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Barbell Marketing Is Changing the Fitness Game, Allowing True Greatness to Come Out on Top – London Daily Post

Posted: October 13, 2020 at 9:59 am

The fitness industry is a highly saturated, ever-growing market that has its own significant needs, especially toward catering to its ever-growing clientele. Fortunately, Barbell Marketing is a leading fitness marketing agency that knows all the tricks of the trade of the industry. The company is based in Birmingham, UK, and leads the fitness marketing category by helping elite fitness entrepreneurs scale their businesses and establish their brands.

Barbell Marketing covers a wide variety of services such as product launches, lead generation, sales system creation, paid advertising, social media growth, and branding. Fitness entrepreneurs that work with the agency are given the full marketing experience through a team of performance marketers that consistently deliver incredible results.

The agency aims to bring their clients to the top of their niche. They push their clients brands to the next level and free them up so they can focus on being the face of the business and other key areas that need their focus. This reduces the stress that fitness entrepreneurs often experience, reducing the need for the daily grind and removing the bottleneck to achieve explosive growth. Which makes running their business an enjoyable and highly rewarding experience once again.

Barbell Marketing has had an extensive track record of helping fitness entrepreneurs reach the number 1 spot of their respective niches. They have managed to assist Juggy Sidhu into becoming the United Kingdoms number 1 Indian body coach. The agency has also helped Chris Bailey become the United Kingdoms number 1 fitness photographer.

Theyve produced countless number 1s over the course of their agencys establishment. Not to mention, they have also assisted the likes of bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler, 2019 Midlands Trainer of the Year Zac Fotheringham, Notorious Pro Boxer, MTV Challenge and Love Island contestant Idris Virgo, and the Award-winning Gym winner Ultimate Fitness (UFB).

The agency caters towards elite online coaches, well-established gyms, unique fitness brands and innovative fitness and health products that challenge the status quo and truly make a difference in peoples lives.

The problem with most other marketing agencies in the space is, they focus mainly on lead generation, which is 33% of the process (Lead Gen, Sales, Retention). This often results in high quantities of leads that are low quality. Or for the few agencies that do lead generation well and supply high-quality leads, this still leaves the fitness entrepreneur with the task of converting those leads to clients or members and getting them to stay in the long run.

This is how Barbell Marketing differentiates itself. They help their clients through all the stages of the marketing processfrom awareness, to lead generation, to closing the sale, and even retaining their customers thereafter to create a remarkable experience for the customer and elevate the fitness entrepreneurs reputation and brand.

They take over the marketing aspect so busy fitness entrepreneurs can remove themselves from the business and focus on other business tasks that will scale the business and build the brand to be number 1 in their niche.

Co-founders of Barbell Marketing, Adam Karmi and Kateryna Bashkivska, established the agency after seeing a glaring issue in the fitness industry. They saw that most of the great coaches and fitness entrepreneurs voices were being drowned by the noise of the rest of the market. They saw that the latter had the time to create more noise, while the truly great coaches and fitness entrepreneurs focused on honing their craft and serving their clients. This has been the biggest problem in the industry since the social media boom and one that continuously leads to confusion for the end consumer when making a decision on what product, service or membership to buy.

This is what makes Barbell Marketing so great. They amplify true greatness to ensure the customer has a clearer, more enjoyable buying experience. While also reducing the additional time and effort that fitness entrepreneurs often spend on marketing themselves. This is valuable time that takes away from investing in themselves, their business and delivering an industry leading experience and results for their clients.

Find out more about Barbell Marketing by visiting their official website.

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Barbell Marketing Is Changing the Fitness Game, Allowing True Greatness to Come Out on Top - London Daily Post

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