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Questions you should ask to doctor for Alzheimer disease

Posted: July 7, 2013 at 2:54 am

Alzheimer’s Disease is a critical health condition that cannot be defined in a specific way.It is a very common form of Dementia. Dementia in itself is not a disease. Rather, it is a group of symptoms that start occurring due to occurrence of some other disease or medical condition.Person suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease can face difficulty in remembering even the most recently happened events. This is the initial stage. The disease can lead to death of a person too! The disease starts to occur in people who have crossed 65 years of age or more. Those who get diagnosed with this difficult disease, a good doctor needs to be consulted at the earliest. There are certain questions that need to be placed before the doctor related to the disease. Some of the most important questions are listed below:

What is the usual course of the Alzheimer’s disease?

Life long.

What type of new treatments are available?

Since it is not a disease, there is no particular treatment available. However, some medicines are available but that too works at the early stages.

Are the drugs used to treat the AD symptoms effective?

Yes, at times and mostly during the early stages.

Does these drugs have any sort of side effects?

At time, yes. It can cause poor eyesight problem, gaining weight, as well itching problems.

Does the AD affects a person for the remaining part of his/her living days?

Yes, definitely.

What is the total time period for a person to act in a very normal way post Alzheimer’s diagnosis?

The first and middle stages are still OK with the patients. Although slight changes start taking place but still the behavior doesn’t get completely out of the mark. But, once the patient reaches advanced stage, scenarios tend to become more complicated.

Can a patient of Alzheimer’s Disease be a threat to other or themselves?

The Patient can be a real threat to him/herself. At advanced stage, the patient can even forget her/his own address, name, etc. Scenarios can get real complicated when the patient fails to identify his/her relatives, family members and friends.

Is home or nursing home the best place to take care of the person suffering from AD?

No, there is no such a thing. A lonely person with no one to take care of can stay best in a nursing home. But a person with good family and friends can easily stay in the home. Alzheimer’s is a not a disease but a syndrome that can be as deadly as any other disease. But, there is no specific treatment for it. So, there is no need to spend unnecessary money booking a bed in the nursing home.

What are the necessary precautions to take in order to make the home surroundings safe for someone who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s?

A clean surrounding can definitely help. The person suffering from AD should be kept stress free. The patient should have more interaction with family members and friends. However, by no means the patient should be made excited or furious. It can provide extra stress on the brain. This can cause some negative repercussions.

What are the best available support and services are available in the local area related to Alzheimer’s disease?

This is a very important question to ask the doctor. Remember, if local medicinal help can be availed, then much of worries are eliminated.

Is Alzheimer’s considered a hereditary disease?

Yes, definitely. But it is only a small part of the bigger process. AD can develop due to several factors, most important being strong stress.


How good to use home pregnancy tests

Posted: June 2, 2013 at 2:54 am

Home pregnancy tests have been practiced for long by women and is quite trusted way of confirming your doubts when it comes to conceiving. Here are certain signs that can tell you that you are probably pregnant.

If you have missed your period or you are having an abnormal or unusual period may be you are pregnant. If you have got frequent urinating tendencies or you throw up (vomit) again and again it is possible that you are pregnant. Generally women tend to lose their control over bladder when pregnant; it is very hard to control excretion of urine. Morning sickness or nausea is a tendency that is observed in pregnant women. They cannot resist throwing up again and again during the second and third months of pregnancy. Enlargement or soreness in breast is also indicates that possibly you are pregnant. Breast starts to grow big and become painful. If your breast is releasing colostrums, uterus is enlarged or you are getting a lot of stretch marks there is a possibility that you may be pregnant. In case you have frequent strange cravings like you have never had in past may be a n indication that you are pregnant.

However, these are not confirmed signs of pregnancy. Some of these symptoms when experienced together increase the probability of one’s pregnancy. You should immediately rush for a pregnancy test if you are even a little doubtful. This will clarify your doubts as it is a reliable way to test your pregnancy by yourself. You can also trace the pregnancy by an ultrasound test but home pregnancy strip test is more handy, cheap and reliable.

In case you are planning to conceive these are some symptoms that might be pointing towards your positive result on a pregnancy strip. Be happy you are experiencing such phenomenon and consult a doctor as soon as possible. Apart from all this reflect on your inner sight you can feel it when you are pregnant and the tests suggested above are just a primary confirmation.

In case you do not want to bear there are ways to get out of the web. Contraceptive pills are available in the market which can be a help in forbidding any pregnancy. There are pills that you can take within 72 hours after having unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy but its intake again and again can cause side effects. If you detect a positive on the pregnancy strip, you will have to abort it whether it is by an abortion pill or by any other method.

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Are Biodegradable Heart Stents Safe?

Posted: April 21, 2013 at 2:56 am

A breakthrough has been achieved in the stream of medical science. An alternative to the metallic stent has been found and is called biodegradable or bio-absorbable stents.

Difference between the two

Metallic stents which are in use for a long time now, had some disadvantages. These stents helps to keep the blocked arteries open to enable the flow of oxygen and blood, but also causes retenosis, that is, it scars up vessel tissue causing the arteries to clog again. Even though drug infused metallic stents have also been used as an alternative, it still does not lower the risks of other complications.

