us, Clackler added. Throughout the fall and winter months we tend to have some drop off in memberships so this is the biggest time of the year we get excited about it every year.

For many its time to shed some holiday bloatfor others its about becoming strong. Regardless of what your intentions in the gym are for 2020, dont rush the process and risk injury or even disappointment.

Here is the original post:
New Year fitness resolutions helping local gyms - WVNS-TV

7 Funny (Yet Effective) Fitness Tips You Might Have Heard Of That Actually Works – Tech Times

Posted: at 1:44 pm

7 Funny (Yet Effective) Fitness Tips You Might Have Heard Of That Actually Works ( Photo by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash )

If there's one common thing that people do whenever New Year strikes on the clock, this would be the goal of getting fitter and healthier body for the next year. Though let's admit it, it's fun to promise yourself to wake up earlier to take a stroll in the park, but it is way more difficult than it looks like.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to practice yourself being disciplined to finally getting that sexy bod. And if you're already tired of hearing different websites telling you 'common' fitness tips, why not try something else that-- though funny--but actually works out for you?

Who says these are weird?

Calling all caffeine lovers out there, thankfully, our favorite drink is getting limelight on the fitness world. According to researchers atthe Australian Institute of Sport, taking caffeine before or during a workout is an effective fitness tip as "caffeine triggers the muscles to start using fat as an energy source rather than carbohydrate sugars." It is also said that once you take caffeine before a run, your muscles would be less painful.

As studied by environmental psychologistDavid Alan Kopec from San Diego, choosing the colors of your workout fashion also helps in getting your body more hyped on working out. For example, colors of red and orange can trigger your brain to increase body temperature on which pumps you to workout even more throughout the day.

Though many studies show that drinking cold drinks while exercising is not a good thing, a study at Stanford University School of Medicine found out that exercising while holding a cooling device has more impact in making you exercise more. This is because your internal temperature was slower to increase when you're holding something colder.

Contrary to other normal beliefs, sweating is actually not a sign of more calories being burn in a workout. According to Brad Schoenfeld, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, he stated that the best indicator of effective calorie burn is through heart rate. Once you feel that your heart is beating so fast while working out that means its effective.

Runningbarefootis a common thing that a group in Toronto does to give more boost when they're running. They claim that running without shoes can improve circulation, poor posture, and give you stronger bones.

As studied by Jonathan Angelilli, a personal trainer in New York City, saying 'shhh' while working out creates and contracts your diaphragm and transverse abdominis that puts tension in the core and strengthens your extremities. The louder you say 'shhh', the more it is effective.

IntenSati, a fitness program, stated that once you're working out, shouting encouraging words can help you to be more focused and determined on finishing your exercise routine. This can also distract yourself from thinking that you're already tired or feeling any pain from a workout.

If these tips don't work out or you do not personally want to do it, Amazon is still willing to help you with your 2020 goal. Grab these items now before discount rates run out!

1.LETSCOM Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

2.Trideer Exercise Ball

3.LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

4.BodyBoss 2.0 - Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package

5.Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 Rowing Machine Rower

2018 TECHTIMES.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

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7 Funny (Yet Effective) Fitness Tips You Might Have Heard Of That Actually Works - Tech Times

Ask the Times: Has Kenton Buckner passed his fitness test? – Arkansas Times

Posted: at 1:44 pm

Brian ChilsonKENTON BUCKNER: During his time in Little Rock.

A reader asks if former Little Rock Police Chief Kenton Buckner had met the Syracuse, N.Y., fitness standard to be a certified officer on the force he now leads. A web search indicates the answer is, no, but he might get a pass.

We reported back in July on Buckners rocky relationship with the local police union and its criticism that he hadnt met training and fitness standards for certified officers. In addition to 400 hours of training in various aspects of police work, certified officers also must meet the local police academys fitness standard:

The physical standards for a male recruit between 40 and 49 include running a mile-and-a-half in 13 minutes 50 seconds, and doing 18 push-ups and 29 sit-ups, according to police recruiting material.

Spectrum News, a Syracuse-area website, updated Buckners situation last month.

It reported that the state agency that certifies police had given Buckner an additional year to complete training requirements, until Dec. 1, 2020. It said hed completed 386 hours in such areas as defensive tactics, driving and firearms testing. It said he still must complete the fitness testing and 160 hours of field training.

Kenton told Spectrum he was training for the fitness test and was confident hed pass it, though he wasnt sure when that would be.

