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A New Approach to Fitness for the New Year – thesuntimesnews.com

Posted: January 13, 2021 at 12:03 pm

By Doug Marrin

Its that time of year we tend to focus inward, not just in looking for things to do inside out of the cold, but also by taking a look at ourselves. New resolutions are set with the best of intentions (and broken with the worst of frustrations). Personal change is difficult despite the myriad of food and exercise strategies, assaulting our sense of self daily. Failure is rampant.

Maybe its time for a new approach.

Heres an idea: Instead of a rigid plan to move you forward, how about turning to a supportive community as a strategy? Instead of a theory of ideal self broken down into numbers, how about acceptance and affirmation as you are right now?

Thats the approach youll find at Mitten Fitness just outside of Dexter on Joy Road.

I find people like the dynamic of group fitness, says owner Ken Hutchinson (Hutch). They respond well to encouragement, but they also want to be encouraging to others. People are here for the same reasonsto have a good time, feel better about themselves, and get stronger.

Goal setting is prone to failure because it disrupts our lives by demanding more willpower than we have to spare. As a result, people find a reason to quit, which creates a terrible inner monologue of poor self-esteema heavy emotional weight to carry.

You have to begin somewhere, says Hutch. It doesnt matter where you start, or how much you do when you start as long as you begin. Do a little. Do a lot. We dont care. You showed up, didnt you? Thats a win.

Mitten Fitness promotes functional fitness through a variety of classes and coaching techniques. Functional fitness is a classification of training that prepares the body for real-life movements and activities.

If you hate what you're doing, it's not going to work, says Hutch. I think that's what happens a lot with New Years resolutions. People want to step into fitness, but they find that its not for them. Maybe they feel its too hard. Whatever the reason, I believe thats because they dont have people around them helping them get past that.

Coach Robin Witte is an example of just that. She began as a gym member seven years ago. Overweight, as was her husband Dan, Robin was shocked one day by a photo of herself and remembered thinking, Thats not who I am.

It was a tough self-reflective moment, she says. I knew that I needed to change.

The gym caught Robins attention. She and Dan joined.

Working out has never stuck with me, she explains. Its the community atmosphere here that did it for me. I hate running. Im not the person thats just going to go out and run. And then there are our kids. It was hard trying to fit everything in. But something about Mitten Fitness and something about the community here just stuck with me.

The Mitten Fitness vibe may make the gym inviting, but it doesnt necessarily make it easy. Its in the difficult moments where the community atmosphere shines and supports.

I remember a couple of months in, and we were doing some workout with pushups, recalls Robin. Of course, I couldnt do pushups. Hutch saw me struggling and asked, When you walked in three months ago, did you ever think youd still be here? I told him that I didnt, and he told me, It doesnt matter what the people around you are doing. It doesnt matter how fast youre going. What matters is that youre here.

I went home that night, and I cried, laughs Robin. I told Dan that I was quitting the gym and never going back because I was never going to get any better, just like everything else I've tried in my life. I'm overweight, and thats that.

But Robin didnt let her story end there.

But I woke up the next morning, and I thought that if Hutch, who doesn't know me very well, cared enough about me to get down on the ground, and to talk me through pushups, then I can care enough about myself to get my butt back to the gym, and try again.

Robin lost 50 pounds and Dan 100.

Mitten Fitness co-owner, Colby Buswell, joined the gym several years ago. Colby was already fit from working out at home and a larger gym in town. The small gym caught his attention on social media.

The community aspect of Mitten Fitness drew me in, he says. I needed coaching for some of the more complicated Olympic movements I wanted to do. I walked in one day and asked, What do I do?

That was three years ago. And like Hutch, he spent time at the gym, gravitated into coaching certification, and recently became a partner.

I was accepted right away into the community, says Colby. Right out of the gates, everybody was encouraging. It doesnt matter your skill level or where youre at. What matters to people is that youre there, which is a tremendous feeling. You dont get that walking into any of the bigger gyms. Its easier to improve when you feel good about yourself.

Strength Coach Dennis Murray is a former strength and conditioning coach for the U-M football team. His strength program is popular with members of all ages and abilities. It is like family here, he says. If youre having a bad day somehow, or if somethings bothering you, somebody here will brighten your mood. Everything gets a little better. Its a good atmosphere to be around.

The magic of the Mitten Fitness is that it is regular people being regular people.

Know when I say I know your struggles, I know your struggles, says Robin. I know what it's like to try to work out with a full-time job. I know what it's like to be a mom and feel guilty because I could be doing more with my kids. I know what it's like to struggle with your weight and struggle with food because I've been there. I'm still there every single day trying to make it all fit and not feeling like Im failing at everything.

Thats what makes Robin a great coach.

The community here and the people here, I just can't say enough amazing good things, she says.

Mitten Fitness has something for everyonegeneral workout routines changed daily to keep it fresh, yoga, open gym, lighter workouts for seniors, a popular program for middle school students, and for the more robust among us, endurance classes, strength programs, and HIIT workouts.

Also available under the same roof is Paramount Physical Therapy, which blends seamlessly with the gyms atmosphere.

To learn more about Mitten Fitness, you can pop in on Mondays and work out for free to see how it feels. Youll get a chance to meet Colby, the best thing that has ever happened to this gym, according to Hutch (and to which members quickly agree).

You can learn more about Mitten Fitness at https://mittenfitness.com/ or find them on Facebook.

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TeamUp Fitness App Explains Why Living an Active Lifestyle is More Important Than Ever – PRNewswire

Posted: at 12:03 pm

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --People all over the world start the New Year with a resolution that's typically centered around living an active, healthy lifestyle.In 2020, especially, because of quarantine, people had the time to assess their lifestyle and make a concerted effort to incorporate exercise into their daily routines.

This focus on fitness will carry over into 2021 and with goals of building community when feelings of isolation are at their peak and providing motivation and guidance to stay on track with exercise, TeamUp Fitnessfills this void with its community-driven mobile application by bringing fitness enthusiasts from around the world together to connect, motivate, inspire, and help other achieve their lifestyle changes.

This sense of connection comes at a time when the Census Bureau reports that more than one-third of Americas have displayed clinical signs of anxiety, depression, or both since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

To ease these feelings of anxiety and depression, an online article from the Mayo Clinic highlighted the power of physical activity to enhance a person's mood and self-confidence.

TeamUp Fitness understands the connection between fitness and overall well-being and through its app has given users the ability to:

"2020 was a year like no other. However, it's brought into focus the need for connection and the importance of living an active lifestyle," said Tony Trombetta, CEO of TeamUp Fitness, "Our goal at TeamUp Fitness is to provide both and encourage our users to try to make a new connection, or simply push beyond what they thought was possible for themselves."

Though quarantine brought with it more time, something people crave in life, it also brought challenges and one of them was limited resources as fitness centers were forced to close their doors for extended periods at a time.

From this challenge came new opportunities and TeamUp Fitness stepped up to the plate to create a community for fitness enthusiasts to connect, network, find new workout partners, professionals, even possibly find a fit companion.

Users from all corners of the world found connection and community through the app and continue to TeamUp with other members who are interested in similar activities and lifestyles.In our community, you will find other like-minded members where health, fitness, and nutrition arethe primary focus for mind, body and spirit.

"Living an active lifestyle, though it seems like an individual endeavor is heavily rooted in community," Trombetta noted, "We created TeamUp Fitness to help people on their own fitness journeys connect with and reach their personal goals while motivating others to do the same."

The TeamUp Fitness app is now available in the Appleand AndroidApp Stores. Head to https://www.teamup.fitnessto learn what the buzz is about.

About TeamUp Fitness

TeamUp Fitnessis a lifestyle platform that's specifically designed to bring the entire fitness community together.TeamUp has positioned itself to be the leading "fitness connection" for mind body and soul.TeamUp is the go-to platform for fitness enthusiasts to connect, engage and find their fitness soulmate!