Biodegradable stents, on the other hand causes no such complications. It opens up the blocked arteries and dissolves itself after fulfilling its task, thus, minimizing the occurrence of any complication. It is made up of poly-l-lactide, a naturally dissolving material. It is said to dissolve in a time span of 18 months to three years. Another advantage of this stent is that it does not prevent the detection of other blockages as opposed to the metallic stents which would refract the rays of the scan, making it hard for detection.

Benefits of not having a permanent stent

One of the greatest benefits of not having a permanent stent is that it allows the lumen to expand. When a permanent metallic stent is used it does not allow the lumen to grow, thus hindering remodeling even though it allows the vessel around the stent to develop.

Another benefit is they do not produce any kind of inflammatory reactions as opposed to metallic stents.

How does a biodegradable stent work?

Arteries start getting clogged up due to the accumulation of fatty matter like chlorestol on the inner wall of the arteries that are responsible for providing blood to the heart. As it advances, it reduces the width of the lumen in return diminishing the amount of blood flowing into the heart. This is when a person undergoes a chest pain known as angina.

This disease can be arrested at the initial stage with the help of medication. But a person suffers a heart attack when the precautions are not taken, or when the artery is fully obstructed. That is when the surgical procedure of angioplasty is done. In angioplasty, a balloon is introduced into the artery through a guide wire and is inflated where the blockage is located. After this the stent is introduced so that it keeps the artery open.

The biodegradable stent releases a drug called everolimus which prevents irregular tissue growth.

Researches and studies that classify biodegradable as safe

Kunhiko Kosuga, who has a MD, PhD and is also the director of cardiology at Shiga Medical Center for Adults in Moriyana City, Japan, did a research on these new stents. He and his fellow researchers studied 44 men and 6 women who had undergone angioplasty and had used biodegradable stents to open up the affected arteries. They looked for various complications like clots, deaths, and other causes. The result is as follows:

? for the deaths associated with heart diseases, the survival rate was 98%.

? for death from all causes, the survival rate was 87%.

? there was no main cardiac problems in half the patients.

? Only four patients suffered heart attacks.

? The blood vessel involved had re-narrowed in 16% of the patients, in one year after undergoing the procedure.

? there were two clots that were found within the stent. One was due to the drug-infused stent close to the biodegradable one.

Countries who welcomed biodegradable stents

Nine European countries, Middle East, parts of Latin America and parts of Asia like India, Hong Kong, Philippines and Vietnam are already using these stents. In Europe, Asia-Pacific, Canada and Latin America, over 600 patients have taken part in the trial which aspires to have 1000 patients from over 100 centres present in these counties. Even Singapore has approved of these stents from 20th December, 2012.

However, doctors are still awaiting results for the long term effects on the patients

Even though the cost for manufacturing these stents is very expensive, doctors worldwide are optimistic that they will replace metallic stents eventually.

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The Mystery about Cyanide Taste

Posted: April 14, 2013 at 2:57 am

What is potassium cyanide??

A chemical compound with the chemical formula KCN is commonly known as the Potassium cyanide. This is a colorless crystalline compound, highly soluble in water and is similar in appearance as that of sugar. Potassium cyanide is considered to be highly toxic in nature. Potassium cyanide is considered to be one of the most deadly compounds being discovered till date.

Production of Potassium Cyanide:

Potassium Cyanide can be produced mainly by treating hydrogen cyanide in the presence of a fifty percent of an aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide. After that the aqueous solution is either evaporated in a vacuum or by treating the form amide in the presence of potassium hydroxide. On an average per year approximately fifty thousand tons of potassium cyanide are being produced all over the world.

Use of Potassium Cyanide:

Potassium Cyanide is mainly used for the purpose of electroplating, organic synthesis of a number of chemical compounds, gold mining and so on. In accordance with the large scale use of Potassium Cyanide, it is also used in smaller scale applications like in the jewelry manufacturing industry for chemical buffing and gliding. Other than those mentioned earlier, Potassium Cyanide is also used by the entomologists as it is an excellent killing agent, and it has the unique capability of causing minimum damage to the highly fragile specimens.

Mystery about Potassium Cyanide:

Since, the time of its invention, the biggest mystery that has been surrounded with Potassium Cyanide, is about the taste of it. Due to the fact that Potassium Cyanide is exceedingly poisonous substance and can cause death of a person in seconds, the taste of it has remained a mystery or a fact yet to be known to the world. Though, many researches and tests have been conducted to find the taste of Potassium Cyanide but none of them could come up with the appropriate result.

Different views about the taste of Potassium Cyanide:

There has been number of views among the scientists about the taste of the Potassium Cyanide, some of them are as follows:

· Since on hydrolysis of KCN, the resultant compound that are formed are KOH and HCN, which are strong base and weak base respectively, Potassium Cyanide is confirmed to be basic nature. Since at room temperature HCN is a gas which evolves and the solution is expected to have more KOH, so the taste of Potassium Cyanide is assumed to be bitter.

· Some, scientists who have died while finding the taste of Potassium cyanide, could only write the alphabet “S” before dying, so it is not conclusive whether it is sour, sweet or salty in taste.


