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Perfection is pass: Brands redefine beauty marketing – Vogue Business

Posted: August 2, 2021 at 1:53 am

I think the key word here is journey, says Lee. Of course, there are still marketing campaigns and conversations happening in Asia that still promote terms like flawless or perfection as the ideal, but I think its our job as brands to try to make these strides to dismantle unrealistic expectations that stems insecurity and a lack of confidence in our customers. No one is perfect and youre never going to be, and its a priority for us to educate.

Social media platforms, which are often blamed for setting unrealistic beauty standards by promoting the use of filters and photo-editing tools, are trying to move away from such edited, unrealistic imagery. When it introduced AR makeup try-on last year, Pinterest stated that it would refrain from smoothing out the skin or making any alterations other than applying the lipstick or eyeshadow product because it wanted the results to be as accurate to real life as possible. Instagram, in October 2019, temporarily prohibited effects that changed the face. In August 2020, it relaxed the guidelines to prevent effects that directly promote or encourage cosmetic surgery procedures. Effects that change the shape of the face are allowed but no longer promoted in its effects gallery.

Its our responsibility to think deeply about how we build our products [as] there is a good connection between representation and mental health, says Annie Ta, head of inclusive product at Pinterest.

Newer video platforms such as TikTok are also central to this shift, says Superfluids Scotti. Unlike Facebook or YouTube, TikTok is more about community and less about perfection, which allows people to express themselves in a more authentic way, says Bleachs Brownsell.

For brands, taking steps towards key social changes means not being able to measure ROI in a traditional sense. Ultimately, its worth it because brands will be able to build more trust, says Glow Recipes Lee. The messages and philosophies that we share goes a long way. Because of e-commerce and social media, theres no such thing as a loyal customer, but I do think that when someone believes in the values of a brand, they become advocates.

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Perfection is pass: Brands redefine beauty marketing - Vogue Business

Best of ORL 2021 – Health & Beauty – Orlando Magazine

Posted: at 1:53 am

Food & Drink | Home & Shopping | People & Media | Fun & Leisure | Health & Beauty | Kids & Pets


Nail Salon

1 436 Nails & Spa

Altamonte Springs


2 M.C. Spa & Nail Bar

Orlando, Ocoee


3 Pristine Nail & Day Spa

Winter Park


Hair Salon

1Salon Cisaux

Winter Park


2Priv Salon & Spa

Millenia, Winter Park


3Catwalk Hair Design

Winter Park


Workout Facility/Gym

1Studio K

International Drive


224 Hour Fitness

Multiple Orlando-area locations


3LA Fitness

Multiple Orlando-area locations



Day Spa

1Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Medicine

Winter Park


2Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa

Multiple Orlando-area locations


3The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes


Studio for Body & Soul

1Studio K

International Drive


2The Bar Method

Winter Park



Multiple Orlando-area locations


Tattoo Shop

1Old Florida Electric Tattooing

Ivanhoe Village


2Blue Buddha Tattoo



3 Golden Tarot Ink Club

Winter Park


George Pope, MD, Pope Plastic SurgeryOrlando. ROBERTO GONZALEZ.


1Vision Health Institute

Milk District


2Advanced EyeCare



3Oxford Eyes

Ivanhoe Village



1Dr. Anthony Filardo

Winter Park Chiropractic & Physical Medicine


2Dr. Andrew Hull

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Best of ORL 2021 - Health & Beauty - Orlando Magazine

What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH – THISDAY Newspapers

Posted: at 1:53 am

Some people turn to a substance called Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in hopes that it will keep them feeling and looking youthful. But experts say that hope is unfounded. And worse, these products can be harmful.

HGH, produced by the pituitary gland, spurs growth in children and adolescents. It also helps to regulate body composition, body fluids, muscle and bone growth, sugar and fat metabolism, and possibly heart function. Produced synthetically, HGH is the active ingredient in a number of prescription drugs and in other products available widely over the Internet.


Synthetic human growth hormone was developed in 1985 and approved by the

FDA for specific uses in children and adults. In children, HGH injections are approved for treating short stature of unknown cause as well as poor growth due to a number of medical causes, including:

Turners syndrome:A genetic disorder that affects a girls development.

Prader-Willi syndrome:An uncommon genetic disorder causing poor muscle tone, low levels of sex hormones, and a constant feeling of hunger

Chronic kidney disease.

In adults, approved uses of HGH include:

*Short bowel syndrome:A condition in which nutrients are not properly absorbed due to severe intestinal disease or the surgical removal of a large portion of the small intestine.

*HGH deficiency due to rare pituitary tumorsor their treatment

*Muscle-wasting disease associated with HIV/AIDS

However, the most common uses for HGH are not FDA-approved. Some people use the hormone, along with other performance-enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids in an attempt to build muscle and improve athletic performance. Yet HGHs effect on athletic performance is unknown.

Because the bodys HGH levels naturally decrease with age, some so-called anti-aging experts have speculated and claimed that HGH products could reverse age-related bodily deterioration. But these claims, too, are unproven. The use of HGH for anti-aging is not FDA-approved.

Culled from The WebMD Medical

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What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH - THISDAY Newspapers

40 Worst Health Mistakes Men Make After 40 | Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

Posted: at 1:53 am

For many, your 40s are a time of feeling more comfortable and established, as you become more secure professionally and personally. But it's no time to become complacent about your health, an all-too-frequent occurrence in this decade. Your 40s are a time when certain health problems can creep upor be avoided by making healthy choices. We asked the experts what health mistakes men tend to make at this age and beyond, so you don't have to. Read onand to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You Have "Long" COVID and May Not Even Know It.

"Men are more likely to get their teeth cleaned than visit their doctor. Heart disease, BPH, and high cholesterol tend to start appearing in middle age," says Stanton Honig, MD, director of men's health at Yale Medicine Urology.

The Rx: "Make your regular checkups!," says Honig. "They give doctors an opportunity to discuss overall health to help men take better care of themselves and prevent health problems."

Only about 5 percent of American adults get 30 minutes of exercise each day. Go against the grain: A sedentary lifestyle raises your risk of obesity and related illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke.

The Rx: For heart health, the American Heart Association recommends that adults get 150 minutes of moderate exercise (such as brisk walking) or 90 minutes of high-intensity exercise (such as running or swimming) each week.

Maybe you were taught that boys don't cry and that "rubbing some dirt on it" is a remedy for most problems. But we feel pain for a reason. When you have pain that doesn't go away, chances are your body is trying to alert you to a problem.

The Rx: If you have pain that recurs or won't go away, don't tough it out. See your doctor.

Men ignore psychological pain even more than physical pain. "Men in their 40s have the tendency to ignore their emotional needs, which leads to an increase in stress and stress-related illness," says Haley Neidich, LCSW, a therapist based in New Haven, Connecticut.

The Rx: "Acknowledging when you need support and seeking out the right mental health counseling for your needs is essential," recommends Neidich.

"Back pain, specifically low back pain, can be caused by poor posture and weak abdominal muscles. And those are the specific areas that need to be targeted and strengthened to relieve the pain and prevent future flare-ups," says Neel Anand, MD, professor of orthopaedic surgery and director of spine trauma at Cedars-Sinai Spine Center in Los Angeles.

The Rx: "The first steps in correcting this is to simply concentrate on sitting up straight and pulling your shoulders back and down when either sitting, standing, or walking," says Anand. He also suggests abdominal strengthening exercises as planks or ab crunch you can try at home.

"Along with new fitness activity comes a real risk for injury, which can range from fractures, sprains, strains, to knee and back pain," says Bert Mandelbaum, MD, a sports medicine specialist and orthopedic surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute in Los Angeles and author of The Win Within: Capturing Your Victorious Spirit.

The Rx: "Warm up and cool down," says Mandelbaum. "We need a few minutes of warm-up time before any physical activity to get the blood flowing, and give the muscles and joints a heads-up that they're about to be put to work, as cold muscles are much less flexible and much more prone to injury. At the end of a cardiovascular warm up, a few more minutes of muscle stretching is always recommended."

"For most men over 45, about four out of 10 suffer from Low T," says S. Adam Ramin, MD, urologic surgeon and medical director of Urology Cancer Specialists in Los Angeles. "Low testosterone doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the physical ability to get or maintain an erection. It has more to do with low desire and libido. The good news is that this condition shouldn't be anything a man feels ashamed of and it is very treatable."

The Rx: "There are a number of natural ways to raise testosterone, including engaging in exercise several times a week, and weight loss for men who are overweight," says Ramin. "A doctor may suggest starting hormone replacement therapy, which includes giving testosterone in an injection, patch, gel, or tablets to raise his levels back to a normal, healthy range."

"Outside of skin cancer, prostate cancer is the second-most common cancer cause for men in the United States, with up to 1 in 9 receiving the diagnosis at some point in their lives," says Ramin. "The great news is that most men have a high probability of surviving the disease, though as with many cancer types, that likelihood decreases as the disease advances."

