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How To Help Your Pets With Post COVID Separation Anxiety – Longevity LIVE

Posted: November 23, 2020 at 6:57 am

It may be difficult to imagine after so many months of stress and disruptions, but COVID-19 wont last forever. Someday, hopefully soon, well all be back in our offices. We will be free to see our friends and family. Well be able to travel without restriction. Were all eagerly looking forward to this return to normalcy. Our pets, however, have no idea whats going on now, and they wont understand why we start to leave them again. We may occasionally envy them for their lack of knowledge, but ignorance isnt always bliss. Unexplained routine changes can upset pets, and they may experience separation anxiety.

Toys and other enrichment opportunities are some of the best ways to combat the boredom and anxiety your pet may experience. Look for products that your pet will enjoy, even when you arent around to play with them. Feeders that your pets have to interact with for each piece of kibble will keep them occupied. Like us, animals tend to eat when theyre bored or stressed. S0 products like these have the added benefit of acting as both portion control and exercise.

For dogs, shop for products they can safely chew on without the risk of accidental ingestion or making a mess if they shred the item. Cats, for their part, like trees and towers they can climb, explore, and nap in. They especially like it if the tree is positioned so they can see out a window. Pedestrians, traffic, and wildlife offer hours of entertainment. You can get a wide variety of pet toys and other accessories for them at Pet Life.

Getting your pet used to you leaving is challenging in any situation. However, it can feel impossible with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic since youre not supposed to be going anywhere. For many pets with separation anxiety, being left alone is traumatic. When they act out, and you punish them for it, you reinforce the idea that bad things happen when you leave.

Short trips outside without your pet, even if all you do is walk around the block or check the mail, help build a collection of memories for your pet where you left, and nothing upsetting happened. Doing so can reduce anxiety. Make sure they somehow keep themselves occupied while youre gone. That way, your pet builds more positive associations. Thats where treats and toys come in.

Animals find routines comforting, and they learn them quickly. Anyone with a cat used to being fed at a specific time can attest to that. For dogs, walk them at the same time every morning, and again in the evening at the time you would when you got home from work. For both cats and dogs, keep feeding times constant no matter what kind of schedule you keep. The sense of stability a routine provides, even whether youre at home or not, can help your pets feel less anxious.

You cant help your pets with post-COVID separation anxiety if you dont recognize the associated signs and symptoms. Many dogs with separation anxiety or who are likely to develop separation anxiety share the same behaviors. If your pet seems nervous or upset when they hear the sound of keys or see you putting on shoes, or they follow you everywhere around the house, they may be more likely to experience separation anxiety.

Behaviors associated with separation anxiety that occur after you leave your home include excessive barking and whining, destructive behaviors focused on themselves or items in your home, urinating or defecating at inappropriate times, or outside designated areas.

These behaviors may cause the dog to be given up to a shelter. A dog who has been given up for separation anxiety before is even more likely to experience it with a new owner. Dogs with separation anxiety are also more likely to vomit or have diarrhea. They may also refuse to eat and exhibit signs of depression. While most dogs are excited when you come home, dogs with separation anxiety may be excessively enthusiastic.

With cats, of the research that exists, much of it looks at cats who experience the signs of separation anxiety were used to seeing in dogs. While limited, the existing body of evidence points out that cats experience separation anxiety despite our idea of them as independent, aloof animals. Unlike dogs, however, cats are more likely to display signs of separation anxiety when their favorite person leaves, whether other humans are around.

The good news is that you spoiling your pet wont increase the odds of separation anxiety; hence, you can make the most of your time at home together guilt-free. The bad news is that separation anxiety can be challenging and time-consuming to manage. However, with the right supplies, training, and education, you and your pet can adjust to a post-COVID world more easily. You should also educate yourself about the signs of separation anxiety so you can recognize them for what they are.

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How To Help Your Pets With Post COVID Separation Anxiety - Longevity LIVE

‘The Challenge’ Producer Says Spoilers Are Jeopardizing the Longevity of the Show – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Posted: at 6:57 am

MTVs popular reality competition seriesThe Challengehas lasted 36 seasons and maintains relevancy by continually expanding its cast, twists, and prize money. Despite always evolving, the show still has a problem with spoilers as several fan accounts leak most of the information before the season begins. Executive producer Julie Pizzi appeared on the podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey and admitted the uncontrolled leaks could jeopardize the show.

FollowingTotal Madness, in which contestants faced-off individually, and team-basedWar of the Worldsseries,Double Agentsforces the players to team up in male-female duos.

Additionally, the new season incorporates new twists for the challengers to maneuver in their quest to win their share of the million dollar prize.

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Popular veterans, including CT Tamburello, Leroy Garrett, Nany Gonzlez, Aneesa Ferreira, and Darrell Taylor, returned alongside several rookies many fans are excited to see such asSurvivorchamp Natalie Anderson andThe Challenge: Champs vs. Prosstar and Olympian LoLo Jones.

Fan accounts have spoiled the show for the past few seasons by leaking almost everything about the new season months before it premieres. The spoilers include themes, cast, filming locations, twists, drama, hookups, elimination matchups, and winners that are posted to forums and then quickly spread online using social media.

Several websites also pick up the leaked reports and publish the information. Due to the number of leaks, many viewers find out who won the season and other crucial details before it begins, frustrating some fans.

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However, others enjoy the leaks and discuss how the show will edit it before the season premieres.

Its unclear how the spoilers get into the hands of the fans accounts, butThe Challengeproduction crew are thinking about hiring an internet sleuth to figure it out.

In aNov. 20 interviewwith Kate Casey, the President of Entertainment and Development at Bunim/Murray Productions (BMP) and Executive Producer ofThe Challenge, Julie Pizzi, spoke about why the leaks arent as exciting for the production team.

She noted she found it heart-wrenching to see how fast information got out as someone, a team or cast member, must be violating their confidentiality.

The executive producer acknowledged that cast members might be the culprits and noted the team would bring in an internet sleuth to identify who is leaking the information.

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Even though fans are spoiling the seasons because of how much they enjoy the series, Pizzi claimed they are actually doing it at the jeopardy of the show as the uncontrolled leaks are a real threat and could result in the cancelation of the popular reality competition show.

Therefore, fans should refrain from posting spoilers if they want the long-running series to last.The Challenge 36: Double Agentsairs Dec. 9 on MTV.

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'The Challenge' Producer Says Spoilers Are Jeopardizing the Longevity of the Show - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Feeling STRESSED? Meditation Apps Might Be The Answer – Longevity LIVE

Posted: at 6:57 am

In an overwhelmingly anxious year, your phone might ironically be your best friend when it comes to relaxation. Meditation apps like Calm and Headspace have gained momentum in the past few years and Covid-19 has lead to a surge in downloads. These apps have been designed to guide users in meditation, helping them deal with anxiety, relieve stress and fall asleep.

According to Sensor Tower, the 10 largest English language meditation apps saw a combined 2 million more downloads during April 2020 compared with January. Globally, the most downloaded app was Calm with 3.9 million downloads in April 2020. Though we are mostly advised to put our phones away well before bed, in this case, we might be granted a reprieve. Although it is obviously betternotto sleep with your iPhone by your side, meditating without guidance when youre not very good at it is ill-advised.

Psychoanalyst Claudia Luiz told Shape magazine that during the night, many people lack sufficient defenses to guard against unbearable thoughts andfeelings. This leads to a chronic, low-grade state of fight or flight. As a result of this, hormones cortisol and adrenaline are excreted and disrupt sleep. Every single year, more than 50 million people in the US are diagnosed with sleep disorders. If apps can help us relax and get a good nights sleep, why not? Luiz also mentions that everyone will need something slightly different to begin their relaxation journey. If sleep stories arent working, try music or a sleep podcast but dont beat yourself up.