I can actually get through the workouts now without passing out and feeling like were making progress with that, said Buckner. Any of you that tried to get into shape, its not easy. I dont try to hide that or walk away from it. I think its difficult but certainly reachable.

The Spectrum reporting indicted Buckner has a supporter in the local mayor and, according to him, passing the test might not be necessary for Buckner to keep his job.

I didnt hire the Chief based on how many push-ups he can do or fast he can run a mile and half, said Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh. I brought him in based on his experience, based on what he thought was important for the police department and for the community, and thats what hes delivered on.

Walsh also says the state law allows him to keep Buckner as chief whether he passes the certification or not. The certification just maintains his status as a sworn officer.

The police union has disagreed with the mayor on this opinion, but syracuse.com reported that the citys attorney backed up that reading of the law. Buckner could remain as a civilian police chief.

The mayor tapped Buckner to be chief in Syracuse in November 2018. Hed been chief in Little Rock for more than four years, after 21 years on the force in Louisville.

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Ask the Times: Has Kenton Buckner passed his fitness test? - Arkansas Times

How to keep those New Year’s fitness resolutions – PostBulletin.com

Posted: at 1:44 pm

Tomorrow is the first day of the new year, which means that starting on Thursday, your local health club will be packed at least for a while.

"It dies down within the first two or three weeks," said Steve Boring, fitness director at the Rochester Health Club. "But we're hopeful every year."

All those people arriving at health clubs to follow through on their New Year's resolutions to get in shape, lose weight and become healthier are hopeful, too. But it takes more than hope to achieve those goals.

It's not easy, but then, it's not supposed to be.


"If you can find your 'why,' it will be more fun," Boring said. "You can find some fun in the struggle. You have to remember why you're there."

Those who are successful share common traits, said Dan Hoffman, owner of Northgate Health Club in Rochester. "They set a goal, and they benchmark those goals," he said.

That way, he said, they're seeing small successes along the way, instead of getting frustrated that not all the weight is coming off at once.

Personal trainer Natalie Kalmes works with Stuart Riemann of Austin during a workout Monday at Northgate Health Club in northwest Rochester. (Traci Westcott / twestcott@postbulletin.com)

With that advice in mind, here are some more tips to help find success with those 2020 fitness resolutions:

"In the four years we've owned the club, what I've seen is that the people who do the best connect to a class," Hoffman said. A class provides structure and information, a set time to be at the club, and classmates with which to share workouts. "Have a workout buddy," he said.

Think about overall health, rather than focusing strictly on weight loss. "Weight loss it the No. 1 goal I see," Boring said. "People will pick a number, and that becomes the driving force, rather than health."

The problem is that without establishing healthy, long-term habits, there's a good chance any weight loss will inevitably be short-term.

"You have to change the mindset, the culture and the habits," Hoffman said.

Don't try to tackle a big goal all at once.

"The big thing is actually setting an appropriate goal," Boring said. "Make sure it's real and achievable."

Be specific with your goal.

"The reality is that 'something' doesn't always happen," Hoffman said.

"One of the worst things you can do is just wing it," Boring said.

Seek the assistance of professionals.

Personal trainers and coaches can help with information and encouragement.

"Visit with somebody who knows more about it," Hoffman said. "Spend time around the culture, the people who are working on that stuff."

"A personal coach can keep you coming back," Boring said.

Finally, consider a written promise to yourself.

"When I really want to accomplish something, I'll write a contract with myself," Boring said. "Then I've got a contract, and no matter how much I want to skip a workout, I won't."

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How to keep those New Year's fitness resolutions - PostBulletin.com

New Year fitness resolutions are helping local gyms – WZZM13.com

Posted: at 1:44 pm

KENTWOOD, Mich. Fitness often makes its way to the top of new year resolution lists. With 2020 approaching, local gyms like Planet Fitness' Grand Rapids and Kentwood branches along with Westside Fitnesssaid they are already seeing an influx in memberships and gym use.

"We do see a large jump in members after the new year," Westside Fitness said in a statement, "We have actually had a steady increase in memberships for the past two months, so we are definitely hoping that trends continues in January."

Tiehrra Durboraw, general manager of Planet Fitness' Grand Rapids branch echoed similar sentiments, saying the winter is often the busiest time for Planet Fitness clubs, while business lessens in the summer months.

"We know people have resolutions. You know different things that theyre trying to work on coming into the new year. We also see an influx in memberships with it being winter time. It is a little bit more difficult get outside, exercise, so we definitely get busier due to the resolutions, new year resolutions in the winter," Durboraw explained.