The Rx: "Men who receive regular checkups and prostate examinations after age 50 have a much higher likelihood that cancer would be discovered and diagnosed at an earlier stage," says Ramin.

"Smoking isn't just detrimental to your lungs," says Ramin. "Your kidneys and bladder, your body's filtration system, must process the toxins from cigarette smoke too. From the risk of kidney failure to multiple types of urological cancers, smoking is one lifestyle habit that really isn't worth it," says Ramin.

The Rx: Quit smoking now. If you don't use tobacco, don't start.

"High blood pressure isn't only bad for your heart," says Ramin. "In fact, uncontrolled high blood pressure is among the leading causes of kidney failure in the United States."

The Rx: The American Heart Association recommends getting your blood pressure checked at least once every two years. "If you start early enough, before problems arise, keeping your blood pressure at a normal rate and your kidneys in proper working order can be easily accomplished with lifestyle modifications," adds Ramin. Keep reading to learn more on this.

"Obesity is among the highest risk factors for a host of cancers, including bladder and kidney," says Ramin. "Studies have shown that simply being overweight, not necessarily clinically obese, also increases risk."

The Rx: "Simply paying attention to what you're putting into your body can be a great start," says Ramin. "This year, if you haven't already, begin reading food labels. A good rule of thumb: if the package label contains ingredients you can't pronounce, don't buy it."

"Our bodies' organs simply weren't designed to meet the demands put on them by the consumption of highly processed, high-sugar and high-fat foods," says Ramin. "And when they're forced to filter these substances long-term, the consequences can be severe and life-threatening."

The Rx: "Focus on putting the most pure, whole foods into your body," says Ramin.

"Colonoscopy is the best method to get screened for a very common but preventable form of cancer in the USA," says Ashkan Farhadi, MD, a gastroenterologist at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California. "Currently, 6 percent of individuals will suffer from this common form of cancer during their lifetime, which can be prevented if they have a proper screening." During colonoscopy, precancerous polyps in the colon can be removed before they become cancer and spread.

The Rx: The American Cancer Society recommends you start discussing screening for colon cancer with your doctor at age 45.

"Because many signs of aging are caused or exacerbated by sun damage, sunscreen is the best anti-aging treatment in your skin care routine," says Joel Schlessinger, MD, a dermatologic surgeon in Omaha, Nebraska. "Most importantly, sunscreen is your first line of defense against skin cancer."

The Rx: "Even if you're sitting inside all day, you still need sun protection. By wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen every day, you can shield your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. I recommend choosing a high-quality, broad-spectrum sunscreen like those from EltaMD," says Schlessinger.

"Remember to never share towels. It's easy to spread bacteria and infections, especially when they're wet," says Schlessinger

The Rx: "Always keep track of which towel is yours, and don't forget to switch it out for a clean one on a regular basis," says Schlessinger.

Do you still have the same loofahs from your European vacation in 2015? You might be surprised to see what's living inside. "Washcloths and loofahs can harbor bacteria, mold and yeast, among other harmful things," says Schlessinger.

The Rx: "Make sure you allow your loofah to dry completely each time and replace it frequently," says Schlessinger. "If you cleanse with a washcloth, grab a fresh one every day and don't use it on your face. Remove impurities with jane iredale Magic Mitt. This microfiber mitt removes dirt, oil and makeup with warm water alone. By eliminating the need for a cleanser, this tool protects the skin's pH balance."

"A 40-year-old man, embarking on a fad exercise program is liable to injure his back or neck," says Dr. Marc Arginteanu, an award winning neurosurgeon and Clinical Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. "The bones of most 40-year-old men are still as solid as they were at 20, and his muscles are often just as solid. But the joints that hold the spinal bones togetherand the discs which act as cushions between those bonesare no longer nearly as resilient as they once were."

The Rx: Warm up, take any new exercise program slowly, and give your body time to recover between workouts.

"Fad diets are designed to take off weight as quickly as possible. They often ignore the long term effects that might occur regarding both the brain and spine," says Arginteanu. "A 40-year-old man embarking on a radical weight loss program is liable to make a nutritional blunder that may increase the likelihood he'll suffer from brain problems like dementia later in life."

The Rx: Consult your healthcare provider before embarking on a new diet. "Also, consider moderating the diet to make it less extreme," says Arginteanu. "You should be suspicious of any diet that says 'never' or 'always.' For any diet, as in most things, balance is best."

"A sudden increase or change in activity, like trying out a new exercise at the gym or using a computer leading up to a deadline, can cause tendonitis to flare around the hand and wrist," says Andrea Halim, MD, a Yale Medicine orthopedic hand surgeon. "This can include trigger fingers, de quervain's (tendonitis of the wrist) and sometimes carpal tunnel syndrome."

The Rx: "Make sure to take breaks from activities that require constant or repetitive motion, and taking anti-inflammatories may help relieve symptoms if they become bothersome," says Halim.

If your toenails look odd because of thickening, lifting or color changesit can be signs of infection. "Both bacteria and fungi can cause nail infections and are very common in the environment," says Amanda Zubek, MD, Ph.D., a Yale Medicine dermatologist. "You can easily pick up a nail fungus, for example, at a swimming pool, from the gym floor, the dirt outside or even from a family member."

The Rx: Pay attention to nail health year round. If you observe anything suspicious, make an appointment with a dermatologist.

Fungus isn't the only problem that can plague your nails. "Nails say a lot about health. For example, brittle nails can demonstrate vitamin deficiencies," says Halim. Biting nails can open the skin under the nail, introducing bacteria, a fungus or yeast that can cause infection.

The Rx: Cut your nails regularly, and don't be afraid to visit the nail salon (it's 2020, after all). When cutting your nails, be sure to cut straight across, and file them into a square shape, not rounded. Cutting the corners off increases your risk of an ingrown nail.

"Take a look at the 'blue zones' of the worldplaces where people live the longest. What characterizes them all is the fact that they are all bound by a strong sense of community," says Lily Kiswani, MD, an integrative medicine physician in Mumbai, India. "This diminishes stress and decreases the risk of chronic illness and premature death."

The Rx: "Make the time to spend with that special someone in your life. Go kick a football with your son. Volunteer to help at your church. Every little bit helps. The effort does not need to be massive, but the result can be life changing."

Have you been tested for diabetes recently? Are you sure? Untreated, diabetes causes sugars to build up in the blood. That damages arteries throughout the body, skyrocketing your risk of heart disease, stroke, vision loss and circulation problems that could lead to amputation.

The Rx: Get checked for diabetes or prediabetes ASAP. Follow your doctor's recommendations for lifestyle changes or medication if necessary.

"One of the biggest mistakes men can make as they age above forty is to not maintain their flexibility," says Mary Badon, MD, a Yale-trained physician in Connecticut who manages SOMA Movement Studio. "Reducing resting muscle tension can improve your energy levels, raise your mood, and can contribute to making you more active."

The Rx: "Maintaining flexibility can be done through regular stretching, or better, by including cross-training workouts that focus on eccentric (lengthening) strengthening like Pilates," says Badon.

"After 40, the key is to cut out processed foods from your diet," says Lisa Ballehr, DO, an osteopathic physician in Mesa, Arizona. "Processed foods are typically loaded with artificial preservatives and additives and tend to be made from non-organic foods containing residues of pesticides. This, along with the addition of refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, emulsifiers, salt and ethanol make for an unnatural dietary source which lacks proper nutrition."

The Rx: "Cut processed foods out of our diet and replace them with whole foods. Our bodies need the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats from whole foods for optimal health."

"As we age, our brains shrink in volume, particularly the frontal cortex and hippocampus, areas involved in higher cognitive function and encoding new memories," says Peterson Pierre, MD, a dermatologist in Thousand Oaks, California, and founder of the Pierre Skin Care Institute.

The Rx: "It's important to keep the mind stimulated, and one of the best ways to do that is with the brain training app Lumosity," says Pierre. "This app is personalized and trains key areas of your brain. Just a few minutes a day can help your mind stay sharp and can even help you improve in certain areas."

When you're over 40, you can't ignore any chance to get physical exercise. And what's easier than move your legs rhythmically to the sound of music? "Studies show that regular physical exercise can reverse the signs of aging in the brain with dancing having the most profound effect," says Pierre. Dancing decreases risk of dementia, improves your balance, reduces stress and helps you lose caloriesand last, but not least, makes you a socially attractive person.

The Rx: Next time you hear some music, show your moves.

"We all know that cardiovascular training is good for the heart and helps keep weight off, but weight training is just as important, maybe even more so," says Pierre. "Weight training has been shown to have similar cardiovascular benefits and can actually reverse age-related muscle loss. It burns fat, exercises all your muscles, including your heart, lowers blood pressure and improves blood flow to the brain."

