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Apple Valley Dog Bakery Focuses On Providing Nutrition And Love – Patch.com

Posted: February 19, 2021 at 3:50 am

APPLE VALLEY, MNA dog bakery that's been open for a little over two weeks is already becoming a popular spot for community members and their pets.

Nicole Fandrich, the owner of Three Dog Bakery, told Patch she had been following and shopping at Three Dogs Bakery which owns branches in other states as well for a few years and often would drive long distances to buy treats for her dogs. After moving around her whole life, Frandrich told Patch she wanted to settle down in Minnesota.

"What we have here is pretty unique," she said. "There's nothing here that fits the same structure in the state."

Frandrich told Patch that the idea to open a dog bakery came to her after working a busy corporate career.

"The bakery was a chance to bring something special to our community and control my own destiny by having my own business," she said. "(I wanted) to be able to do something that brings joy to others every day. I go home every night knowing that we are enriching dogs' lives."

Unlike standard dog treats, the bakery's treats are designed by a pastry chef with human-grade ingredients that are safe for dogs, Frandrich told Patch.

"These recipes are designed by a pastry chef that is focused on creating recipes that are based on ingredients that are good for dogs," she said. "Everything that we are using are human grade ingredients that are suitable for dogs. For example, dogs can't process chocolate so we use carob."

The bakery also carries many other things that dogs need, such as leashes, collars and toys.

Frandrich told Patch the bakery wants to become a part of the community, and has already received support from nearby local businesses.

"We are working with some animal rescues, and some other groups like that to try and partner up and do some good in our community," she said.

Three Dogs Bakery is driven by love for dogs, Frandrich told Patch.

"We truly care about the dogs," she said. "We want them to have great lives, and safe nutrition as well."

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Apple Valley Dog Bakery Focuses On Providing Nutrition And Love - Patch.com

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