Both businesses have added incentives and benefits going into 2020. Westside Fitness is adding education elements over the benefits and importance of recovery as well as an infrared sauna, massages and chiropractor on site.

RELATED: Police presence at 5 Mile Road and East Beltline

"Recovery is just as important,if not more important, than the gains we get in the gym," the business said in its statement.

Durboraw said Planet Fitness tends to release their deals around winter and the new year.

RELATED: Houlihan's in Grand Rapids is closed

"Right now our black card is $0 down and that's going to be our upgraded membership that includes a bunch of awesome benefits like our massage chairs, guest privileges, use of other locations...and then we also have are classic membership...right now it's only 20 cents down and that's going to go through January 9." Durboraw explained, noting that the new year is a good time for new gym members to get their best deals.


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New Year fitness resolutions are helping local gyms - WZZM13.com

Fitness center offers tips on how to keep New Years resolutions – WOWK 13 News

Posted: at 1:44 pm

ASHLAND, Ky. (WOWK) Fitness centers nationwide are flooded with people taking part in the annual New Years fitness resolution trend. However, this trend usually doesnt last long.

According to the U.S. News and World Report, in 2019 the failure rate for New Years resolutions was around 80%. The majority of the resolutions were health and fitness related.

The Ashland Area Young Mens Christian Associations (YMCA) staff offers tips on how to stay committed to your fitness goals. The first step is making sure that you are well prepared.

A lot of people want to quit because they want to come in and they expect to lose thirty pounds in a week or something or thirty pounds in two weeks and thats just not realistic. So, then people get discouraged.

Tanner Wilson, a long-time member of the Ashland Area YMCA, tells us that he sees a major spike in gym memberships during the first two months of the year. The attendance starts to go down as the members start to lose commitment to their goals.

Wilson says that he still sees a few members that stick with the resolution and hes always supportive of a healthier lifestyle.

Theyll come here first of the year and then theyll about Id say February or March, but I always love seeing those people that actually hang around and stay. You know? Youve got to understand that people are trying to better themselves and I always like seeing people better their lives.

The next step to creating a healthier lifestyle is to plan ahead on your workouts and set short-term goals. The YMCA staff also encourage individuals to work out with a partner to help motivate and keep each other on track.

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Fitness center offers tips on how to keep New Years resolutions - WOWK 13 News

Options abound to fit in fitness | News, Sports, Jobs – Altoona Mirror

Posted: at 1:44 pm

The start of a new year is usually the time many people vow to lose weight and get in better shape.

Some will join a gym, but others are discovering they dont have to leave home to exercise, even if they want to participate in what appears to be a group exercise class. With the help of online streamed fitness workouts, people can take part in classes with others led by a trainer or even get sessions led by their own personal trainer.

Its a simple matter of cause and effect, courtesy of the millennial generation, which represents the age group of 20 to 36, according to a recent story in Shape, a fitness magazine.

Millennials are more committed to eating right and exercising than any other generation (76 percent exercise at least once a week) and have been a driving force behind the serious boom in the fitness industry over the past decade, the story stated.

The millennial age group has been slower to marry and start a family, but thats changing. More than a million women in the 20-36 age group worldwide have had babies in recent years, the story said.

So, what happens when an exercise-crazed segment of society starts a season of parenthood? Expect to see an uptick in home gym equipment, streamed fitness content and on-demand workouts. It makes sense. The less flexible your schedule becomes, the more youll be relying on fitness to come to you, versus trekking all over town to chase down your favorite studio instructor, the article stated.

But local fitness instructors said the traditional approach to getting in shape still has merit.

Jennifer Hatch-Miller, fitness director and sales director at the Summit Tennis & Athletic Club in Altoona, said working out at home has advantages such as convenience but exercising at a gym has many more benefits.

A fitness center can offer amenities such as workout equipment and the services of a personal trainer, plus options like maybe a sauna and pool, Hatch-Miller said. There are also the added benefits of the relationships you can build with others at the gym who can help keep you accountable, she said.

Of course, you can work out in the convenience at your home, but then you will notice there are many distractions and interruptions, Hatch-Miller said. As a wife, mom of three girls and three fur babies and working full time, going to the gym keeps me more focused and accountable.

Hatch-Miller said its especially important for moms to take time for themselves and also to take care of themselves.

