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Dr Michael Mosley reveals how standing on one leg every day can have huge health benefits – Express

Posted: June 6, 2021 at 1:48 am

Sense of balance tends to deteriorate as you get older and this can cause you to lose self-confidence for many reasons. A stooping posture can negatively affect self-esteem, for example. Research also suggests balance can influence your life expectancy.

Dr Michael Mosley cited a study on his BBC podcast Just One Thing with Michael Mosley that found a "clear relationship" between how long people in their 50s could stand on one leg with their eyes closed and whether they would be alive 13 years years later.

The Medical Research Council tracked 5,000 people born in 1946 throughout their lives.

At the age of 53, they completed the tests during home visits from specially trained nurses.

In the standing on one leg with eyes closed test, men and women who were able to hold the position for less than two seconds were three times more likely to die before the age of 66 than those who could hold it for 10 seconds or more.

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Those unable to do the test at all were more likely to die in the following 13 years.

Dr Rachel Cooper at the Medical Research Council said: The majority of these studies are done in older people but we have shown that even in this younger age group, where you would not expect pre-existing disease, we are still seeing these measures are picking up some underlying ageing and disease process.

Drilling down further into the possible explanations for this association, Dr Mosley spoke to Professor Dawn Skelton at Glasgow Caledonian University.

One possible explanation is that people are more prone to falling, incurring serious injuries, Dr Skelton said.

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A more likely explanation is that it could be a symptom of a more serious disruption in the body.

According to Dr Skelton, it could be a sign the brain is not communicating with the rest of the body.

There is also some suggestion that improving your balance can improve your life expectancy and overall health.

"If you can improve your balance, it can make a big difference to the prevention of hip fracture," she said.

What's more, there is some suggestion that improved balance helps cognition and prevents and slows the chance of getting dementia, Dr Skelton said.

Dementia is a syndrome (a group of related symptoms) associated with an ongoing decline of brain functioning.

How do I assess my balance? You should first practice standing on one leg, advised Dr Mosley.

"Standing one leg with your eyes closed can be harder," he noted.

"If you're doing more than 10 seconds you're doing well."

You can also practice balance exercises to improve your balance.

"Do not worry if you have not done much exercise for a while, these balance exercises are gentle and easy to follow," says the NHS.

Try to do these exercises at least twice a week and combine them with the other routines in this series:

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Dr Michael Mosley reveals how standing on one leg every day can have huge health benefits - Express

150 years old: how the quest for eternal life found its natural limit – The Guardian

Posted: at 1:48 am

Name: 150 years old.

Age: 150 years old.

Appearance: The new threescore and ten.

What does that mean? Threescore and ten, or 70 years, was the old biblical measure of your allotted time on earth. And 150 is the latest measure.

You mean were all going to live to be 150? No. Its just that 150 is as long as anyone is ever going to live.

Who says? A new study published in Nature Communications, which analysed medical data from hundreds of thousands of volunteers, boiling them down to a single measurement of ageing, the dynamic organism state indicator.

What did they learn? Their findings suggest the human bodys progressive loss of physiological resilience the ability to recover from illness and other stress factors reaches a critical point, resulting in a fundamental or absolute limit of human lifespan somewhere about 150 years.

Thats ridiculous. Did this study include any vampires? Not knowingly. Anyway, this is supposed to be good news. 150 is almost double the current UK life expectancy.

I know, but I assumed that by the time I got to 80, they would have extended it to somewhere between 900 and for ever. Dont fret. A startup is developing treatments that could extend limits on lifespan dramatically.

For everyone? No, for dogs. The startup, operating under the brand name Loyal, is embarking on a study of more than 500 dogs, and hopes to have specific anti-ageing treatments for pets within three years.

Whats the current maximum age for a dog? The oldest verified canine was an australian cattle dog called Bluey, who died at the age of 29 in 1939. More recently, there have been unverified reports of dogs living to 30.

And whats that in human years? 210, give or take.

You mean my dog is going to live longer than I am? Well no, because a dog year is equivalent to seven human years, and even thats an unreliable approximation of

This is an outrage! At this rate my dog will have to pay to have me put down. Focus on the positive a study of canine longevity could ultimately be of benefit to us all. Dogs are one of the best models of human ageing, says Loyals founder, Celine Halioua.

In that case, my dog says he would like to volunteer for trials. What a good boy.

Do say: Stay active, maintain a healthy weight, die anyway.

Dont say: Eat more meat, chase more cars.

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150 years old: how the quest for eternal life found its natural limit - The Guardian

Genetic tricks of the longest-lived animals – Ars Technica

Posted: at 1:48 am

Enlarge / Bats, remarkable little things.

Life, for most of us, ends far too soonhence the effort by biomedical researchers to find ways to delay the aging process and extend our stay on Earth. But theres a paradox at the heart of the science of aging: The vast majority of research focuses on fruit flies, nematode worms and laboratory mice, because theyre easy to work with and lots of genetic tools are available. And yet, a major reason that geneticists chose these species in the first place is because they have short lifespans. In effect, weve been learning about longevity from organisms that are the least successful at the game.

Today, a small number of researchers are taking a different approach and studying unusually long-lived creaturesones that, for whatever evolutionary reasons, have been imbued with lifespans far longer than other creatures theyre closely related to. The hope is that by exploring and understanding the genes and biochemical pathways that impart long life, researchers may ultimately uncover tricks that can extend our own lifespans, too.

Everyone has a rough idea of what aging is, just from experiencing it as it happens to themselves and others. Our skin sags, our hair goes gray, joints stiffen and creakall signs that our componentsthat is, proteins and other biomoleculesarent what they used to be. As a result, were more prone to chronic diseases such as cancer, Alzheimers and diabetesand the older we get, the more likely we are to die each year. You live, and by living you produce negative consequences like molecular damage. This damage accumulates over time, says Vadim Gladyshev, who researches aging at Harvard Medical School. In essence, this is aging.

This happens faster for some species than others, thoughthe clearest pattern is that bigger animals tend to live longer lives than smaller ones. But even after accounting for size, huge differences in longevity remain. A house mouse lives just two or three years, while the naked mole rat, a similar-sized rodent, lives more than 35. Bowhead whales are enormousthe second-largest living mammalbut their 200-year lifespan is at least double what youd expect given their size. Humans, too, are outliers: We live twice as long as our closest relatives, the chimpanzees.

Perhaps the most remarkable animal Methuselahs are among bats. One individual of Myotis brandtii, a small bat about a third the size of a mouse, was recaptured, still hale and hearty, 41 years after it was initially banded. That is especially amazing for an animal living in the wild, says Emma Teeling, a bat evolutionary biologist at University College Dublin who coauthored a review exploring the value of bats in studying aging in the 2018 Annual Review of Animal Biosciences. Its equivalent to about 240 to 280 human years, with little to no sign of aging, she says. So bats are extraordinary. The question is, Why?

There are actually two ways to think about Teelings question. First: What are the evolutionary reasons that some species have become long-lived, while others havent? And, second: What are the genetic and metabolic tricks that allow them to do that?

Answers to the first question, at least in broad brushstrokes, are becoming fairly clear. The amount of energy that a species should put toward preventing or repairing the damage of living depends on how likely an individual is to survive long enough to benefit from all that cellular maintenance. You want to invest enough that the body doesnt fall apart too quickly, but you dont want to over-invest, says Tom Kirkwood, a biogerontologist at Newcastle University in the UK. You want a body that has a good chance of remaining in sound condition for as long as you have a decent statistical probability to survive.

This implies that a little scurrying rodent like a mouse has little to gain by investing much in maintenance, since it will probably end up as a predators lunch within a few months anyway. That low investment means it should age more quickly. In contrast, species such as whales and elephants are less vulnerable to predation or other random strokes of fate and are likely to survive long enough to reap the benefits of better-maintained cellular machinery. Its also no surprise that groups such as birds and batswhich can escape enemies by flyingtend to live longer than youd expect given their size, Kirkwood says. The same would apply for naked mole rats, which live their lives in subterranean burrows where they are largely safe from predators.

But the question that researchers most urgently want to answer is the second one: How do long-lived species manage to delay aging? Here, too, the outline of an answer is beginning to emerge as researchers compare species that differ in longevity. Long-lived species, theyve found, accumulate molecular damage more slowly than shorter-lived ones do. Naked mole rats, for example, have an unusually accurate ribosome, the cellular structure responsible for assembling proteins. It makes only a tenth as many errors as normal ribosomes, according to a study led by Vera Gorbunova, a biologist at the University of Rochester. And its not just mole rats: In a follow-up study comparing 17 rodent species of varying longevity, Gorbunovas team found that the longer-lived species, in general, tended to have more accurate ribosomes.