Sleep apps use everything from colors and images to hypnotic techniques, guided meditations, and white noise to aid relaxation. The American Sleep Association (ASA) analyzed 35 top sleep apps. All the 35 sleep apps analyzed did allow for users to meet their goals in terms of getting to sleep. They did not however have any substantial impact on severely sleep-deprived individuals. Furthermore, very few of these apps provided users with information about the risks of sleep deprivation. These risks include diabetes, obesity, depression, and high blood pressure.

Additionally, the ASA says that sleep apps can also help retrain your brain and can be useful in cognitive behavioral therapy. Whilst in-person counseling for insomnia is ideal, it is often expensive to visit a therapist. Apps that use sleep hygiene and cognitive behavior therapy to improve sleep behaviors are best.

In a randomized control trial which was published in the journalCurrent Sleep Medicine Reports,a group of people with mild insomnia used a phone app to provide cognitive behavioral therapy for seven weeks. The results indicated that the group which made use of the app had a marked decrease in insomnia. This was still in place three months later during a follow-up evaluation.

Below is a quick overview of the global top three sleep apps. It is vital, before committing to a specific app, that you explore each one thoroughly. You should make sure that youre choosing the correct one for you. Most of these apps come with a free trial. This means you can make sure that they suit you before committing.

Calm describes itself as being on a mission to make the world happier and healthier. Globally, Calm is the number one app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation. It has over 50 million downloads and over 700,000 5-star reviews. Calm also has several other features which include videos on mindful movement and an extensive range of music. Calm also features sleep stories read by celebrities which include the likes of Kate Winslet and Harry Styles.

The app is admittedly rather pricey at **$69.99 for an annual subscription.

Download here: https://www.calm.com

Headspace was started by Andy Puddicombe who became a Buddhist monk in his early twenties. After building his meditation know-how for 10 years and completing his monastic commitment, Andy returned to the UK. He had a single goal in mind teaching meditation and mindfulness to as many people as possible. After first launching as an events company in 2010, Headspace morphed into an online meditation platform. According to the website, the Headspace mission is to improve the health and happiness of the world. Headspace specializes in teaching the basics of meditation. It also equips users with tools that they can make use of in real-world situations.

There is a free basics course. However, a subscription will set you back **$69.99 per year, exactly the same as Calm. There is also special pricing available for students and family plans.

Download here: https://www.headspace.com

Meditopia describes its mission as being to help people all over the world discover happiness within themselves and develop the mental resilience to apply to their daily lives. The app was first developed in 2017. The developers noticed that peoples minds were not in the present moment. Meditopia is described as a sort of utopia where everyone works to stay in the present moment. The meditation app was designed with mindfulness instructors, yoga teachers, and emotional healers. Its aim is to analyze the root causes of emotions like stress, anxiety, anger, compassion, and gratitude.

There is a free premium trial that lasts for a week. Once the trial ends, the cost is either $9.99 per month or **$59.99 for the annual plan.

Download here: https://meditopia.com/en/

*Personally, Headspace and Calm have worked the best for me. That said, I also often make use of sleep playlists on Spotify and Audible books.

**All pricing is accurate as of publication date

American Sleep Association. How to Retrain and Reclaim Your Sleep Using a Sleep App. [Online] Available at: https://www.sleepassociation.org/sleep-treatments/sleep-apps/how-to-retrain-and-reclaim-your-sleep-using-a-sleep-app/.

Calm. 2020. Calm App. [Online] Available at: https://www.calm.com

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Meditopia. 2020. Meditopia App. [Online] Available at: https://meditopia.com/en/

Perez, S. 2020. Meditation and mindfulness apps continue their surge amid pandemic. [Online] Available at: https://techcrunch.com/2020/05/28/meditation-and-mindfulness-apps-continue-their-surge-amid-pandemic/.

Sensor Tower. 2020. Downloads of Top English-Language Mental Wellness Apps Surged by 2 Million in April Amid COVID-19 Pandemic. [Online] Available at: https://sensortower.com/blog/top-mental-wellness-apps-april-2020-downloads.

Trice, E. 2020. These Celebrity Meditations and Bedtime Stories Will Lull You to Sleep In No Time. [Online] Available at: https://www.shape.com/lifestyle/mind-and-body/celebrity-meditations-bedtime-stories

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Feeling STRESSED? Meditation Apps Might Be The Answer - Longevity LIVE

Tips To Ensure The Health and Longevity Of Your Laptop – Femina

Posted: at 6:57 am

That said, there are a few things that can help ensure your laptops health and longevity. If you love your laptop as dearly as we do ours, we suggest you read on for small tips and tricks to keep your work partner happy and smiling. Here we go!

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Tips To Ensure The Health and Longevity Of Your Laptop - Femina

Fountain of youth? The science behind living longer – KGUN

Posted: at 6:57 am

Lets face it: life expectancy in the U.S. is an issue. Ranked 39th in the world at 78.93 years, Americans life expectancy lingers behind dozens of comparable countries (take Japans 84.67 years). As if this trend werent hard enough to navigate on its own, the Coronavirus pandemic has taken over 200,000 American lives and age is among the top risk factors for severe illness.

Americans are feeling overwhelmed. The pandemic has thrown their lives off track physically, mentally, and emotionally. A recent survey shows 8 out of 10 Americans have changed their eating habits; theyre snacking more and moving less. 80% of mothers are dealing with mild to high levels of anxiety around COVID its keeping 23% of moms up all night.

With no end in sight to the pandemic, Americans are desperate for advice on how to adjust and find ways to live their best life. American longevity expert Dr. Brian Kennedy is famous for his research in the biology of aging. Hes a visionary, translating research discoveries into new ways of delaying, detecting, and preventing human aging and associated diseases. Dr. Kennedy is joining viewers virtually from Singapore to give them knowledge and tools as they seek to find harmony, balance, and longevity amid the chaos.

Dr. Brian Kennedy will share key insights with viewers, and discuss the three top factors to increasing longevity:

Sleep for success: Did you know that sleep and longevity are directly related and can affect memory and immunity? Deep, consistent sleep is tied to good health and too little of it may end up shortening your life. Researchers say that every 5% reduction in REM sleep increases mortality rates by 13% to 17% among middle-age and older adults.

Human Connection is Key: Social isolation and feelings of loneliness have become widespread issues in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Studies show loneliness and weak social connections are associated with a reduction in lifespan, and are as lethal as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Recently, researchers found links between poor physical and mental health outcomes and major risk factors like social isolation, especially in older adult populations. In general, Dr. Kennedy will explain why social connection is so important to our emotional health and overall longevity and will share ways to stay connected despite distance.

Mindfulness over matter: One of the most essential aspects to preserving and enhancing your health is mindfulness the ability to be fully present in the moment. Studies have linked quieter brains with longer lifespans. Dr. Kennedy will explain that mindfulness isnt just about observing the thoughts in your brain it also includes practices like forgiveness and time in nature that benefit emotional and physical health, and can reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. Dr. Kennedy will share his tips and favorite reads on the subject.

The Science of Eating and Moving: Americans say the pandemic has thrown their eating habits out of whack. A recent survey shows Americans are snacking more and thinking about food more than usual. Dr. Kennedy believes a combination of proper nutrition and exercise leads to increased energy, mental clarity, and longevity. He will share how overall wellness and longevity can be positively impacted by eating foods that give your body the nutrients it needs to function at its best. Additionally, Dr. Kennedy will explain how periods of fasting can allow the body to rest and reset, and benefit processes in the body including cell rejuvenation.

About Dr. Brian Kennedy:Dr. Brian Kennedy is internationally recognized for his research in the basic biology of aging and as a visionary committed to translating research discoveries into new ways of delaying, detecting, and preventing human aging and associated diseases. He is a Professor in the Departments of Biochemistry and Physiology at National University Singapore and Director of the Centre for Healthy Longevity in the National University Health System. From 2010 to 2016 he was the President and CEO of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. Currently he remains as a Professor at the Institute. Dr. Kennedy also has an adjunct appointment at the USC Davis School of Gerontology. He is also actively involved biotechnology companies, serving in consulting and board capacities, as well as Scientific Director of Affirmative Health. Dr. Kennedy is on the Board of Directors for L-Nutra, Inc. and serves as a Co-Editor-In-Chief at Aging Cell.