Though, a huge number of scientists sacrificed their lives in order to find the taste of Potassium cyanide, but it remained a mystery for long, until and unless a goldsmith from India named MP Prasad in an attempt to commit suicide with the help of Potassium cyanide could finally reveal the taste of Potassium cyanide. As per the suicide note of him the taste of Potassium Cyanide is very much acrid, that is irritatingly harsh and sharp. This fact about the taste of Potassium cyanide is approved by the World Health Organization and is marked as an extraordinary discovery in the field of science.


DNA testing is Good or Bad: Let’s Discuss

Posted: March 10, 2013 at 3:15 am

DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid it is the backbone of all living creatures on earth. It is a molecule, which is having a double helical structure and encoded with genetic instructions. It leads to the functioning of all living beings including viruses. DNA profiling is done by the forensic scientists. It depicts the nature of the DNA and act as a person identifier. By knowing the genomic sequences a scientist could easily predict the DNA of the person.

Identification Of Diseases

In this era this technology has become a boon or us in many ways. This concept of DNA testing is booming in the market like anything. It has become the latest rage specially in the health care market. Many companies are there who will promote you the test kits and let you know about the diseases like cardiac problem, any alzimers syndromes, any indication of breast cancer if have any. But here comes the argument many feeble minded people are there who will completely go against it. As the procedures includes blood testing and many people are phobic of syringes, then comes the acceptance of the disease if have any.

Benefits of DNA testing

Many women in our country are facing problem with breast cancer. As they are afraid of testing their blood and DNA. They don’t have the exact DNA marker. This is a big concern for the physicians as well. It is always recommended having a DNA testing for a healthy life. The risk factors get decreased than before and longevity will increase. Myopic thinking should be removed from the society and should learn to accept the truth. DNA testing will also give information about the allergic reaction with various pathogens. The life will be in a proper and better shape.

Detection of criminals

Normal people have a vague idea about this DNA testing which is not at all harmful. Through DNA testing crimes can also be detected. Like in the forensic lab the victim’s body will undergo a scrupulous check up and easily it will be detected about the death of the person. Many criminal lawyers take support from this process which make their job easy to detect the criminal. Though it’s not a good indication for the crime masters. By taking the blood sample or from the foot steps even, of the suspected person it will unveil the truth of the real murder. It can save our nation from crimes.

Detection of pregnancy

Many unrevealed and awful activities like rape case, illegal affairs lead to pregnancy. In many cases the male denied for becoming a father. The lady could easily raise her voice for justice, here

Comes the major role of DNA testing which will easily catch hold of the real father. Sometimes it is not safe for the pregnant woman to have DNA testing as it might cause harm to the fetus. The illegal activities in our society have inflated than before so DNA testing should play a vital role in the society of crimes.The lady will get justice and to deliver her baby.

As a whole it’s a win-win situation because some hospitals testing the DNA of the fetus take place, as an outcome they reveal the gender, which might lead to a death of a baby girl.This is an illegal activity. Some lawyers are also against this. But in this contemporary era one must believe in DNA testing to save our nation.



Things to know about the real fountain of youth

Posted: January 20, 2013 at 7:47 am

Fountain of youth is referred to a spring. If a person drinks the water of it, he or she can easily restore the youth again in themselves. In his writing Herodotus has also mentioned about this concept. This has become a kind of legend and many a famous author like Homer or Shakespeare have also discussed about in the literature. Now the biggest question is that whether there is really any kind of such fountain on this earth or not.

How the search goes on:

The search of such a fountain goes generation after generation because men have always wanted more youth. With the progress of science men have made many an incredible thing successful. The use of stem cells and many other related inventions have made huge change in human life. Men and women are getting longer and fitter life. More researches on cells are going on and scientists are working very hard to invent various things by the help of which we can keep our youth for longer time.

What the concept is:

Though the whole thing comes from a myth but the main aspect of this thought is to get back the life again. Man has always searched for immortality. According to scientists, now they have found out a way to continue your youth for longer time. Actually our body can have the charm of youth because of cell division. Normally a cell can divide for fifty times and then gradually it stops and the characteristics of old age begin to come in the body. Now the scientists have succeeded to produce such a cell which can divide it over 90 times and still it will not get slow down. Scientists have used an enzyme with the chromosomes the name of which is Telomerase. Telomere shortening is the actual reason of gradually getting old. Now this enzyme will stop the normal shortening process of telomere and thus it can help you to keep your youth in yourself for longer time.

Its drawback:

This enzyme is undoubtedly one of the most incredible inventions at the moment but it may have some drawbacks. According to some of the scientists this shortening process of telomere is a natural process. Now this natural process can eventually ward off cancer. Now by adding this enzyme this natural process of body defense will be destroyed. Some of the scientists are worried of the consequences of that. More experiments are going on and after the successful completion of them the scientists will be able to state the result of this new invention.

Searching for longer life:

Most of the people on this earth like to have a longer life especially a longer youth in which he will have ample energy to enjoy all the entertaining aspects of life. The concept of fountain of youth has been traditionally carried forward generation after generation because of this continuous wish of longer life of human being.