The proteins of naked mole rats are also more stable than those of other mammals, according to research led by Rochelle Buffenstein, a comparative gerontologist at Calico, a Google spinoff focused on aging research. Cells of this species have greater numbers of a class of molecules called chaperones that help proteins fold properly. They also have more vigorous proteasomes, structures that dispose of defective proteins. Those proteasomes become even more active when faced with oxidative stress, reactive chemicals that can damage proteins and other biomolecules; in contrast, the proteasomes of mice become less efficient, thus allowing damaged proteins to accumulate and impair the cells workings.

DNA, too, seems to be maintained better in longer-lived mammals. When Gorbunovas team compared the efficiency with which 18 rodent species repaired a particular kind of damage (called a double-strand break) in their DNA molecules, they found that species with longer lifespans, such as naked mole rats and beavers, outperformed shorter-lived species such as mice and hamsters. The difference was largely due to a more powerful version of a gene known as Sirt6, which was already known to affect lifespan in mice.

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Genetic tricks of the longest-lived animals - Ars Technica

Jokes and advice on running and fitness from a collection of books – San Marcos Daily Record

Posted: at 1:47 am

I have to admit I am not as obsessive about going out for a run or walk as I was in my younger days. With so many rainy days lately my ventures outside are limited. My younger days would find me heading out the door with a ball cap on to keep the rain off my glasses. With more time indoors I thought it would be beneficial to clean up around the house and workshop and put things in some sort of order. It was evident that a few areas had not been cleaned up or organized for many years.

On a shelf of older books I found some texts I bought when I first started running and was looking for guidance on this sport. There was the book from Consumers Reports on Running that was informative. Then I found Improving Your Running by Bill Squires written in 1982 that was still up to date. The Interval Training book by Fox and Mathews had a publishing date of 1974. When I started running marathons the book by Skip Brown and John Graham titled Target 26 was read cover to cover. There wasnt a publishing date in the book but a list of marathon times stopped at 1980. There were several more books on running and training that were around that time frame.

Within the various stacks of material on running I found three posters that I used to have pinned to my wall. One was a poem titled, Why Do I Run? that appealed to me. There is a poster that said, The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep running. It was a photo of a runner looking at a long road heading down into a scenic valley and up a long hill. It looked like he had about a mile or more to go on this country road. It reminded me of some of the photos that were taken at my Better Half Marathon with runners struggling up that big hill on Center Point Road. Then my favorite poster showed a runner bent over losing most of his pre-race meal with the caption, Run for Fun. It brought back a couple of memories of similar experiences.

There was one booklet titled, The Real Running Guide by Ira Altman, Martin Riskin and Herbert Kavet, published in 1979. The book was a humorous look at running. The booklet had chapters on various aspects of running. It had statistics that read, Running will decrease the chance of heart attacks by almost 45%. Of course, it also increases your chances of being squashed flat under a truck by 600%. Another section had Famous Running Records. For instance the smelliest pair of sneakers ever produced by a runner were the sneakers of Imlek Buchenzny, a Russian jogger, which produced a stench so malevolent and pungent that moths were killed in mid-flight at a distance of four miles every time he removed the sneakers from his feet.

The section on warm up exercises was a good one. Exercises such as the sit up Get a comfortable chair and sit up. Do it as long as you can stand it. The exercise touch the toes of your running shoes offered this advice, A good muscle stretcher. Do it 20 times. But first put your shoes on the kitchen counter, or you will hurt yourself.

Another section had a list of burning calories while running. The more activity you do while you run the more calories are burned. The base per-mile run equals 300 calories; per mile talking about it equals 68 calories; encountering a dog while running equals 42 calories; a big dog equals 72 calories; and every beer dodged equals 27 calories. Washing your running outfit after 26 weeks of use equals 732 calories. Some activities associated with running added calories. The three beers to replace liquids equals 270 calories; potato chips for salt loss equals 400 calories; and chocolate for energy equals 625 calories.

Great running events in history included the invention of running shoes by the Greeks in 2073 B.C. In 1893, Thomas Edison invented illuminated sneakers. Other sections had a Runners Quiz, Running Strategies, Running Grimace Guide for the facial expressions of runners, and a How Come? chapter. It asked, How Come? if there is a squashed animal on the road its always on your side, and How Come? of the cars that pass you slowly, 75% have faulty exhausts.

One of the last chapters was by Dr. Feelgood, who answered your running questions. One that caught my attention was when a runner asked Do runners get to be older than other people? The Dr. answered, Yes, only sooner. The last page had the runners prayer, Please, God, Stop the Pain.

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Jokes and advice on running and fitness from a collection of books - San Marcos Daily Record

Free outdoor fitness classes in Flint return to help community get fit – MLive.com

Posted: at 1:47 am

FLINT, MI Harambee Wellness is kicking off another round of its free summer fitness series, Get Fit In Flint, starting in June in neighborhoods throughout Flint.

Get Fit In Flint is a community-based program that was first conceptualized and implemented by Harambee Wellness in 2020, to transform health and cultivate community by removing barriers to exercise, such as cost and location, and empowering Flint residents to live healthy lives everyday, according to a Harambee Wellness press release.

The goal of this series is to create a fun, safe, and inclusive environment that gets residents moving.

What better way to get our bodies moving and shed pandemic pounds while continuing to practice social distancing, than to partake in physical activity practically right in your very own backyard, Marquita Adams, certified personal trainer and founder of Harambee Wellness, said in the press release.

In 2020, Harambee Wellness took over Brush Park in downtown Flint with free fitness classes. This summer, Harambee Wellness has partnered with several community organizations to expand Get Fit In Flint to more neighborhoods throughout the city, including North Flint.

The following is the schedule for classes in June:

Also, new this year is the inclusion of more fitness class formats, such as chair aerobics, yoga, step aerobics, and Zumba, all led by local instructors. A bilingual class will be offered at Latinx Technology and Community Center starting in July.

To put emphasis on the important role nutrition plays in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, throughout each month class attendees will receive healthy eating tips, resources, and goodie bags from Commit To Fit.

Get Fit In Flint is powered by Harambee Wellness with sponsorship from Health Alliance Plan (HAP) and support from our partners Commit To Fit, Latinx Technology and Community Center, Sarvis Park Neighborhood Association, Urban Renaissance Center, and Uma Strong Marshall Outreach. All classes in the series are free to attend. More information is available on the website. Registration for the classes is required and available by visiting here.

Harambee is a Swahili word meaning, all pull together.

Based in Flint, Michigan with a nationwide service area, the vision, mission, and core values of Harambee Wellness are all centered around community. Founded in January 2017 by Adams, with the purpose of cultivating community by creating fun health and fitness experiences, Harambee Wellness provides personal training, online training, group fitness classes, fitness parties, corporate wellness solutions, and nutrition coaching.

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Free fitness classes in downtown Flint aim to improve community health

Community organizers planning Flints largest Juneteenth celebration for 2021

After 90 years in business, Underhills Hallmark Shop in Flint to close

New edible landscape in downtown Durand grows fruit and vegetables for all to eat

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Free outdoor fitness classes in Flint return to help community get fit - MLive.com

Fitness In The Park Returns To Austin Parks For Summer 2021 – Patch.com

Posted: at 1:47 am

AUSTIN, TX Fitness in the Park is back! The Austin Parks Foundation's series kicked off Memorial Day Weekend and will continue throughout the summer, officials said.

Fitness in the Park is set to take place every other Saturday at 10 a.m. this summer through August 14. beginning May 29 through August 14th. The events will be available virtually on APF's YouTube channel and in-person.

The relaunched series will feature six different fitness styles including salsa and tai chi in some of Austin's most beloved park spaces like Zilker Botanical Garden and Rosewood Neighborhood Park, officials said.

It's My Park Day, which kicks off Saturday and will continue through June 13, will feature one of Austin's favorite fitness instructors, Erica Nix. Nix will be leading a "lively" session while DJ Mel plays tunes by Stretch Panic in celebration of the park foundation's 29th birthday.

On June 26, award-winning boxing coach Ashley Bazan will be leading participants through a fitness class accompanied by music from Lincoln Durham. Gabriel Mendez with Breakdance Austin will be teaching a breakdancing class at Parque Zaragoza to the tunes of Brownout, authorities said.