Excerpt from:
Fountain of youth? The science behind living longer - KGUN

Shawn Michaels originally didnt think The Undertaker would have longevity with deadman gimmick – Wrestling News

Posted: at 6:57 am

Shawn Michaels did an interview with CBS Sports about his friendship with The Undertaker ahead of Takers Final Farewell at Sundays Survivor Series pay-per-view event.

Over the years, Taker has undergone various gimmicks. Of course, he started out as the deadman character before going to a darker version and becoming the American Badass then back into the deadman character. His final match saw him merge the characters into one for a Boneyard Match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36 earlier this year.

According to Michaels, he originally didnt think the character would last.

Hes dead. He doesnt sell. It sounded from the locker room standpoint like maybe a limited character. It seemed like he would be very cool, but it would be short lived. Which, of course, 30 years later, thats pretty dang amusing if you ask me. But it speaks to Marks ability. And then seeing it, it was a hard character not to think, What a cool idea.

HBK also talked about Takers longevity, whether he thinks Taker is actually retired, and more. Check out the full interview here.

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Shawn Michaels originally didnt think The Undertaker would have longevity with deadman gimmick - Wrestling News

How to live longer: Mung beans are rich in potassium, protein and fibre to boost longevity – Express

Posted: at 6:57 am

For those looking to live a long and healthy life, sampling new and unusual ingredients which pack a punch in terms of nutrition and health benefits, is a great start. Mung beans are a type of pulse that has a good nutritional balance with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Some early research suggests these beans may have a variety of health benefits which could help to boost your longevity.

Mung beans can help digestion because of their high fibre content.

All bean varieties have a remarkable content of fibre, but what makes mung beans easier to digest is that in combination with being high in fibre, they have lower levels of the specific carbohydrate strain that our stomachs have trouble digesting.

Mung beans are also a good source of B vitamins that are necessary for a range of bodily functions andhelp maintain the brains health.

In particular, mung beans are an excellent source of vitamin B-9, also known asfolate, which helps a persons body make DNA.

The small-but-mighty beans are rich in several essential amino acids, like leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, lysine, arginine, valine and more, said Holland and Barrett.

The health company continued: Their benefits only increase when consumed sprouted, the calorie count goes down and the free amino acid levels go up.

The beauty of plant proteins, like mung beans, are that they provide so much on top of protein.

Something mung beans contain in abundance is fibre which is both soluble and insoluble.

Soluble fibrecan help you to feel fuller for longer and improve nutrient absorption from the food you eat by slowing down your digestion.

Insoluble fibrecan make going to the toilet easier and more comfortable by adding more bulk to your stool.

How to live longer: Mung beans are rich in potassium, protein and fibre to boost longevity - Express

What can the worlds Blue Zones teach us about extending our lifespan? – Euronews

Posted: at 6:57 am

Just as modern life with all its stresses and strains has been pushing people to travel for physical transformation, the pandemic is also reminding people of their ultimate vulnerability as humans with a finite amount of time on the planet.

In the year ahead, as rising numbers of people take steps to improve their immunity and longevity, the spotlight will shine on places and communities around the world that are already getting it right.

The worlds 'Blue Zones' are found in:

These regions have been identified by experts as destinations where people live the longest. In the UK, the average life expectancy for a man is 79.9 and for a woman is 83.6 however, in these Blue Zones, people regularly live to 90, if not 100.

After studying the lifestyles of people in Blue Zones, numerous parallels were found in the way that they approached eating, exercising, socialising and spending their time.

Instead of going to the gym, they built up fitness through every-day natural movement from activities such as gardening; they eat smaller portions of home-grown plant-based food and stop before they are full; they are part of a close-knit, supportive community and take part in stress-relieving rituals such as prayer and siesta.

Many also drink moderate amounts of wine with friends and at meal times.

In leading research into the Blue Zones, American explorer, National Geographic fellow and author of The Blue Zones book, Dan Buettner, noticed that people living in these places didnt necessarily become centenarians because they had better genes it was because they naturally had better lifestyles and diets.

They had close family connections and traditions, and a sense of purpose (in Japan they call this 'ikigai'). "If you want to live longer and be healthier, don't try to change your behaviours, because that never lasts for the long run," explains Buettner, "think about changing your environment.

Not everyone will be able to (or want to) live in Blue Zones, but it's pivotal visit these regions to learn from them. In the future, Blue Zones will become hotbeds for 'longevity tourism,' as we seek out clues and tips to live longer lives.

On the sub-tropical Japanese island of Okinawa, where there are 35 centenarians for every 100,000 inhabitants five times more than the rest of Japan, which already has a high average life expectancy (87.4 years) the Halekulani hotel has already started offering 'Secrets of Longevity' retreats. These trips include buying native ingredients in the local market, and visiting the worlds first deep-sea-water hot spa facility.

Meanwhile, in Puglia, Italy (not far from Sardinia), luxury hotel Borgo Egnazia is selling Blue Zone-inspired 'Longevity Programmes' that includes cooking lessons, movement classes in the countryside, evening social events and meal plans.

Down on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Ricas Blue Zone, visitors can book into a yoga retreat, eat freshly caught fish, go surfing and ride horses along the beach.

Alternatively, Blue Zone explorers can head to the little-known island of Ikaria in Greece, where they can dine in relaxed tavernas and swim in the turquoise sea.

It might be a little more difficult to immerse yourself in Californias Blue Zone of Loma Linda, which is home to a community of Seventh-Day Adventists, but the state has many amazing wellness retreats to try from Canyon Ranch Woodside to the Ranch Malibu not to mention delicious food and beautiful natural wilderness.

As we recover from the difficulties of 2020, could this be the travel trend everyone is jumping on in 2021?

Jenny Southan is the editor and founder of travel trend forecasting agency Globetrender.

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What can the worlds Blue Zones teach us about extending our lifespan? - Euronews

Age with Style and Grace – GlobeNewswire

Posted: at 6:57 am


Photo courtesy of Longevity Labs

MISSION, Kan., Nov. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (Family Features) -- Aging may be inevitable, but with advancement in research and technology, there are plenty of ways you can slow, or even reverse, the hands of time to stay healthy and promote longevity.

Consider these ideas from Longevity Labs+, a company dedicated to cutting-edge aging research and the makers of spermidineLIFE, a first-of-its kind, clinically studied supplement containing natural spermidine, which renews cells and can reverse the signs of aging:

Protect Your Skin Not only does your skin protect vital internal organs, its an essential barrier to intruders like bacteria and other infection-causing microbes. The skin is also the bodys greatest tool in managing hydration levels and providing critical cues to your nervous system about things like temperature and pain.

With such a big role in your overall health and well-being, the skin often shows the first signs of aging. Wrinkles and age spots are often indicators of a persons true age.

However, you can reduce the visible impacts of aging on the skin with daily care. Regularly moisturizing helps keep skin supple, and diligent sunscreen application year-around can protect your skin from damaging sun rays. Some compounds and nutrient plans can help nurture youthful skin.

Its also important to closely monitor your skin for changes, especially changes to moles or other spots that may be signs of skin cancer, which is generally treatable when caught and managed early. In addition, collagen peptides and a spermidine-rich diet can be key in ensuring healthy skin into your later years.

Maintain Clean and Healthy Cells You may not realize it, but as each day passes, your bodys cells age, die and accumulate toxic matter, which disrupts cellular function and causes a myriad of age-related diseases such as dementia and cardiovascular disease as well as decreases immune function. However, a compound naturally produced by the body and found in nature called spermidine can clean cells of toxic matter so they can operate with renewed youth and efficiency.Spermidine triggers a cellular renewal process called autophagy, which allows cells to shed layers of waste and regenerate instead of slowing down and dying off. As the body ages, natural levels of spermidine decline, cellular regeneration slows and signs of aging are accelerated.