Tiffany Kayar[emailprotected]

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teamup-fitness-logo.jpeg TeamUp Fitness Logo

SOURCE TeamUp Fitness

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TeamUp Fitness App Explains Why Living an Active Lifestyle is More Important Than Ever - PRNewswire

Want to stick to your New Years fitness resolutions? Heres how: – WTTV CBS4Indy

Posted: at 12:02 pm

Posted: Jan 13, 2021 / 09:19 AM EST / Updated: Jan 13, 2021 / 09:33 AM EST

INDIANAPOLIS Physical health and fitness is annually one of the top resolutions for the new year.

Unfortunately, research shows about 80% of people will give up on their resolutions by the end of February. To help beat the burnout we talked to two experts, a clinical dietician and an exercise physiologist about the things people can do to keep up with their resolutions for the long haul.

One of the first lessons according to IU Health Clinical Dietician Garret Swisher is that its important to make your goals realistic and achievable. Swisher says generally, a person can get more benefits out of their resolutions if they start with smaller achievable goals in the beginning, then build their way up as they go.

Instead of saying, hey I want to lose 15 pounds, focus on healthy habits that you can realistically actually do. [Tell yourself] hey, Im going to eat more at home, or focus on delegating more time to my diet and actually preparing meals. Maybe you want to eat more as a family. Something other than focusing on weight loss per say is usually going to be more achievable, Swisher said.

Another roadblock people run into on their fitness journey is expecting results to come right away. Often the lack of results can discourage people and lead them to giving up all together.

Exercise physiologist Shaylin Pachciarz says focusing on the process more so than the results is generally better for sustaining goals. She adds that placing time limits on yourself, especially unrealistic ones (like losing 30 pounds in 30 days) can be detrimental.

Go into it knowing you need to be patient, results take time. If you feel like youve gotten results or plateaued, that may be an opportunity you could say to change up your routine or increase your repetitions or your time. Your body is so good at adapting. Usually if youre plateauing, you need to change something, she said.

Bottom line, both say real change takes time. Persistence and consistency is key. They also add that if you dwell to long on setbacks (which always happen) it makes it harder to recover and continue on with your goals.

Swisher also says when it comes to diet, the one thing you can do that will make the biggest impact is to spend more time preparing meals yourself.

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Want to stick to your New Years fitness resolutions? Heres how: - WTTV CBS4Indy

Daxko Expands Integrated Payments & Billing Solutions for the Health, Fitness, and Wellness Industry – PRNewswire

Posted: at 12:02 pm

Leveraging more than 30 years of experience managing electronic payments and member billing activities for the industry, Gains is powered by integrated technology and a team of dedicated payments professionals. Gains is fully integrated with Daxko's member management platforms including Club Automation, CSI Spectrum, Zen Planner, and Daxko Operations.

"2020 has revealed how important it is for owners and operators to have a simple and secure way to maintain cash flow," says Ron Lamb, Daxko's CEO. "Gains helps streamline this process so our customers can retain revenue, save time, and decrease uncomfortable interactions with members about billing."

"Payments is a diverse and complex world," says Matt Popinski, Daxko's Senior Vice President of Payments. "That's why we built a state-of-the-art integrated payments solution for our software platforms that delivers an intuitive user experience backed by a team of payments experts." These solutions include an exclusive proactive card account updater to prevent payment declines, next day funding options to keep cash flowing, and intelligent billing services - all PCI compliant solutions to protect businesses from fraud and theft.

To learn more about the simple, secure, and fast way for your business to get paid, visit gainspro.com

About Gains Pro

Gains is an integrated payment processing and billing solution that increases revenue, provides crystal-clear insight into your business, and aids member relations--all with your end growth in mind. Gains is the simple, fast, and secure Way to Paid. Gains is a proud member of the Daxko family of brands that works to power health and wellness throughout the world.

About Daxko

Daxko delivers comprehensive technology solutions, integrated payment processing, experienced services, and deep insights to all kinds of health and fitness centers- enterprise, health clubs, boutique fitness studios, affiliate gyms, campus recreation facilities, integrated wellness centers, YMCAs, and JCCs. Since 1998, the company has grown to serve customers spanning 140 countries, nearly 16,000 facilities, and over 17 million members. To learn more visit daxko.com



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Daxko Expands Integrated Payments & Billing Solutions for the Health, Fitness, and Wellness Industry - PRNewswire

Socially-Distance Fitness: Looking Long-Term With Fitness Goals – WJON News

Posted: at 12:02 pm

WAITE PARK --Diet and exercise are often the two idea's that come to mind when planning our new year's resolutions.

However, focusing on those two aspects alone is often why people struggle reaching their goals.

Jake Hutt is the Client Manager at Rejuv Medical. He says it's important to look at weight loss as a lifestyle change, which means focusing on all aspects to health and wellness.

Understanding breathing plays a big factor in health and wellness, you're sleeping patterns, your hydration. I've seen people eat really well but they don't enough water and they struggle. So it's understanding there is a lot more to it then just diet and exercise.

He says weight loss challenges are a great way to get back into the swing of things, but you need to make sure you're thinking long term for when those programs end.

You need to have a plan going into it. I also suggest a few weeks before that challenge ends, you talk to a fitness professional and formulate a plan for that long term. Most of the time if you wait until the program ends your odds of continuing the work you started goes down significantly.

Hutt says to remember this changes is a marathon not a sprint and to not get discouraged if you're not seeing fast results.

Rejuv offers free consultations to talk about your fitness goals, aspirations and potential roadblocks you may face to help prepare you for better long-term results.

The WJON series "Socially-Distance Fitness" features opportunities for people to focus on their well-being to create a healthier you.

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Socially-Distance Fitness: Looking Long-Term With Fitness Goals - WJON News

People who wear fitness trackers are more active – World Economic Forum

Posted: at 12:02 pm

People who track the number of steps they walk take around 2,000 more steps a day than those who dont.

New research from the University of Sydney has found that fitness trackers and apps are helping us exercise more.

Scientists reviewed physical activity in healthy adults aged 18-65 including daily step counts and the frequency, intensity and length of physical activity. The study is the first to prove the effectiveness of trackers and apps in improving physical activity levels.

And its good news for our health potentially lowering our risk of chronic disease, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.

Its crucial to increase population physical activity levels to prevent major chronic conditions, such as heart disease, so these results are valuable information for guiding the design and implementation of future physical activity interventions, says lead author Dr Liliana Laranjo, from Sydney Universitys Faculty of Medicine and Health and Westmead Applied Research Centre.

Calorie Counter and Fitbit top the health and fitness apps in the Google Play store.

Image: Statista

Alongside the trackers and apps, there are some prompts and interventions - such as personalisation and text messaging - that are particularly effective at encouraging more activity, Dr Laranjo adds.

With more and more people owning smartphones and fitness tech the study authors see the results as positive news for physicians too, who could encourage the use of this type of technology to support behavioural change.

Since it was unveiled in 2015, Apples smartwatch has become one of the leading wearable fitness devices.

Image: Statista

The fitness technology market has been growing steadily, with Apple dominating the wearable section since launching its smart watch in 2015. Total end-user spending on wearable fitness devices is expected to reach $63 billion this year. The COVID-19 outbreak further boosted sales of wearable devices in 2019 with more people keen to track health data.

The pandemic has changed the exercise habits of many, with over a quarter of Americans saying they are doing less activity than normal.

Image: Statista

With many of us in lockdown and restrictions placed on the types of activities we can do, the virus has also changed our exercise habits. For some, it has provided an opportunity to increase activity levels, despite gyms being closed and some sporting activities being suspended. Others have found it hard to equal previous levels of exercise.

Internet-enabled devices and apps like fitness trackers are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) the world of connected devices that communicate with each other and with us. The pandemic has highlighted the growing importance these devices have come to play in our lives.

