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After frontline health care workers, who will get the coronavirus vaccine next? – KESQ

Posted: December 30, 2020 at 9:54 am


Shipments of the Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines continue to arrive in our state as more and more frontline and healthcare workers get vaccinated every day.

Who will get the coronavirus vaccine next in California?

News Channel 3s Caitlin Thropay breaks it down.

Many of the people expected to get the vaccine next are those who are unable to work from home or they live or work in highly impacted areas and are most likely to spread the virus.

The current phase we are in 1A has three tiers.

The next phase is called plan 1B and it has two tiers.

Phase 1B tier one:

Phase 1B tier two:

So heres the next phase this is next month we hope and this is whats under consideration," Governor Newsom said. "This is whats discussed last week and what we believe will be finalized as early as Wednesday," he added.

That plan is expected to be finalized today by the California Vaccine Advisory Committee. The committee will also discuss who will be included in phase 1C.

However, keep in mind, here in the valley both hospitals are still in the process of vaccinating frontline health care workers. They received their 2nd shipment of doses last week.

Valley nursing homes are expected to get their vaccines distributed by pharmacies this week.

Read more here: Valley nursing homes awaiting vaccines as pharmacies roll out distribution

We will need to finish the first phase before moving to phase 1B which is expected to start in January.

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After frontline health care workers, who will get the coronavirus vaccine next? - KESQ

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