Spermidine is a key to anti-aging and is believed to help reduce the onset of neurodegenerative and age-related diseases. You can boost spermidine levels by eating certain foods that are high in spermidine, like lentils, soybeans, mushrooms, aged cheese, pears, broccoli, peas and cauliflower.

However, few people eat enough spermidine-rich foods to maintain optimal levels in their later years. Taking a supplement like award-winning spermidineLIFE* can support cellular renewal and help cells stay young and healthy. The first and only clinically studied spermidine supplement in the world, it includes spermidine naturally extracted from European non-GMO wheat germ along with carefully selected vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

Manage Physical Health As you grow older, your metabolism slows, making it easier to hold onto extra weight. Excess pounds are associated with numerous health risks, in addition to slowing you down overall. Maintain a more youthful body and mobility by consuming a well-rounded, nutritious, whole-food diet and committing to regular exercise, which can help not only banish extra calories but also keep your muscle tone strong, your balance steady and your posture straight.

Just as important as what you do to protect your health as you age is what you dont do. That means limiting alcohol, quitting smoking and avoiding the temptation to indulge in high-fat and sugary foods.

Support Mind Matters Worry lines arent just wrinkles that come with age; they can be a sign of persistent angst. From stress to lack of sleep to slips in memory, there are plenty of reasons to focus on your mental health as you advance in years.

Getting enough rest can play a big role in your physical health as well as your mental wellness. Too little sleep prevents your body from reenergizing itself fully and can affect your cognition and mood. Worry and stress can also cause you to feel your years. Information is key, and smart devices such as heart rate and sleep trackers can provide you with the necessary information to find what helps and what hurts healthy circadian rhythms and deep, regenerative sleep.

Growing forgetful as you age is also common to an extent, but memory problems can be exacerbated by stress, lack of sleep and other factors. You can also keep your mind sharp by playing games, doing puzzles, reading and maintaining an active and engaging social life with others. Even during this pandemic, phone and video calls can help engage your mental state through important social activity.

Find more ideas for navigating your later years with grace at spermidinelife.us.

Eat Away Your Age This tasty recipe features three of the top 10 spermidine-rich foods: broccoli, mushrooms and aged cheese. It also keeps well, so you can prepare it for a casual brunch then reheat for an easy breakfast the next day.

Longevity Breakfast Bake Prep time: 30 minutes Cook time: 1 hour Servings: 8

In skillet over medium-high heat, heat oil. While skillet is warming, chop bacon into small pieces.Cook bacon until crispy. Transfer bacon to plate covered with paper towel to absorb excess grease.

Drain most grease from skillet, reserving some to saute mushrooms.

Saute mushrooms until translucent. Cut broccoli into thick, bite-sized pieces; cover and microwave 4 minutes with water to soften.

Heat oven to 350 F.

Crack eggs and whisk until egg whites and yolks blend together in one consistent color. Season with garlic salt and pepper, to taste.

In bottom of baking pan or cast-iron skillet, spread broccoli and mushrooms evenly. Add crispy bacon bits and cheddar cheese. Pour eggs into pan and carefully stir until ingredients are evenly mixed.

Bake 40-45 minutes, or until top of casserole starts to brown.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Michael French mfrench@familyfeatures.com 1-888-824-3337 editors.familyfeatures.com

About Family Features Editorial Syndicate A leading source for high-quality food, lifestyle and home and garden content, Family Features provides readers with topically and seasonally relevant tips, takeaways, information, recipes, videos, infographics and more. Find additional articles and information at Culinary.net and eLivingToday.com.

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/9486bfdd-ba74-4d83-8ede-80c947e02275

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Age with Style and Grace - GlobeNewswire

The Tao of Whit: O-line Life and the Injury Aftermath – Sports Illustrated

Posted: at 6:57 am

On the Monday after everything changed in an instant, Andrew Whitworth calls once more. This fall he started several of his work weeks the same way, dialing on his commute to the Rams temporary football headquarters in Thousand Oaks, Calif. The idea: to explain aspects of his long career, his secrets to longevity, his endless survival techniques and how all that pointed him toward this season, one he believed would be specialat least until a million-to-one collision on Sunday afternoon cast doubt on a million-to-one career.

On this Monday, he phones during his drive home, the contrast indicative and stark. He hasnt slept in more than 36 hours. He keeps replaying the freak accident against Seattle the previous day, in the second quarter, that marked the worst possible gridiron luck.

Los Angeles Rams/AP

First, context. Yes, Whitworth turns 39 in a few weeks. Indeed, hes far closer to the end of his career than the beginning. Sure, he had come to believe that 2020 mightfinally, actually, for real this timebe his final season. And yet, everyone from his coaches to the game-charting and analytics sites to the left tackle himself seem to unanimously agree that Whitworth was carving out his best season in his 15th campaign. Even against the Seahawks on Sunday, his steady play on Jared Goffs blind side helped boost L.A. to an early lead.

Then, it happened. The worst case. Whitworth was sliding to his left as he escorted a pass rusher beyond the pocket. Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright, blitzing from the other side of the formation, whiffed as Goff ducked under his attempted tackle, but on the other side ended up colliding with Whitworth. Neither player could see the other, which meant neither player slowed down or adjusted his body positioning. Instead, THWACK. The full force of Wrights momentum hit the outside of Whitworths left kneecap, causing the leg to collapse inward. Before the replay, TV viewers were warned that the injury was gruesome. If he hits me a little earlier, or a little higher, Whitworth said the next day, or just not at that exact moment, it would have probably been nothing but a bad bruise.

Longtime rivals like Russell Wilson ran across the field to wish Big Whit well, and an outpouring of respect spilled all over social media. At the moment it seemed possiblemaybe, heartbreakingly, likelythat this particular injury marked more than the end of just his season.

As the cart drove him off the field, Whitworth wondered two things. 1. Is my career over? And 2. How sweet will it be to take a snap at 40?

Meaning, even in that moment, he was thinking about a return for one more final season, if at all possible, any which way.

Story of his life.

* * *

The Tao of Whit I: While his teammates cemented an upset of the Seahawks, throwing the NFC West into a three-way tie atop the standings, Whitworth needed assistance to traverse the corridors at SoFi Stadium. Already, en route to the X-ray room, he had resolved how he would handle another setback in a life jammed full of them. To the hundreds who were reaching out, he tapped back the same response, even though his fate remained unsure. Im thankful for a new challenge and a new opportunity to prove Im all the things I say I am. I cant wait for all the work and all the pain ...

* * *

Over all the years and all the injuries, the job never changed, despite the years that spin by like finger snaps, the health toll exacted every fall and the familythe omnipresent wife, the four beautiful children, the most hilarious nanny in Californiawaiting for whats next, whenever a never-ending career finally, one of these years, ends. His peers from the 2006 draft class? Long ago retired. The legends he studied closely? Walked away by 35. Big Andrew Whitworth? Hes 38, his trading cards still read left tackle and he remains as respected as any lineman in the NFL.

John W. McDonough/Sports Illustrated

One trainer joked the other day that Big Whit embodied the fiercely debated 10,000 Hour Rule popularized by Malcolm Gladwell. But Whitworth deflected this inaccurate info; last hed checked, his snap total had surpassed 16,000. He had played in 168 games for the Bengals, followed by 56 with the Rams. His 190 starts at left tackle did mark the second most in pro footballs last 25 years. He did star in 52 more games at LSU, setting a school record, missing only one practice to attend his graduation ceremony, tallying 3,500 snaps in college alone. And, yes, he also won a trio of state championships in high school, adding some 50 games to a staggering total that doesnt include thousands of hours of actual practice. The long and not-short of it, according to teammate David Edwards: When he was a rookie, I was in first grade.

That rule? Pffff. A mere prelude for a mountainous man who gets older but never grows old. So what gives? Whitworth is not the rare offensive lineman soaked in proximity glory. There are no commercials, no social media footprint, and his face, if familiar to anyone, would be recognizable to only deep-in-the-weeds Bengals and Rams fans. He has made enough money (almost $100 million in salary alone) to never work again. So why? How? I dont even know where to start, he says.

