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California Stem Cell Agency Boosting Disease Team Program to $543 Million

Posted: October 21, 2012 at 7:46 am

Directors of the California stem cell
agency are set to give away $20 million next Thursday and authorize
a handsome addition to their signature disease team effort, bringing
its total to $543 million.

It is all part of the $3 billion
agency's push to develop therapies prior to running out of money for
new grants in 2017.
The $20 million is expected to go to
the first two winners in the agency's new strategic partnership
program. CIRM says the effort is aimed at
creating “incentives and processes that will: (i) enhance the
likelihood that CIRM funded projects will obtain funding for Phase
III clinical trials (e.g. follow-on financing), (ii) provide a source
of co-funding in the earlier stages of clinical development, and
(iii) enable CIRM funded projects to access expertise within
pharmaceutical and large biotechnology partners in the areas of
discovery, preclinical, regulatory, clinical trial design and
manufacturing process development.”
CIRM reviewed six applications with two winning approval. The agency's governing board is expected to ratify the decision next week. None of the applicants have been identified by the agency, which routinely withholds that information prior to
board action even when applicants have identified themselves.
Addition of a new $100 million
disease team round will come on top of the second, $213 million disease
team awards approved last this summer. The first round, awarded in
2009, totaled $230 million.  The size of the new round could be altered by CIRM directors prior to approval. Also before the board is a $40 million
proposal to expand the industry-friendly strategic partnership effort
into a second round.
The thrust of the disease team effort
is to speed the process of establishing clinical trials and to finance
efforts that might founder in what the biotech industry calls a
valley of death – a high risk financial location, so to speak,
where conventional financiers fear to tread.
The new disease team round will require
“co-funding” from applicants but the agency did not specify what
it means by the term. The matter of matching funds has become an issue in awards to StemCells, Inc., of Newark, Ca., in this summer's
disease team round.
Next week's agenda additionally
contains a plan to tighten review of proposed research budgets in
grant applications, making it clear that CIRM staff will be
negotiating such matters even after the board approves grants and
So far no researchers have testified in
public on the budget plan although it could well have a significant
impact on their future efforts.
Additional matters will discussed as
well at the meeting in Burlingame, which also has a teleconference
location in La Jolla that will be open to the public. The address
and additional material can be found on the agenda.  


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