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BrandBot Debuts Fit-Tech for Boutique Fitness Brands and Health Clubs – Club Industry

Posted: December 3, 2020 at 10:55 am

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New York - December 2, 2020-In this challenging commercial environment, its vital for boutique fitness studios and health clubs to engage and motivate their customers, even when they are not on-site.Fitness studios delivery of virtual content should be seamless to retain customers in this climate,and the winning fitness brands will likely be those that are currently transcending fitness and becoming premium lifestyle brands.BrandBot,a leading customer journey management platform and part ofTransaction Services Group(TSG),has introduced new fit-tech marketing automation and CRM tools to give studios an edge over competitors and encouragecustomersto keepvisitingand attending their classes.

Fit-tech isa necessity for exciting and retaining customers, said Andy Swansburg, Chief Product Officer, Boutique atTSG. Not only can the right tech save your employees time on administrative tasks, but it can also let you give your customers a VIP experience, and connect with them in a way that will help restore their confidence. Your customers expectations are growing, and you need tech that helps you not only keep up with them, but also offer those special personalized experiences that will keep them coming back.

BrandBot has unveiled the following software to help studios communicate with their clients in a more individualized, sophisticated way. These features can be integrated with one another to create a holistic, streamlined VIP customer management experience for studio owners.

A feature that is a huge time saver for us is BrandBot's Smart Segments, since it's constantly pulling member data from our gym management software, Mariana Tek, said Kylie Less, Manager of Business Performance at Barre Code. I just don't have time to make a member segment manually, so that is a huge time-saver and incredibly efficient between the two platforms. That feature excites me so much - I think it's great!

"Yoga studios can no longer shove 108 mats into a class. We know that's not going to happen anymore, so now, the floor is prime real estate. I've created prime real estate inside of my studio, said Michael Shaeffer, CEO at Yoga Labs, about the Pick-a-Spot feature. So when you run the numbers, the profit model is actually higher by reducing the classes to 40 from 108."

For more information about BrandBot, visithttps://www.brandbot.com

For more information about Mariana Tek, visithttps://marianatek.com


BrandBot is a leading customer journey management platform designed for the boutique fitness industry. With an end-to-end CRM and marketing automation platform designed to work intuitively with studio management software, BrandBot helps brands power more authentic relationships with clients via automated email and text messaging, and tailored marketing campaigns.

Now part of Transaction Services Group (TSG), BrandBot serves over 2,000 fitness brands globally. For more information, visithttps://www.brandbot.com.

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BrandBot Debuts Fit-Tech for Boutique Fitness Brands and Health Clubs - Club Industry

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