The World Economic Forums State of the Connected World 2020 Report, published in December 2020, points out that IoT applications such as connected thermal cameras, contact tracing devices and health-monitoring wearables are providing critical data needed to help fight the disease. In addition, temperature sensors and parcel tracking will help ensure that sensitive COVID-19 vaccines are distributed safely.

The report studies key challenges and opportunities for the IoT ecosystem and is part of the Forums Future of the Connected World initiative. This aims to identify systemic IoT challenges and create solutions for a more resilient, equitable, sustainable and connected world.

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People who wear fitness trackers are more active - World Economic Forum

Cardio Fitness Lowers Risk of Heart Disease | Heart Disease Risk and Cardio Fitness – Runner’s World

Posted: at 12:02 pm

As runners, we already know that high levels of physical activity, including logging long runs, can improve our cardio fitness and has a slew of health benefits. And new research published in PLOS Medicine further supports you getting out there for a daily run or walk. Researchers found that the more active you are, the less at-risk you are for cardiovascular disease, with no threshold to the benefits. This effect was particularly pronounced in active people, such as runners.

Researchers gathered data from accelerometers worn by over 90,000 participants, which tracked their physical activity over the course of seven days. People were then divided into four groups from least to most active. Those who were most active (in the top 25 percent) had an average reduction of 48 percent to 57 percent in their risk of cardiovascular disease, Aiden Doherty, associate professor in the Nuffield Department of Population Health and the University of Oxford told Runners World.

Join Runners World+ today for more health and fitness news!

This estimated benefit is greater than what previous studies using questionnaires to measure physical activity have obtained and suggests physical activity might be even more important for health than previously anticipated, Terrence Dwyer, AO, MD, Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Oxford, told Runners World.

While the exact reason for this correlation is unknown, part of the protective effect is probably from lower levels of obesity, lower risk of diabetes, better blood lipid profile (particularly with triglycerides), and lower blood pressure. However, some of the effect might be directly related to a fitter heart that is not as readily damaged when problems arise, Dwyer said.

As the research was done with research-grade, Fitbit-like fitness trackers, typically you wouldnt use these during workouts or know how to properly interpret the data, so the results cant be directly replicated in your day-to-day workouts. However, the results suggest there is considerable benefit from increasing physical activity from the lowest levels, where people are sedentary for most of the day, to just a little physical activity.

Beginners Half Marathon Plan

In another study I was involved in, we used pedometers, which provide simpler data for those who are thinking of this in terms of how far they might walk or run. In that study, we found benefit seemed to start as people increased steps from 2 to 3,000 steps per day, even by 1,000 steps or less than half a mile Dwyer said.

And, these findings further emphasize the new World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on physical activity which recommend at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity per week for all adults.

Researchers arent sure exactly why more cardio fitness correlates with a lower risk of heart disease. One explanation might be that an increase in total energy output as physical activity increases might provide continuing improvement in the risk factors (such as obesity or high blood pressure).

Really, though, this should not be surprising as we might expect that if you do something that is good for you, then benefits might increase as one does more, Dwyer said.

And though data generally suggests you can benefit from more physical activity, be sure to check in with your doctor before drastically changing up your routine.

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Cardio Fitness Lowers Risk of Heart Disease | Heart Disease Risk and Cardio Fitness - Runner's World

Why progressive overload is key to improving fitness and how to do it – Insider – INSIDER

Posted: at 12:02 pm

Whether you're looking to get fitter, stronger, or faster, there's one crucial component you need to employ in your workouts: progressive overload.

This principle means gradually challenging your body more, and it's important if you want to reach your fitness goals.

"Progressively overloading means you are continually increasing the demands on your muscle in order to maximize adaptation gains in strength, size, or endurance," personal trainer Sana Shirvani told Insider.

"It's about creating fresh stimulus to keep pushing your performance forward, and can be done with frequency or intensity," Rich Tidmarsh, personal trainer and owner of London gyms Reach, told Insider.

The term is commonly used by weight-lifters in this case, it means gradually increasing either the weight or the reps performed of any exercise. However, the concept applies to any discipline.

"Progressive overload is an effective and safe way to improve strength, but the same method and principles can also be applied to cardio training too," Fiit master trainer Adrienne Herbert told Insider.

Shirvani added: "We can progressively overload through an increase in weight, repetitions, sets, decreased rest periods, and increased training frequency. Also, progressive overload doesn't just apply to muscle growth, we can also see improvements in bone density, connective tissue strength, as well as cardiovascular fitness."

Personal trainer Sana Shirvani says progressive overload can be applied to all exercises. Sana Shirvani

Runners, for example, might try to shave a few seconds off a certain distance. Or, as Herbert advises, aim to increase the total volume of distance you run each week by 10%.

If you have an exercise bike and a heart rate monitor, one workout you can do is cycling at 80% of your max heart rate for three minutes, resting, then repeating it twice more. If next time you increased that to four sets, or added 30 seconds longer to the three sets, that's progressive overload.

For anyone working out at home with minimal equipment, Tidmarsh advises increasing time under tension and focusing on the "negative" part of movements in a push-up, for example, this might mean lowering yourself down slowly, holding at the bottom position, then driving back up.

Increasing time under tension means performing each move incredibly slowly so as to increase the length of time the muscles are working, as celebrity trainer Sebastien Lagree previously explained to Insider.

If you do the same thing week-in week-out, yes, there will be benefits, but your body will get used to it.

"Exercise is a stress stimulus to the body and our bodies then make adaptations to this stress stimuli," Shirvani said. "However, once that adaptation has taken place, your body is less likely to adapt without a change in stimulus."

She continued: "This means that if you're training to improve your strength, size, or endurance, progressive overload is fundamental for adaptation and development." And research confirms this.

It's important to note that there's a difference between exercise and training, and progressive overload helps turn the former into the latter.

If you're just looking to shake off the stresses of the day, burn calories, and get the endorphins pumping, exercise will do that for you.

Training, however, is more structured. If you're tracking your workouts in some capacity, working toward specific performance goals, you're training. And this is where you need progressive overload.

You don't need to start a spreadsheet if you're not that way inclined, but you should log your workouts in some capacity so you can remember what you did in your last session and apply progressive overload properly.

"Training in this way means you can easily track and measure your progress, as well as avoiding a plateau," Herbert said.

A post shared by ADRIENNE LDN (@adrienne_ldn)

She continued: "A gradual increase in intensity and volume will change your mind as well as your body, so you won't get bored of doing the same routine. It will also boost your motivation and confidence as you see yourself getting fitter, faster, and stronger. It's a great feeling when you do something that you couldn't do before."

This is one of the main reasons the majority of personal trainers recommend that clients who want to lose weight set themselves performance goals as well as aesthetic.

We are all different, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach to progressive overload. When deciding to up the ante in your workout, you should push yourself, but not go too fast. If you try and challenge yourself too much too quickly, you'll likely end up injuring yourself.

You also won't make progress if you don't give your body enough recovery time between sessions overtraining won't get you to your goals quicker.

"There's a fine balance between making progress and doing too much, which can actually mean you get weaker," Tidmarsh said. "You'll burn out, get tired, and get injured."

Rich Tidmarsh is the owner of Reach Fitness. Rich Tidmarsh

He continued: "When gyms are open, say you train deadlifts twice a week, that's probably about right. If you did it four times a week, you'd probably actually get weaker and get hurt."

Ideally, you should consult a qualified trainer for individual guidance, but Shirvani recommends ticking a few boxes before progressively overloading on a movement:

Trainers (and studies) say that novices are able to progress quicker than seasoned fitness fans, but we're all different so you should progress at the rate that's right for you.

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I did 100 push-ups a day for 100 days in lockdown and was amazed by how my body changed

The 5 best exercises for building muscle and how to perform them correctly, according to the UK's fittest man

Lifting heavy or light weights will give you different results here's how to know which ones to use

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Why progressive overload is key to improving fitness and how to do it - Insider - INSIDER

Track your fitness progress with these 4 smart scales on sale – Mashable

Posted: at 12:02 pm

Products featured here are selected by our partners at StackCommerce.If you buy something through links on our site, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.Get a full look at your health, beyond just weight.