The myth of finding a fountain where the water can be found which can bring back youth may not be found physically. However, progress of science can assure a longer youth for human. In recent future man is going to live a longer enjoyable life.

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Top trends for Biotechnology

Posted: December 9, 2012 at 7:49 am

Biotechnology simply means to develop or to make useful products with the help of using living systems. Over the years mankind has used biotechnology in several sectors like agriculture, food production and medicine. There are several sectors in which biotechnology can affect severely.

Biotech for human enhancement is the most profitable industry in the 21st century. Careers are influenced by genetic heritage. It is said that by 2020 people will be able to decipher human genome

Which is nothing but the blueprint of our DNA? One of the trends is towards the genetic solutions to the ills. There are several newly discovered drugs will save countless no of lives. These drugs can also eliminate many diseases. A lot of research works have been done on the recent trends for biotechnology. Research output continues to shift to ASIA. The current trends in biotechnology are its association with pharmacy. It is said that within few more years people will be able to turn on or turn off certain genes which can influence on health and performance. People can eliminate unwanted characteristics by using altered genes from their babies. People can also enhance their babies’ capabilities by using the same method. There is different classification of biotechnology having different application of each. Like white or industrial biotechnology helps in the production of chemical base materials and end products. Red biotechnology means development of new medical drugs. Biotechnology is the driving factor behind many applications in medicine. Green or Plant biotechnology is used in production of plants which are renewable recourses. Biotechnology is integrated use of many biological technologies. It also has trends in horticulture. One of the emerging trends in Biotechnology have been observed and noted in recent years. One such trend is the trend in partnering and acquisition of deals. This is applicable to the business perspective towards the delivery and realization of more up to date by products. So basically there are a lot of sectors in which biotechnology can affect. But one of the most suitable choices is pharmaceutical sector. People are focusing more and more now days on the use of biotechnological products. There are a lot of independent biotechnology companies which deals directly with these biotechnological products. Biotechnology is used to develop commercial product also. Biotechnology becomes central priority of the government’s research policy to ensure a high standing of biosciences and to develop newer innovation techniques. At present there are 25 different initiatives to financially support universities, research institutes. They all are working like a chain having same common objectives. There is a healthy competition in between the companies which in turn increases the level of biotechnological products. The key element of this initiative is Biopharma competition. So it depends on the people how they utilize biotechnological products for their better interest.

Biotechnology is a technology which never goes opposite to the nature.

We have to improve the biotechnology with the help of nature. Now a days lots of course are based on Biotechnology in various colleges all over the world. It becomes popular to all the students also.


Biotechnology: Things you should know about Gene Therapy

Posted: December 2, 2012 at 7:47 am


Genetic disorders are becoming common nowadays due to stressful modern lifestyle. Latest technologies are the added values to create many genetic disorders. To overcome the disorders, Gene therapy is a blessing. In order to compensate abnormal genes and make a good gene, genetic material is introduced into cells. In this way, mutated gene will act as a normal gene. Let us see in detail.

Ways to insert the gene

There are indirect ways need to be followed to make a gene to function as if it is inserted directly does not function. Carrier also called as vector is used to deliver the gene. In the place of vectors, virus play the role as they are getting modified and hence people are not affected with new diseases when it is integrated into the chromosome of the human cell.

The vectors need to get injected to specific tissue in the body or outwardly patient’s cell is removed and exposed to the vector. In either of the ways need to be again returned to the patient. Successful treatment makes proper genes and genetic disorders get solved.

Gene therapy for treating cancer

Cancer is the dangerous disease and there are many ways to cure cancer including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. But cancerous cells in due course again spread and hence it is a deadly disease. Gene therapy is the best way discovered nowadays for treating cancer.
Let us see the basic fundamentals of cells. cells include packets of data in genes, created either from DNA or RNA. Sequence is there for DNA and if it is in the order, there will be no problem. But at the same time If there is disorder occurs in portion of the genes either turning or changing the position, cells lost their control and abnormal growth is seen which result in cancerous tumors. It can spread in mouth, breast, lung etc.,

Specialists in Gene therapy analyze the patient’s criticality first and follow the treatment procedures. One way is they replace missing or mutated genes into wholesome genes. Inserting totally new genes for fighting cancer, placing DNA into cancerous cells to undergo chemotherapy and radiation or injecting bad gene to destroy them etc., Mesothelioma type of cancers are not at all responded in formal therapies and hence one need to undergo gene therapy essentially. Need to have consultations with doctors to overcome their deadly disease.

Gene therapy importance

Doctors decide whether gene therapy is suitable by the following approaches. If genetic disorders are from mutations in one or more genes or whether a normal copy of the gene that is available in the patient is enough to fix the problems in the affected cells, then doctors determine that gene therapy will be more helpful rather than going for traditional methods.


Genetic engineering is a vast topic. Latest Science innovations in the field of genetic engineering yields for gene therapy. Doctors and scientists together working to find out whether gene therapy is the best suitable way for treating deadly diseases like cancer and others. Let us salute for the positive force of gene therapy.