The Rx: Aim to get 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week, including two strength-training sessions weekly.

"One condition that shows up in some patients over 40 is tinnitus, a challenging problem that has common symptoms like roaring, ticking, ringing, or whistling sounds in the ears," says Jason Power, owner and managing director of The Hearing Clinic in Ontario, Canada. "Sometimes, the symptoms of tinnitus can signify other health problems."

The Rx: Schedule a hearing evaluation with an audiologist, who can recommend treatment.

"A common trap for men is failing to seek medical advice, allowing ailments as hypertension and diabetes to gain an even stronger foothold prior to diagnosis and therapy," says Gary Donovitz, MD, founder and CEO of BioTE Medical. "Older doesn't always mean wiser, particularly when it comes to assessing your body's issues"

The Rx: Invest in a home blood pressure monitor and measure your blood pressure on a regular basis, ideally a few times a week. Monitors can cost between $40 and $100 on average, but your health insurance might cover it. If you see any significant changes in your pressure, consult your doctor.

"Over 40 million men in the U.S. suffer from enlarged prostate, also referred to as BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)," says Peter Walter, MD, FACS, of Western New York Urology Associates in Jamestown, NY. "This can cause symptoms such as a weak urinary stream or frequent daytime urination. As men get older, the prostate continues to grow, and symptoms often worsen. This can result in the complete inability to empty the bladder, requiring a catheter or invasive prostate surgery."

The Rx: "Worsening urinary symptoms are not just a normal part of the aging process," says Walter. "They can be a warning sign of bladder damage, and should not be ignored." If you have symptoms of BPH or urinary difficulties, see your doctor.

Dementia is most common in older age, but it can affect men as young as their 40s. It's estimated that 200,000 Americans have early onset Alzheimer's, The Alzheimer's Organization says.

The Rx: If you observe memory problems, write down the symptoms and contact your doctor for an evaluation. "Dementia and other signals of cognitive decline should not be considered normal and irreversible," says Donovitz. "There is a range of treatments and therapies to be explored."

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Don't suffer in silence about erectile dysfunctiontalk with your healthcare provider about it. More than your sex life could be at stake. Erectile dysfunction can be an early sign of serious health issues, including cardiac problems, diabetes and depression.

The Rx: If you have ED, see your doctor. Several effective therapies are available.

Insomnia and poor quality sleep doesn't just run the risk of making you irritable the next day. Without adequate sleep, your body can't adequately repair itself; that increases your risk of health problems such as cancer, heart disease and dementia.

The Rx: If you're having trouble getting seven to nine hours of quality sleep a night, talk with your doctor about it.

High sodium intake is a risk factor for high blood pressure, which raises your chance of having a heart attack. Studies show that most Americans consume about 3,400mg of sodium daily way over the recommended 2,300mg (about one teaspoon of salt).

The Rx: Don't add salt to your meals. Avoid fast food and processed foods, which tend to come loaded with sodium. Inspect nutrition facts labels and choose products low in sodium.

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The risk of stroke increases as we ageand the vast majority can be avoided. The National Stroke Association says that up to 80 percent of strokes are preventable.

Remedy Rx: Keep your blood pressure down and weight in a healthy range. If you have high cholesterol, diabetes or AFib, get them under controlall are risk factors for stroke. Don't smoke, and keep your alcohol intake under two drinks a day.

Excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer and heart disease. And you may be drinking more than you think. Experts recommend moderate drinkingdefined as no more than two alcoholic drinks per day for men, and one drink for women.

The Rx: If you're having trouble cutting back, talk with your doctor.

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"Stress that's left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes," says the Mayo Clinic.

The Rx: Relieve stress by getting regular exercise, socializing and creating time for yourself. Relaxation techniques such as mindfulness can also help.

High blood cholesterol clogs arteries, increasing your risk of heart attack and stroke. Have you had yours checked lately? Your total cholesterol level should be less than 200 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL), with an LDL of less than 100 mg/dL and an HDL of 60 mg/dL or higher.

The Rx: Experts recommend getting a cholesterol check every five years; older adults may need one more often. To keep your LDL ("bad") cholesterol level down, eat a diet low in saturated fat, exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.

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You've probably heard the new health maxim: Sugar is the new smoking. It's not an exaggeration. Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages and eating a diet high in added and refined sugars increases your risk of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, which in turn raises your risk of heart disease and stroke.

The Rx: Skip soda, fruit juices and other sugary beverages, and limit your consumption of added sugar by choosing whole foods and products that have little or none. And to get through this pandemic at your healthiest, don't miss these 35 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID.

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40 Worst Health Mistakes Men Make After 40 | Eat This Not That - Eat This, Not That

Motivation depends on how the brain processes fatigue – Anti Aging News

Posted: at 1:52 am

How do we decide whether or not an activity which requires work is 'worth the effort'? Researchers at the University of Birmingham & the University of Oxford have shown that the willingness to work is not static, and depends upon the fluctuating rhythms of fatigue.

Fatigue -- the feeling of exhaustion from doing effortful tasks -- is something we all experience daily. It makes us lose motivation and want to take a break. Although scientists understand the mechanisms the brain uses to decide whether a given task is worth the effort, the influence of fatigue on this process is not yet well understood.

The research team conducted a study to investigate the impact of fatigue on a person's decision to exert effort. They found that people were less likely to work and exert effort -- even for a reward -- if they were fatigued. The results are published in Nature Communications.

Intriguingly, the researchers found that there were two different types of fatigue that were detected in distinct parts of the brain. In the first, fatigue is experienced as a short-term feeling, which can be overcome after a short rest. Over time, however, a second, longer-term feeling builds up, stops people from wanting to work, and doesn't go away with short rests.

"We found that people's willingness to exert effort fluctuated moment by moment, but gradually declined as they repeated a task over time," says Tanja Muller, first author of the study, based at the University of Oxford. "Such changes in the motivation to work seem to be related to fatigue -- and sometimes make us decide not to persist."

The team tested 36 young, healthy people on a computer-based task, where they were asked to exert physical effort to obtain differing amounts of monetary rewards. The participants completed more than 200 trials and in each, they were asked if they would prefer to 'work' -- which involved squeezing a grip force device -- and gain the higher rewards offered, or to rest and only earn a small reward.

The team built a mathematical model to predict how much fatigue a person would be feeling at any point in the experiment, and how much that fatigue was influencing their decisions of whether to work or rest.

While performing the task, the participants also underwent an MRI scan, which enabled the researchers to look for activity in the brain that matched the predictions of the model.

They found areas of the brain's frontal cortex had activity that fluctuated in line with the predictions, while an area called the ventral striatum signalled how much fatigue was influencing people's motivation to keep working.

"This work provides new ways of studying and understanding fatigue, its effects on the brain, and on why it can change some people's motivation more than others" says Dr. Matthew Apps, senior author of the study, based at the University of Birmingham's Centre for Human Brain Health. "This helps begin to get to grips with something that affects many patients lives, as well as people while at work, school, and even elite athletes.

The University of Birmingham's Centre for Human Brain Health, Institute for Mental Health and School of Psychology all contributed to this research project.

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Motivation depends on how the brain processes fatigue - Anti Aging News

Sponsored | The perfect red lip exists, and it is timeless – Toronto Star

Posted: at 1:52 am

During the past year, many of us were forced to revisit our grooming routines, whether it was grounding ourselves in self-care rituals or seekingout ways to make makeup work under a mask.

Now, as we look ahead with renewed optimism, were turning to makeuponce more to help us look and feel our best out in the worldtrying asmoky eye for cocktails on a patio or a vibrant lipstick to head to work.

Created to celebrate women over 50 and address their specific needs,theLOral Paris Age Perfectmakeup collection features skincare-infused formulas that promise comfort, radiance and feature-enhancinggorgeousness, from serum-inspired foundation to lipstick enriched witha moisturizing core.

To show just how versatile and effective these products are, we asked 63-year-old Marita to try on an Age Perfect beauty lookpolished skin, subtly defined eyes and the perfect, timeless red lipand talk about rediscovering the life-affirming joy of makeup, at any age.

What is your relationship with makeup?

I love that you see my personality or how Im feeling on a certain day based on my makeupchoices. If Im wearing a red lip on a Tuesday at 9 a.m., its because I want to be seen, I want to have fun, so why not? Every time I leave the house, I treat it like a special occasion. Now Iget to go back to work, dress up and see my friends. Theyre all reasons to play with make-up again.

As you get older, has the type of makeup you look for changed?

Aging is a beautiful thing and Im always looking for products that highlight the unique qualities of my face. I also ask myself, is it nourishing? Does it have anti-aging properties?

What are your favourite LOral Paris Age Perfect products?

I love the Radiant Serum Foundation. Its so light and natural-looking on the skin. I never use anything that covers up my freckles. I love them, so why should I hide them?