The last two classes of the series will feature a Tai Chi lesson with Master Vince Cobalis, who has over 50 years of martial arts experience and is in charge of the Ip Sun Tai Chi program in Austin and a two-step class with expert Beth Coffey.

Over the summer, Little Hummingbird Society will also have opportunities for parents to engage with their community and have fun with their kids while promoting a healthy lifestyle, as well as volunteerism and advocacy for the youngest park-goers.

For more information about the summer series, visit Austin Parks Foundation's website.

Follow this link:
Fitness In The Park Returns To Austin Parks For Summer 2021 - Patch.com

England boss Southgate gives update on Henderson’s fitness ahead of Euros opener against Croatia – Goal.com

Posted: at 1:47 am

The Liverpool captain is still on the comeback trail after groin surgery and the Three Lions boss is taking no chances with his recovery

Gareth Southgate has given an update on Jordan Henderson's fitness ahead of England's Euro 2020 opener against Croatia.

Henderson has been out of action since undergoing successful surgery on a groin injury in February, but was still included in Southgate's final 26-man squad for this summer's European Championship.

The Liverpool midfielder was an unused substitute during the Three Lions' 1-0 friendly win over Austria in midweek and it is unclear whether he will be handed his first competitive appearance in three months when they take on Romania in their final warm-up game on Sunday.

England are due to open their Group D schedule on June 13, and with Henderson running out of time to build up match fitness, Southgate is sceptical about his chances of featuring in the clash with Croatia at Wembley.

"I dont think it would be fair to rule him out of it but I think its clear to everyone how much football hes missed,"the Three Lions boss said of Henderson's condition.

"Thetimelines are getting more difficult with each training session he might miss. But Im being very realistic about whats possible here.

"Its a decision we took (to select Henderson) because we have been able to take extra players and we feel he is such an important influence around the place.

"If we can get him close to being able to contribute on the pitch against Croatia that will be a real bonus at the moment."

Henderson is not the only man in the England camp struggling to shake off a serious injury, with Manchester United's Harry Maguire still recovering from ankle ligament damage.

Maguire was also absent against Austria, while Henderson's Liverpool team-mate Trent Alexander-Arnold has been forced to withdraw from the squad after tearing his quadricep muscleduring that encounter.

The man best placed to take Henderson's spot in England's midfield at the Euros is 17-year-old Jude Bellingham, who has just completed a stellar debut season in Germany with Borussia Dortmund.

Bellingham impressed in the win over Austria and Southgate has no doubts that he has the quality and temperament to shine at a major international tournament.

Asked if the teenager has done enough to earn a start at the Euros, the 50-year-old head coach responded: "The best way to answer that is to say he is not just here for the experience.

"Youve seen what he is capable of, weve seen that for Borussia Dortmund especially in the Champions League.

"The whole group respect him, he has great humility around the camp but he competes in training like hes been with them from day one which is a great mentality to have."

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England boss Southgate gives update on Henderson's fitness ahead of Euros opener against Croatia - Goal.com

The Right Way to Start Exercising Again – Fitness Tips from Experts – HarpersBAZAAR.com

Posted: at 1:47 am

Those who committed to at-home exercise during the pandemic had no shortage of content thanks to programs like Body by Simone, Melissa Wood Health, Tracy Anderson, and so on. But even the fittest among us can admit that a more sedentary lifestyle has been unavoidable throughout the past year. Our endurance, strength, and physical fitness has faltered, and our posture has taken a hit from months slumped over our laptops and smartphones.

Joe Maysonet of J Trainwhose clients include Sienna Miller, Charlotte Gainsbourg, David Solomon, Cecily Brown, and Matt Dillonbelieves that getting back to the basics is essential if you want to get back into shape. But remember: Shape is different for all of us. Dont feel like you need to return to your pre-pandemic selfjust simply return to a commitment to daily movement.

Ife Obi, founder of The Fit, believes that our pre-pandemic normal was unsustainable. Before it was such a means to an end, whether that end was losing weight or aiming to look like our favorite celebrity, Obi says. Our lives have become more about finding our balance, and our workouts should follow suit. When beginning a new routine, its about making time for what you enjoy so that fitting wellness into your schedule doesnt cause stress and anxiety.

Details matter, and if youre making the effort to commit to a regular routine, you dont want to get sabotaged by poor form. After all, incorrect technique can actually do more harm than good. While an individualized approach is always best, Maysonet and Obi offer essential tips for those looking to effectively overhaul their fitness routines for life after lockdown.

Prior to adding load, its important to build a healthy foundation, Obi says. People can often get caught up in vanity without mastering the motions first, which can be detrimental to progress in the long run. Most of your favorite Instagram fitness influencers and trainers have already put in the work from which they can then layer upon, Obi says. Its important to note that when youre seeing a snapshot of a persons life of social media, youre seeing them in a stage that may be different to where you are. And dont see that as competition, see it as motivation to put in the important foundational work.

Take, for example, the classic lunge. It seems like a simple motion: Step forward, bend down, come back up, and repeat. But if your front knee is slanting inward or extending over your foot, youre solidifying a movement pattern thats putting unwanted pressure on your ligaments, which can in turn work the wrong muscle and even lead to injury. What you want is a 90-degree angle, Maysonet says. Repetitions emphasizing technique with correct alignment will enable your body to perform at its best. You will minimize the risks and accelerate progress much faster.

Its a simple yet effective philosophy that is echoed by American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) spokesman Ben Fung, who explains that when it comes to alignment, technique and appropriate force load can be the difference between injury and improvement.

One wrong movement can set you back for months.

Obi notes that despite what you might see from your favorite fitness influencers, a good workout doesnt require all the bells and whistles to be effective. Things like push-ups and squats are challenging, full-body movements that can be increasingly challenged as your strength progresses. But progress is only possible if you do the work at each level to better prevent injury as intensity increasesone wrong movement can set you back for months, she says.

Another key thing that people often disregard is their running technique. Most people never learn how to run properly, Maysonet adds. Its one of those things thats not necessarily taught with a lot of guidancerunning style evolves out of habit. And unless your job entails striding down a catwalk, flawless foot coordination is probably not the focus.

When most people run, they dont extend at the hip enough, and that puts pressure on the kneecaps. What you want is an equal distance between flexion and extension, Maysonet says. When youre on the treadmill, watch how youre distributing force and aim for approximately a 70-degree angle using a heel-strike [heel-to-toe] motion. Flexibility plays a role in this too. If the hamstrings and glutes are tight, you will have less range of motion and the joint is going to take a lot more pounding, so be sure to stretch it out, he says.

When it comes to the upper body, its all about keeping your posture, which is something that hasnt generally been top of mind living in isolation. If you take a look at peoples shoulders, they often go forward due to having tight pecs and weak rhomboids [the muscles located in the back that retract the shoulder blades], Maysonet adds. Working from home for months on end and the inevitable tech neck can, naturally, make slouching pronounced. Its a habit that creeps in unwittingly, but exercising without being aware of any posture misalignments will effectively make rounded shoulders your default setting.

Posture is something that can be corrected, though, through strengthening the posterior muscles (the rhomboids) and stretching out the anterior muscles (the pectorals). When people train the shoulders, theyre not usually aware of the anterior side, Maysonet explains. And tightness in the front paired with weakness in the back is what creates imbalance and a hunched stance.

Do you have a workout routine? Change it! Maysonet advises. Too many times people get into the gym and proceed to do the same thing, the same way, at the same speed. Variety is the single way to alter body composition.

Minor changes can deliver body-transforming results. By changing up loads and making constant progressions, we can avoid plateaus, he says. This involves utilizing different energy systems, different muscle fibers, and experimenting with a variety of weights and levels.

Another way to keep things interesting is to change your environment. This keeps even the basics fresh and fun again, he says. Try the great outdoors, run a set of stairs, or do a fitness circuit. You could grab some bands and a medicine ball, and head to a park, or mix it up with a [socially distanced] boxing lesson.

If youre a creature of habit and like routine, make sure youre introducing a new variation or level of intensity every four to six weeks.

People get the most out of their transformation if they commit to a comprehensive lifestyle plan.

Quick fixes can work if you already have a base level of fitness and strength, but this approach isnt sustainable long term, he explains. If you only have a short amount of time and have full-body control, good flexibility, and pain-free range of motion, then go for it. Just know that youll need to quickly transition to a more sustainable regimen once you get past whatever it is that youre prepping for.

