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Advice for Making the Most of the WSJ Fitness Challenge – The Wall Street Journal

Posted: February 7, 2021 at 2:55 am

The response to the first-ever Wall Street Journal Fitness Challenge has been enthusiastic. Since its Jan. 19 launch, tens of thousands of readers have signed up for the six-week program. Havent signed up yet? You can join here.

A number of readers wrote in to ask if we could review the basics of the program. Here they are in a nutshell:

After signing up, you receive a welcome newsletter asking you to test in by seeing how many steps you can take up and down in 20 seconds, leading with your right foot and then your left foot. Up, up, down, down counts as one step. For an idea on what it should look like, check out this video.

Arnie Kander, the NBA sports performance coach who developed the workout, suggests using a step around 7 inches in height. One reader wrote in saying the stairs in her home are 8 inches high, too high for her knees. Does this mean I have to invest in a step platform? she asks.

Seven inches is what Mr. Kander suggests for a baseline height, but if that feels challenging, go lower. Anything that raises you off the ground and is stable will work, including a sidewalk curb or a low step stool. A lower height might skew your step count compared with other participants, but this program is about improving your movement patterns more than trying to beat other step counts.

The rest is here:
Advice for Making the Most of the WSJ Fitness Challenge - The Wall Street Journal

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