Start with a polished canvas, by prepping skin with LOral Paris Age Perfect Blurring Face Primer, which is infused with a nourishing serum.

LOral Paris Age Perfect Blurring Face Primer, $16.99, lorealparis.ca

Next, apply LOral Paris Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation just where you need it for natural-looking coverage and a healthy glow.

LOral Paris Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation in Cream Beige, $19.99, lorealparis.ca

Now for the lips. Fill lips in completely with LOral Paris Age perfect Anti-Feathering Lip Liner in Flaming Carmin. This liner prevents feathering and transferring, and your lipstick will not budge, says LOral Paris makeup artist Jodi Urichuk.

LOral Paris Age Perfect Anti-Feathering Lip Liner in Flaming Carmin, $12.99, lorealparis.ca

Finally, apply LOral Paris Age Perfect Hydrating Core Lipstick in Flaming Carmin right from the bullet, no lip brush needed.

LOral Paris Age Perfect Hydrating Core Lipstick Flaming Carmin, $12.99, lorealparis.ca

The Kit created this content; LOral Paris funded and approved it.

Disclaimer This content was funded and approved by the advertiser.

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Sponsored | The perfect red lip exists, and it is timeless - Toronto Star

Top reasons why you should add watermelon to skincare routine – NewsBytes

Posted: at 1:52 am

Last updated on Aug 01, 2021, 10:41 am

There are very few foods that can be as refreshing as juicy watermelons. These are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and keep away various infections and diseases. However, did you know that not just from the inside, watermelons can work wonders outside on our skin as well? Here's a list of benefits and reasons why you should make use of it in skincare.

The summer heat and sweat, when mixed with pollutants and grime in the air, can leave our skin looking dull, dry, and dirty! Watermelon is rich in malic acid that unclogs the pores and is effective in removing dead skin cells. However, the moisturizing properties of malic acid make sure that the skin does not dry out and leaves it soft and luminous.

Watermelon is a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants that can give us a youthful glow from the inside. However, it also contains anti-aging agents such as lycopene that keep premature aging at bay. Lycopene plays a crucial role in repairing damaged skin cells and boosts the production of collagen, which is responsible for keeping the skin soft and elastic.

In spite of taking good care of the skin, it is almost necessary to avoid skin rashes, especially in summers. The rich antioxidant and mineral content of watermelons makes them a perfect solution to reduce inflammation and itching. What's more, it also helps curb minor sunburns. Massage a slice of cold watermelon on the affected area. Do this twice a day for maximum relief.

There are many DIY face masks that you can make using watermelon as the key ingredient. However, the following recipe is ideal to get rid of tan and spots on the face. Mix about three tablespoons of watermelon juice with one tablespoon of yogurt. Apply the face mask to your face and neck and rinse when dry. Use this regularly for tan-free skin.

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Top reasons why you should add watermelon to skincare routine - NewsBytes

Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment Market to Observe Strong Growth to Generate Massive Revenue in Coming Years Domestic Violence – Domestic Violence

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The global Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment market is expected to grow in the forecasted period due to the growing awareness about skin. Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment is used to avoid wrinkles and other signs of aging. this type of treatment can be done by various methods including topical treatment, cosmetic surgeries, injectable. A rapid grow of anti-aging products sales over the internet can be observed. anti-aging products are manufactured on the basis of increasingly advanced research, formulas, and technologies. High-tech innovations happen in all product categories and all price segments.

Free Sample Report + All Related Graphs & Charts @:https://www.advancemarketanalytics.com/sample-report/17978-global-intensive-anti-aging-treatment-market

A Latest intelligence report published by AMA Research with title Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment Market Outlook to 2026.A detailed study accumulated to offer Latest insights about acute features of theGlobalIntensive Anti-Aging Treatmentmarket. This report provides a detailed overview of key factors in the Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment Market and factors such as driver, restraint, past and current trends, regulatory scenarios and technology development. A thorough analysis of these factors including economic slowdown, local & global reforms and COVID-19 Impact has been conducted to determine future growth prospects in the global market.

Major Players in This Report Include,

Allergan (Ireland),Clarins (France),Coty (United States),LOreal (France),Elemis (United Kingdom),Garnier (France),Clinique Laboratories (United States),DRAN Co. Ltd (South Korea)

Market Trends:

Market Drivers:

Market Opportunities:

The Global Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment Market segments and Market Data Break Down are illuminated below:

by Type (Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Anti-stretch Mark Cream, UV absorber, Other), Distribution Channel (Retail Pharmacies, Online Pharmacies, Drug Store)

Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment the manufacturing cost structure analysis of the market is based on the core chain structure, engineering process, raw materials and suppliers. The manufacturing plant has been developed for market needs and new technology development. In addition, Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment Market attractiveness according to country, end-user, and other measures is also provided, permitting the reader to gauge the most useful or commercial areas for investments. The study also provides special chapter designed (qualitative) to highlights issues faced by industry players in their production cycle and supply chain. However overall estimates and sizing, various tables and graphs presented in the study gives and impression how big is the impact of COVID.

Enquire for customization in Report @:https://www.advancemarketanalytics.com/enquiry-before-buy/17978-global-intensive-anti-aging-treatment-market

Geographically World Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment markets can be classified as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), Middle East and Africa and Latin America. North America has gained a leading position in the global market and is expected to remain in place for years to come. The growing demand for Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment markets will drive growth in the North American market over the next few years.

In the last section of the report, the companies responsible for increasing the sales in the Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment Market have been presented. These companies have been analyzed in terms of their manufacturing base, basic information, and competitors. In addition, the application and product type introduced by each of these companies also form a key part of this section of the report. The recent enhancements that took place in the global market and their influence on the future growth of the market have also been presented through this study.

Report Highlights:

Strategic Points Covered in Table of Content of Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment Market:

Chapter 1:Introduction, market driving force product Objective of Study and Research Scope theGlobalIntensive Anti-Aging Treatmentmarket

Chapter 2:Exclusive Summary the basic information of theGlobalIntensive Anti-Aging TreatmentMarket.

Chapter 3:Changing Impact on Market Dynamics- Drivers, Trends and Challenges & Opportunities of theGlobalIntensive Anti-Aging Treatment; Post COVID Analysis

Chapter 4:Presenting theGlobalIntensive Anti-Aging TreatmentMarket Factor Analysis, Post COVID Impact Analysis, Porters Five Forces, Supply/Value Chain, PESTEL analysis, Market Entropy, Patent/Trademark Analysis.

Chapter 5:Displaying the by Type, End User and Region/Country 2014-2019

Chapter 6:Evaluating the leading manufacturers of theGlobalIntensive Anti-Aging Treatmentmarket which consists of its Competitive Landscape, Peer Group Analysis, BCG Matrix & Company Profile

Chapter 7:To evaluate the market by segments, by countries and by Manufacturers/Company with revenue share and sales by key countries in these various regions (2020-2026)


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Key questions answered

Thanks for reading this article; you can also get individual chapter wise section or region wise report version like North America, Middle East, Africa, Europe or LATAM, Asia.

Contact US:

Craig Francis (PR & Marketing Manager)AMA Research & Media LLPUnit No. 429, Parsonage Road Edison, NJNew Jersey USA 08837Phone: +1 (206) 317 1218[emailprotected]

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Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment Market to Observe Strong Growth to Generate Massive Revenue in Coming Years Domestic Violence - Domestic Violence

How many calories are in a glass of wine? – Medical News Today

Posted: at 1:51 am

The number of calories in a glass of wine can range from around 120165, depending on the type of wine.

Wine is one of the oldest beverages and has been popular for centuries. Even today, it continues to be one of the most consumed drinks in the world. According to the Wine Institute, people in the United States drink more than 3 gallons of this fermented grape juice each year.

Wine has an alcohol content that creates a feel-good effect in the brain, and many of the chemicals in wine can have beneficial health effects.

Experts associate wine drinking with reduced inflammation and lower blood pressure A daily glass of wine may also help prevent heart disease and stroke.

This article compares the calorie content in different types of wine and the source of these calories. It also contrasts wine with other alcoholic beverages, and explores some of the health benefits of wine.

The following chart lists the number of calories in some popular glasses of wine, typically five fluid ounces.

Wine is an alcoholic beverage that manufacturers create by fermenting grape juice. It is the alcohol concentration of carbohydrates that provides the calories in wine.

As the name suggests, sweet wines are often sweeter than dry wines. Manufacturers may add more sugar to these wines, contributing to a more significant number of calories than their dry counterparts.

A single glass of wine does not contribute many calories to someones daily energy intake. However, people may find it easy to overindulge. Most individuals have more than a single glass of wine in a sitting, leading to an overall increase in calorie intake.

Most glasses of wine contain around 120 calories, with sweet wine containing considerably more calories at 165 calories per glass.

When comparing the calorie content of wine and other popular alcoholic beverages, people must consider the serving size. Bars and restaurants may serve wine, spirits, and beer in different quantities.

