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BioViva Science USA Inc. Has Built a Quantified Aging Platform to Determine Which Aging Interventions Work and Which Do Not – WFMZ Allentown

Posted: February 1, 2021 at 10:55 am

SEATTLE, Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- BioViva Science USA, Inc. has long been at the forefront of longevity research, making headlines in 2015 when CEO Liz Parrish became the first person to take gene therapies for anti-aging purposes. Deep into aging research, BioViva now hosts a premiere storefront for those looking for insights into their health and well-being. Biological age is the single most significant risk factor of all major diseases. Remaining biologically young is key to staying healthy, and BioViva established itself as the leader in accomplishing this goal.

BioViva has introduced TimeKeeper, the world's most advanced epigenetic home test to determine a person's "biological age." By monitoring epigenetic changes to our DNA, the TimeKeeper estimates how well we are aging and how effective any given intervention is likely to be.

Parrish says: "This is critical because in order to treat aging we need viable biomarkers that can tell us what changes we experience as we age and show if our interventions have improved upon those changes."

Following the broader trend of the "quantified self," BioViva offers even more tests than TimeKeeper for those who want to determine if and how their interventions serve them. Results of these tests can all be stored on BioViva's secure bioinformatics platform, the BioKeeper.

BioViva now offers Jinfiniti's tests including the "AgingSOS NAD" test, which gauges an individual's NAD levels (the supercentenarian molecule). This molecule plays an essential role in healthy life spans and encompasses everything from repairing DNA damage to energy (ATP) production. But levels decline with time. Some supplements claim to raise them, but are they working? AgingSOS is the only test that lets you find out.

BioViva also offers the "AgingSOS Senescence" test, the only direct-to-consumer test for evaluating your senescent cell burden and the interventions that impact that burden. Parrish adds, "Cellular senescence is a popular topic today. Senescent cells are old and decrepit. Cells generally reproduce. Although senescent cells do not, they still use energy. Instead of replicating to regenerate tissues, these cells use energy to produce unwanted pro-inflammatory byproducts."

Finally, BioViva carries the direct-to-consumer kit, GlycanAge, which looks at your immune system's state and inflammation levels in the body. GlycanAge helps individuals plan for improving their overall health. Like the tests mentioned earlier, this test also measures a therapeutic intervention's progress.

Further, the BioKeeper not only empowers people to take control of their health it also advances longevity research. Big Data is the key massive quantities of information, coupled with modern computers' tremendous processing power, make finding solutions to age-old problems more accessible. BioViva has positioned itself as a leader in personalized and longevity medicine through bioinformatics by constructing a bird's eye view of the aging process and the way it takes place in different people.

Parrish is the Founder and CEO of BioViva USA, Inc, a biotechnology company founded in 2015. BioViva is committed to extending healthy lifespans using gene therapy and other protocols with effectiveness, tracked and measured by bioinformatics tools.

Parrish is a humanitarian, entrepreneur, author, innovator, and a leading voice for genetic cures. As a strong proponent of progress and education for the advancement of gene therapy, she serves as a motivational speaker to the public at large for the life sciences. Parrish is an emphatic advocate who says: "BioViva is committed to treating the biggest unmet medical need biological aging." She is available for speaking engagements and interviews worldwide.

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Elizabeth Parrish, BioViva Science Inc., 206-399-0109, info@bioviva-science.com

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BioViva Science USA Inc. Has Built a Quantified Aging Platform to Determine Which Aging Interventions Work and Which Do Not - WFMZ Allentown

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