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A Smartwatch That Nudges You to Meet Your Fitness Goals

Posted: September 30, 2014 at 9:42 am

Basis introduced one of the first general purpose fitness tracking watches back in late 2012. Its newest version, the Peak, comes with a slimmer design, better mobile interactions, and more robust sensors to help give you a more meaningful picture of your daily activities.

Like the original, the Basis Peak includes sensors that track a variety of metrics, including optical heart rate sensors, a 3-axis accelerometer, perspiration sensor, ambient temperature, and skin temperature detectors. The watch is able to automatically interpret the data those sensors produce and determine whether youre sleeping, running, biking without you having to specifically say, Hey, Im starting a run or Im going to bed now. Because of all the physiological functions it tracks, Basis can identify whether youre getting light, deep, or REM sleep, if youre doing an indoor stationary workout, or biking around town.

The company dramatically improved the functionality of these sensors in the new Peak. Notably, the optical heart rate tracking sensors are much more accurate and reliable once your pulse starts picking up during strenuous activities. Other fitness trackers like the Polar M400 require a separate heartrate monitoring strap for that data, which is more precise than optical readings from your wrist, but inconvenient for more casual athletes.

For those looking to improve their general health, Basis also has a new Healthy Habits system in its web, iOS, and Android apps that helps you regularly meet specific, attainable goals through gentle reminders. Your goals are adjusted on a weekly basis based on your past activity so they stay reasonable.

And since smartwatches are so en vogue, the Peak borrows some features for extra utilitynamely, the ability to sync with your smartphone to deliver lightweight notifications on your wrist. Basis was careful not to overdo this though: The device focuses on the immediacy of such notifications, limiting them to only the last five youve been sent.

As for the hardware, Peaks watch face is made of aluminum and topped in Gorilla Glass, and it has a soft silicon band that you can swap out for various other styles, should you choose. Its one-third thinner than the previous Basis fitness tracker.

Peak goes on sale in early November for $200 and comes in two color varieties, matte black (with a red-accented black band) and brushed aluminum (with a grey-accented white band). Youll be able to grab it online from Basis or Amazon, as well as from REI or Best Buy.

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A Smartwatch That Nudges You to Meet Your Fitness Goals

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