During the Monday phone calls that spanned his 15th NFL season, he assessed a career of longevity and survival to share routines that can seem like a TB12 antithesis, to talk storms and fires and global pandemics overcome. As the conversations meandered, they began to tie together, unexpectedly, with everything he did and everything he lived through pointing toward this season. His last. In theory.

Eventually, the big picture of Big Whit sharpens into focus. If age aint nothin but a number its an important onefor him especiallynonetheless. His tally of birthdays and snap counts speaks to something deeper than his four Pro Bowl nods, his well-stocked bank account or his grand standing in the NFL. Instead, the sum points to the soul of a man who long ago decided he wanted to do the same thing, over and over, for as long as he possibly could, for no reason other than perfecting a craft. And, yes, this particular craft consists largely of shuffling backward or plodding forward to impede the paths of other large men. But hey, niche is a niche.

* * *

The Tao of Whit II: The legend of Andrew Whitworth grew among teammates in Cincinnati, where from 2006 to 16 the hulking offensive tackle lost many a football game and won at pretty much everything else. Sometimes, coaches called him First Pick. Meaning he should be taken first for any athletic endeavor, be it golf (5-handicap), charity flag football (all-time quarterback, with an absolute hose) or pickup hoops (6' 7", somewhere between 315 and 350, so trim that veins popped from his calves; able, then and now, to dunk).

As backup quarterback Jordan Palmer witnessed an anonymous giant cull a small but fierce cult of celebrity, he remembers saying something, way back in 2008, that sounds prophetic now. Whit is going to play as long as he wants, Palmer told a teammate. Hes the guy who, at the end, theyll beg him to play one more year. And one more year. And one more year

* * *

On the last Monday morning in September, Big Whit calls on his way to work. He always takes the same route, steering his trusty Navigatora car he chose because I could fit all my kids in itfrom his home in Sherwood to the Rams facility. Down Westlake Boulevard, past the commuters spilling their morning lattes. Onto the 101. Up Route 23.

On this Monday, like most Mondays, Big Whit follows his unconventional routine. Despite engaging in hand-to-hand combat with other giants for more than 65 snaps the previous afternoon, there are no cold tubs here. No cryotherapy, either. No hyperbaric chambers, avocado ice cream or Theraguns. Whit realizes that NFL veterans in general are playing longer now. But none would seem to approach recovery quite like him, a throwback even among the old guys. When he moved to California in 2017, teammates laughed when he asked them to define treatment room. He didnt know what they meant. He hired a private trainer, Ryan Sorensen, himself a former left tackle, only around then, more than a decade into his career.

Big Whit instead believes in body adaptation, this idea, grounded in personal experience rather than science, that thousands of snaps forced his pain tolerance to keep pace with his pain suffered. He stopped taking any medication, even over-the-counter pain relievers, back around 2013. He didnt want to stand in Toradol lines.

Imagine that, in light of his medical form. The one he fills out every summer over his own protests, since hed rather not be reminded. He must compare past versions to remember every injury: just about every finger, on both hands, dislocated; torn elbow ligament (left); damaged AC joints; busted shoulder labrums; one shoulder surgery (left); numerous shoulder injections; torn hip labrums; bone-on-bone impingements in both hips, both of which can no longer rotate; bad lower back (very 38!); the patella surgery (left); damaged knee cartilage (right); ankle surgery (right)typical, he says, meaning typical to him. Even with the latest entry on that form, Whitworth describes the swelling in his knee post-Seahawks injury as positive, since that means the healing process has begun.

Big Whit discovered his own secrets. Like stay active. He isnt a huge sports fan, but he does participate in a huge number of sports. Im a big walker, he says. He plays tennisstyling himself, seriously, as a serve-and-volley attackerand can drain three-pointers, chuck footballs 65 yards and sling a fastball in the low-90s. Big Whit loves golf so much that he belongs to five separate country clubs in three different states and considers the perfect offseason day to be the Trifecta, where he eats three meals on a course. Flexibility, agility, rotational powerall earned by thousands of swings.

Well that, and forget-physics dance moves, according to his wife, Melissa, and nanny, Krista Howard, two women who Big Whit leans on so that defensive linemen can lean on him. Listen, dont let him lie, now, Howard says in her Cajun accent. Those hips dont rotate? You put the right song on and that man will get out on the dance floor and start twerking. I always tell him, Listen, big guy, you cant just drop down because your butt hits people in the chest.

This Monday, Big Whit rises early, makes coffee and listens to 90s-era R&Ba routine that all but screams Im almost 40! and twins nicely with statements he makes about the Twitters. For a tackle who once played guard, the thinking being he wasn't athletic enough to shift outside, Big Whit did allow for tweaks over time. So its squats. Bench. Grunts that echo across the weight room, like hes auditioning for Worlds Strongest Man. Sorensen recognized the meathead mentality but helped Whitworth augment the past few years, extending what had already been extended. Little stretching. Little yoga. A few mobility drills. Boom. I would argue Im, like, 10 times the athlete I was when I came into the NFL, Big Whit says.

Whitworths worst injury before last Sunday in those 200-plus starts stemmed from the jacked patella tendon (left), which he damaged further by ignoring severe pain and inflammation for all of 2012. He needed surgeryeventually, he couldnt do a single-leg extension on that kneeand missed all of the next camp and the opener. He played 14 games in 13, anyway. Having pushed past the most excruciating pain imaginable, he then told himself, Im going to shoot to play until Im 40. At that time, this prospect seemed as likely as a starring role on The Bachelor.

Such is Big Whits favorite topic to lament: the O-line life. Like, for instance, the membership he snagged from the Bel-Air Country Cluba courtesy deal, he quips, for his friendship with Jared Goff. The O-line life is not to be confused with the QB life, he insists, as the conversation winds down on that first Monday. The O-line life means that one mistake in 70 snaps could cost a really talented man his job, where if the rushers who stand across from him succeed just once every week, theyll waltz into the Hall of Fame. The QB life, he says, is being born tall, thin and blond (like Goff); having a golf hole carved into your backyard (same); being flown to private courses; and given more floor seats to NBA games than anyone can possibly attend. Whitworth, meanwhile, logs onto StubHub, like everybody else, looking for tickets cheap enough to not feel lavish but close enough to not seem embarrassing. Ah, the O-line life, which is what the nanny means when she says, His personality is equal to his size.

Whitworth is rolling now, as he pulls into the Rams parking lot, his team having won two of the seasons first three games. His bitching is lighthearted, his lineman-existence lamenting really just his way of saying that hes happy, content. Ill call next Monday, he says.

* * *

The Tao of Whit III: As the Rams VP of community affairs, Molly Higgins long ago realized that athletes could maximize their off-field impact by joining causes they believed in. Thats partly why she created a survey for incoming players, with columns of foundations that could be checked off, matching interests with volunteer opportunities. And yet, as Whitworth handed her back his survey at a table in the teams cafeteria, she figured he had misunderstood the instructions, or made a simple mistake. His form was an unending series of checkmarks. Higgins doesnt share this story to denigrate other players; its just that no one had ever indicated that every single cause appealed to them before. Im interested in them all, Whitworth responded.

* * *

As promised, Whitworth calls again the next Monday, to explain how he owes his career to far more than golf swings and body adaptation. He needed Melissa, his backbone, his family. They have all lived through some real s---, events that laid a protective layer of resolve over his skin that Whitworth would come to need in 2020. Like playing 11 seasons for the Bengals.

When Nick Saban signed the Monroe, La., native to stay home at LSU, he called Whitworth a pillar. He was both right and had no idea. Not until Hurricane Katrina ravaged the state just before Whitworths senior season. Big Whit remembers the lines at gas stations, something like 50 cars stacked on top of each other, as fuel started to run out. He recalls the flooding, the friends worried about relatives in peril, the housesand liveslost. The Pete Maravich Assembly Center was transformed into a triage ward, with victims being airlifted in.