Maysonet emphasizes that a long-term, holistic plan is ultimately going to be the most beneficial, regardless of your baseline. People get the most out of their transformation if they commit to a comprehensive lifestyle plan. This involves setting long- and short-term goals, prioritizing nutrition, supplementation, cardio, and weight training.

Integrating effective pre- and post-workout practices into your routine maximizes efficiency. Always do a seven- to 10-minute warm-up. This prepares the muscles for a higher load, raises the bodys core temperature, and increases the active range of motion, Maysonet says. One post-workout practice that the trainer swears by is foam rolling to increase circulation and reduce tightness. Other strategies to try include stretching, steaming, Epsom salt baths, and ice baths.

Holistic methods can make an even deeper impact on recovery. If you are vigorously working out often, try deep-tissue massages and acupuncture as part of your routine to maximize recovery and restore muscle tissue balance, he adds.

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The Right Way to Start Exercising Again - Fitness Tips from Experts - HarpersBAZAAR.com

"Get the big guy healthy": LeBron James emphasizes the fitness of Anthony Davis as Lakers’ top priority this… – The Sportsrush

Posted: at 1:47 am

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James talks about the upcoming offseason and what the Lakers are going to focus their energies on

Last night was a historical one. The Phoenix Suns knocked out the defending champions, the Los Angeles Lakers in their own home. This first-round exit marked only the fifth ever time in NBA History that a champion squad gets eliminated in the first round the next season. This also marked the first-ever time in LeBron James illustrious career when he got knocked out in the first round. Prior to last night, LBJ was 14-0 in his playoff first-round series.

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While a lot of people would expect GM LeBron James to rise up again, it may not be the case this time. According to LeBron James, he has full faith in Rob Pelinka and the rest of the Lakers front office. He trusts them to handle the roster and the changes required.

While LeBron James is known for being a master and getting roster reconstructs when he wants, the case may not be the same this time. This time, the Lakers have bigger fish to worry about. LeBron James and his ankle havent fully recovered, and now Anthony Davis has a groin-knee injury.

When asked about what the top priority for the Lakers would be moving forward, LBJ said,

I trust Rob, I trust Kurt [Rambis], trust everyone upstairs that does their diligence and our coaching staff and things of that nature. Obviously number one thing for us is getting AD healthy. Thats number one. It doesnt matter what changes we make. We got to get big fella healthy and needs back to where he was before the injury.

The entire NBA Reddit and Twitter community is full of possible trades LA can make. However, according to GM Rob Pelinka, the top priority is the health of their superstars.

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It remains to be seen how the season would ultimately end, and what moves would be made in the offseason. One thing is sure though. The King is far from done, and he would come back with a vengeance next season.

"Get the big guy healthy": LeBron James emphasizes the fitness of Anthony Davis as Lakers' top priority this... - The Sportsrush

Best Ways Health and Fitness Brands Can Boost Their Instagram Marketing Today – Legal Reader

Posted: at 1:47 am

When it comes to your health and fitness brand, you should use before and after images. It indicates that clients who opt for your fitness training are experiencing progress with your health coaching.

If you have a health and fitness brand to manage, boost your marketing efforts by using the photo-sharing app Instagram. Today, everyone uses smartphones, and therefore, you can share health-related photos, videos, Instagram Stories, Reels, and more to take branding to the next level. Then, using IG to post selfies and using the platform for your business are two diverse things.

With competition soaring these days, you need to make the most out of Instagram to make your business reach out to your targeted audience. Remember that Instagram is a powerful tool to boost your marketing campaigns on social media. Here are some of the best ways you improve the branding of health and fitness business by using Instagram:

Upload stunning images and videos

Instagram is a visual platform and therefore, you need to use the best visuals to make your posts pop. If your fitness brand page is just a mix of obscure, blurry images, poor quality videos, or screenshots, you will lose the social media battle on Instagram. Instagram is about aesthetics and so, you need to design your posts accordingly so that they look the best and wow your followers. The more awesome and stunning the IG grid, the more users will follow your health or fitness brand on this social media site.

Images, Reels, Stories, Live, and IGTV content are some of the features that you can exploit to make the most out of Instagram. Make sure you click the shots in natural light, attractive backgrounds, and share high-definition photos and videos.

If you are using carousels, be a little careful. That is because the photos could be compressed. Make sure you use subtle colors and develop your IG content in 10801350 or 10801080 dimensions. These are the best ones to use on Instagram.

Share before and after images

When it comes to your health and fitness brand, you should use before and after images. It indicates that clients who opt for your fitness training are experiencing progress with your health coaching. Then, you need to seek permission from your customers before posting before and after images.

You can use the carousel feature of Instagram to share before and after visuals. It will help your audience to swipe through the visuals. IG would also display the carousels to your fans or followers more often compares to single visual posts. It builds more user engagement. You may even incorporate a client testimonial or some health quote on any single slide. Try this strategy and you can buy real Instagram followers for your health business.

Design Instagram Stories

You can keep your health brand in the minds of your customers by using Instagram Stories. That is because the content displays on the top of the major feed. When your IG followers engage with your posts regularly in the feed, your Instagram Stories will show up right at the beginning for them to notice easily.

Instagram Stories is the best way to give your followers and clients a glimpse into your professional life as a health coach. Make sure you do not just share training videos through Stories but some shots related to your personal things. It could be anything like your day when you spend at home, or while you are vacationing.

Such content gives your followers a glimpse of you as an individual and they can relate to you. They know that there is a human face behind your brand. They get to know the real person not just a health coach. Remember people like to do business with whom they can relate to easily.

Remember to tag clients

When you use the photo of your client, remember to tag them in your Instagram posts. Do so in the image as well as in the caption segment. When you are offering training to IG influencers, share an image by seeking their due permission, and tag such influencers.

The influencer could be a celeb, a person who has a spa business, and even a local student who is into health and fitness. If these influencers have more followers, it will help your brand to have these people featured on your IG feed. They may re-post your images to their respective fans or followers.

Users like to re-share Instagram Stories and therefore, remember to share posts to your IG Stories and tag the related profiles there as well.

Use the best image editing tools

If you want to add more pizzazz to your IG images, use the best photo-editing tools or apps. You can use tools like VSCO, Aviary, PicTapGo, and Snapseed. There are numerous such apps to pick from and most of these tools are free. There are also video editing tools, like Lumen5 and InShot.


Now that you have these tips and tricks, use them to boost your health and fitness brand. It will help you gain more likes, followers, and engagement on social media.

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Create Fitness Highlights the Benefits of Group Training – Digital Journal

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As their name suggests, Create Fitness is a fitness center committed to helping people create a better version of themselves. And in a post on their website, they have outlined some of the benefits of group training.

Kent, WA Jun 5, 2021 Create Fitness, a leading gym in Kent, has announced some of the benefits of grout fitness. Their up-tempo group training classes provide a wide variety of formats and exercises alongside the following advantages.

Its inspiring and motivating to be surrounded by dedicated, like-minded individuals. It doesnt get much more empowering than a class with an encouraging trainer and supportive people working hard together. Group fitness is a great way to get motivated, dig deeper, and push harder in workouts.

Group fitness is a great way to get a workout in without having to think or plan. Each class is structured with a warm-up, a balanced workout, and a cool-down. The introduction is designed to help people properly raise their heart rate while loosening joints and muscles before jumping into strenuous activity. The instructor at this gym in Kent will coach everyone through each segment of the workout.

Its the fitness instructors job to show proper form and make sure that everyone in the class executes each exercise the right way. It is suitable for muscles to reap the most out of every workout, but it also helps eliminate potential injuries.

It may sound clich, but its true. Being part of a fit fam can be hugely beneficial by being part of a community to find support and guidance from people on the same journey. Whether that journey is to better health and wellness or improve strength and endurance, the chances of finding someone to help are high.

About Create Fitness

Create Fitness is committed to helping people become the fittest, healthiest version of themselves. They also believe in the power of individual training, backed by community support. From one-on-one training and nutrition to group training and events, they support their members across various programs.

Media ContactCompany Name: Create FitnessContact Person: George McGuire MS, CSCSEmail: Send EmailPhone: (253) 380-9759Address:835 Central Ave N Suite 110 City: KentState: WA 98032Country: United StatesWebsite: https://createfitnessgym.com/

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Create Fitness Highlights the Benefits of Group Training - Digital Journal

Five Local, Innovative Fitness Products to Try This Spring – Boston magazine

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Upgrade to an all-new you with help from these Boston-based innovations at the intersection of health and tech.

