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5 of the most unusual fitness classes

Posted: February 25, 2013 at 1:45 pm

Sometimes sweating it out at the gym just isnt how you want to spend your evening. If youre getting a tad bored, or if youve found that youve fallen into a fitness rut, then its time to find out which one of these top 5 fitness classes is the one for you.

SoulCycle is a bizarre fitness concept. It resembles a spinning class, yet theres an element of yoga and meditation to SoulCycle that makes it a truly unique fitness class. Riders cycle in candlelight and are encouraged to clear their minds whilst working their core and upper bodies using weights. This all happens while spinning, so if you want to attend youll need to be a good multitasker.

Classes last for 45 minutes, so this is not a class for those who have recently decided to ditch their couch potato ways. Yet for those wanting more of a challenge, you can join the SoulSurvivor class, which lasts for a whopping 60 minutes. Sadly, for now most of the SoulCycle classes are in New York, but were sure this fitness philosophy will be sweeping the globe before long.

If youre a new parent you know how hard it can be to find the time to exercise. Yet at the same time, a new baby can signal an increase in takeaways, snacking and of course the weight from the pregnancy. This hit to your health and fitness can easily spiral out of control, which is why stroller fit is such a good fitness class.

Parents (normally moms) pack their little ones into their strollers and meet up with an instructor outside; typically in a park. The class members do a warm-up before heading on a three to five mile course, which can be ran or walked. Individual exercises are also performed along the route, which are aimed at improving and strengthening your post-baby body. Instructors tend to be fully trained personal trainers who have knowledge of prenatal and antenatal fitness.

Never thought youd ever step into a tutu again? Even if you feel youre far too old for ballet, you should at least look into Ballet Beautiful. Mary Helen Bowers, a professional ballerina, developed Ballet Beautiful. It is a series of exercises and stretches that do wondrous things for your body; from sculpting to strengthening. Mary Helen Bower claims that even after just a few weeks, class members feel tighter and stronger.

Even though Ballet Beautiful is based in New York you can get online and take part in a live class. The instructor can see the students and you can see them. You can even ask the Ballet Beautiful instructor questions. Plus you dont have to leave the comfort of your own home, which saves you time, money and can give you added motivation to attend.

Want to ride the waves but live inland? Well, SurfSet Classic sounds ideal for you and enables you to get on a surfboard without even touching a wave. Class members each get their own machine-like surfboard called an RSX machine and have to balance in response to the boards wobbles and movements. The bare-footed class members are challenged to their limits. The class works your small stabilizers as well as all the major muscle groups, meaning that SurfSet Classic will help you achieve a leaner, stronger and more toned physique.

Students get to experience all aspects of surfing, from paddling (using resistance bands that attach to the board) to pushing oneself up to stand and ride a wave (push-ups and yoga-like poses). Who knows, this class might just reveal the true gnarly surfer within you.

Rowing is a great sport. It helps to shed pounds as it conditions the muscles and it therefore also increases your metabolism. Also, although a strenuous workout, rowing is low impact on the joints, so if you are recovering from an injury, rowing provides the perfect cardiovascular and muscle toning workout with minimal impact.

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5 of the most unusual fitness classes

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