Being the best mom to my kids and wife to my husband is my main goal in life, but I cannot be the best for them if I dont focus on my own health, she said. I have equipment at home, but I never get the chance to use it. I find myself doing other things around the house to catch up. By going to the gym, I have my workout ready, and I feel like I get a better workout. I have lots of space and the friends I have made over the years are a plus.

It also helps when the fitness center has a kids area so that her children can play while she works out, Hatch-Miller said.

Having a gym with a kids room is also beneficial so I know my kids are also having fun and they arent trying to climb all over me while I work out, she said.

Ray Ross, co-owner of another local fitness center, Gorilla House Gym in Altoona with his wife, Angela, said he and his wife support any type of exercise, as long as people do something to stay fit.

Time is of the essence, schedules are busier than ever, and people work a variety of hours that might not fit a (gyms) hours, Ross said. At Gorilla House, we applaud all fitness and even offer group challenges that include workouts you can do at home with little or no equipment. In a day and age where sickness and disease are so prevalent and a lot of it can be controlled by movement, we have to encourage everyone to get exercise any way it fits their schedule.

Ross said if people couldnt make it to a gym because of time constraints and stream workouts at home, thats OK with him, just so they get their bodies moving.

If that means an (exercise bike) at home or some (workout video), great, he said. Just move it. Stay healthy. We need a healthy society.

But the ideal is to make it into a gym because it offers the wide range of equipment and sense of community that Hatch-Miller mentioned.

I feel gyms like mine will be around for a long time for two reasons, Ross said. One, it can be difficult to find room and expensive to fill a home gym with fitness equipment. And, as humans we are always looking for a pack. Gyms offer community and community is having common goals, attitudes, and interests. We have our work, and home and a third place. Gyms are often the third place for many people.

A grandmother faces charges after police say she got drunk and assaulted her 9-year-old grandson.Logan Township ...

Altoona police stumbled upon a stash of suspected heroin in an apartment while investigating a hit-and-run crash on ...

Peoples Natural Gas customers will pay less for their gas starting Wednesday.The quarterly adjusted cost ...

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal that will consider whether a grant of sovereign ...

Logan Township police officer body camera footage allegedly shows Javier Alberto Cantos Jr. telling police, as he ...

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Options abound to fit in fitness | News, Sports, Jobs - Altoona Mirror

Here Are Some of the Best Free Fitness Classes Around DC This Week: 12/30 – 1/5 – Washingtonian

Posted: at 1:44 pm


If youre in the Columbia area, head to Charm City Run at 9 AM for a group three-mile jaunt. After, there will be breakfast and discounts at the store.Charm City Run Columbia; 7090 Deepage Dr., Columbia

Ring in the first day of 2020 with a free hour-long yoga flow at Eaton. The class will incorporate crystal and metal bowls for meditation, and it begins at 2:30 PM.Eaton; 1201 K St. NW

Head to the Lululemon in Reston for a 25- to 45-minute run through Reston Town Center. The group will leave at 6 AM.Lululemon; 11957 Market St., Reston

Get your Zumba on at a free class at the Kennedy Centers Millennium Stage. The session begins at 6 PM.Kennedy Center; 2625 Connecticut Ave.

Join the conversation!

Associate Editor

Mimi Montgomery joined Washingtonian in 2018. She previously was the editorial assistant at Walter Magazine in Raleigh, North Carolina, and her work has appeared in Outside Magazine, Washington City Paper, DCist, and PoPVille. Originally from North Carolina, she now lives in Adams Morgan.

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Here Are Some of the Best Free Fitness Classes Around DC This Week: 12/30 - 1/5 - Washingtonian

REPORT: The State of VR Fitness in 2019 – VR Fitness Insider

Posted: at 1:44 pm

It was only a few years ago that the modern VR revolution officially began. Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, personally delivered the first pre-ordered Rift to an ecstatic customer in early 2016.

At that moment, the sci-fi dream of transporting yourself from your dull Earthly surroundings into a vast metaverse of unlimited experiences and connections became a reality.

Well, kind of.

The Oculus Rift CV1 was a marvel of modern technology, but it was missing some key pieces of functionality that would be needed before we permanently jacked ourselves into the matrix.

For one, it was missing any type of hand tracking or 6DoF controllers. It shipped with an Xbox controller. The external tracking sensors could only track you if you were facing them, which made 360-degree experiences frustratingly difficult. The long wire reminded you that you were connected by a leash to a very expensive gaming computer. And finally, the list of games and experiences was very small and limited to mainly tech demos that werent worth more than an hour of your time.