Illustration by Jeannie Phan


No one wants to feel like a lab experiment with a clunky fitness tracker recording (and judging) every move. Enter Whoop, a line of low-profile waterproof wrist wearables, biceps bands, and arm sleeves. After about two weeks of gathering your baseline exercise, recovery, and sleep data, it will begin to gently make suggestions about how to optimize your health via an app on your phonee.g., work out a little harder, go to bed around this time. Best of all, the Boston-based company takes its users privacy seriously, with a policy thats far more robust than the competition. So go ahead and stay up past your bedtimeBig Brother isnt watching.



You dont have to be a professional sculler to enjoy this sleek, Cambridge-designed rowing machine. Featuring a dazzling 22-inch touchscreen complete with Bluetooth to support wireless headphones and heart-rate monitors, the Hydrow can be used in Just Row mode whenever youd likeor, for an additional $38 a month, join racing challenges and virtual group fitness classes led by rowing experts.


Ten Percent Happier

After suffering an on-air panic attack in 2004, ABC anchor Dan Harris kick-started his own mental health journey with meditation. Flash-forward 17 years, and Harris now hosts a twice-weekly podcast called Ten Percent Happier while also overseeing a team in Boston that runs a meditation app by the same name. The free version includes basic meditation skills and daily mindfulness reminders, but for $99 a year, members are given more-personalized coaching to improve focus and manage stresssomething we could all use as we emerge from our pandemic bubbles.


Bloomer Tech

If you could wear a piece of clothing that effortlessly measured your heart health and empowered you to keep heart disease at bay, wouldnt you? Soon youll be able to thanks to this comfortable, washable smart bra created by MIT alum and 2021 TED Fellow Alicia Chong Rodriguez. Outfitted with sensors, the undergarment collects medical-grade cardiovascular data with the press of a button, so you can incorporate potentially lifesaving information into your everyday routine. Ready to give it a try? The company is actively looking for women (particularly those at risk for heart disease) to beta-test the product before it goes to market; visit the website to learn more.


Recover Athletics

How many of us have tried to become runners, only to overextend ourselves and end up immobilized with sore muscles, shin splints, or rolled ankles? Whether youre training for your first 5K or youre a seasoned mara-thoner, take a gentler approach with help from Cambridge-based Recover Athletics, the first personalized injury-prevention app specifically for runners. Guided foam-rolling sessions, targeted stretches, and prehab exercises to strengthen and tone trauma-prone areas will let you rack up the miles while keeping injuries at bay.


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Five Local, Innovative Fitness Products to Try This Spring - Boston magazine

Couple trainers who give us fitness and relationship goals – The Hindu

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Their relationship is working out. Check out these trainers from India who share both love and a passion for fitness

Since 2020, hitting the gym has not been possible for everyone. So, what better than working out in the comfort of your home with your partner? Here are a few couples who bonded, and fell in love, over a shared interest in fitness and health.

It was in 2001 that Bharatanatyam dancer Lavanya Narain (44) decided to learn a new art form. She wanted something more challenging and ultimately took up kalaripayattu. She enrolled under coach Shaji John at Besant Nagar, Chennai for her training. It was there that she met her now husband, Gladston P (46). We were both living in Neelankarai. We were also at the same level of learning. So we became friends and started practising together, recollects Gladston.

It was fun. I did not rush into anything, recollects Lavanya. She is talking about learning the kalaripayattu techniques but she could just as well be talking about her friendship with Gladston it took them over four years to fall in love. We got married on a pleasant February morning in 2010 at the Government register office, she says.

Since then, they train together on their terrace early in the mornings. Now we dont have to depend on anyone else to practise the weapons with. Also, both of us have our strengths. While I am great at remembering the sequences and the commands, Lavanya is good at getting the details right, he explains.

Since 2019, they have been running NeoKalari that offers training in the form. Post the pandemic, the duo has moved their sessions online. They now conduct three classes per week. It is good that we share a common interest. Even if we fight over something silly, we get over it during our training. That is the best part, laughs Lavanya.

Aditya and Sheenu

Aditya Arora (34) and Sheenu Arora (36) met at the Fitness First Gym in Connaught Place, Delhi in 2009. While Aditya worked as a group fitness instructor, Sheenu was then a member there. During one of the classes, I noticed her. She was fit and eager to learn about training. I guided her and we ended up spending a lot of time together training in the gym.

A year later, Sheenu also joined Aditya as a fitness trainer there and they realised that they had a lot of things in common. Both of us started our fitness journey to lose weight. At our heaviest, Aditya was 108 kilograms and I was 105. We lost close to 45 kg with years of practice. Even though we were fit, we were always worried if we would gain it back, says Sheenu. It was this shared drive that made them click.

After training, they went on movie dates or for a quick bite in a caf. We were the black sheep in our friends gang as we were fitness conscious, ate clean, did not party and drink. With each other, we did not feel pressurised to do anything that we did not want to, recollects Aditya.

Their conversations revolved around fitness. After four years of dating, they got married in 2014 and started a new venture called Fit by Nature. We had a baby in 2018 and that year was a bit bumpy. Now, though we train every day, we dont do it together as one of us needs to look after our child, says Aditya. Post lockdowns, they started offering online fitness sessions.

The couple believes that encouraging each other to maintain fitness helped their relationship too. The happy hormones produced while we work out together have helped strengthen our relationship.

Muhammed Shahid and Hafsa Shahid

Muhammed Shahid (31) and Hafsa Shahid (30) are fitness trainers based in Malappuram. Though both of them were health-conscious from a young age, they decided to explore a career in it only after their wedding in 2016. Hafsas brother is a trainer and runs a chain of fitness centres. We started by managing one of the gyms. There, we saw a bond between clients and the trainers. It felt special and we wanted to give it a try. We started to work out and in six months started training others, he says.

They became certified in 2020. We waited till we were sure that this is the path we want to follow for the rest of our lives. Now we know that this is our future, he says. Hafsa also undertook a certification course in Nutrition and now provides diet charts for their clients. Peoples nutrition needs differ, and it is important to find a diet that helps them attain their fitness goals, she says. The couple also runs a YouTube page called Fitreat Couple.

Shahid and Hafsa help each other stay fit. Our fitness goals are different, so we dont follow the same workout. But she helps me with my diet. Three years ago, Hafsa gained weight after her pregnancy, and I guided her to lose that weight. We take all these decisions after consulting each other. This has increased our mutual trust and respect, he says.

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Couple trainers who give us fitness and relationship goals - The Hindu

Ben Roethlisberger is serious about his fitness, and that matters – Behind the Steel Curtain

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Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is fat, lazy and out of shape. His idea of an offseason workout is drinking beer, playing golf, smoking cigars and finishing out the day by eating simple carbs while streaming My 600-lb Life.

Back in March, legendary football writer, Peter King, suggested that Roethlisberger show up to training camp 20 pounds lighter than he was near the end of the 2020 campaign.

Just about every social media post about Roethlisberger includes some joke or insult about his weight: Ben is mentoring the youngsters? Is he mentoring them on how to eat lots of cheese? So, is Big Ben taking that rookie under his wing by showing him what to put on his hot wings? Is Big Ben throwing deep balls at OTAs or eating deep-fried beef tacos filled with lots and lots of cheese?

Am I crazy, or did Roethlisberger lose a good bit of weight last year when he was coming back from major elbow surgery? Did he put that weight back on during the regular season, when he was throwing 33 touchdowns to only 10 interceptions?

I researched some pictures from the Steelers 2021 OTAs; maybe its the beard, but Roethlisberger looks thin enough to me. Perhaps its the shadows, but you can almost see some definition in his chest and everything.

To steal from Jerry Seinfeld, whats the deal with Pop-Tarts, and why is everyone still making jokes about Roethlisberger eating them?

Just how thin does everyone expect Roethlisberger to be? The guy is 65. His nickname is Big Ben.

I realize that when it comes to people like King, its probably just another example of the national media piling on Roethlisberger because hes never been its darling like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady. I also understand that even some Steelers fans arent shy about taking shots at Roethlisberger.

But this all seems kind of lazy to me.

Its like, are you Googling stuff about Roethlisbergers current weight and fitness level or just pretending to while eating deep-fried beef tacos filled with lots and lots of cheese?

Am I saying that Roethlisberger never spent some years as Bloated Ben during his historic career? No, because that would be a lazy and uninformed take. Roethlisberger has never been and probably will never be mistaken for a fitness guru. I dont know what Roethlisberger will do with his lifes work when he finally retires, but I doubt hell be leading you through a HIIT workout on his YouTube channel: Big Burn with Big Ben.