Big Whit learned something that summer, as he helped teammates gather and disperse all their extra athletic gear. Something that stuck with him ever since. Thats burned in my mindto help, he says during commute No. 16,000. Give or take.

Whit spent his first 11 seasons starring as a guard and tackle in Cincinnati.

Damian Strohmeyer/Sports Illustrated

Two seasons into his Bengals tenure, Big Whit had already started a foundationand not the stamp-your-name-and-image-on-it kind. He already knew which causes: grants for adoptions, scholarships for high school students, seminars on leadership, toy drives. He didnt know then, but he was learning to maximize his impact on those around him. Even the Pro Bowl snubs and the six postseason losses in those frustrating Cincy years taught him to lead when it wasnt easy or convenient.

The Rams signed Whitworth in free agency in 17 in part because of the man hed grown into, which is a strange and true thing to say about a man his size. GM Les Snead saw Big Whit the same as Saban: as a pillar for his program, too. On the flight into LAX, Whitworth turned to his wife and told her they had to be realistic, that the Rams were young and inexperienced, that he would probably retire soon, meaning his dreams of winning a Super Bowl were effectively over. Im going to help rebuild the locker room and bring that veteran presence and help Jared grow up, he said.

His L.A. tenure would become so much moreand so much more personalthan that. Wildfires raged in November 2018, spreading near the teams facility, forcing dozens of families like the Whitworths to evacuate their homes. Uncertain and scared, Whitworth asked coach Sean McVay if he could address his teammates. He stood before the Rams and pointed out the mass shooting that had taken place at the bar down the street that week, followed by the fires. Hundreds had lost their lives. Thousands had lost their homes. He told the Rams how his own family had stuffed four kids, two dogs, one nanny, jewelry, passports and Melissas grandmothers cookbook recipes into the car and bolted to a hotel in the middle of the night, the smoke thick, the air steamy. In the frenzy, they forgot one child inside and had to run back in.

The Rams, Whitworth bellowed, were no longer at remove. They were in it with their neighbors, like the youth baseball team he coached. They needed to use their platforms, raise money, help. Whitworth started by donating his next game check to first responders. He would donate every check for the rest of the season, each worth more than $60,000. Hes our poppa bear, McVay says. Just a great, consistent, authentic capacity for people.

Big Whit pauses on the phone two years later, the gravity and intensity flooding back. The Rams would host the Chiefs on Nov. 19, and the Whitworths would open their luxury suite to families of victims and first responders. L.A. would triumph that Monday night, a 5451 thriller, and Whitworth would take Goff to the suite after and everybody would cry their eyes out. Moments like that, Whitworth says, are why Im still playing.

That season, he finally won a playoff game. He also lost a Super Bowl. He had told friends and teammates he planned to retire after 18, same as hed said for most years since the patella scare. Younger lineman had begun to roll their eyes at him. Turns out, no one had to beg Big Whit for one more year. He always wanted to come back

As this season approached, his survivor story took a pandemic twist, then an injurious one. The Whitworth family came down with COVID-19, after their nanny was infected during lunch with a friend. Andrew and his wife experienced mild symptoms, like loss of smell and taste, headaches and runny noses. But Melissas fatherwho they had exposedwas hospitalized for five days. They worried they might lose him. Eventually, he recovered. Eventually, they all did.

When Goff wondered how much he should donate to various causes, he knew exactly who to ask, utilizing his blind-side protector like the oversize Siri that Big Whit has become. As the tackle pulls into the Rams HQ on another Monday, hes framing the pandemic scare as both a surmountable obstacle and a developer of the scar tissue necessary to carry teams, like this one, beyond reasonable expectations. Before this season, the Rams were thought to be declining, at least outside their building. Theyre 63 and tied for first in the NFC West now, in large part, Goff says, because weve got guys who have been through the mud.

None more than Big Whit, the consummate teammate who never saw himself that way, who keeps coming back as much to build as to win, meaning, he hopes, this season and next season. Im not sure he ever saw the leader he would become, his wife says.

* * *

The Tao of Whit IV: Way back at the 06 NFL scouting combine, a meeting took place inside a small room in Indianapolis. Three men sat at a table: Whitworth, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis and Paul Alexander, the offensive line coach. Whitworth waxed about Katrina and Saban and his collection of championships from high school and college. When the meeting ended, Lewis turned to Alexander. S--, he said. If were lucky enough to draft him, I wont need you. Lewis had no idea then how long Whitworth would play, or even that Whitworth would play that long for him. Instead, he saw an everywhere-he-goes impact, the kind that would come to define a man and his long career.

* * *

Relationships matter, Big Whit says on another drive, on another Monday, after another victory, this one over the football team in Washington. The Rams are 41 now, in large part due to the bonds theyve forged, and no one connection is more dynamic, unexpected or suited to become the next breakthrough buddy show on Netflix than the antagonistic friendship between the old-man tackle and his wunderkind coach. Sean McVay references the movie Twins (which came out when he was 2). I guess Im Danny DeVito, and hes Arnold [Schwarzenegger].

The blocker who laughs at injuries and casts large shadows would seem to hold little in common with his boss, who in caricature, if not reality, is depicted as a heavy-on-hair-product boy genius who sips ros out by his pool. Big Whit is actually older by almost four years. Friends say the two men bicker constantly, to the great amusement of everyone around them, with Whitworth at once a subordinate and an older-brother type. And yet, McVay so respects his tackle that he will accompany him for golf rounds even though the coach doesnt play. (In true McVay fashion, he refuses to even swing a club, lest he not be perfect at something.) Sometimes, they finish each others sentences. Sometimes, they simultaneously send two versions of the same text. Its like watching the little gorilla go after the big gorilla, says Howard, the hilarious nanny. Their families have vacationed together, with the coach breaking out nerdy custom-made notecards for pop quizzeswhat comes first: vulnerability or trust?while their significant others slink away to roll their eyes.

Whit led the Rams against the Chiefs on an emotional Monday night victory in 2018.

Kohjiro Kinno/Sports Illustrated

The answer to the question the coach posed is vulnerability, by the way. McVay read that in the tome on team-building, The Culture Code, by Daniel Coyle. He will extend the example even further as it relates to his captain and this season. He says that he never met another person as empathetic as Big Whit, and, that for all his left tackles size and swag and Jordanslets just say hes a high-maintenance offensive lineman, McVay quipsWhitworth is as vulnerable as anyone in Thousand Oaks, even after the injury. Especially after. Thats exactly why his teammates trust him.

Hence the Rams start that surprised most, but not them. After McVay gave his blessing (trust), Big Whit hosted the Rams linemen for offseason pandemic workouts in the makeshift gym the tackle built in his three-car garage. Both wanted the younger linemanthe Rams started four with almost zero experience in 19to be tougher. They understood, as Big Whit points out, how the college game had spread so far out that the physicality in the pros can tend to jar the ever-more-nimble young brutes up front. Sorensen paced the group through workouts, focusing on upper body for two days, then lower body the next, with yoga mandatory after every session. They all adopted his grunt mentality, Sorensen says. Which was important, especially now. If Whitworth could imprint his ethos before a pared-down training camp, he could gift the Rams an advantage unavailable to other teams. To do that, he would need to share his ancient wisdom and hard-earned life experience (vulnerability).

Whitworth laughs. Relationships matter. Maybe even enough to vault the Rams back into the playoffs.

* * *

The Tao of Whit V: Even the supposedly mundane O-line life comes with perks, like advice from a hockey player once known as the Great One. Yes, Wayne Gretzky told Whitworth to make them rip that jersey off your back during one country club round. But with the way hes still playing, that might not be after this season. It might not even be after the next one. I have a feeling well be together for a long time in some capacity, McVay (DeVito) says.

* * *

Over 15 seasons, however this might end, the game of football evolved around Big Whit. He evolved over that time, too. More symmetry. Think of the run of tackles taken in every first round now. In 06? One went that high, DBrickashaw Ferguson, who played 10 seasonsand retired five years ago! He watches Big Whit from afar and gasps, I cant believe hes still playing!

