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Boost Your Healthspan With Longevity LIVE and Dr. Craige Golding – Longevity LIVE

Posted: February 25, 2021 at 6:47 am

Join us for a three day wellness immersion. With the past year that weve had, its easy to understand why so many people are looking to take better care of themselves and enhance their healthspan. Whether its finding ways to boost their immunity or better manage their stress, the coronavirus pandemic has definitely changed the way in which we prioritize our health and longevity. Now while its great to hear that more and more people are prioritizing their health, the real question is where do we start?

Aging isnt about beauty; its about prevention Dr. Craige Golding

The sooner you begin to better manage your health, the better you will age, in grace and happiness, and we have the perfect way for you to start. That said, join Longevity LIVE for a three-day retreat aimed at helping you take control of your health.

Immersing yourself over a three-day period, youll be able to gain an excellent understanding of how you will age and what you can do to improve your health span, with help from leading aging specialist Dr. Craige Golding. If thats not enough, well also tackle your eating habits where you can learn how to improve your diet. After all, you are what you eat.

Additionally, if youre interested in taking a more aesthetic approach to aging, the retreat will delve into an understanding of what non-invasive and invasive aging management treatments are available all while you immerse yourself in beautiful nature.

Where? Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape, South Africa

When? April 30th May 3rd, 2021

How much: The cost of the retreat, excluding travel, is ZAR 19 200 excluding VAT.

Dr. Craige Golding, a specialist physician in anti-aging medicine, admits that the term anti-aging medicine is perhaps not the best description of his field of interest. It tends to suggest a focus on the exterior, giving the impression that its all about wrinkles and Botox treatments. But Dr. Craiges focus is much broader than that. Anti-aging medicine is really about the prevention, early detection, and reversal of chronic diseases that become more common with age, and which constitute nearly 90% of the illnesses doctors treat on an ongoing basis.

Anti-Aging medicine truly is the way forward in the new millennium, advocating that people actively take control of their health rather than simply waiting for diseases to develop. People want to spend a long time living healthily and a shorter time dying.

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Boost Your Healthspan With Longevity LIVE and Dr. Craige Golding - Longevity LIVE

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