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3 Soft Highlight Hairstyles Every Woman Over 40 Should Try To Instantly Look 10 Years Younger – SheFinds

Posted: February 14, 2021 at 4:51 pm

Believe it or not, your hair is actually one of the biggest factors that dictates how old you look. While a good skincare routine is vital for keeping signs of aging at bay, a solid cut and color can instantly shave years off of your face, brightening your features and enhancing your appearance.

The cut you get is vital for looking ageless, but highlights can also add dimension to your hair, implementing some youthful hues into your locks. If youre gearing up for your next trip to the salon and are considering getting highlights, these are the three best, stylist approved methods to ask for in order to appear ageless.

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Baby Lighting

Instead of going for chunkier highlighted strands, a more subtle style will be effective for emphasizing your youth. Matrix beauty expert Nick Stenson explains, Baby lights are placing very small and thin pops of brightness; these are great for face framing and blending out grey hair around the face. This style will help to naturally brighten your face without looking heavy handed or harsh. Perfect to hide signs of aging!


Hand Painting

If you want a more visible highlight that still appears natural, the hand painted method is perfect to enhance the overall tone of your hair, brightening your face in the process. Hand painted highlights create a cascade of lightness with a soft blend at the mid-lengths and the root area--great for brightening long hair, Stenson notes.


Teasy Lights

Similar to the baby lighting tactic, this style of highlights will add dimension to your hair. Ladies with curly hair, this ones for you! Teasy lights are a must for infusing a melt of brightness within natural color that lends plenty of softness near the root area--natural curls and texture are perfect for this method, says Stenson.


Highlights are a great hack to infuse light and youth into your hairstyle, instantly enhancing your natural appearance and aging your face in reverse. While choosing the best highlight method for your hair is important, at home maintenance is vital to maintain a polished and youthful hair color. To keep the tone of your highlights balanced between salon appointments try Matrix Total Results So Silver, Brass Off or Dark Envy Shampoo and Conditioner, Stenson concludes. If you need a little boost to your look that doesnt rely on makeup or skincare, soft highlights may make all the difference in turning back the clock and helping you to appear ageless!

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3 Soft Highlight Hairstyles Every Woman Over 40 Should Try To Instantly Look 10 Years Younger - SheFinds

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