In Whitworths early years, offenses dropped into shotgun formations on only third-and-long; now many do that more plays than not. As seasons passed, defensive linemen added new techniques. These guys are borderline MMA fighters, the way theyre rushing now, Big Whit says, growing animated on his drive. They all have these moves. Watch [teammate] Aaron Donalds arms and hands when hes rushing. Its like trying to block a windmill.

The twin evolutions, how they tie together, plus the Big Whit impact on the big picture of two franchises and the NFL, leads those close to him to suggestnay, demandthat Whitworth receive Hall of Fame consideration. For the longevity. For the pancake blocks. For the elder statesmanship. For the Pro Bowl nods. For surviving Cincinnati. For transforming the Rams upon the franchises move back to Los Angeles. For the family that supported him to be part of the ultimate accomplishment. For the nanny to crack more jokes, perhaps about his blazer and how it might or might not fit. For another comeback, if all goes well. For all of the above.

Goff, unprompted, kicks off the Big Whit 4 Hall campaign. If he doesnt get in, the quarterback says, who should? Lewis echoes that sentiment with a no doubt. Snead goes one step further. If Big Whits not considered, he says, I dont think Ill ever buy another ticket.

* * *

The Tao of Whit VI: Big Whit wasnt sure what to expect when he posted his desire to return on social media late Sunday. But rather than disappoint, the outburst of love overwhelmed him beyond anything imaginable. Troy Aikman, who had worked the broadcast of the game, called Whitwortha childhood Cowboys fan who was floored by the well wishes from one of his idols. Get better, Aikman told him. Get back. On various platforms, Whitworth also heard from dozens of parents, all strangers who sounded the same theme. His play, vibe, longevity, secretsWhitworth meant so much to so many. They need him to return. He needs to return for them.

* * *

John W. McDonough/Sports Illustrated

On the Monday that everything changed, Whitworth knew the kind of season he was having. He knew that anyone who had considered him simply an elder statesman ignored important things like game film. I respect this craft too much to not be great at it, he says. In the season-opening victory against Dallas, he graded the highest of any Ram on Pro Football Focus (95.2) and snagged his highest mark in a decade. In a longer-term PFF analysis, the site found that Whitworth allowed the lowest pressure rate (3.7%) of any offensive tackle from his generation, ranking slightly better than the recently retired Joe Thomas (3.9%), a 10-time Pro Bowler with the Browns.

Then, this. The worst-case. Or maybe not. The very night that Big Whit suffered the injury, he received what amounted to good news for an injured football player. His prayers had been answered. He had torn only his MCL and a minor part of his PCL; the rest of the ligaments looked healthy, and there were no fractures. He didnt need surgery and could return in six to eight weeksas opposed to monthsif rehabilitation went as expected. Its a testament to what an alien you are, the team doctor told him after the MRI scan. The timing was not lost on either man. It meant that Big Whit could return just in time for a playoff push.

He called his wife before heading home, and they started, as always, to put a plan together. She would schedule a blood test for Tuesday, so that doctors could study what foods would best help his body regenerate. Their nutritionist would slap together a new diet plan. Sorensen, the trainer, would help Big Whit attack the rest of his 15th season the same way he attacked the beginning of it, through COVID-19. Whitworth even hired a driver, so as not to waste time or hurt the left knee while getting around. Not even 24 hours after that cart took him off that football field, he desired to come back. He wants to play, and would considerand weigha return in 21 if he cannot come back this season.

With a somber mood hanging over a team that just finished its biggest win of an already successful season, Whitworth went to work on Monday, after some typical R&B and coffee time to set his mind right. Same as always. He would give everything he had to rehab. He would lift his teammates spirits, rather than the other way around. Plus, swelling! Regenerate!, he implored his cells. He told the Rams that theyd lost games this season only when they didnt play to their potential, while emphasizing that they had already won without him and would continue to.

In some ways, despite the injury and the promise of the season that it halted, Whitworth saw the tumultuous events as an extension, a fitting addition, to his larger story. This was another setback to survive, and should the Rams continue to win and he returns for the playoffs, for the Super Bowl that has eluded both pillar and franchise, what better ending could Big Whit write than to fall, get up and win the whole damn thing?

Theres only one drawback. He laughs. Unfortunately, they dont make movies about linemen. Ah, the O-line life.

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WASHINGTON History will be made April 6 when the city votes for mayor.

If incumbent Gary Manier wins the election, he'll add to his record of being Washington's longest-serving mayor.

Manier has had the job for 20 years. The previous record for Washington mayoral longevity was 12 years, held by Don Gronewold, Manier's predecessor.

If Alderman Lilija Stevens defeats Manier, she'll become the city's first woman mayor.

In the background of the race for a four-year term is even more Washington history.

This is the city's first nonpartisan mayoral election in more than a century. Washington voters overwhelmingly approved a switch from partisan to nonpartisan city elections in 2018 after a petition effort led by Stevens put the issue on the ballot.

Washington was founded in 1825 and has had a mayor since the 1850's.

Neither Manier nor Stevens is being distracted by the historic nature of the April election.

"The election isn't for almost five months," Manier said. "I'm more worried about everyday business and the pandemic."

"Running for mayor wasn't my plan when I first got involved in the community as an election judge," Stevens said.

"Since being sworn in as an alderman, I've become increasingly aware of a disconnect in responsiveness and communication between city leadership, aldermen, and the community at large," she said. "I decided that running for mayor would be the best way to effect change."

Stevens was elected an alderman in 2019. Her term expires in 2023. If she loses to Manier, she'll retain her seat on the City Council.

Only a handful of women have served on the City Council. Perhaps the most prominent is Eleanor Hallinan, who was an alderman for 12 years and the mother of 12 children.

Hallinan made Washington history in 1976 when she led a City Council meeting, becoming the first woman to do so. Hallinan was appointed mayor pro tem for the night by Mayor E.E. Habecker because he couldn't attend the meeting.

The meeting lasted all of 43 minutes.

Hallinan sought the Republican nomination for mayor in 1977 after Habecker decided not to seek a third term.

She finished in third place among three candidates in the primary election with 238 votes behind Arden Muller Sr. (335) and William Rodgers (302).

Hallinan died in 2017 at age 96.

Manier ran for mayor as a Republican in 2001, 2005, 2009, 2013 and 2017. He never faced a Democrat candidate.

He was elected in a five-candidate race in 2001, ran unopposed in 2005, 2009 and 2013, and defeated former Washington Police Chief Don Volk in the 2017 Republican primary.

Before becoming mayor, Manier was a member of the School Board for Washington Community High School for eight years.

Manier said in a 2016 Journal Star story that if he won the upcoming race for mayor, it would be his final term. The COVID-19 pandemic played a big role in his subsequent change of heart.

"In 2013, I was proud to be your mayor as we recovered from (an EF-4 tornado), the worst natural disaster this city has ever faced. I ask the citizens of Washington to allow me to serve in this capacity as we recover from his terrible pandemic," Manier said in a news release announcing his decision to run for re-election.

Manier said in an interview that many residents asked to him to run again, and he's especially proud of helping secure state and federal funding for the future reconstruction of Business Route 24 through Washington and a future extension of Freedom Parkway.

The April election also has races for five of the eight alderman seats, city clerk and city treasurer.

Steve Stein can be reached at (248) 224-2616 or stevestein21@yahoo.com. Follow him on Twitter @SpartanSteve.

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Washington mayoral race is history in the making, but the two candidates have other focuses - Peoria Journal Star

Here’s How To Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving In A Pandemic – Longevity LIVE

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Traveling can definitely increase your risk of infection, and this can only cause problems for those youre planning on eating with.

The CDC weighed in recently on the latest burning issue related to the COVID-19 pandemic: Thanksgiving travel. Just stay home, agency officials said in a press call. The agency already had recommendations for Thanksgiving on its website, but held the call to highlight a few notable updates. Now the federal public health authority strongly recommends against any and all travel for Thanksgiving.