I am saying that Roethlisberger is clearly more serious about his fitness level than ever before. Does it matter what things were like in the past? It shouldnt since he won a lot of playoff games and a couple of Super Bowls in his heavier days.

Steelers fans like to bottom line everything with championships and how theyre the only thing that matters. OK, fine. Roethlisberger may have relied on his natural gifts in his younger days, as he led Pittsburgh to three Super Bowls appearances. Obviously, nobody is the kind of athlete at 39 that they were at 29. Maybe the big guy is finally realizing that which is why hes gotten a bit smaller in order to pursue a fourth Super Bowl appearance.

Will Roethlisberger ever be Shredded Ben or Petite Ben? No.

He just needs to be Serious About Fitness Ben. He appears to be that, right now.

Thats all anyone can ask of him.

As for those jokes about Roethlisbergers weight, the early-2010s called, and theyd like them back.

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Ben Roethlisberger is serious about his fitness, and that matters - Behind the Steel Curtain

Defying the odds, Beaches-based Fit20 opens new studio in Nocatee, its third in the area – The Florida Times-Union

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Jean Sealey| For Shorelines

Companies that survived the limitations and restrictions necessitated by health concerns of a global pandemicoftensuffered a reduction in customer base and revenues. With survivalastheir major focus, companies reduced their occupancy and introduced measures not already in place to sanitizeproductsand protect their customers.

One notable exception to that is a company that already had in place a service-delivery model and health protocols well suited to the health concerns of the public. That company is fit20.

A fit20studiois equipped with six workout stations. The studio is set up to accommodate one person at a time, or two if a customer chooses to have a workout partner. Appointments ensure personal attention and limit the number of people in the studio at one time.

We opened our first fit20 at the Beaches at the beginning of the pandemic, and I was concerned about attempting to launch a new enterprise under those conditions, said Cathy Battreall, fit20regionaldeveloper. As it turned out, ourphysicalset-up andservice-deliveryprocesseswereidealfor all conditions set forth by health officials and concerned participants.

Before long, Battreall opened a second studio at Tapestry Park, and the Nocatee location opened in April.

More: fit20 USAs first regional developer is Jacksonville businesswoman

We chose Nocatee because of growth in the area, the convenience of this location and the desire to add our unique concept in physical fitness to the wide array of retail and service offerings within theNocateecommunity, Battreall said.Nocatee was named best place to live in Florida, according to rankings published in Newsweek magazine [Sept. 2020]. And, nationwide, its recognized as one of the 10 best-selling master-planned communities in the United States.

A fit20 workout isperformed on acircuit of specialized, strength-training machines and creates a full-body workout that increases strength and vitality.

This workout format challenges the muscles, and the time between sessions provides the needed muscle rest and rejuvenation that increases strength, develops the immune system and enhances productivity, Conner Battreall, franchise owner, said.Our training is based on scientifically proven methods that produce positive results in 20 minutes once a week.A once-a-week workout using our equipment under the guidance of our professional trainers will be more effective than most traditional gyms and workout routinesseveral times a week.

Studios are temperature controlled so workouts are conducted in a cool setting that eliminatestheneed to change into gym clothes before the workout or to follow with a shower. Members are in and out within 20 minutes

Members always work with a specialized personal trainer using sophisticated sensor technology to monitor progress. The studio is a private, noise-free environment geared to accommodate busy schedules and reflect personal physical requirements. Weekly sessions are by appointment, so there is never a wait time. There are also no group workouts, distracting music or mirrors.

We find that most members experience measurable results in just a few sessions, and more importantly, they feel stronger and healthier, said ConnerBattreall.Ouradvanced sensor technology provides members with live accurate feedback of their performance during their training session,as itdetectsthe speed, quality and range of movement during the exercise. This is an important part of fit20suseofreal-time data tomaximize results whileeliminatingthe risk of injuryandpost-exercise muscle soreness.

Afree, no-obligation training session lets you meet a trainer and try the workout.

I believe our ability to expand during the epidemic that forced the closure or seriously reduced activity of other physical fitness operations is due to the advantages we offer those who are serious about improving their fitness level, but who seek a safe environment and results-proven methods, said Cathy Battreall. Our ability to do that in one, 20-minute session a week is what setsusapart and appeals topeople withbusy schedules who appreciate seeing improvements in their strength, balance and general well-being.

Fit20 Nocateeis located at466 Town PlazaAve., Suite 320, Ponte Vedra Beach.Sign up for afree introductory training session at Fit20nocatee.comor call (904)478-8112.

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Defying the odds, Beaches-based Fit20 opens new studio in Nocatee, its third in the area - The Florida Times-Union

The best Hamptons wellness memberships for spas and fitness in 2021 – New York Post

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Organic EdgeOne of the many cutting-edge wellness rooms at the holistic wellness center Organic Edge.Courtesy of Organic Edge

Holistic practitionerShannon Conklin wasnt going to let a global pandemic prevent her from opening her 1,200-square-foot wellness sanctuary. After years of planning and delays thanks to the annus horribilis of COVID-19, the Manhattan inner-glow guru opened Organic Edge in Water Mill last July to anyone who can score an appointment, although a membership program is in the works.

Nowhere else in the Hamptons can you walk into a spa-like space with a green wall and receive, say, a colonic (to cleanse the colon), a session in an infrared pod (said to detox and boost metabolism) or targeted cryotherapy (touted to melt fat and tighten skin).

New this season is the Summer Reset package, consisting of two cryo slimming sessions, two colonics and four 30-minute pod appointments. Step in sluggish from 15 months spent on your sofa, and step out looking like last year never happened.

Summer Reset package, $1,000.2 Montauk Highway, Water Mill; 631-488-4086,YourOrganicEdge.com

A hybrid of an urgent-care clinic (of which there are few in the Hamptons) and a concierge physician service, Sollis launched in 2017 with locations in Beverly Hills, Manhattan, Miami and as of Memorial Day, Water Mill.

The first pop-up, members-only emergency room already counts loads of celebs on its roster (Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, Sting, Ralph Lauren), and does far more than your average doc-in-a-box. Here, members can get a COVID polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, sure, but also care for everything from shoulder dislocations from competitive club tennis matches to dehydration due to last nights celebrations. Doctors are available 24/7 for house calls or telemedicine, and theres no cap on how many visits or panic dials a member can make.

Says avid fan Freida Pinto: I like the fact that Sollis concierge medicine is so private. That gives me a sense of peace, especially in a profession where there is constant media and public curiosity. (The actor also likes that Sollis offers free health care to the undocumented immigrant community in New York.)

Members take note: The group can even arrange to have on-site 30-minute COVID-19 testing at house parties this summer.

Adult memberships from $3,000 per year.760 Montauk Highway,Suite 2C, Water Mill;646-585-6870, SollisHealth.com

Opened in 2017, this spot promises to level up this summer. Somewhere between an exclusive club and a camp for adults and kids, the Westhampton shaker-shingle escape puts the focus on the Atlantic and all the high-octane activities it offers.

Along with new chefs and an expanded menu, the Discovery Land Company-owned beach retreat is amping up its Outdoor Pursuits offerings to include kiteboarding, wakeboarding and a seaplane service to the city.

Only about 200 members get the privilege of spending a worry-free day by the shore or the pool as their kids master sailing or horseback riding, while 70 lodging memberships provide priority access to the 33 Club Suites, where those lacking a Hamptons home can spend the night at will (and those who do can tuck in the in-laws in these shiplap-lined water-facing guest rooms).

Dont forget to order a Casamigos ice shot at the Deck Bar, which you toss back then toss down the deck in hopes of hitting a bell target. Huzzah!

Beach Club membership from $350,000; Lodging membership, $2 million. 379 Dune Road, Westhampton Beach; 631-998-0050,DuneDeckClub.com

The star trainer already has two studios in the Hamptons, but this summer, shell premiere her latest contraption, the Anderson Moto Air Pro Reformer, only at her East Hampton location (rebranded as the Body Lab) and youre gonna be addicted after you have a go.

Andersons take on the classic Pilates reformer uses no springs or weights, only air to shape precise muscles, repair cell damage and promote spine and joint health.

Yourmuscles can become younger andhealthier, and your joints can and deserve to be pain-free, Anderson says.