Image: Innotech

By StackCommerceMashable Shopping2021-01-13 10:01:00 UTC

Have 2021 fitness goals? A smart scale can help you keep track of your progress in a way that's both organized and accessible. Plus, most cover way more metrics than just your weight, giving you access to more accurate, more comprehensive information.

Here are four options on sale as of Jan. 13.

With a wide base and anti-slip features, this scale is a super stable option for your home bathroom. Every time you step on it, you'll get a complete health analysis covering 13 metrics in order to track your progress. It's on sale for 17% off, which means you can get it for just $64.99 (regularly $79) for a limited time.

Boasting 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this smart scale can store metrics for up to 10 users. Take 25% off now and get it for just $51.99 (normally $69) for a limited time.

This smart scale steps it up by giving you stats on your body's perceived age, protein levels, metabolism, and more. While this smart scale normally goes for $79, you can score 72% off for a limited time, making it just $21.99.

This scale boasts 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Users love that it provides information on nine biometrics: weight, BMI, BMR, fat mass, lean body mass, hydration, visceral fat, bone mass, and your metabolic age. For a limited time, score 6% off and take it home for just $54.99 (regularly $59).

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Track your fitness progress with these 4 smart scales on sale - Mashable

Stick to New Year’s Resolutions with Anytime Fitness – FOX10 News

Posted: at 12:02 pm

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Stick to New Year's Resolutions with Anytime Fitness - FOX10 News

Fitness Industry Veteran and Minority Franchise Owner, Micah Logan, Launches a First of Its Kind Fitness Franchise – PRNewswire

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BOSTON, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --Fitness industry veteran, Micah Logan, has launched an innovative, first of its kind personal training concept. It's not personal training that's changed, but how Logan has developed a scalable, proven business model for future business owners that's unique. Logan is thrilled to introduce a "Micro Personal Training" Studio.

The Micro Personal Training studios are developed in 500sqft and 1000sqft models. With simple and elegant design and a focus on building fitness community, this industry-leading model is the next big thing in gym culture. At the "micro" level, personal training takes place in small groups of no more than four members per coach. "Accountability and support are our secret sauces," says Logan. The perfect franchise candidates are Personal Training veterans, experienced boutique fitness operators and those individuals with management experience.

What is it that makes MELD Fitness + Wellness Franchise unique? These "micro studios" have an option for a Smoothie Bar, inside both the 500 and 1000sqft models. Partnering with longtime natural food business experts, Performance Food Centers, smoothie bars are specifically designed to be retrofitted into each MELD micro studio. Members can enjoy a nutritious shake after their workouts and franchise owners may enjoy a business that is not overbuilt and underutilized.

There are not many minority franchisors in the US, making this a compelling opportunity for a growing market. "I've seen plenty of minority franchisees, but not Franchisors, statistics on minority franchisors are harder to find than Jimmy Hoffa," Logan said. Fulfilling a market demand, Logan has developed a bold business model and a remarkable fitness concept with MELD Fitness + Wellness Franchise, for which there is no comparison.

To inquire about a MELD Fitness + Wellness Franchise go to http://www.meldfranchise.com or email [emailprotected]

About Micah Logan:

Micah Logan has been in the fitness industry for almost 20 years. As an experienced trainer and businessman Micah's award-winning studios are in demand with local Bostonians. Micah is an Executive Board Member of MIFO, Massachusetts Independent Fitness Operators Association.

To learn more, visitwww.meldfranchise.com.

Media Contact:

To schedule an interview, please contact Micah Logan at 857-413-9712 or [emailprotected]

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Fitness Industry Veteran and Minority Franchise Owner, Micah Logan, Launches a First of Its Kind Fitness Franchise - PRNewswire

Fitness and Workout Secrets From Pandemic Overachievers – The Wall Street Journal

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A 16-day quarantine didnt disrupt Cody Maretts running routine last year. It actually inspired him to run a marathonin his South Korean hotel room.

Some people like Mr. Marett have gotten creative with their fitness routines during the pandemic, using online tools to set new goals for themselves and motivate them to hit new personal bests. Heres what you can learn from these ambitious exercisers to help you set and achieve goals of every scope.

Mr. Marett, a 33-year-old staff sergeant in the U.S. Air Force, moved his bed sideways to create an indoor oval running course and used the activity tracker Strava to determine that 85 laps equaled about a mile.

It began as a simple 1-mile run, some calisthenics, and 1 more mile, he says. But I began looking at running certain distances as a unique challenge. I started with a 5k, completed a 10k, 15k and half marathon in successive days, gave myself three days off and ran a full marathon.

He completed the 26.2 miles in four hours, 27 minutes and 28 seconds; 2,227 laps around the room. He posted Strava snapshots of his quarantine runs to a virtual run group on Facebook and says the support kept him motivated to reach the marathon distance.

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Fitness and Workout Secrets From Pandemic Overachievers - The Wall Street Journal

Bust a Move Fitness reopens as thrift store in Colville – Eastern Washington Statesmen Examiner

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A new thrift store in Colville is packed with an assortment of trinkets hand picked by five-year retired Army veteran Richard Snyder.

Lying behind the treasures are freshly painted turquoise and purple walls, new hardwood floors and a mural with the name Bust a Move Fitnessa sheer glimpse into the hardships that small businesses have endured during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Snyder and his wife, Ashleigh Richie, opened the fitness center and dance studio in November 2019. Just as they were starting to turn a profit, the shutdowns hit, leaving them and Americans across the country playing a month-to-month guessing game of when theyd be able to open back up again. By June 1 dance, Zumba and other fitness classes were back in place at Bust a Move. Because of increased restrictions and protocols Snyder and Richie were forced to close down again last November, opening the thrift shop in its place on Dec. 1.

You adapt, Richie said. Im a go with the flow kind of person. It sucks because since I moved up here six years ago people have been wanting me to open something like this. Then it was going well, then it shut down and then it wasnt going so well even when we opened.

Having been open for less than a year, Bust a Move wasnt able to collect any grants. Richie also wasnt taking a salary, so she was unable to draw unemployment benefits. She said she doesnt plan on returning to teaching Zumba in the future and said shell likely return to school teaching. Meanwhile, Snyder said business at the thrift store has been good in its first month, though it is hard work. He began collecting items at yard sales, estate sales when he was in the army.

Why go out drinking? Snyder joked about beginning his collection. Ill go buy things, because why not?

Snyder operated a store front, which is when his buying took off. He retired from the Army due to an injury and continued to collect things. Turning the dance studio into a thrift store was a way for he and Richie to recoup some of the losses theyve endured this year.

Now Im buying to fill the store instead of buying for treasure hunting, Snyder said.

He has been purchasing items in online auctions and estate sales and traveling as far as Oregon and Seattle to get more merchandise into the shop. At the end of the day, he said theyre just doing what they can to get by during this tumultuous time.

We didnt want to make a ton of money, we just wanted to pay our bills and pay ourselves, Snyder said of Bust a Move Fitness. Even with this [the thrift store] we dont want a million dollars, we want to keep going, get something else and pass it along.

Richie interjected joking, Well a million dollars would be nice, were not going to turn that down.

The two share an optimistic outlook during a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

Things just happen, you have to go with it, Richie said.

The thrift store inside of Bust a Move Fitness is located on 130 S Main St. in Colville. As long as they stay in the current location, Snyder is going to continue traveling to bring in merchandise. Currently they have a selection of clothes, furniture, antiques, trinkets, books, movies and other collectibles. For more information call 503-410-4478 or email a.richie1@hotmail.com.

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Bust a Move Fitness reopens as thrift store in Colville - Eastern Washington Statesmen Examiner

Serving The Wellbeing Of A Community At The Coronado Fitness Club – Coronado Eagle and Journal

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Its that time of year again when we start thinking about the lifestyle changes we want to make as we enter a brand new year. For many, fitness plays some part in our goals for improving our lives and Chris Foote, owner of the Coronado Fitness Club gym, has a fresh perspective for positive growth.

