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‘Butter and Eggs Money" and a Gubernatorial Veto

Posted: August 18, 2013 at 2:54 am

, professor of medical anthropology at UC Berkeley and
director of Organ
, is one of the opponents of the legislation that would have
permitted women to sell their eggs for research. Today she filed the
following comment on the “troubling mindset” item on the
California Stem Cell Report.

Jerry Brown's
veto of AB
which would allow young women to be paid for multiple egg extractions
for scientific research is one for the gals.  In western Ireland
women secreted away their
and eggs
money in anticipation of hard times. In my day every smart girl had
her 'mad money' to escape a bad situation. Secret cash for young
women is a great idea, but not when it turns on multiple cycles of
pumping powerful hormones associated (in other contexts) with ovarian
cancer into young women's bodies to produce 30 or 60 eggs a month.
That's not promoting gender equity no matter what some of our best
Democratic women leaders have to say. Selling sperm and selling eggs
are a totally different matter. One  is pleasurable and safe,
the other is a complicated and invasive procedure. We need good
science and good research and  freedom of choice and action. We
also need protection from false advertising. There are no
evidence based, long term studies of the effects of these hormone
injections on women ten or twenty years after the fact. Let's fund
those needed longitudinal and cohort studies and hope for the best.
In the meantime, women had best stick to 'butter and eggs' money. It
doesn't pay a lot, but it's less painful and a heck of a lot safer.


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