Studio memberships grant unlimited access to COVID-safe indoor classes as well as custom programming and discounts on personal training sessions. Who knows? Maybe youll bump into Gwyneth or Madge at a class or while waiting for your turn on the Moto. Either way, at least youll get to show off those lean muscles in public at long last.

Monthly memberships from $90. Tracy Anderson Water Mill Studio, 903 Montauk Highway, 631-617-5621; Tracy Anderson Body Lab @ East Hampton, 30 Park Place; 631-604-6529,TracyAnderson.com

The classic Shaker-shingle barn joins forces with New York Citys beloved Chiquinox for a summer of indoor and outdoor Tabata and Barre classes plus personal training and a laid-back coffee shop.

Opened over Memorial Day Weekend, the seasonal club invites annual members to upgrade for $300 a month (though youre required to commit for the entire season, through Halloween), and even allows select non-members to spend $750 in order to gain an all-access pass to the escape on Butter Lane in Bridgehampton.

Valet your Range Rover then step into the barns sounds of mindful workouts emanating from the landscaped Courtyard, the wood-accented, equipment-filled Lodge and the group fitness-focused Atrium. After your MetCon3 class, hang for a while with a flat white and your newfound sweat-buddies and replenish yourVitamin D in the summer sun.

204 Butter Lane, Bridgehampton;equinox.com; 866-332-6549

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The best Hamptons wellness memberships for spas and fitness in 2021 - New York Post

Sameera Reddy says she will begin intermittent fasting in new Fitness Friday post – Hindustan Times

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Sameera Reddy often talks about body positivity and leading a healthy lifestyle on her social media page. The actress has raised awareness about mental health issues as well. She openly talks about her body, fitness routines and how she manages to include some healthy habits in her lifestyle. She even has a series called Fitness Friday, where she posts videos and pictures of herself.

For Fitness Friday post today, Sameera shared a video of herself on Instagram talking about her post-Covid-19 fitness routine. She said that she was feeling demotivated to workout after recovering from the deadly virus.

Sameera said that her series helps her to confess to her followers how she is progressing. She added she was going to begin intermittent fasting from tomorrow. The 42-year-old actress also mentioned in the post, I need to really get cracking. Ive been playing badminton and doing yoga. Started light weights for my arms.

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The actress captioned the video, Ive been feeling so demotivated to focus on my own workouts and I cant tell you how it helps me to have to confess where Im at every #fitnessfriday to you! Cant run or hide but thats a good thing!

Sameera revealed the things that she loves about Fitness Friday in the video. She said that she loves that the series makes her accountable and honest about her fitness routine. The actress, who recently recovered from Covid-19, pointed that she has got her energy back and was feeling good. However, she hasnt managed to lose weight.

She added that the series was not only about losing weight for her. It was a reminder for her to achieve her fitness goal with her followers. In the end, she revealed that she was going to begin intermittent fasting and will definitely get back on track.

What is intermittent fasting? Observed for losing weight, intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. People generally select a time frames and eat their meals within that period. There is no particular diet chart that should be followed while practising intermittent fasting. Instead, it is about a set period during which you should eat.

Sameera, her husband Akshai and their kids, Hans and Nyra, had tested positive for Covid-19 in April. However, they have since recovered.

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Sameera Reddy says she will begin intermittent fasting in new Fitness Friday post - Hindustan Times

WRKOUT Partners with TRX, Franklin Sports, Hyperice, Athletic Greens and FITBENCH Canada to Bring World-Class Fitness Products to MOVRS and TRNRS -…

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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The demand for home fitness products surged during the pandemic, as gyms across the country shuttered and fitness moved from the studio to the living room. While restrictions are beginning to lift, one thing is for certainthe home fitness revolution is here to stay.

According to a TD Ameritrade survey, nearly 60% of Americans dont plan to return to the gym after the COVID-19 pandemic. Its no surprise, when the rise of virtual fitness technology means that consumers can get a more tailored workout experience, on their own schedule, from the comfort of their homes. Earlier this year WRKOUT, the first ever connected fitness brand to deliver live, face-to-face personal training optimized for the virtual experience, perfected the home fitness experience with its global launch. The platform connects members with elite trainers from around the world for an unparalleled personal training experience. Its market-defining software overcomes the barriers of other platforms that use standard video conferencing software, which doesnt have the adaptive views, nor training-specific tools like screenshots and digital whiteboarding, required to be successful in fitness.

Today, WRKOUT has announced partnerships with leading global fitness brands, to bring world-class products to trainers on the platform (TRNRS) and their clients (MOVRS). WRKOUT is thrilled to be partnering with the following brands:

Through the partnerships, MOVRS will receive preferred rates on best-in-class fitness products to outfit their home gyms and routines. Additionally, TRNRS will have access to complementary superior fitness tools, in order to provide an industry-leading live virtual training experience to their clients.

With WRKOUT, members can access personal training sessions with world-class trainers at any time, using any device, explained Curtis Christopherson, Founder & CEO of WRKOUT. Now, through these partnerships, MOVRS and TRNRS will also have access to premium fitness products to take their health to the next level. This really completes the unparalleled home fitness experience offered with WRKOUT.

On June 7, WRKOUT will also be releasing a limited number of highly anticipated memberships to its early access insiders. To claim a spot, prospective members can register at WRKOUT.com between now and June 7th. Memberships will be allocated on a first-click-first-served basis.

For more information, visit WRKOUT.com.


WRKOUT is the future of fitness. Founded by industry veteran Curtis Christopherson, the CEO of North America's largest network of premium personal training studios, WRKOUT was built on over 20 years of established experience, bringing next generation virtual training to market. Unlike other methods of connected fitness that focus on one-way streaming or require proprietary hardware, WRKOUTs exclusive platform provides a live, two-way interactive training environment that connects members with elite trainers from around the world.

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WRKOUT Partners with TRX, Franklin Sports, Hyperice, Athletic Greens and FITBENCH Canada to Bring World-Class Fitness Products to MOVRS and TRNRS -...

City of Oakland Prioritizes Community Health and – City of Oakland

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On Friday June 4, 2021, Oakland Parks, Recreation & Youth Development (OPRYD) will unveil its newest quality of life addition at Arroyo Viejo and Lowell parks, sleek and modern outdoor Fitness Courts with a supporting mobile app. This capital project installed by Oakland Public Works is a featured part of a 2021 initiative launched by National Fitness Campaign (NFC), a nationwide consulting organization that partners with cities and schools to plan, build and fund healthy infrastructure.

The OPRYD was awarded $60,000 in grants from NFC to help support the program. In addition to grant funding, a city match and funding awarded from the Sugar Sweetened Beverage Community Advisory Board (SSB) contributed to make the project possible in Oakland.

The new outdoor fitness courts prove that equity is a priority for OPRYD. The courts provide residents access to a free quality platform for meaningful physical activity and we hope will allow for community bonding and building stated Nicholas Williams, Director OPRYD. Oakland deserves this, so we made it happen!

The new Fitness Court at Arroyo Viejo and Lowell parks are open-air wellness centers that allows users to leverage their own body weight to get a complete workout. Created with teens and adults of all ages in mind, the Fitness Court is adaptable for all fitness levels. New users can download the free Fitness Court App a coach-in-your-pocket style platform that transforms the outdoor gym into a digitally supported wellness ecosystem. The Fitness Court App, entitled Fitness Court, is available for iOS and Android.

National Fitness Campaign developed the seven-station system in 2012 hoping to inspire municipalities to transform public spaces into community fitness hubs. There are currently 100 active Fitness Court locations across the country, and the Campaign will reach a total of 250 cities and schools by the end of 2021.

Current times have amplified the critical need to support the health and well-being of our most vulnerable communities said Julia Liou, Chair of the SSB. This project enables our community members the opportunity to improve their physical and mental health.

The community is invited to the Opening Day Launch Event to try the Fitness Court and learn about upcoming community wellness events and programming.

Come dressed in fitness gear and ready to give it a try!

Arroyo Viejo Park

7701 Krause Ave.

Friday, June 4

10:30 a.m. 12:00 p.m.

Lowell Park

1180 14th Street

Friday, June 4

2:00 p.m. 3:30 p.m.

COVID-19 restrictions remain in effect. Please wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

For more information, find us on Facebook @oakparkrec and Instagram @oakparksrec, or contact OPRYD at (510) 238-7275 or parksandrec@oaklandca.gov.