Malaysia Goes Biotechnology Way

Posted: June 17, 2012 at 3:48 pm

Malaysia is realizing the importance of biotechnology and for that purpose it has allocated a sum of around RM210 million in its budget for developing its biotechnology sector. Malaysia has plans to acquire technology through the Biotech Acquisition Programme with a grant of RM60 million. Under the Biotechnology Commercialization Fund, commercialization of R&D findings would be undertaken by international corporations and companies. Along with that around RM59 million have been allocated under the R&D for production of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, genomics and molecular biology and promotion of agro-biotechnology activities. The government is also planning to set up Bio Innovation Centre in order to offer site facilities and equipment for new companies in order to undertake bio-manufacturing activities and commercialization. Some of the other incentives which the Malaysian government would be offering are: First: bionexus companies be given income tax exemption for 10 years, beginning from the first year the company is profitable. Second: after the expiry of the 10-year exemption period, a bionexus company will be taxed at a concessionary rate of 20 per cent for another 10 years. Third: tax deduction equivalent to the amount of investment made in seed capital and early stage financing be given to companies or individuals investing in bionexus companies. Fourth: stamp duty and real property gains tax exemptions be given to a bionexus company undertaking merger with or acquisition of a biotechnology company, within a period of five years. Fifth: buildings for research activities related to biotechnology be given Accelerated Industrial Building Allowance, whereby the cost of constructing or acquiring the building is written off over a period of 10 years.


The Future of Agricultural Biotechnology

Posted: at 10:02 am

USDA’a Advisory Committee has prepared a report titled ‘Opportunities and Challenges in Agricultural Biotechnology: The Decade Ahead’ which talks about the advancements made by agricultural biotechnology in the first decade and the future of it over the next ten years. As of now it is difficult to predict which modern biotechnology generated animals or plants we would be able to see in the market in the next ten years but some of the possibilities have been stated in the report and they have been mentioned below: (1) Genetically engineered plant varieties that provide improved human nutrition (e.g., soybeans enriched in omega-3 fatty acids) (2) Products designed for use in improved animal feeds (providing better nutritional balance by increasing the concentration of essential amino acids often deficient in some feed components, increased nutrient density, or more efficient utilization of nutrients such as phosphate that could provide environmental benefits) (3) Crops resistant to drought and other environmental stresses such as salinity (4) Crops resistant to pests and diseases (e.g., fusarium-resistant wheat; chestnut-blight resistant chestnut; plum pox resistance in stone fruit; various insect resistant crops) (5) Additional crops containing a number of transgenic traits incorporated in the same plant (stacked traits) (6) Crops engineered to produce pharmaceuticals, such as vaccines and antibodies (7) Crops engineered for particular industrial uses (e.g., crops having improved processing attributes such as increased starch content, producing useful enzymes that can be extracted for downstream industrial processes, or modified to have higher content of an energy-rich starting material such as oil for improved utilization as biofuel) (8) Transgenic animals for food, or for production of pharmaceuticals or industrial products (e.g., transgenic salmon engineered for increased growth rate to maturity, transgenic goats producing human serum factors in their milk, and pigs producing the enzyme phytase in their saliva for improved nutrient utilization and manure with reduced phosphorus content).


Thailand and Cuba to Co-operate In the Field Of Biotechnology

Posted: June 10, 2012 at 9:46 am

Thailand is looking forward to co-operate with Cuba on biotechnology which could bring changes in food and herbal studies. Both the countries have entered into an agreement on scientific co-operation in the areas of nanotechnology, biotechnology, computer and electronics and materials science. The agreement would enable Thailand to gain from knowledge of Cuba since Cuba is quite advanced in the field of biotechnology as it’s quite rich in biological resources. Prime minister of Thailand is on a visit to Cuba and this visit is expected to open up gates of opportunity for both the countries in exchanging their studies and research. As far as Cuba is concerned it has large variety of plants and cereals which have been developed through biotechnology and in order to gain from the experience of Cuba, Thailand is co-operating with it in this field. With regards to the development Thai scientists have undertaken researches on food and herbal studies in Cuba and in order to gain expertise have also undertaken a visit to Cuba’s Cancer Research Institute. It seems Thailand is all set to develop itself in the field of biotechnology.


Making Nanotechnolgy Safer for Breast Implants

Posted: May 6, 2012 at 3:48 pm

For more than 20 years, the main choice for breast implants has been some form of silicone rubber. Recent cancer research suggests nanotechnology may make breast implants safer as an alternative to silicone. Approximately 75 percent of post-mastectomy patients choose some form of breast reconstruction. While no medical device is free of risks, silicone breast implants still present a relatively high level of risk. This makes nanotechnology a promising alternative.

Similarly, nanotechnology may speed up recovery after breast reduction. Recovery from plastic surgery of any type has its risks. A University of Akron study suggests that nanotechnology produces additional properties that offer additional medical benefits patients cannot get from silicone or other traditional procedures. Some of the potential dangers of silicone materials include a greater instance of various forms of cancer, systemic diseases and psychological diseases. Dr. Judit E. Puskas, who led the study at the University of Akron, believes that nanostructured material may eliminate such risks and present a safer alternative to silicone-based breast implants.