Here are some example calories for popular alcoholic drinks:

The calorie content of wine falls in the middle of these standard alcoholic beverage options. However, wine, specifically red wine, offers health benefits that these other drinks do not.

The alcoholic and polyphonic components of wine have beneficial antioxidant, lipid regulating, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Past studies have found that moderate alcohol consumption can provide health benefits, including increasing the amount of good cholesterol in the body and decreasing the risk of diabetes.

There are no conclusive recommendations regarding wine consumption. But many studies have found that moderate consumption of red wine protects against:

Crushed grapes are the basis of wine. Grapes contain the natural antioxidant resveratrol, and this significant antioxidant concentration likely provides red wine with its many health benefits.

Additionally, resveratrol has anti-inflammatory characteristics. These anti-inflammatory properties help to protect the heart and nervous system and make also have antiaging effects.

Red wine also contains the compound proanthocyanidin. This bioactive chemical may contribute to heart health and protect against heart disease and other inflammatory conditions.

The antioxidants found in red wine are beneficial in reducing oxidative stress. The body naturally produces reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS) through some natural processes, damaging cells and tissues.

To combat this, the body also has antioxidant defenses to neutralize any damage. However, if there are not enough antioxidants to combat RONS, oxidative stress can occur.

Oxidative stress plays a role in several conditions, including cardiovascular diseases, chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer.

So, while red wine may not cure these conditions, it may help prevent them by managing oxidative stress.

The alcohol in red wine, combined with its polyphenol content, can help to improve and maintain endothelial function.

Endothelial cells are crucial in keeping capillaries functional and bringing blood to all tissues of the body. Because of this, the endothelium plays a role in preventing conditions including:

Red wine helps maintain endothelial function, meaning that it also plays a role in protecting against various diseases and conditions.

Individuals should remember to drink in moderation. Instead of providing health benefits, excessive drinking may cause problems, such as obesity, liver damage, stroke, cancer, and a negative impact on heart health.

Learn more about the potential health benefits of wine here.

Wine comes from fermented, crushed grapes, and its calories come primarily from its alcohol and carbohydrate content.

There are many types of wine, including red, white, sweet, and rose. These wines have a calorie content ranging from 120165 calories for a single glass.

When compared to other alcoholic drinks, the calorie content for wine falls in the middle. However, red wine, in particular, offers many health benefits that other alcoholic beverages lack.

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How many calories are in a glass of wine? - Medical News Today

The One Supplement You Should Take Every Morning Over 50 To Take 10 YEARS Off Your Face – SheFinds

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Supplements can seem a little bit like magic. Take one and all of your dietary needs can be addressed, right? Not quite. Maintaining a balanced diet with plenty of protein, carbs, and fats is the most important thing you can do for both your health and your skin. But if you are experiencing vitamin or mineral deficiencies and are looking for ways to boost your health and make your complexion glow, there are specific nutrients that can help. Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CDN and CEO of NY Nutrition Group, spoke with SHEFinds.com about the one supplement you should take every morning over 50 if you want to feel and look your best.

Beauty Experts Swear By This Collagen Powder For Younger Looking Skin


Healthy, youthful skin never goes out of style - no matter how much you age, Moskovitz says. While we can't Benjamin Button our bodies, we can certainly take measures to slow down the aging process and enhance the tone and texture of our epidermis. The first step is to always practice healthy habitsincluding eating a balanced, nutrient-dense diet, staying hydrated, logging in enough sleep and participating in regular exercise. Outside of these health pillars, asupplementcan help fill in nutritional gaps ensuring a smoother skin surface.



So, which supplement ingredient should you look to first? According to Moskovitz, the benefits of resveratrol can not be understated. If you're not familiar, resveratrol is a powerful polyphenol found in the skins of red grapes, red wine, blueberries and peanuts, Moskovitz says. It fights against oxidative stress that can accelerate the aging process, both internally and externally, and directly treats fine facial lines or wrinkles. One supplement that contains resveratrol and other effective vitamins that Moskovitz recommends is Oh Grape by Groove, which she calls a high-quality multivitamin that contains all the essentials to preserve your youthful appearance. The MVP of this concoction is 500mg of resveratrol.


Aside from containing high amounts of resveratrol, Moskovitz credits Oh Grape for containing a hefty dose of vitamin C that directly improves collagen absorption. Collagen is a protein found naturally in our bodies, but it starts to deteriorate starting in our twenties, Moskovitz says. Collagen loss contributes to tarnished skin tone and texture. We can boost collagen by eating a well-balanced diet and by consuming enough vitamin C-rich foods,such as strawberries, oranges, red peppers, and broccoli, orsupplements.


Finally, its important not to neglect vitamin D, as a deficiency in this vitamin can lead to red, itchy and dry skin - none of which translate to a youthful glow, Moskovitz says.

VItamin D is hard-to-come-by in your diet and limited to eggs,cod liver oil, bony fish, and fortified juices or milk products, Moskovitz says. That is why deficiencies are highly common.That said, I always recommend my clients adopt healthy behaviors andsupplementwhen necessary, especially if they want to be as proactive and preventive as possible. Thissupplementis taken once a day with, or without food.

And remember: always consult a doctor before you start any new supplement regimen.

The One Supplement You Should Take Every Morning Over 50 To Take 10 YEARS Off Your Face - SheFinds

Detailed Analysis of Trans Resveratrol Market 2021-2026 with Top Company Profiles like DSM, Evolva, Sabinsa, InterHealth, Maypro, JF-NATURAL, and more…

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The Trans Resveratrol market report provides a detailed analysis of global market size, regional and country-level market size, segmentation market growth, market share, competitive Landscape, sales analysis, the impact of domestic and global market players like DSM, Evolva, Sabinsa, InterHealth, Maypro, JF-NATURAL, etc., value chain optimization, trade regulations, recent developments, opportunities analysis, strategic market growth analysis, product launches, area marketplace expanding, and technological innovations.

The Key Areas That Have Been Focused in the Report:

Get Exclusive Sample of Report on Trans Resveratrol market @ https://www.affluencemarketreports.com/industry-analysis/request-sample/1669523/

Trans Resveratrol Market Segmentation:

Trans Resveratrol market is split by Type and by Application. For the period 2016-2026, the growth among segments provides accurate calculations and forecasts for sales by Type and by Application in terms of volume and value. This analysis can help you expand your business by targeting qualified niche markets.

Trans Resveratrol Market Report based on Product Type:

Trans Resveratrol Market Report based on Applications:

The key market players for global Trans Resveratrol market are listed below:

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Promising Regions & Countries Mentioned in Trans Resveratrol Market Report:


Consumption Forecast, Market Opportunities & Challenges, Risks and Influences Factors Analysis, Market Size by Application, Market Size by Manufacturers, Market Size by Type, Trans Resveratrol Consumption by Regions, Trans Resveratrol Production by Regions, Production Forecasts, Value Chain and Sales Channels Analysis, Key Findings in the Global Trans Resveratrol Study, Manufacturers Profiles

Report Customization: Clients can request for customization of report as per their need for additional data.

CONTACT FOR ADDITIONAL CUSTOMIZATION @ https://www.affluencemarketreports.com/industry-analysis/request-inquiry/1669523/

Impact of COVID-19 on Trans Resveratrol Market

The report also contains the effect of the ongoing worldwide pandemic, i.e., COVID-19, on the Trans Resveratrol Market and what the future holds for it. It offers an analysis of the impacts of the epidemic on the international Market. The epidemic has immediately interrupted the requirement and supply series. The Trans Resveratrol Market report also assesses the economic effect on firms and monetary markets. Futuristic Reports has accumulated advice from several delegates of this business and has engaged from the secondary and primary research to extend the customers with strategies and data to combat industry struggles throughout and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

For More Details on Impact of COVID-19 on Trans Resveratrol Market https://www.affluencemarketreports.com/industry-analysis/covid19-request/1669523/

Frequently Asked Questions

About Affluence:

Affluence Market Reports is the next generation of all your research needs with a strong grapple on the worldwide market for industries, organizations, and governments. Our aim is to deliver exemplary reports that meet the definite needs of clients, which offers an adequate business technique, planning, and competitive landscape for new and existing industries that will develop your business needs.

We provide a premium in-depth statistical approach, a 360-degree market view that includes detailed segmentation, key trends, strategic recommendations, growth figures, Cost Analysis, new progress, evolving technologies, and forecasts by authentic agencies.

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Detailed Analysis of Trans Resveratrol Market 2021-2026 with Top Company Profiles like DSM, Evolva, Sabinsa, InterHealth, Maypro, JF-NATURAL, and more...