Foote started the Coronado Fitness Club 11 years ago with the support of his family after moving to Coronado. Playing sports through college started his interest in health and physical training where he would help friends who were fellow athletes and went on to work at various gyms before starting his own. I think I always knew that I wanted to do something in athletics, I loved being on a team, Foote said. I didnt know I wanted to have a gym until I became a trainer and I just liked it. I got out of it for a few years but quickly discovered it was the only thing I was really passionate about for a career. After working for larger gym corporations, Foote and his family, who had ties to Coronado and loved the city, decided to take a risk and open his own gym here. I just saw an opportunity and it was a huge risk, and we just said, why not?

For Foote, the wellness and self-care that comes with the gym territory is more than just a workout its a lifestyle. I think people were really receptive to it, Foote said when talking about making the gym available to some extent after COVID-19 hit. We sent a lot of emails and communicated with our members about what was going on just like a lot of small businesses did here in Coronado but for us I think the mental health just ties in so big with the physical health that a lot of people realized what they need to do.

When quarantine began, Foote and his team immediately set to work and were able to rent out equipment and get workout sessions done via video to help their members stay healthy while home. Then next we had all of our spin bikes out to homes, he recalled, we got all of our equipment rented out and I think that was huge, it helped us keep all of our employees paid. This was one thing Foote was most grateful for and proud of, as he talked about his staff as a core group, a team. Personal development is something we take very, very seriouslyI encourage that kind of behavior, whether its training, personal development for your craft or its personal development mentally educating yourself and mental health, I pour that into our team and that also goes back to serving our clients.

The Coronado Fitness Club has undergone recent expansion and when it comes to the pandemic, Foote is able to appreciate the creativity they had to resort to with their space that was born from the necessity of quarantine and protocols that were new to everyone. Had COVID not happened, he mused, then I wouldnt have gained 3,000 square feet of space that well now continue to use forever. The Coronado Fitness Club now extends to the first floor and into the parking lot (now affectionately referred to as the dungeon for outdoor workouts) on the corner of Orange Avenue and Ninth Street. We turfed it out, we made the investments, Foote continued, and those are just some ways we had to be creative that I never would have done to extent that we did this year, and I think our members love it, our community loves us for figuring that out. But my heart and soul goes out to every business that has had to face these same challenges that cant have people inside.

Now, Coronado Fitness Club classes are now back in person that make use of outdoor space with reduced numbers to maintain recommended safety measures. We do a temperature check every time someone comes in, we only allow 10 people inside per hour right now, everyone gets their own towels and spray bottle, and we have these electrostatic cleaners to ensure everything is super clean, Foote told me. I think we make everyone feel healthy and we want to earn and keep our members trust to feel safe.

With the new space Foote is anticipating a new hot yoga studio on the second floor, and theyve started teaching yoga sculpt classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays which has quickly become one of their most popular classes along with interval training classes and spin classes throughout the week. Our spin program has always been phenomenal and it always packs out, Foote noted. Thats why were making the improvement to have our own spin studio upstairs so we can offer more classes. Were doubling down on our strengths and making it one place where people can come to and have so many different options.

Something Foote and his team aim to do with their classes is to teach others proper techniques and routines they can take home with them to maintain healthy habits as well, such as with their Sunday stretch class. Whether its in a gym or just out being active, the most important part is that people are taking care of themselves, Foote said, noting the mental transformation that stems from physical wellbeing.

In addition to the yoga and spin studios, Coronado Fitness Club has a variety of equipment, classes, and therapeutic offerings for the community, including a licensed chiropractor on site and a new cryotherapy room. With the gyms expansion, Foote has been able to redesign individual workout stations on the first floor that are spaced out the appropriate distance from each other to keep people safe while working out. Stations include a treadmill and a handful of other equipment such as weights already at their station so people dont have to cross others space or share materials. Once things are safer, Foote hopes the gym can have a true opening for its new offerings. I hope we can have a re-grand opening, he told me, I think with all the things we have, our community needs to know about it. We want to get back to our original plan, we want to do open houses once a month where we bring speakers in chiropractors, nutritionists any modality of health that people can come and learn from.

Foote hopes the Coronado Fitness Club can continue to welcome the community and be a place for people to learn and grow. We speak truth into each others lives has been a mantra at Footes gym since its inception, and one he takes to heart in his role there where he welcomes honesty from his team and from members about how he can continue to improve and in turn continue to help them improve their health, wellness, and sense of self. Ive made every mistake in the book and I think once youre okay with that and you know the people youre serving respect you and that youre doing right by them, everything else kind of falls into place.

For more information about the Coronado Fitness Club, its classes, membership, hours, and other offerings, visit their website at https://www.coronadofitnessclub.com/ or contact them at info@coronadofitnessclub.com or 619-522-9200. You can also download the Coronado Fitness Club app for free on your mobile device.

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Trump’s fitness for office and a hug to heal the Gulf – CNN

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The respected retired general observes the military code of never speaking ill of the chain of command, and doesn't typically badmouth his former boss in public. But he now says that if he were still in the Cabinet, he'd argue Trump was unfit for office and to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Trump's personality deficiencies are no secret, with publicly vengeful, vain and juvenile behavior every day. So perhaps Kelly should have understood what he was in for when he went to the West Wing.

But he sought to explain why respected US officials stayed in their posts even as Trump obliterated their reputations -- at least in the early years of his term. "When you begin to start working for him and understand how flawed he is, then it's a matter of staying in the job as long as you can stand it and try to prevent some disaster," he said.

Kelly also partly blamed events like Wednesday's riot on successors' failure to "manage" the President. (It's always troubling to hear the man with America's nuclear codes characterized as a child.)

Meanwhile in the Middle East

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt began their boycott of Qatar in mid-2017, but in a flash their demands disappeared this week from leaders' speeches. The detente agreement is still under wraps, so it's unclear if Qatar has made concessions to its former foes, but the tiny Arab state seems so far unaffected. For one thing, the so-called "Arab Quartet" had originally demanded that Qatar close its Doha-based broadcaster Al Jazeera -- but not only has the pan-Arab TV station continued to broadcast, it began hosting Saudi guests again on the day the dispute ended. It was a spell of dj vu for Arab spectators.

For regional pundits, the hug confirmed what many suspected: Gulf Arab leaders, trying to curry favor with President-elect Joe Biden, are attempting to undo some of the Trump administration's effects on the region. Because Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, helped to patch up the dispute, it's easy to forget that Trump himself took credit for the original boycott which began less than six months after he took office implying that Arab leaders had heeded his calls to combat terrorism when they severed ties with the gas-rich state.

Gulf Arab unity, which many took for granted, shattered at that moment, and Arabs have braced for more regional transformations. But with leaders' reconciliation on Tuesday came a sigh of relief, premature though it may be. The Middle East may not exactly be back to "normal," but familiar power plays in a crisis-ridden region are more comforting than the unknown future of a divided Gulf. -- CNN's Tamara Qiblawi writes to Meanwhile from Beirut

'What a spectacle'

Foreign governments and diplomats expressed shock over Wednesday's rioting in the US capital, but not all Meanwhile readers were taken by surprise.

"I watched the scenes from my warm living room in Normandy. Quite frankly, as horrifying as they were (funny though, if it had been Venezuela, Bolivia or some African country I don't think I would have paid that much attention) I can't say I'm entirely surprised," wrote Marta from France. "I think Wednesday was incredible but the most incredible thing was Trump's election."

Some readers said they were surprised -- though largely by Washington's weak security response to thousands of people storming a government building.

"I just could not believe what I was seeing on the TV, from my comfortable sofa in Spain," wrote Peta. "My thought was, 'Why are there no reinforcements, where are they?' These sort of scenes are played out in countries that are ruled by Dictators, but those demonstrators do not get very far."