National Fitness Campaign (NFC) is a social enterprise founded in San Francisco, California in 1979 that specializes in funding, activating and promoting healthy infrastructure through partnerships with cities and schools. Now operating in over 150 cities, NFC's unique program delivers consulting services and an integrated wellness initiative to communities, centered on the worlds best outdoor gym: The Fitness Court. Our mission is to design healthy infrastructure for cities to improve the quality of life for people. Learn more about NFC at NationalFitnessCampaign.com and follow on social @NatFitCampaign.


Follow this link:
City of Oakland Prioritizes Community Health and - City of Oakland

Flatiron BID’s Fitness Series Returns: In-Person Classes Resume On The Flatiron Plazas & Hotel Rooftops – Broadway World

Posted: at 1:46 am

Following last year's pandemic pause, the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership's popular Flatiron Fitness Series will return this summer with fitness classes on the Flatiron Public Plazas next to the famed Flatiron Building and, for the first time ever, on rooftop terraces at nearby hotels.

Spanning eight weeks beginning on June 15, the series will feature yoga, high intensity interval training (HIIT), Pilates, barre, and dance classes in collaboration with local fitness studios.

"People are eager to get back out and participate in group activities again, and we are thrilled to provide an opportunity to do just that, in some truly iconic New York settings, through our Flatiron Fitness Series," said James Mettham, Executive Director of the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership. "We're grateful to the resilient and diverse group of participating Flatiron and NoMad fitness studios, as well as the hotels that are hosting some of our classes for the first time."

The series' signature "Wellness Wednesday" evening classes will take place on the Flatiron Public Plazas, located at the intersection of 23rd Street, Broadway and Fifth Avenue, every Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM from June 16 through August 4.

New to the series in 2021, additional morning classes will be hosted on rooftop terraces at two nearby hotels - MADE Hotel and Mondrian Park Avenue - every Tuesday from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM from June 15 through August 3, giving participants more opportunities to take in the skyline and enjoy the open air as they get active with district studios and gyms.

Registration launches on June 3 at noon at https://www.flatirondistrict.nyc/flatironfitness.

In an effort to support Flatiron's fitness studios and gyms as they recover from the impacts of the COVID pandemic, the Flatiron Fitness Series classes will collect donations this year. For classes hosted in the Flatiron Public Plazas, donations are not required to participate, but they are very much appreciated. For premium rooftop classes hosted at hotel terraces, a donation of $10 per person is required due to limited class size. One hundred percent of funds from plaza donations and hotel terrace tickets will be directed to fitness studio partners.

Before the pandemic, there were more than 50 gyms and studios in Flatiron and NoMad, earning the area a reputation as New York City's "Fit-District." During last year's prolonged pause on in-person indoor fitness and subsequent capacity restrictions, many fitness businesses in the district and throughout the city closed. Currently 27 gyms and studios are open in Flatiron and NoMad.

A complete schedule for the 2021 Flatiron Fitness Series follows:

Life Time: XTREMETuesday, June 15th at 8 amMADE Hotel Rooftop TerraceChallenge yourself to the XTREME through a series of HIIT moves that will push you to the limit to deliver both strength and cardio results.Register For Class | Sign Digital Waiver

bode nyc: HIIT 50Wednesday, June 16th at 6 pmFlatiron North Public Plaza (Across from Madison Square Park)Our HIIT 50 class is a tabata-style cardio class that combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), muscle toning, and cardio to create a killer power-packed workout experience. The bode HIIT class strengthens your core, burns fat, and increases flexibility.Register For Class | Sign Digital Waiver

Dancebody: Dance + Sculpt 30/30Tuesday, June 22nd at 8 amMondrian Park Avenue Rooftop TerraceEnjoy the perfect combination class with a 30 minute dance-inspired cardio burst, follow along style, followed by 30 minutes of intense sculpting. If you're looking for a well balanced, full body workout, this is your go to!Register For Class | Sign Digital Waiver

Life Time: Gluteus MaxoutWednesday, June 23rd at 6 pmFlatiron North Public Plaza (Across from Madison Square Park)This Life Time signature format focuses on movements that target and strengthen the muscles in and around your legs and glutes, with a little cardio included throughout to challenge your aerobic capacity.Register For Class | Sign Digital Waiver

SLT Flatiron: SLTTuesday, June 29th at 8 amMondrian Park Avenue Rooftop TerraceSLT is a class for all fitness levels that ties together cardio, strength training and the most challenging elements of Pilates. Our workout activates slow-twitch fibers through slow-paced, fat burning movements that lead to long, lean muscle development.Register For Class | Sign Digital Waiver

PMT House of Dance: Beginner Hip HopWednesday, June 30th at 6 pmFlatiron North Public Plaza (Across from Madison Square Park)Students will enjoy an energetic, challenging form of Hip Hop that teaches foundations with proper context and technique. A heavy emphasis on musicality, creativity, intention and performance will be placed on students, enabling them to maximize their potential.Register For Class | Sign Digital Waiver

Power Pilates: Open MatTuesday, July 6th at 8 amMADE Hotel Rooftop TerraceWork your powerhouse with the classical Pilates exercise sequence. Using your own body as resistance, you will effectively engage all muscle groups with low-impact movements such as the hundred and the teaser. This open class allows for easier modifications and challenging variations.Register For Class | Sign Digital Waiver

Dancebody: Dance + Sculpt 30/30Wednesday, July 7th at 6 pmFlatiron South Public Plaza (Adjacent to Flatiron Building)Enjoy the perfect combination class with a 30 minute dance-inspired cardio burst, follow along style, followed by 30 minutes of intense sculpting. If you're looking for a well balanced, full body workout, this is your go to!Register For Class | Sign Digital Waiver

Pop Physique: Barre by Pop PhysiqueTuesday, July 13th at 8 amMondrian Park Avenue Rooftop TerraceA one hour, low-impact ballet barre-based class. The principles of dance are used to create long, lean lines and tight, compact muscles.Class Information | **Registration opens June 29

Dharma Yoga: Classic PracticeWednesday, July 14th at 6 pmFlatiron South Public Plaza (Adjacent to Flatiron Building)Experience grace in the life force within you. The yoga postures bring radiant health and long life by drawing attention to the breath, joints, muscles, and mental state. All levels welcome.Class Information | **Registration opens June 29

Pop Physique: Barre by Pop PhysiqueTuesday, July 20th at 8 amMADE Hotel Rooftop TerraceA one hour, low-impact ballet barre-based class. The principles of dance are used to create long, lean lines and tight, compact muscles.Class Information | **Registration opens June 29

Power Pilates: Open MatWednesday, July 21st at 6 pmFlatiron South Public Plaza (Adjacent to Flatiron Building)Work your powerhouse with the classical Pilates exercise sequence. Using your own body as resistance, you will effectively engage all muscle groups with low-impact movements such as the hundred and the teaser. This open class allows for easier modifications and challenging variations.Class Information | **Registration opens June 29

bode nyc: TBDTuesday, July 27th at 8 amMondrian Park Avenue Rooftop TerraceTBDClass Information | **Registration opens June 29

LL Studio: Sunset FlowWednesday, July 28th at 6 pmFlatiron South Public Plaza (Adjacent to Flatiron Building)Join LL Studio for a sunset Vinyasa Yoga flow and meditative sound experience in the Flatiron Public Plaza.Class Information | **Registration opens June 29

SLT Flatiron: SLTTuesday, August 3rd at 8 amMondrian Park Avenue Rooftop TerraceSLT is a class for all fitness levels that ties together cardio, strength training and the most challenging elements of Pilates. Our workout activates slow-twitch fibers through slow-paced, fat burning movements that lead to long, lean muscle development.Class Information | **Registration opens June 29

Y7 Yoga: WeFlowHard VinyasaWednesday, August 4th at 6 pmFlatiron South Public Plaza (Adjacent to Flatiron Building)Open to all levels, WeFlowHard Vinyasa is Y7's signature class designed to help take your practice to the next level. The instructor will guide you through vinyasa sequences, each repeated 3 times. The 1st time through the sequence, the instructor will break down the alignment in each posture. The 2nd time through, you will repeat the same sequence, speeding things up to link one-breath to one-movement. Finally, you will have the opportunity to take that sequence on your own during our signature "Flow On Your Own" portion of class. This is where the sequence becomes yours. Add in challenges, try modifications, or take out any postures that don't serve you. Classes are paced to the beat of the music to drive the breath, with tracks from varied artists and genres. We flow together, we flow hard.Class Information | **Registration opens June 29

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Flatiron BID's Fitness Series Returns: In-Person Classes Resume On The Flatiron Plazas & Hotel Rooftops - Broadway World

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