4 Paulas Choice Products That Would Get a Green Light From Your Derm – Well+Good

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The ingredient(s) derms love: zinc oxide and resveratrol

Why they get the greenlight: Sunscreen plus antioxidants: a dream duo beloved by every derm in existence. (Slight exaggeration, but weve never met one who has said otherwise!). Simply put, these umbrella termsfound here in the form of zinc oxide and resveratrol, respectivelyoffer unparalleled protection against signs of premature aging. (ICYMI: UV rays and free radicals speed up sunspots, sagging, and other afflictions that make your skin appear older than it is.)

Because this formulas SPF component is zinc-based, it may warrant extra brownie points from certain skin pros. As per previous insight, zinc oxides benefits extend beyond sun protection. Specifically, it can help treat inflammation, and calm reactive skin, making it ideal for those with inflammatory skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Worried about a tell-tale zinc oxide white cast? This particular product creates a lightweight physical barrier that, when sheered out, blends seamlessly.

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4 Paulas Choice Products That Would Get a Green Light From Your Derm - Well+Good

The Block brings brewery, fitness and weddings to Dade City ABC Action News July 30, 2021 – ABC Action News

Posted: at 1:50 am

DADE CITY, Fla. In Dade City, an old 1920s car dealership is getting new life.

For the past several years, the dealership has been under renovation as it slowly turns itself into a Dade City hot spot.

Hannah Sakellaris is the new manager of The Block. She says the addition of this new place is going to be big for the younger generation that's moving in.

"I've grown up in Dade City really my whole life. So having this here is such a huge change for Dade City. And being in the younger crowd of it is exactly what we needed. There wasn't a lot of places to go to hang out on the weekends. There's not a lot of things to really do. And Larry, here building The Block is just exactly what Dade City needed. Having the brewery and a restaurant bringing all that new stuff here is awesome."

Larry Guilford is the owner of Highlands Partners, which is also the owner of The Block.

"So I didn't really want it to get torn down, you know, and this end of town was kind of, I hate to say, a little blighted, you know, there was a lot of businesses that had gone away. And so I thought, it was an opportunity to bring businesses here, but I loved the look of the building. I mean, I just it screamed out to me," says Guilford.

Food, entertainment, weddings, you name it, The Block has it. The first business to open here was actually a CrossFit, which actually opened right before COVID-19 shut it down.

"Then they reopened again keeping the distance but they've been doing really, really well. And they have a first-class trainer here through just as a phenomenal job," explains Guilford.

The community here is supporting it, too.

"I think it's really important Dade City, in this part of Dade City for sure. Because basically this end of town really just used to be very busy 50s, 60s, 70s, you know, used to be just as booming as the rest of it. But then you got you know, areas that the buildings were tore down, you know, or just anatomy, they got old or this and that he had vacant lot. These car dealerships he actually sold the dealership and they moved the dealership outside of Dade City. So, then it became vacant. So it sat here for almost 10 years, you know, with nothing happening," says Guilford. "So, I think it's been a really great thing for the city and a great opportunity for us as far as and we're really very proud of what we have here."

The future of The Block looks bright, too.

In another building next door, they are converting part of it to a co-working space.

Guilford explains, "You have individual offices, but you'll also have dedicated desk areas, you'll have dedicated internet areas, all kinds of things. So you can rent by the day, the hour, or month or year, and have a place where you can finally get out of your house, you know, because those people have been out there doing all of COVID."

"Maybe they've been working for an employer out of their home, and maybe they're been working or maybe they started a new company working out of their home, you don't want people coming to your house, you know, picking up papers and talking that way to you when you really need a place of business," Guilford explains."So that's kind of why we went into this area, and we're actually moving our facilities in there as well. So in that starting August 1, so it's, it's right around the corner. So and that's going to be called zone works. And so that is happening as we speak. "

You can find out more about The Block, including the brewhouse and upcoming restaurant Koncept, by clicking here.

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The Block brings brewery, fitness and weddings to Dade City ABC Action News July 30, 2021 - ABC Action News

Why kaatsu, a fitness trend spotted at the Games, isn’t just for Olympians – Gwinnettdailypost.com

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United States of AmericaUS Virgin IslandsUnited States Minor Outlying IslandsCanadaMexico, United Mexican StatesBahamas, Commonwealth of theCuba, Republic ofDominican RepublicHaiti, Republic ofJamaicaAfghanistanAlbania, People's Socialist Republic ofAlgeria, People's Democratic Republic ofAmerican SamoaAndorra, Principality ofAngola, Republic ofAnguillaAntarctica (the territory South of 60 deg S)Antigua and BarbudaArgentina, Argentine RepublicArmeniaArubaAustralia, Commonwealth ofAustria, Republic ofAzerbaijan, Republic ofBahrain, Kingdom ofBangladesh, People's Republic ofBarbadosBelarusBelgium, Kingdom ofBelizeBenin, People's Republic ofBermudaBhutan, Kingdom ofBolivia, Republic ofBosnia and HerzegovinaBotswana, Republic ofBouvet Island (Bouvetoya)Brazil, Federative Republic ofBritish Indian Ocean Territory (Chagos Archipelago)British Virgin IslandsBrunei DarussalamBulgaria, People's Republic ofBurkina FasoBurundi, Republic ofCambodia, Kingdom ofCameroon, United Republic ofCape Verde, Republic ofCayman IslandsCentral African RepublicChad, Republic ofChile, Republic ofChina, People's Republic ofChristmas IslandCocos (Keeling) IslandsColombia, Republic ofComoros, Union of theCongo, Democratic Republic ofCongo, People's Republic ofCook IslandsCosta Rica, Republic ofCote D'Ivoire, Ivory Coast, Republic of theCyprus, Republic ofCzech RepublicDenmark, Kingdom ofDjibouti, Republic ofDominica, Commonwealth ofEcuador, Republic ofEgypt, Arab Republic ofEl Salvador, Republic ofEquatorial Guinea, Republic ofEritreaEstoniaEthiopiaFaeroe IslandsFalkland Islands (Malvinas)Fiji, Republic of the Fiji IslandsFinland, Republic ofFrance, French RepublicFrench GuianaFrench PolynesiaFrench Southern TerritoriesGabon, Gabonese RepublicGambia, Republic of theGeorgiaGermanyGhana, Republic ofGibraltarGreece, Hellenic RepublicGreenlandGrenadaGuadaloupeGuamGuatemala, Republic ofGuinea, RevolutionaryPeople's Rep'c ofGuinea-Bissau, Republic ofGuyana, Republic ofHeard and McDonald IslandsHoly See (Vatican City State)Honduras, Republic ofHong Kong, Special Administrative Region of ChinaHrvatska (Croatia)Hungary, Hungarian People's RepublicIceland, Republic ofIndia, Republic ofIndonesia, Republic ofIran, Islamic Republic ofIraq, Republic ofIrelandIsrael, State ofItaly, Italian RepublicJapanJordan, Hashemite Kingdom ofKazakhstan, Republic ofKenya, Republic ofKiribati, Republic ofKorea, Democratic People's Republic ofKorea, Republic ofKuwait, State ofKyrgyz RepublicLao People's Democratic RepublicLatviaLebanon, Lebanese RepublicLesotho, Kingdom ofLiberia, Republic ofLibyan Arab JamahiriyaLiechtenstein, Principality ofLithuaniaLuxembourg, Grand Duchy ofMacao, Special Administrative Region of ChinaMacedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic ofMadagascar, Republic ofMalawi, Republic ofMalaysiaMaldives, Republic ofMali, Republic ofMalta, Republic ofMarshall IslandsMartiniqueMauritania, Islamic Republic ofMauritiusMayotteMicronesia, Federated States ofMoldova, Republic ofMonaco, Principality ofMongolia, Mongolian People's RepublicMontserratMorocco, Kingdom ofMozambique, People's Republic ofMyanmarNamibiaNauru, Republic ofNepal, Kingdom ofNetherlands AntillesNetherlands, Kingdom of theNew CaledoniaNew ZealandNicaragua, Republic ofNiger, Republic of theNigeria, Federal Republic ofNiue, Republic ofNorfolk IslandNorthern Mariana IslandsNorway, Kingdom ofOman, Sultanate ofPakistan, Islamic Republic ofPalauPalestinian Territory, OccupiedPanama, Republic ofPapua New GuineaParaguay, Republic ofPeru, Republic ofPhilippines, Republic of thePitcairn IslandPoland, Polish People's RepublicPortugal, Portuguese RepublicPuerto RicoQatar, State ofReunionRomania, Socialist Republic ofRussian FederationRwanda, Rwandese RepublicSamoa, Independent State ofSan Marino, Republic ofSao Tome and Principe, Democratic Republic ofSaudi Arabia, Kingdom ofSenegal, Republic ofSerbia and MontenegroSeychelles, Republic ofSierra Leone, Republic ofSingapore, Republic ofSlovakia (Slovak Republic)SloveniaSolomon IslandsSomalia, Somali RepublicSouth Africa, Republic ofSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsSpain, Spanish StateSri Lanka, Democratic Socialist Republic ofSt. HelenaSt. Kitts and NevisSt. LuciaSt. Pierre and MiquelonSt. Vincent and the GrenadinesSudan, Democratic Republic of theSuriname, Republic ofSvalbard & Jan Mayen IslandsSwaziland, Kingdom ofSweden, Kingdom ofSwitzerland, Swiss ConfederationSyrian Arab RepublicTaiwan, Province of ChinaTajikistanTanzania, United Republic ofThailand, Kingdom ofTimor-Leste, Democratic Republic ofTogo, Togolese RepublicTokelau (Tokelau Islands)Tonga, Kingdom ofTrinidad and Tobago, Republic ofTunisia, Republic ofTurkey, Republic ofTurkmenistanTurks and Caicos IslandsTuvaluUganda, Republic ofUkraineUnited Arab EmiratesUnited Kingdom of Great Britain & N. IrelandUruguay, Eastern Republic ofUzbekistanVanuatuVenezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofViet Nam, Socialist Republic ofWallis and Futuna IslandsWestern SaharaYemenZambia, Republic ofZimbabwe