"Astounded that it could occur in the seat of American democracy; astounded that the police took so, so long to gain control of the situation. ... That there was no rapid reaction force (of whatever stripe) available to protect both the Whitehouse and Capitol beggars belief!" -- David in Wales

Leciel in Zimbabwe saw parallels from history in Trump's incitement of the riot. "I have lived in Africa for 74 years under the likes of Robert Mugabe and so have seen how banana republics' leaders behave and conduct elections ... ," they wrote. "My goodness, what a spectacle."

And watching it all from South Africa, Beverly said schadenfreude was out of the question. "Our own struggle to democracy was painful and bloody. We know how delicate and precious it is," she wrote. "To see America's democracy, which was also hard-won, trampled into the gutter is not a triumphalist, told-you-so moment, as much as it is a deep mourning from the side of a grave."

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Trump's fitness for office and a hug to heal the Gulf - CNN

OnePlus first wearable is a budget fitness tracker with two week battery – The Verge

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OnePlus has announced its first fitness tracker, the OnePlus Band, featuring heart rate and blood oxygen saturation monitors, fitness and sleep tracking, and a battery life of up to two weeks. It works with Android at launch but not iOS; OnePlus says compatibility with iPhones will be added later. The OnePlus Band will be available in India starting January 13th for 2,499 (around $34), but a global release is yet to be announced.

The OnePlus Band is the companys latest foray outside of smartphones, which has also included TVs and true wireless headphones. The wearable appears primarily designed for fitness, thanks to its ability to track heart rate and blood oxygen levels, and its support for 13 built in exercise modes. However, it also features sleep tracking and can act as a phone accessory with support for displaying notifications, as well as music playback and camera shutter controls.

In terms of hardware, the OnePlus Band includes a rectangular 1.1-inch OLED display with a resolution of 126x294 and a silicone watch strap. Its available in black, navy, and tangerine gray, and its got a dust and water resistance rating of IP68. Its 5ATM rating means its water-resistant at a depth up to 50 meters for 10 minutes. Internally theres a 100mAh battery, which OnePlus says should offer up to two weeks of battery life.

The OnePlus Band is managed via the OnePlus Health app, which is available now for Android, and which OnePlus advertises can analyze health data and be used to set personal fitness goals. However, for the best experience OnePlus says you should pair the Band with a OnePlus smartphone. A OnePlus Health app for iOS is due to arrive after the bands launch.

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OnePlus first wearable is a budget fitness tracker with two week battery - The Verge

Gyms and fitness centers hoping New Year’s resolutions will bring a boost to the fitness industry – WLWT Cincinnati

Posted: December 30, 2020 at 9:56 am

New Year's resolutions may look a little different this year, but fitness goals don't have to suffer. Many local gyms need your help to stay afloat during the pandemic, as COVID-19 restrictions have slammed the fitness industry. "It used to be people would take their Christmas money, join the gym day, have a good time. It'd be packed after Christmas. It's always busy. Now, as you can see, it's hardly anybody," said Bill Harden, Snap Fitness General Manager.Snap Fitness is in downtown Cincinnati. Harden says most customers worked in nearby office buildings, but with many working remotely, customers are now few and far between. "The businesses aren't bringing people back to work and people are working from home. Some of them, their businesses have shut down, they've lost their jobs, said Harden. He is now left to pick up the pieces"They've let everybody go but me. I'm here working everything, taking care of everything. I've put in about 130 hours a week, said HardenWhile gyms downtown are seeing a huge decrease in customers, just the opposite is happening in suburban areas, like at The Cincinnati Sports Club "For us, we're trending up, we're one of the clubs in the area that is seeing small stair steps in the right direction, said Mary Frank, Sales and Marketing Manager at The Cincinnati Sports Club. Frank says that sadly one in four gyms will be forced to close due to the pandemic."It could be based on location, based on the demographics that they serve, we are fortunate that we are in a community environment, said Frank. The Cincinnati Sports Club is seeing increases in holiday memberships and is projected to be on pace with last year's sales. They have heightened safety protocol and added online classes "We've since added to our online library, to give those people that are making the decisions that are best for them, and if they want to stay home then so be it, we want to be a trusted resource for them, said Frank. Both gyms urge people to get active on the heels of such a challenging year. "You get on that treadmill, you forget everything. You're escaping the world for a while,said Harden. "This can give them a place of hope and inspiration, said Frank.

New Year's resolutions may look a little different this year, but fitness goals don't have to suffer.

Many local gyms need your help to stay afloat during the pandemic, as COVID-19 restrictions have slammed the fitness industry.

"It used to be people would take their Christmas money, join the gym day, have a good time. It'd be packed after Christmas. It's always busy. Now, as you can see, it's hardly anybody," said Bill Harden, Snap Fitness General Manager.

Snap Fitness is in downtown Cincinnati. Harden says most customers worked in nearby office buildings, but with many working remotely, customers are now few and far between.

"The businesses aren't bringing people back to work and people are working from home. Some of them, their businesses have shut down, they've lost their jobs, said Harden.

He is now left to pick up the pieces

"They've let everybody go but me. I'm here working everything, taking care of everything. I've put in about 130 hours a week, said Harden

While gyms downtown are seeing a huge decrease in customers, just the opposite is happening in suburban areas, like at The Cincinnati Sports Club

"For us, we're trending up, we're one of the clubs in the area that is seeing small stair steps in the right direction, said Mary Frank, Sales and Marketing Manager at The Cincinnati Sports Club.

Frank says that sadly one in four gyms will be forced to close due to the pandemic.

"It could be based on location, based on the demographics that they serve, we are fortunate that we are in a community environment, said Frank.

The Cincinnati Sports Club is seeing increases in holiday memberships and is projected to be on pace with last year's sales. They have heightened safety protocol and added online classes

"We've since added to our online library, to give those people that are making the decisions that are best for them, and if they want to stay home then so be it, we want to be a trusted resource for them, said Frank.

Both gyms urge people to get active on the heels of such a challenging year.

"You get on that treadmill, you forget everything. You're escaping the world for a while,said Harden.

"This can give them a place of hope and inspiration, said Frank.

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Gyms and fitness centers hoping New Year's resolutions will bring a boost to the fitness industry - WLWT Cincinnati

After losing 100 pounds, Houston trainer makes a Pledge to help others change their lives – Houston Chronicle

Posted: at 9:56 am

Westbury resident Andres Loperena remembers a time when he struggled to kneel down and tie his own shoes. In high school, he sported slip-ons so no one would notice.

That was only 12 years ago, but it feels like 40, Loperena said.

These days, the 30-year-old weighs 100 pounds less than when he graduated high school. He has turned his own weight loss journey into a business: Pledge To Fitness in Bellaire.

I built Pledge as a solution to all my problems, Loperena said. Its all the answers to the questions I asked years ago. People gave me 4,000 places to go, 1,500 diets to follow. I think Pledge would have been the solution to my problems.

He basically synthesized all he learned from his own experiences into one place, where he can create customized programs for individual clients.

The first step is a 3D body scan, which provides body composition and fat percentages, as well as concise weight and measurements.

Then, Loperena or a trainer on his team asks clients to describe in detail their own health journey.

Tell me how you got here, Loperena asks.

Combining the information from the scan with personal stories allows Pledge to build a program that matches an individuals lifestyle and goals. Each fitness prescription blends strength training, mobility work, massage, yoga and Pilates. In addition, clients are coached in nutrition and recovery.

Weve become a one-stop shop, Loperena said. People come in so beat up from other places. You need massage, corrective exercise.

He wants each person who walks through his doors to know that Pledge will take care of them.

Were worried about you holistically, he said. Were worried about you in the long-run. I want to help you start living a different life.

No one ever said that to him. Instead, Loperena learned gradually.

Originally from Venezuela, he moved to Houston with his parents Martin Loperena and Clara Rojas in 1999 at age 10. His mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and she came to the area for its world renowned medical care. The family also wanted to be close to his uncle, cardiologist Gustavo Grieco.

