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‘Biohack’ your body with these futuristic wellness treatments – Euronews

Posted: February 1, 2021 at 10:56 am

The quest for longevity is being given a sci-fi spin by a handful of cutting-edge clinics around the world that deliver a range of curious treatments that promise full-body upgrades for humans.

These wellbeing hubs go much further than conventional spas by bringing together technology, medicine and science to increase lifespan.

BelleCell in Londons wealthy Mayfair district defines its treatments as being underpinned by molecular wellness."

Some of its more extreme procedure include IV drips that feed anti-aging cocktails of nutrients and antioxidants straight into your bloodstream, and stem cell lift facials that involve a radio frequency hand piece being massaged over the skin of your face.

It also offers virtual reality experiences, microbiome testing and zero gravity massage chairs.

Developed by Dave Asprey (the guy who invented Bulletproof coffee), Upgrade Labs is located at the Beverly Hilton hotel in LA.

I't said to be the first-ever biohacking human upgrade facility."

The centre features 15 high-tech treatments like cryotherapy, where you spend up to three minutes in a freezing cold -220F chamber.

There's also an Ozone Sauna which sees you cocooned in a pod with a face mask feeding you pure O3 (oxygen with an extra molecule) to achieve hyper-oxygenation."

Clinique La Prairies Revitalisation Premium programme claims to provide the worlds most advanced (and possibly most expensive) anti-ageing and longevity treatment.

It costs CHF 40,200 (37,321) and lasts seven days, six nights (accommodation and meals are included).

The treatments prescribed are based on the rejuvenating science of cell therapy and DNA testing for a highly personalised diagnosis.

Jenny Southan is editor and founder of travel trend forecasting agency Globetrender.

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'Biohack' your body with these futuristic wellness treatments - Euronews

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