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Why kaatsu, a fitness trend spotted at the Games, isn't just for Olympians - Gwinnettdailypost.com

Neuroscience Calisthenics is Changing the Fitness Industry with Jean Fallacara – Influencive

Posted: at 1:50 am

Do you want to upgrade your physical and mental performance? Or do you want to hijack your body clock and significantly optimize it in fitness? Neuroscience calisthenics is the deal for you. Neuroscience calisthenics is an improvised human optimization program comprising calisthenics training and neuroscience, which aims to work on the physical aspects and improve the use of human emotional systems to improve ones workout effectiveness. When you make every effort to upskill and instruct your body, you should also train your brains simultaneously. This step will help induce a deeper, healthier, and sustainable impact on the human body.

Jean Fallacara is the founder of Cyborggainz he is also an athlete, biohacker, speaker and CEO of Z-Sciences. For the past twenty years, he has gained experience with Neuroscience Calisthenics and believes this is where the future of fitness is going. He has continuously trumpeted the concept of Neuroscience calisthenics.

Here is how Neuroscience calisthenics will transform your fitness.

Neuroscience calisthenics does not only involve body movements but also a strong mental power. Using the neuroscience concept, you can increase your brains neuroplasticity, creating and strengthening motor pathways faster. This process is called hyper plasticity or hyper learning.

Did you know the difference between good athletes and great athletes is that the latter maximize training both their body and mind? Neuroscience calisthenics is designed to optimize ones brain to achieve peak performance, ultimately upgrading their mental performance threefold.

Biohack techniques will help push your performance forward and optimize your body and brains. It will also help reduce the risk of developing a disease that you are genetically predisposed to. Additionally, biohacking will help you attain emotional, mental or physical changes such as weight loss and reduction of depression symptoms.

Biohacking isnt just a new trend; its a mindset, complete lifestyle and the art of taking simple and natural steps to improve your health and life. Making these small but incremental adjustments can impact how you look, perform, think and feel.

Calisthenics consists of gymnastic exercises, custom workouts and personalized nutrition plans to help you achieve and improve body fitness and grace of movement. They are designed to match any specific goals and objectives you may have for your fitness, be it trim down, bulk up or overall live healthily.

These workouts can be good for your shoulders, abs and your general body! Skills like the front lever, back lever and planche will make your exercises perfect. In the inverted pull, you can start from a high hanging leg raise position; you can then keep your arms straight, lean forward and raise your hips to the same level as your shoulders. This example is one among many exercises that will shape you to be a gymnast with impressive strength feats

One of the difficult skills is providing an easy way for athletes and normal people to apply the growth mindset. But did you know mindset is significant in enhancing your physical performance? Thats true! Conditioning your brain enables you to learn new exercises that are performed in calisthenics.

Through sufficient exercises and building a healthy mindset, you can build strong muscle, endurance and strength without overloading on carbs. If your brain, mind, and focus are aligned, you and your body will be in complete sync, and on top of having a positive attitude, you will also have physical excellence.


Neuroscience calisthenics has revolutionized the fitness industry through neuroplasticity, biohacking, gymnastic exercises, and a growth mindset. This development has been possible through the worlds first human optimization program.

Published August 1st, 2021

Original post:
Neuroscience Calisthenics is Changing the Fitness Industry with Jean Fallacara - Influencive

Lake Zurich Life Time Fitness work resumes, with an expected fall 2022 opening date – Daily Herald

Posted: at 1:50 am

After months of pandemic-induced stoppage, work has resumed at the Life Time Fitness site in Lake Zurich, and village officials said the long-anticipated complex is now on track to open in October 2022.

Progress on the luxury fitness center, being built on the site of the razed Hackney's restaurant, kicked off in 2019, but construction was halted in March 2020 for health-safety concerns. Aaron Koehler, director of development for Life Time Fitness, told the village board during an update in January that about 40% of the work was complete when they stopped.

But now the construction site, northeast of the intersection of Rand and Old Rand roads near the village's namesake lake, is abuzz with activity. And in the coming days, work will begin on the roads surrounding the site.

Kyle Kordell, the assistant to the village manager for Lake Zurich, said Life Time workers will begin pavement work on Old Rand Road around Aug. 1. It is expected to take about a month and a half.

While the Life Time crews are working, IDOT crews will also be working at the intersection along Rand Road. To accommodate the roadwork crews, temporary traffic signals will be installed and flaggers will be out to direct traffic.

The project has been a long time coming. Koehler first presented the plan to village officials in 2017. The initial plan called for a 60-feet-tall, three-story building to be built close to nearby homes.

The project then underwent a lengthy public review featuring several standing-room-only meetings where many neighbors strenuously expressed their opposition.

The final design plan calls for the building to be a 40-feet-tall, two-story facility with a full basement. Because of complaints the fitness center would disturb nearby residents, the proposed building was moved toward the southwest corner of the Hackney's property to be closer to the intersection.

Planners also added more greenery to screen the Life Time property.

That plan was approved unanimously by the village board in May 2018. Work at the site began with a groundbreaking ceremony in July 2019. After work was paused, rumors were flying in town that the project was dead.

To reassure residents that was not the case, Lake Zurich board members invited Life Time officials to a meeting in January to provide an update.

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Lake Zurich Life Time Fitness work resumes, with an expected fall 2022 opening date - Daily Herald

Take your gym routine outdoors with these free fitness classes – The Boston Globe

Posted: at 1:50 am

You might think of group fitness classes as largely an indoor pursuit requiring a gym membership, but there are plenty of free workouts around the city taking place in the great outdoors. Here are a few options to build strength while enjoying the summer weather.

Summer on the Emerald Necklace

As part of its Summer on the Emerald Necklace series, the Emerald Necklace Conservancy is offering outdoor yoga, pilates, and Tai Chi classes throughout the season at a variety of locations, such as Olmstead Park, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Check emeraldnecklace.org for the schedule and locations.

Seaport Sweat

Seaport Sweats sixth season of outdoor fitness classes runs through October. Classes take place on Seaport Common Monday evenings through Saturday mornings and are hosted by a variety of instructors from studios like Kick It by Eliza and Equinox. In addition to in-person events, outdoor classes are streamed via Instagram Live on @seaportbos. Registration is required. bostonseaport.xyz/seaport-sweat/

Fit in the Fenway

Fit in the Fenway hosts 45-minute to one-hour barre, yoga sculpt, and strength training classes on The Green at 401 Park on Tuesday through Thursday evenings until October. Instructors from The Handle Bar, Barre 3, and Barre Groove lead classes such as Bounce, a full body workout using trampolines. thefenway.com/events

Boston Parks Fitness Series

Boston Parks brings fitness citywide with a fun variety of classes, including an Afrobeats Bootcamp, line dancing, family Zumba, and Tai Chi, to name a few. Classes take place mornings and evenings daily in several parks throughout the city, such as Boston Common, the North Ends Christopher Columbus Park, and Ronan Park in Dorchester. This series runs through October. For more information, visit boston.gov/departments/parks-and-recreation/boston-parks-fitness-series.

CX Fit, Cambridge

CX Fit hosts weekly workouts twice a week until Sept. 25. In its third season, in partnership with Cambridge Crossing and Club High-Rise, CX Fit introduces new classes and instructors from studios like Barre Groove and Trill Fit. The workouts take place in two Cambridge locations, Wednesdays at 6 p.m. on the Common at CX (320 Morgan Ave.) and Saturdays at 10 a.m. at the Maria Baldwin Open Space (next door to 222 Jacob St.), and are also livestreamed via Instagram Live on @cxcambridge. Registration is required at wearecxfit.com/.