Dr. Laura Kruper of the City of Hope Medical Center in Duarte, California is among doctors pointing out the psychological benefits of reconstruction following a mastectomy. While expense is a concern for some women, another factor is safety. This adds to the appeal of materials constructed using nanotechnology. The idea of using nanotechnology in breast implants is to alter the characteristics of the silicone. The manipulation would take place in the atoms of the silicone. Implants with the capability of delivering chemicals may speed up the recovery process and reduce side effects following surgery and initial treatment.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States. It is the leading cause of death among women of all races. While breast cancer rates have been decreasing by about 2 percent since 2005, it is still estimated that 1 in 8 women will develop some form of breast cancer during their lifetime. This makes exploration of nanotechnology a worthwhile effort, according to Dr. Puskas and other doing similar research. The primary goal is to ensure that such technology is safe. Early research has shown promise. Some researchers have gone beyond Dr. Puskas’ early optimism and suggest that nanotechnology may result in materials that are not only safer, but materials that have the ability to deliver cancer medications more directly.

Nanostructured materials, by nature, are smaller. This includes smaller components within the material that minimizes complications. The new material will also have the ability to deliver certain cancer drugs more locally. The ability to deliver cancer drugs in this manner could help patients who have a breast reduction or have to have a mastectomy or double mastectomy due to breast cancer. Delivering cancer drugs this way could further minimize risks and side effects associated with chemotherapy. Right now, such technology is in the testing phase. The goal of nanotechnology research is to create alternatives to silicone implants that sharply reduce side effects and potential risks at the time of the implants and in the future. According to Breastcancer.org, there are about 3 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. A common concern among survivors, especially those who had some form of mastectomy or lumpectomy, is finding a way to restore the natural appearance of the breast.

Some women express a hesitation to get breast implants following breast cancer due to a fear that the implants themselves will cause additional medical problems. According to a study of breast cancer patients in California, fewer women are electing to have breast implants following mastectomy. On a nationwide level, however, statistics show that about 90 percent of women who have had a mastectomy following breast cancer choose some form of reconstruction. Nanotechnology is showing promise among all fields of science, but still must receive FDA approval to be used in breast implants. Early studies, however, are highlighting the potential of nanotechnology.


Do genes make a person Homosexual?

Posted: at 3:48 pm

This is the main question that is lurking the minds of biologists for quite some time now because many possibilities for the occurrence of a homosexuality gene exist. During the 1990s many researcher were studying the topic but by the end of the 20th century all such research work was slowed down as many people are shy when they are asked on topics related to sex and specially homosexuality. Scientists Sergey Gavrilets and William Rice have developed some guidelines for explaining the causes of homosexuality. During the past decade the scientists have discovered some patterns that might point to genetic causes of homosexuality. Among the discoveries the main finding was that in case of male homosexuality it seems to be inherited more from the mother than the father and the female maternal relatives of gay men have higher that average reproduction capacity. Another shocking discovery was that the chances of homosexuality increases in males with the number of older brothers he has even if the child has grown up away from his brothers. The reason for this is that the with each male fetus the mother develops an increased immunization to an antigen that is produced by male fetuses and this antigen plays an important role in masculinizing the brain. All the studies have strong evidences that homosexuality is caused by a gene but no research has pointed to any specific gene and the idea to which each research points is towards a polymorphic gene. Rice commented that, ‘We know that homosexuality (gay or lesbian) can be caused by simple genetic changes in fruit flies, and since so many reproductive and neurological genes are shared by flies and humans, it seems highly likely that there are major genes influencing homosexuality in humans, However, we also have firm evidence for a birth-order effect on male homosexuality, and discordance in the expression of homosexuality of identical twins, so clearly there is also an environmental influence on the trait.’ This research is the most guiding research on the topic, though it also has not pointed out any particular gene but this will be the backbone of all future researchers that can one day tell us the exact cause of Homosexuality.


Lubricin can play an important role in keeping joints agile

Posted: April 22, 2012 at 3:49 pm

Some relief for people having problems with their hip joints!! Duke University researchers have developed a method which enables specific measurement of biomechanical properties of hip joints in the case of mice. They have found out that lubricin which is a joint fluid has an important role to play in keeping joints agile. This has helped to come to a conclusion that treatments designed for increasing lubricin levels could aid in stopping the deterioration of arthritic joints. Tests conducted on mice showed that arthritic joints of mice lacked the gene which controlled production of lubricin showed greater friction as compared to joints of other animals and even at molecular level it demonstrated that joint cartilage of mutant animals appeared less stiff and rougher. This has suggested to the researchers that there can be a loss of cartilage mechanical integrity without requiring lubricin. Stefan Zauscher, Professor, Pratt School said: Lubricin has been considered important, but the experiments had not been done. This is the first look at the effects on biomechanics of lubricin’s presence or absence All this has opened a new window of hope for joint patients.