The idea of using the first version of the Rift for fitness was not feasible with these limitations, but it wouldnt be long before Oculus and many other VR companies began to release the needed improvements.

In 2016, mentioning the word fitness together with VR would bring quite a few snarky laughs from any forum or subreddit. VR was meant for gaming and entertainment and the idea of working out with it was inconceivable to most.

Luckily, a few visionary companies and individuals could see, even in those early days, that the beginning of the next health and fitness revolution had just started. The technology wasnt quite there yet, but over the next few years, it would improve to a point that would make it usable for many other applications.

Economic studies show that more money is spent on fitness products, memberships, and services than ever before. People of all ages are joining boutique gyms, buying yoga apparel, paying for fitness apps, and buying expensive spin bikes to help them drop belly fat and tone their bikini body. The wealth of workout, nutrition, and motivational content is overloading our feeds.

So why do studies show we are fatter, more depressed, and more out of shape than ever before?

The truth is that most people know what to do, but they dont do it consistently over a long period of time. New Years Revolutionaries join the gym in droves only to drop out weeks later. Diet plans come and go faster than you can say UberEats.

We wish we could get addicted to lifting weights and eating broccoli, but we actually end up addicted to the screens around us. Video games, streaming movies, and social media have taken up our days and we struggle to get off the couch.

Virtual Reality will turn out to be vastly more addictive than any small screen that you hold in your hands. Youll feel like you are emotionally and physically there with others instead of just looking at flat pictures of your friends or pancake videos of your favorite celebrities. Youll live in the Fortnite world instead of visiting from a 3rd person view.

For some, this could be a recipe for disaster for their health and fitness as they shun the outside world.

But for many others, if we build it correctly, this could be the solution that turns them into warriors and athletes.

In VR, you use your real body and real movements to interact with the world. You dont just sit still and press buttons. You can swipe and jump and parry and duck through environments that engage all of your senses. Even just a few hours a week of intense VR gaming can be enough to transform your health and fitness.

Its a revolution that will be looked at as obvious in retrospect.

Well, of course, people would exercise more if they could play Call of Duty with their real body, harvest their Farmville farm in VR, or compete in awe-inspiring sporting events with huge audiences right from their home?

Truly addictive gamification (not just basic tracking, leaderboards, and point generation) that can really immerse you in the experience is coming to the mainstream fitness industry over the next few years!

It will take quite a bit of focused effort by many people to create the technology and experiences that will make it possible. Our goal at VR Fitness Insider is to help create this new category with you so we all get there as soon as possible.

Fast forward a few years since the launch of the Oculus Rift CV1 and the landscape looks quite different! An unbelievable number of advances has brought us to the point where large numbers of people now exclusively workout inside virtual reality. Lets take a look at where we are now.

Some of the largest companies in the world (like Microsoft, Samsung, Qualcomm, and Google) have invested billions into virtual reality research. Today we have high-end headsets like the Valve Index and HTC Vive Pro that are more comfortable, easier-to-use, and much higher quality than anything before.

Oculus released the Quest this year which made it possible to experience great VR without wires or even a separate computer. Their inside-out tracking allows you to move around in a virtual environment with more freedom than ever before. The quality of the visuals is reduced because its a completely mobile device, but the ease-of-use and easy setup more than make up for it.

The Oculus Quest is possibly the best thing to happen to VR fitness, so far. Its more affordable and anybody can understand how to use it. The installed base of Quest users is huge and growing daily which makes it possible for fitness game developers profit from their investment.

Game developers have created amazing fitness-based VR experiences like BoxVR and Viro Move that are specifically geared towards working out. Other games give you an awesome workout just due to the nature of what they are imitating, especially boxing games like Creed and Thrill of the Fight. We also now have hundreds of experiences that might not burn a thousand calories per hour, but they get you moving, like Echo VR, In Death, and Racket Fury.

A surprising hit for fitness that everybody knows and loves is Beat Saber. Beat Saber can be a very low-intensity experience if you stay in easy levels and just wave your wrists around. But once you get to Expert and Expert+ and focus on moving your whole body, you may never want to do cardio the traditional way ever again!

The number of Steam or Oculus games that you can use at home for fitness is huge and growing daily.

Treadmills and dumbbells are outdated torture devices that millions of people dread using. Luckily, innovative companies are turning them into something youll love.

KatVR is a 360-degree treadmill that allows you to walk, run, and move in your favorite VR game instead of just pointing and clicking.

VirZoom and VZFit takes the boring exercise bike experience to whole new levels of immersion with fun games, competitions, and events.

