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Posted: February 7, 2021 at 2:55 am

Price$4.99 per month; Premium for $29.99 per month

Whether you want to lose weight, tone muscle, improve flexibility, or do all of the above, Sworkit has a workout to help you reach your goals. The app offers more than 400 unique workouts think yoga for runners and over 800 exercises to get you moving. With over 26,000 ratings in the App Store, Sworkit gets 4.7 out of 5 stars and very favorable reviews.

I am just not a gym person, so I have tried numerous fitness apps and this is hands down my absolute favorite and the one I use exclusively these days. says one reviewer in the App Store. They provide highly customizable workouts. The trainer does each exercise with you, and theres an indicator for how much longer you have to that one particular exercise. Prior to starting the next exercise, theres a demo and a brief interval allowing you to get in proper position. I cant even think of anything I wouldve done differently if I had designed this app myself, and thats saying something.

Sworkit offers something for all fitness levels from beginners to serious athletes and even has a program for kids, which is free. You can customize workouts based on your fitness goals and how much time you have choose the type of workout (strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching), your fitness goals (to tone, strengthen, or burn calories), and how long youve got to exercise, and Sworkit delivers a personalized workout. In addition, they offer sets of classes for monthly challenges.

While you have to pay a monthly subscription, the fee seems reasonable since they provide access to certified trainers to answer your fitness and nutrition questions and one-on-one coaching.

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Best Fitness Apps 2021 - Everyday Health

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