Eat your slice of beef without the contamination grief

Posted: April 15, 2012 at 3:48 pm

Consumers of canned beef and swine can now stay assured of the quality of the food and relish the taste without any fear of contamination courtesy ‘IdentiGEN’. IdentiGEN has developed TraceBack, the first-ever commercial DNA-fingerprinting technology for meat. The process starts at the farm or slaughterhouse, where animals are given are tested for pathogens. After receiving a clean bill of health, a worker takes a sample of the cow’s blood, meat or hair, analyzes it for genetic identifiers known as single-nucleotide polymorphisms, and stores the information in a central database. Before packaging is done at supermarket, the butchers take another DNA sample and checks it with the database to be sure of a 100% healthy packaged meat. And if there is trace of any errant pathogen found, the source can be traced back within hours thus making it possible for food-safety officials to nail down the source of the outbreak. According to Ronan Loftus, IdentiGEN’s director of business development: Each product has its own inherent label. It’s like nature’s bar code. Once this system is in place, you can pull a package of meat off the shelves and access its entire history. And the consumers have to pay a negligible premium to get 100% healthy meat.


New vaccine therapy to treat the deadly chemo-resistant ovarian cancer

Posted: at 3:48 pm

A better hope for thousands of women suffering from the ‘often resistant to chemotherapy’ ovarian cancer at its advanced stage. A new cancer vaccine therapy is on its way to launch expanding treatment options to such women. Thanks to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The vaccine is developed by AVAX Technologies, Inc. Dr. Edgar Staren, Chief Medical Officer of Cancer Treatment Centers of America said, Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s number one priority is to help our patients win the battle against cancer. This vaccine therapy represents a promising new chapter in the fight against this devastating disease and brings hope to women everywhere. Interestingly, this treatment method creates a patient-specific vaccine, using the patient’s own tumor tissues. The method also combines chemotherapy delivered directly into the abdominal cavity along with it. Dr. Staren said, To win the fight against cancer, it is absolutely vital we do everything we can to make innovative new treatments like this available to patients as soon as possible. It’s inconceivable that treatments like these – that give hope to patients – are often left on the laboratory bench, while cancer patients are told there is nothing more that can be done for them.


Biofuels can lead to more U.S based Biotechnology jobs

Posted: at 6:43 am

America is making efforts for increasing the domestic production of biofuels so that it could lead to the creation of more jobs in this sector. For this purpose President Bush is making whole hearted efforts and is undertaking panel discussions on advancements in industrial biotechnology so that it could aid in increasing the production of ethanol. Jim Greenwood, President and CEO, Biotechnology Industry Organization stated: We appreciate the personal interest that President Bush has taken in boosting domestic biofuels production. The President’s recent statements underline his commitment to developing new biofuels technologies. We believe President Bush’s visit to Novozymes sends the world a strong message about the importance of the work that industrial biotechnology companies are doing to provide a key enabling technology for large-scale production of ethanol This is expected to act as a booster for the U.S based biotechnology jobs as the U.S government is making efforts for reducing the dependence on petroleum based energy fuels and is looking towards industrial biotechnology for offering cheap forms of alternate and renewable sources of energy in the form of biofuels. It is expected that it would lead to the creation of more jobs for the country.


Biotechnology industry on the upswing: Aeterna Zentaris and Elite Pharmaceuticals to benefit

Posted: March 25, 2012 at 3:50 pm

Early stages of the year 2012 have resulted into a great beginning for the entire biotechnology industry. This has led to a whooping increase in the NASDAQ Biotechnology index, which is currently 80% higher than before. The industry is recovering really fast from the previous economic crisis. An increase in the funding for the biotech industry has been recently reported by the GIA (Global Industry Analysts). Various investing opportunities in the field of biotechnology, equity researches in the field of Elite Pharmaceuticals and Aeterna Zentaris Inc., have been put forth by the Paragon report.
GIA has come up with a wonderful prediction of a whooping US$320 billion increase in funding for research and development by the year 2015. This includes expansion of this industry in medical sciences as well as agriculture. There are various government initiatives in the pipeline which would help in driving growth in this industry. GIA further explains that various developing industry markets like China and India can emerge as useful industrial and agricultural biotechnology markets, as they have witnessed increase in income levels and population. These countries are developing into a great hub for biotech drugs as they come with a great and rich talent pool and reduced cost of investments. This was recently stated by GIA in a press release. Various oral sustained and controlled drugs and products have already been developed by Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc. The strategy of Elite focuses on bringing in various partner companies in the product management life cycle. This has led to a vast improvement of various off-patent products of drugs. It was only during the last week that Elite announced its initial shipment of the drug methadone hydrochloride (10mg tabs) to one of its wholly owned subsidiary,The Pharma Network, LLC, as well as Ascend Laboratories, LLC. This was done in regards with the commercial manufacturing and supply agreement. Aeterna Zentaris has developed various drugs for oncology researches. It has also proven quite beneficial for investigating treatments for different cancers like multiple myeloma, ovarian, colorectal, bladder and prostrate cancers.

The paragon report for such investigations and upswings in biotechnology has been compensated by various third party organizations for advertising requirements.