If rowing machines are more your thing, youll love Holodias addictive fitness experience. Aim for your best time or simply take a vacation to another universe while burning calories and building biceps.

The machine that Icaros created isnt like anything weve seen before. After youve worked your legs on a VirZoom bike and smashed your arms and back on a Holodia rowing machine, jump over to the other corner of your gym and get that core that youve been dreaming about while flying through the air.

Our team at Black Box VR has created the worlds first virtual reality resistance workout experience. The cable strength machine integrates into a VR Esports game that will truly test your power, endurance, and mobility. You can get a full-body, high-intensity workout based on the latest in exercise science that is fully tracked and analyzed.

Right now Black Box VR gyms are open in San Francisco and Boise, and soon to open in Washington DC. Next up: worldwide rollout inside existing gym chains.

We have to also mention this little beauty: the HTC Vive Tracker. Its not directly a fitness device, but innovative companies are connecting it to sports equipment, fitness hardware, and random body parts to create exciting experiences that otherwise wouldnt be possible. We hope that HTC and others continue to create open software and hardware that give the power to the community to innovate on top of the VR ecosystem.

Not a day goes by that somebody in a VR group or subreddit doesnt mention the great exercise they are getting from VR. It used to be very rare and the idea of VR + fitness was shunned, but now the comments that you see are very supportive. People share their fat loss stories, create lists of games to try, and give tips for improving the experience.

Weve featured just a few of the many astounding physical transformations that people are sharing on social media. Of course, the real number of people that are seeing fitness results will always be way higher than the number that go out and post about it online. A movement has begun!

Even the mainstream media is starting to see the value of virtual reality for fitness with dozens of mentions in stories about the future of fitness. The health club industrys leading trade publications continually feature VR fitness companies and technologies in their pages to help their readers understand the coming trends.

The Showtime hit show Billions had a scene where the lead actors were in a modern gym with virtual reality workout experiences all around them.

A year or so ago, one of our colleagues mentioned to John Carmack (creator of many pioneering video games and VR technologies) that one of VRs killer apps will be exercise. He wasnt so sure and said he didnt think that people would want to be overly active in most experiences. Fast forward a year later and during an interview on the Joe Rogan podcast, he said he finds himself playing games like Beat Saber for part of his exercise routine!

Many scientific studies have been released over the last year that proves what weve already known: virtual reality helps people get fit! Researchers are finding that people that workout in VR enjoy the experience more, are able to workout harder and longer, and perceive the difficulty to be less than traditional methods.

The VR Health Institute, based on the Kinesiology labs at SFSU in California, tested some of the top VR experiences to see how they compared to other fitness activities like tennis, jogging, and more. Their scientific methodologies helped to prove to naysayers that you can play exciting video games and burn thousands of calories and rev up your heart rate to improve your overall health.

Speaking of the VR Health Institute, this year they released a VR Exercise app to help you track your workouts and choose the best games for your goals.

A company named YUR received significant venture funding and released their VR calorie and heart rate tracking application. Their technology is being integrated directly into the top-selling games to make the experience seamless for end-users.

This year VR competitions were held all across the country. Whether its a Racket:NX tournament at your local VR arcade, a Beat Saber competition at your university, or an Onward VRespawn tournament for cash prizes, weve seen the power of Esports extend to VR in a big way.

It wont be long before stadiums (real or virtual) are being filled to watch true athletes wage war against each other in the metaverse.

Although its not quite virtual reality, exergaming and connected fitness continue to gain traction. It doesnt take a lot of imagination to see how these eventually morph into full VR experiences as the technology improves. A few of note:

VR is set to make a big leap forward in 2020. The Oculus Quest was one of the most sought after gifts for 2019s holiday season and sold out at nearly every retailer. The demand is starting to ramp up and that means that the pace of VR innovation will increase in response.

Here are a few predictions for the next few years

I remember when the year 2000 seemed like the future. Now its 2020 and the sci-fi world we imagined is beginning to become a reality in most areas of our life with self-driving cars, delivery drones, and video calls on our watches.

Now its time for the old school world of barbells and treadmills to get that same type of upgrade. The old model was never effective for the average person. The secret to fitness success is consistency and counting minutes during your stair-stepper session is a torture that most of us cant stick to for long.

Jumping inside a virtual world to play addictive sports and games with connected equipment, machine learning data trackers, and communities of friends built around an entire fantasy world will make us more fit than we ever imagined.

Welcome to the VR fitness revolution.

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