Loperena shouldered stress from the move and worries about his mother. He took comfort in the junk foods he was discovering in his new hometown, especially Diet Mountain Dew, candy and pizza. When he started driving, fast foods were a new temptation.

By his freshman year in high school, Loperena weighed 227 pounds.

Then, he discovered he had sleep apnea, after landing in the hospital with petit mal seizures, which are short but can be dangerous.

I was always tired, he said. I was always in bed. I was depressed.

By senior year, Loperena weighed 350 pounds. He was finally getting treatment for his sleep apnea but still gaining weight, despite trying fad diets like Atkins and South Beach.

After graduating, Loperena went to Spain with his family in the summer of 2008.

I didnt fit anywhere, he said. I didnt fit in the chairs. I didnt fit through the doors. This isnt normal. Im living a lifestyle that doesnt make sense.

By the time Loperena enrolled at the University of Houston, change was in the air.

I just had enough, he said.

While in college, he met with a nutritionist who taught him about portion control, and joined Life Time Fitness, where hours on the elliptical machine helped him drop 80 pounds. He also tried Quick Weight Loss Center and lost another 76 pounds - but gained much of it back.

At school, he discovered psychology, which would become his major.

The big anxiety issues, fitting in, self-esteem were all part of the class, Loperena said. I was like, I didnt know we came with a manual. I wanted to learn more.

All of these small moments combined changed trajectory. Rather than plan a career as a therapist, he decided to help people as a trainer who could guide them through fitness and nutrition.

I wasnt quite sure of how to get there, but even if I could help one person, I wanted to do it, Loperena said.

With weight loss came improved health and emotional well-being. He no longer had sleep apnea or seizures. Something as simple as being able to kneel down and tie my shoes helped me fell like no one can stop me now, he said.

Loperena signed up at National Personal Training Institute in 2012. He became certified in personal training, sports nutrition, as well as kettlebell and suspension (TRX) training.

At age 23, Loperena started his own company. At first, he operated as a team of independent trainers at another gym, but he quickly became frustrated with not having his own facility. He wanted to create an environment where all of the trainers operated in the same way and followed the research on how to best help others.

Lets make the training the best we can, he decided. Fitness is a relationship. You have to love fitness, since you have to do it for the rest of your life. If theres any relationship thats worth working on, its that one.

Last year, Loperena made Pledge to Fitness a brick-and-mortar reality. Before COVID-19, he was operating a team of 10 trainers and serving 80 to 90 clients, including his parents.

Then the pandemic halved his clientele.

Still, Loperena has no plans to abandon on his dream of helping others reach their health goals.

Thats why he settled on the name, Pledge. Its a promise he makes to support clients on their journey - as well as a nod to the pledge they must make to commit to their own health.

This is personal, Loperena said. We take your health personally here - and that makes a difference. Its never too late to start - and every minute you have with a better quality of life is a better minute.

At Pledge to Fitness, all ages and fitness levels are welcome, he added.

Bellaire resident Donna Grehn looks forward to her workouts at Pledge, and stops by three days a week for sessions. She first started training with Loperena at her home - and was excited to learn that he opened a location in her neighborhood.

He really listens, said Grehn, who was an aerobics instructor for 10 years. I know how to work out hard, but I needed to work out smart and differently. If Im going to lift weights and change my body, hes the guy Im going to.

Heights resident Will Drennan believes that Loperenas own story better equips Loperena to help clients like him.

Trainers who start out fit and ripped from the beginning, they dont know how I feel, he said. Starting off skinny and staying fit is definitely different than starting out bigger and trying to lose weight.

Loperena never makes Drennan feel judged - or asks him to stick to a strict diet. The trainer never pushes him through pain in a fitness routine.

Hes struggled through this - and he gets it, Drennan said. He takes everything in steps. You dont have to do it all at once, unlike other gyms.

And that makes health more obtainable, Drennan explained.

Weight loss is a journey - but then you have to learn to keep it off, Drennan said. You have to have a sustainable way of getting there and staying there. Thats what I like about Pledge - its realistic. And that makes it a much better experience.

Lindsay Peyton is a Houston-based freelance writer.

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After losing 100 pounds, Houston trainer makes a Pledge to help others change their lives - Houston Chronicle

Offseason fitness will play a bigger role for Flyers this season | On the Fly – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted: at 9:56 am

Hockey in 2020 is a lot different from when the Broad Street Bullies were winning Stanley Cups in the 1970s.

Back then, players used training camp to get in shape after an offseason that wasnt known for conditioning drills unless you count lifting a beer as an arm curl.

Today, there is too much money at stake for players to come into training camp out of shape, especially this season, when teams will have just nine on-ice sessions (starting Jan. 4) before the opener is played.

Youre signed up to get this newsletter in your inbox once a week during the offseason, and twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) when the season starts. If you like what youre reading, tell your friends its free to sign up here. I want to know what you think, what we should add, and what you want to read, so send me feedback by email (scarchidi@inquirer.com) or on Twitter (@broadstbull). Thank you for reading.

Sam Carchidi (flyers@inquirer.com)

When camp sessions start Monday, teams are allowed to have 36 skaters and an unlimited number of goaltenders. During the season, which will begin Jan. 13, rosters can have a maximum of 23 players, and a four- to six-player taxi squad, created because the coronavirus can play havoc with teams.

A maximum of 29 players will travel and practice with the team during the 56-game season.

If you arrive at camp out of shape, theres a good chance you wont be on the 23-man roster.

General manager Chuck Fletcher has casually observed players who have arrived early to skate and work out at the teams Voorhees practice facility.

First thing is you have to hope everybodys put in the time and effort to come to into camp in great shape, he said. If players are behind the eight ball in conditioning, its going to be difficult to get them where you want them to be by the start of the season.

Thats the first part. At this stage, theres not much we can do about that, he added last week. Weve obviously been checking in with players and giving them detailed programs. The ones that Ive seen around here look like theyve put a lot of time and effort in. Well hope for the best in that regard. Well hope that were healthy.

Fitness and medical tests will be held Jan. 3, one day before drills begin.

The most important thing you can do is have as many game-like situations as possible in practice, whether thats scrimmaging or drills, working on the shootout, whatever that may be, Fletcher said. You want to make things as game-like as possible and get as ready as you can be without playing a game.

There will not be any exhibition games, which is why the Flyers will scrimmage at most training-camp sessions.

The fact the Flyers made few offseason moves and have their entire coaching staff back for their second year should help the team make a smooth transition into the season, center Sean Couturier said.

At the same time, I think every team is in the same situation, Couturier said. Its going to be up to each guy to show up to camp in great shape and go from there.

One of the biggest questions that will be answered in training camp: Who will replace retired Matt Niskanen and be Ivan Provorovs partner on the top pairing?

From here, Phil Myers makes the most sense. Hes right-handed, and he has the skills and size to complement Provorov nicely.

That said, its worth noting that Fletcher last week said he liked the chemistry Myers and Travis Sanheim developed on the second pairing last season. Maybe it was an innocent comment. Or maybe in discussions with head coach Alain Vigneault, they are against breaking up the No. 2 duo.

If the second-pairing defenders remain together, that would make Erik Gustafsson and Justin Braun the only defensemen who could be paired with Provorov if Vigneault decides he wants a right-hander on that unit.

These would be my pairings: Provorov-Myers; Sanheim-Gustafsson; and Robert Hagg or Shayne Gostisbehere and Braun.

Tuesday: USA, whose team includes Flyers prospects Cam York and Bobby Brink, vs. the Czech Republic in the World Juniors at 2 p.m. (NHL Network).

Thursday: USA vs. Sweden in the World Juniors at 9:30 p.m. on the NHL Network. Besides Brink and York, Flyers prospect Emil Andrae, a defenseman for Sweden, will compete in this matchup.

Saturday: World Juniors quarterfinals at noon, 3:30 p.m., 7 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. all on the NHL Network.