Scientific innovation: How biotechnology fits into America’s future

Posted: at 3:50 pm

America, the name itself conjures an image of prosperity, high standards of living, a staggering economy, flourishing industries, and everything nice and good. But all these nice and good things were not achieved in a day. It took years of hard work and organization to reach this epoch. Most importantly, this is the fruit of years of continuous research and innovations which have helped this country to surge ahead of the rest in all fields. A few prime gifts of this country to the world includes Internet, and many others as the country gears up to continue its quest to remain not only the most powerful economy but technologically also the country should dig into new found mines of biotechnology. Biotechnology uses micro-organisms and the various biological processes to generate commercially viable bioproducts. At some instances, biotechnology is not used commercially but more importantly just to protect our mother nature and create a greener environment.
Early years
Long before the term biotechnology came into existence, it was indigenously used in various food processing processes like making beer, wine, cheese, etc. Other than that it was used in various aspects of agriculture like selection of high yielding crops, use of legumes to fertilize soil, making natural manures, etc. The advent of modern biotechnology took place in the 1970s. The red wave, in which the potential of biotechnology were appreciated in the field of medicine and put to practical use. The medical industry has found a new direction on the shoulders of biotechnology and surely it’s way ahead is shining bright with the newer discoveries and methodologies. The white wave, the last to strike the field is the industrial application of biotechnology. Yet to build a strong wave and flood the industry and economy with its immense potentialities.
1. Advancement in the field of agriculture
America’s farming is highly mechanized. With that, the use of biotechnology has led to production more than sufficing the needs of the country. High yielding, pest and drought resistant, better nutritional value, altered tasting crops have been produced. This has provided the country food security. And surely in future, with more advancements in biotechnology will take the agriculture up the ladders of prosperity.
2. Advancement in the field of medicine
Currently more than 50% of the biotechnology industry is concentrated in the medical field with the prime work force, staggering growth rate, speedy discoveries and millions of dollars pumped into research. This field has truly bloomed to serve the cause of human health. Genome mapping, monoclonal antibodies, synthesis of antibiotics and artificial hormones, gene therapy, rapid diagnostic methods, anti cancer drugs are the result of the meticulous research in this field. All this helped improve the health of the people and indirectly the nation. The National Alzheimer’s Project Act has been passed to control the disease and at the same time develop new drugs to treat it. Though a lot has been achieved, but this field shouldn’t be allowed to stagnate under any circumstances. As newer resistant viruses and bacteria emerge, the medical force should be prepared with the weapons made from biotechnology.
3. Advancement in the field of industrial application
Industries entirely based on biotech seem just round the corner as the potential of this field are being recognized with rapidity. Biodiesel now, generated at a commercial level can do away with the country’s dependence on the oil supplies from the gulf countries. Also it is a greener technology. Biomining is a method in which a solution of bacteria is used for extraction of metals (copper and gold). Bio-oxidation, a method in which bacteria is used to extract metal from their oxidized form. Both the forms yield high extraction rates upto 85-95%. Bioplastics, enzymes and many other products are awaited to be produced at an industrial level. Jatropha has the potential to replace petroleum as fuel. If the wonders of biotechnology are tapped commercially definitely it would contribute to the flourishing economy of the country. Although its contribution to the country’s GDP is meager, already it is one of the fastest growing sectors employing 130305 in 2005, with a turnover of US $51,655 million the same year. Needless to say that America is leading in all aspects of the biotechnology industry and hopefully it will continue to do so.
Last but not the least
Recently, America is facing steep competition from other developing nations like India and China and so the country needs to be on its toes. The current policies of the Barak Obama government are very favorable for extensive research and large amount of investments in the field. The other brighter side of this industry is the employment it is generating which has become particularly very important after the unemployment during and after recession. The upcoming new industries, the health and as well as the agriculture sector depend hugely on the advancements of biotechnology, so extensive research is being undertaken at all levels. The National Institute of Health is instituted for biotechnology training programs. Lastly the future of NASA, America’s prime space agency, also rests on newer biotech products as it aims to sustain life for a prolonged period outside earth. We hope that biotechnology will bloom to the most beautiful and prosperous future of America.


The year of the dragon looks auspicious for Australian Biotechnology

Posted: at 3:50 pm

Biotechnology is undoubtedly the technology of the future for it not only presents exceptional opportunities, but also gives hope for a better future with better diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In terms of potential and growth, it is not much different from the mystical dragon, and since 2012 is the year of the dragon, it is expected that it would bring in loads of good news and prosperity for this new branch of science.
The good news
For biotechnology, the last year has been strong and monumental with Tax Incentive Legislation being passed in Australia and a very strong and consistent growth in the sector which was recently followed by good news, the Senate Inquiry of the gene patents bill. Since the last year, the Australian Biotechnology has been included amongst the fifth most innovative biotech nations in the world (according to the Scientific American World View). This trend is continuing in the current year, as Australia has shown great potential in developing biotech related agricultural, medical and even environmental research.
The companies of Australian Biotech are confident that the New Year would definitely be the best and until now with tremendous growth in the sector it has proved this. Even the new startup biotech companies in Australia now stand a better chance with the Tax Incentive’s 45% refundable component, even the large corporations would now be able to reduce their R&D expenses by as much as 10%. Such a healthy growth favoring environment has allowed the Australian Biotech companies to make a mark globally and have a steadily rising status even in the competitive markets of US and Europe.
The Australian Biotech industry now needs to revamp itself and embrace a more authentic and transparent management. There should be better communication between the management and the stakeholders. The opportunities are in plenty and the industry environment very supportive, hence the companies should make the most of it and truly let the biotech dragon rise in this year of the dragon.


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