Weigh Better U Personal Training and Group Fitness, Charlestown

Weigh Better U teams up with The Anthem Group to bring HIIT high-intensity interval training classes to the Charlestown Naval Shipyard Park. The class, called Weigh Better Burn, incorporates body weight and free weights every Thursday evening from 5-5:45 p.m. and Saturday morning from 10-10:45 a.m. throughout the summer. Participants should bring their own yoga mats and towels. Register at eventbrite.com.

Community Boating Inc. Sunrise Yoga, Charles River

Community Boating Inc., celebrating its 75th anniversary, offers weekly sunrise yoga every Wednesday at 6:30 a.m. for all abilities. The instructor, Anne-Marie, leads participants through a one-hour Kripalu-inspired class on the Community Boating dock near 21 David G Mugar Way. http://www.community-boating.org/calendar/.

Riana Buchman can be reached at riana.buchman@globe.com.

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Take your gym routine outdoors with these free fitness classes - The Boston Globe

The Dumbbell Interval Session That Will Hotwire Your Fitness – Men’s health UK

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In this era of workouts done for time, taking scheduled rest periods might feel a bit old hat. But shunning the humble stopwatch could be costing you valuable strength and fitness.

When it comes to maximising our force production our ability to output strength your straight 20-minute efforts can suffer from the law of diminishing returns. Or put simply, when you have time on your side, you can't help but pace yourself.

Our solution: by splitting your 20-min period into five smaller AMRAP intervals, with a liberal dose of rest, youll be able to maintain a swifter pace throughout. You'll also be teaching your body to go faster, rather than holding back with one eye on a slowly ticking clock.

Track your reps on your first round and try to hold that in the next four. Push hard on every round. Three minutes is long enough to dig yourself a deep hole. But two minutes of rest should be just long enough for you to climb back out.

3 mins of Max Effort Circuits

followed by

2 mins of Rest

1) Push Press x 3

Clean your dumbbells onto your shoulders, palms facing in. Take a breath and brace your core (A). Dip at the knees and use your legs to help (B) press your dumbbells overhead. Lower under control to your shoulders and repeat.

2) Dumbbell thruster x 6

After your final press, keep your dumbbells on your shoulders and squat down, keeping your back straight and your chest up, until your thighs are beyond parallel to the ground (A). Stand back up explosively and, in one motion, press both of the dumbbells overhead to full lockout (B). Now, reverse the movement and repeat. Quickly.

3) Dumbbell Deadlift x 9

Finally, drop your dumbbells to the floor just outside your feet, hinge down and grip them with a flat back and neutral spine (A). Engage your lats and stand upright, pushing the ground away with your feet and squeezing your glutes at the top (B). Your arms should be hanging straight throughout this movement, think of them as hooks.

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The Dumbbell Interval Session That Will Hotwire Your Fitness - Men's health UK

Fitness not restricted, says Shwetambari – The Hans India

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At-home fitness has become the new reality for millions across the globe, and according to fitness experts like Shwetambari Shetty, who is one of the fittest Indian women and a trainer, it is here to stay. The Cult.fit expert says she has witnessed people dropping weight, losing fat, gaining muscle, looking lean and strong, and becoming the best version of themselves using at-home workouts.

Shwetambari Shetty in conversation:

As a coach, how do you think the pandemic has impacted India's fitness levels?

To me it looks like India is finally ready to make exercise a necessity and a way of life. Until now it has been a luxury. People are understanding that regular exercise and movement helps one become fit and healthy. Maintaining good health, also means good immunity which makes one stronger overall to fight certain illnesses and conditions. So yes, people are now more aware of why everyday movement and fitness is key. It's not 'I have a special occasion and need to drop some pounds' anymore. People are making exercise and fitness a part of their daily routine.

Online fitness sessions and classes have seen a boom. Do you find them as effective as sweating it out in a gym or a physical group class?

I have witnessed people dropping weight, losing fat, gaining muscle, looking lean and strong, and becoming the best version of themselves using at-home workouts. We would have never known this could be possible if it wasn't for this pandemic. So while we love the adrenaline a group class brings in at the gym, the conclusion is home workouts can be just as effective as a gym workout.

Many beginners who would otherwise be intimidated to step inside a gym due to many reasons, including body shaming, have resorted to exercising at home as they feel that is a "no judgement zone". They have lost weight, gained confidence, gained good health and high energy. There is no risk of injury if a beginner starts as a beginner, slowly and steadily, and follows all the trainers' instructions and trains with a qualified fitness coach. To help all our beginners, we have ensured that we have multiple beginner-friendly workouts across all formats and age groups via the cult.live offering.

Personally, how have you been working out during the COVID era?

At home! I delivered a baby in July 2020, during the peak of the first COVID wave, and started working out a month after. I lost 10+ kg that I gained from pregnancy by working out at home. Now I have started going to Cult.fit. I had my Dance.Fitness for cardio and then got myself dumbbells for my strength training and did yoga twice a week.

Where do most people go wrong when it comes to achieving any fitness goals, say fat loss or belly burn, or toning the body?

Consistency! People are not consistent and not regular with their workouts. As soon as a goal is achieved, people take a break. Do we stop eating? Do we stop sleeping? NO! We don't because our body needs this every day to function properly. In the exact same way, our body needs exercise and movement daily to function well and keep that unwanted fat at bay.

Your top three fitness tips would be

One, breathe deeply and think positively. Your mind has a powerful impact on your body. Two, exercise regularly and Eat nutritiously. Consistency is the key here. Three, move often and sleep well. Stay active but ensure you rest well.

What is the one fitness trend that the industry could see in a big way in the coming time?

Exercising itself will be trending. People will choose a barbell over a bar. Given the importance of being and staying healthy for each of us being more pronounced than ever, the biggest trend that is coming is just the need to exercise and build it into your lifestyle. Apart from this, having a healthy mind along with a healthy body is also a key trend that has come up and will continue to gain momentum.

You are a trainer at Cult.Fit, and there's massive uptake of your 4-week Belly Burn course. What do you think is the reason for this targeted preference?

Everyone I know wants a flat stomach, washboard abs, or six packs. While this is totally possible, it will take a great deal of effort and hard work. The Belly Burn program, thus, does not promote spot reduction because that is not possible. It aids in building a strong core and as we exercise for a strong core, a lot of that belly fat will go away. The program also promotes HIIT - these are workouts that alternate between high -and low-intensity. The powerful bursts of energy use more fat as fuel and the rest periods in between to help flush out waste products from muscles. In a program like this we have the perfect combination of burning full body fat and strengthening the core. And people who experienced it in its first run did just this. We had 30k+ people participating and engaging actively with us to get fitter using the workouts, meal plans, and group discussions. We think the success of a targeted preference like this lies in the fact that a lot of people have specific goals in mind - such as fat loss, improving strength, increasing flexibility etc - and they want an organized and guided approach to help them attain it.

For people taking this course, what is your advice?

My advice would be to stay consistent. Don't give up in the middle if you want to fulfill your goal. If it gets tough, take a breath and come back. Take it at your own pace. You can also engage actively with other members that sign up to ensure you stay motivated.

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Fitness not restricted, says Shwetambari - The Hans India

Om Demand: Fitness Brand Adds Digital Meditation Program – GearJunkie

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July 30, 2021|By Ilana Newman

Life Time is moving into yet another realm of lifestyle and wellness classes with its digital meditation programs.

If you spend time outdoors, you probably know the flow state that comes from the combination of focus and movement. With a new digital meditation collection, fitness and lifestyle brand Life Time teaches users to access that place of flow.

The on-demand meditation programs build on Life Times current selection of wellness programming. (It currently includes virtual training, on-demand and live streaming exercise classes, health and wellness content, and access to Apple Fitness+.)

The digital meditation programs consist of visual and auditory stimulation, like soothing videos of nature and soft voices. Five categories are offered and include stress management, mental power, daily gratitude, mindful movement, and sleep improvement. Sessions range from 2 to 15 minutes designed to fit a busy schedule.

More than 80% of Americans experienced stress symptoms in January 2021, reported the American Psychological Association. Stress causes cortisol to flood the brain. Practicing meditation releases hormones like serotonin and oxytocin, which reduce inflammation, promote healing and rest, and improve your mood, according to Life Time.

The digital meditation programs allow users to practice both mindfulness and meditation.

According to Life Times meditation preview video, the difference between the two is that mindfulness increases the ability to concentrate and focus (left brain). On the other hand, meditation is the art of letting go. It works the right side of your brain while also strengthening the corpus callosum the part of your brain that connects the right and left hemispheres.

Best of all? Life Times program organizers will release new meditations each day, so there will be a pretty good variety of options.

Interested? You can access Life Times meditation programming through its Digital and Access membership options. First-time members can get their first month of a digital subscription for free. From there, pricing begins at $15/month.

We've all had a tough year. Being able to enjoy the outdoors makes it better. Inhale, exhale, repeat. Read more

Om Demand: Fitness Brand Adds Digital Meditation Program - GearJunkie

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