Sunday: Flyers fitness and medical testing at the Skate Zone in Voorhees. Of particular interest: How center Nolan Patrick fares in his medical exam. He missed all of last season because of a migraine disorder but has been skating in Voorhees and, from all reports, feeling better.

Monday: Flyers open training camp in Voorhees.

Monday: World Juniors semifinals at 6 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., both on NHL Network.

Jan. 5: Championship game of the World Juniors at 9:30 p.m. on the NHL Network.

Jan. 13: Flyers host Pittsburgh Penguins in an NHL opener for both teams.

Question: Which Flyer do you think will be the next to win an end-of-the-year trophy like our boy Coots as the Selke winner? Brian Wert, @brianwert13, on Twitter

Answer: Thanks for the question, Brian. I think unflappable Carter Hart will be the next one. He might not win the Vezina Trophy as the NHLs best goalie this season, but I believe there is one in his future. The last Flyer to win the award? Ron Hextall in 1987. Pelle Lindbergh (1985) and Bernie Parent (1974 and 1975) were other Flyers goalies who were Vezina winners.

Send questions by email (scarchidi@inquirer.com) or on Twitter (@broadstbull), and they could be answered in a future edition.

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Offseason fitness will play a bigger role for Flyers this season | On the Fly - The Philadelphia Inquirer

21 Reasonable Resolutions for Getting Fit and Healthy in 2021 – InsideHook

Posted: at 9:56 am

Goal-oriented fitness can have its moments. When youre training to make a team, beat a time or radically change an unhealthy lifestyle, numbers and dates are often worth shooting for.

But for too many of us, especially at the beginning of a new year, fitness goals trend too lofty and too specific. You want to weigh something in time for a wedding. Or lift something in time for the summer. You promise to get up every day before work for a new, expensive class. When these goals fall short, were wracked with guilt.And for most of us, that happens almost immediately at the beginning of this year, Strava identified January 19th as Quitters Day, the day people give up on their fitness resolutions.

Its a self-defeating process, and one that we cant afford to practice next year. In theory, 2021 should improve mightily on the disaster that was 2020. But the first few months are going to be tough. Gyms remain closed in much of the country, and WFH will persist until at least July. Fitness can help us push through this home stretch (it gave us everything this year), but it should be approached in a tempered, thoughtful way.

To that end: 21 reasonable resolutions for getting fit in 2021. You wont find gameplans here for maxing out on the bench press or winning a Memorial Day 5K. Each is a worthy pursuit, but there are so many other digestible, actionable, sustainable ways to improve how you move and feel on the day-to-day. From reading before bed to prioritizing nasal breathing to just hanging from a bar once in a while, here are our recommendations.

Corey Jenkins/Getty Images

In the text neck era, a daily dead hang will bring mobility back to your shoulders. The practice decompresses the spine and builds strength in the upper back. Install a bar at your house or go to the local jungle gym.

Exercise is often most effective when you dont realize youre doing it. Instead of committing to 100 push-ups a day (and never following through), put aside more time this year for tennis or golf, or try something new like wild swimming or gravel biking.

The only thing thats inherently childish about playing is that children are more likely to do it. Playing, in whatever form it may take shooting hoops, chasing your kids with a super-soaker is essential for mental health at all ages, and a crucial deviation from exercise measured in pain and progress.

Recovery toys get most of the coverage and deservedly so. Massage guns, compression sleeves and stainless steel ice balls are all dynamite innovations for addressing hot spots and preventing injury around the body. But dont forget free, soothing everyday options like stretching, meditation, self-massage and even skincare.

Its simply more important than ever. Find 45 minutes in your day where you can get a walk in. Make it non-negotiable. It will lead to sharper, less stressful afternoons. And youll pick up an easy 3,000 steps along the way.

On average, Americans spenda little over an hour each dayworking out. In the home workout era with discipline hard to come by that hour is in even more jeopardy. Protect it by sticking your phone in a drawer before you go sweat. It will yield better, more focused workouts.

We dont think too much about ear health, and thats a huge mistake. Damage done to the ossicles is irreversible. If you wear AirPods, train yourself to listen to them on low volume. Pumping 90-decibel noise (80% of an iPhones allotted volume) into your ears for just 10 minutes will put you on the path to tinnitus.

Kelly Visel/Unsplash

This one could be as simple and specific as eat blueberries and almonds all day long. But roundly trading in salt and crunch for fruit and nuts is understandably difficult; to that end, get acquainted with our guide to Americas 25 healthiest snack brands, all of which have found to provide flavor without including overly-processed crap.

Nutrient-rich, goal-oriented drinksbelong in your daily routine. Identify something youre looking to get more of (veggies, blood flow, calm) and add something chuggable to your daily consumptions (8Greens mix, beet juice, cold-brew hibiscus tea).

Switching to a plant-based diet can trim your waistline, boost athletic performance, increase your libido and improve your sleep, while those who eat too much red meat are at an increased risk of death from heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Try to cut back next year. Thankfully, its easier than ever to pull it off.

There are a couple ways of looking at this. Try not to eat within two hours of heading to bed, and try not to observe a nighttime snacking ritual, especially if youve already eaten a satisfying dinner. The timing isnt exactly the issue; its more about the type of eating we tend to accommodate at this time of day carb-heavy fare that will impede your bodys ability to burn fat as you sleep.

When we breath through the nose, the nasal passageway humidifies and pressurizes the air. It produces nitric oxide, a molecule that screens air particles before they make it to the lungs. Once there, the lungs have an easier, more efficient time of circulating oxygen throughout the body. This isnt an easy switch (over half of Americans breath through their mouths) but its worth it.

This was a big year for bruxism, also known as teeth grinding or jaw clenching. Its a natural response to an age of constant anxiety, but it leads to terrible sleep and even tooth fractures. When youre stressing, take extra care to put space between your teeth and focus on your breathing.

We have to sit smarter next year, especially if WFH is going extend into the summer for many employees. The easiest way to protect your back is pick up a laptop stand. Our favorite Rain Designs $40 mStand raises your laptop a crucial six inches, keeping eyes level with the top third of the screen. This will help keep the posterior chain stacked (low back, spine, neck and head all vertical, arms locked in at a 90-degree angle).

janiecbros/Getty Images

Cold-temperature exposure can help turn white fat (the inflammatory fat linked to heart disease) into brown fat (the naturally occurring fat that produces heat), though a process called thermogenesis. Your body has to burn more energy to stay warm, which jumpstarts your metabolism. Long walks or even runs this winter are your friend.

If that just sounds terrible, try to get your cold fix from the shower. In addition to catalyzing the cold sculpting described above, cold-water immersion has been linked to lowered blood pressure, immune system stimulation and happy hormones. Start by turning the knob all the way to cold for the last 30 seconds of your shower.

Fiction, especially. Reading about the lives of other people (even those who dont exist) has a tendency to pull us away from our own concerns, while fostering empathy and imagination. Its a potent tool just before bed, which will probably lead to better dreams.

Plus, a dedicated reading routine is a great way to reduce screen time. We spend an average of 10 hours a day beaming artificial light directly into our eyeballs. This causes eyestrain, of course, but it also suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone released by the pineal gland that is commonly associated with sleep-wake timing.

Use the early days of 2021, when the sun is still setting around 4:30 and youre still working from the house, to implement an earlier bedtime. It doesnt have to be dramatic even just an extra hour a night could positively impact your mood, daily productivity, waistline and risk of disease.

Its a third of your life, assuming youre giving sleep its due. Aside from getting a new mattress, there are a ton of worthwhile products out there for optimizing your nightly sleep.

Behavioral activation refers to any positive activity thatnecessitatespresence of mind. Think: cooking, cleaning, gardening. Reclaiming otherwise onerous activities as opportunities to create can fill your brain with a feeling of accomplishment. And if weve learned anything this year, mental health is just as important to getting fit as the size of your biceps.

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