Anything can go wrong at airports, as well as train and bus stations. Whats more, with AAA Travel estimating that 2.4 million Americans plan on traveling by airfor Thanksgiving, perhaps its best that you skip out on nonessential travel.

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Here's How To Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving In A Pandemic - Longevity LIVE

Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy Market: Opportunities, Demand and Forecasts, size COVID-19 2023 – ICOTodayMagazine

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The global longevity and anti-senescence therapies market should grow from $329.8 million in 2018 to $644.4 million by 2023 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.3% during 2018-2023.

Report Scope:

The scope of this report is broad and covers various therapies currently under trials in the global longevity and anti-senescence therapy market. The market estimation has been performed with consideration for revenue generation in the forecast years 2018-2023 after the expected availability of products in the market by 2023. The global longevity and anti-senescence therapy market has been segmented by the following therapies: Senolytic drug therapy, Gene therapy, Immunotherapy and Other therapies which includes stem cell-based therapies, etc.

Request for Report Sample:https://www.trendsmarketresearch.com/report/sample/11698

Revenue forecasts from 2028 to 2023 are given for each therapy and application, with estimated values derived from the expected revenue generation in the first year of launch.

The report also includes a discussion of the major players performing research or the potential players across each regional longevity and anti-senescence therapy market. Further, it explains the major drivers and regional dynamics of the global longevity and anti-senescence therapy market and current trends within the industry.

The report concludes with a special focus on the vendor landscape and includes detailed profiles of the major vendors and potential entrants in the global longevity and anti-senescence therapy market.

Report Includes:

71 data tables and 40 additional tables An overview of the global longevity and anti-senescence therapy market Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2017 and 2018, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2023 Country specific data and analysis for the United States, Canada, Japan, China, India, U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Middle East and Africa Detailed description of various anti-senescence therapies, such as senolytic drug therapy, gene therapy, immunotherapy and other stem cell therapies, and their influence in slowing down aging or reverse aging process Coverage of various therapeutic drugs, devices and technologies and information on compounds used for the development of anti-ageing therapeutics A look at the clinical trials and expected launch of anti-senescence products Detailed profiles of the market leading companies and potential entrants in the global longevity and anti-senescence therapy market, including AgeX Therapeutics, CohBar Inc., PowerVision Inc., T.A. Sciences and Unity Biotechnology


Global longevity and anti-senescence therapy market deals in the adoption of different therapies and treatment options used to extend human longevity and lifespan. Human longevity is typically used to describe the length of an individuals lifetime and is sometimes used as a synonym for life expectancy in the demography. Anti-senescence is the process by which cells stop dividing irreversibly and enter a stage of permanent growth arrest, eliminating cell death. Anti-senescence therapy is used in the treatment of senescence induced through unrepaired DNA damage or other cellular stresses.

Global longevity and anti-senescence market will witness rapid growth over the forecast period (2018-2023) owing to an increasing emphasis on Stem Cell Research and an increasing demand for cell-based assays in research and development.

An increasing geriatric population across the globe and a rising awareness of antiaging products among generation Y and later generations are the major factors expected to promote the growth of global longevity and anti-senescence market. Factors such as a surging level of disposable income and increasing advancements in anti-senescence technologies are also providing traction to the global longevity and anti-senescence market growth over the forecast period (2018-2023).

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the total geriatric population across the globe in 2016 was over REDACTED. By 2022, the global geriatric population (65 years and above) is anticipated to reach over REDACTED. An increasing geriatric population across the globe will generate huge growth prospectus to the market.

Senolytics, placenta stem cells and blood transfusions are some of the hot technologies picking up pace in the longevity and anti-anti-senescence market. Companies and start-ups across the globe such as Unity Biotechnology, Human Longevity Inc., Calico Life Sciences, Acorda Therapeutics, etc. are working extensively in this field for the extension of human longevity by focusing on study of genomics, microbiome, bioinformatics and stem cell therapies, etc. These factors are poised to drive market growth over the forecast period.

Global longevity and anti-senescence market is projected to rise at a CAGR of REDACTED during the forecast period of 2018 through 2023. In 2023, total revenues are expected to reach REDACTED, registering REDACTED in growth from REDACTED in 2018.

Request for Report Discount:https://www.trendsmarketresearch.com/report/discount/11698

The report provides analysis based on each market segment including therapies and application. The therapies segment is further sub-segmented into Senolytic drug therapy, Gene therapy, Immunotherapy and Others. Senolytic drug therapy held the largest market revenue share of REDACTED in 2017. By 2023, total revenue from senolytic drug therapy is expected to reach REDACTED. Gene therapy segment is estimated to rise at the highest CAGR of REDACTED till 2023. The fastest growth of the gene therapy segment is due to the Large investments in genomics. For Instance; The National Human Genome Research Institute (U.S.) had a budget grant of REDACTED for REDACTED research projects in 2015, thus increasing funding to REDACTED for approximately REDACTED projects in 2016.

More Info of Impact [emailprotected]https://www.trendsmarketresearch.com/report/covid-19-analysis/11698

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Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy Market: Opportunities, Demand and Forecasts, size COVID-19 2023 - ICOTodayMagazine

Compounds found in cocoa may reduce your risk of heart attack and dementia – Express

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Whats more, cocoa has been found to reduce bad LDL cholesterol, have a blood thinning effect similar to aspirin, improve blood sugars and reduce inflammation - mechanisms that contribute to having a heart attack.

A review of nine studies in 157,809 people found that higher chocolate consumption was associated with a significantly lower risk of heart disease, stroke and death.

What's more, two Swedish studies found that chocolate intake is linked to a lower rate of heart failure at doses of up to one serving of 0.7 to 1.1 ounces (1930 grams) of chocolate per day, but the effect was not seen when consuming higher amounts.

These findings suggest that frequent consumption of small amounts of cocoa-rich chocolate may have protective benefits for your heart.

Several studies have found that polyphenols, such as those in cocoa, may reduce your risk of neurodegenerative diseases by improving brain function and blood flow.

According to research, flavanols can cross the blood-brain barrier and are involved in the biochemical pathways that produce neurons and important molecules for the function of your brain.

Additionally, flavanols influence the production of nitric oxide, which relaxes the muscles of your blood vessels, improving blood flow and blood supply to your brain.

A two-week study in 34 older adults given high-flavanol cocoa found blood flow to the brain increased by eight percent after one week and 10 percent after two weeks.

Further studies suggest that daily intake of cocoa flavanols can improve mental performance in people with and without mental impairments.

These studies suggest cocoa consumption plays a protective role in brain health, which may extend to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinsons.

However, more research is needed to establish a more conclusive association.

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Compounds found in cocoa may reduce your risk of heart attack and dementia - Express

New report finds inclusion is the key for all to thrive in life – ANI News

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New report finds inclusion is the key for all to thrive in life  ANI News

Here is the original post:
New report finds inclusion is the key for all to thrive in life - ANI News

S’pore researchers studying longevity of Covid-19 virus – The Straits Times

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An ongoing study by local researchers found that the Sars-CoV-2 virus, which causes Covid-19, could survive - in sufficiently high amounts - on frozen fish, chicken and pork for three weeks at refrigeration temperature.

Co-led by Dr Danielle Anderson, scientific director of the Duke-NUS Medical School ABSL3 laboratory, in collaboration with Professor Dale Fisher from the National University of Singapore's Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, the study was conducted to test the "longevity and infectivity of Sars-CoV-2" in refrigerated and frozen food.

High amounts of the virus were used to infect pieces of salmon, chicken and pork sourced from local supermarkets.

The samples were stored at three different temperatures: 4 deg C (refrigeration temperature), minus 20 deg C (freezer temperature) and minus 80 deg C (deep freezer temperature generally used in labs to preserve the virus) respectively.

The samples were then harvested at specified time points reflecting food transport timelines. It was found that the virus was able to survive and remain infectious at refrigeration and freezer temperatures, that is, 4 deg C and minus 20 deg C respectively, for three weeks.

Hence, it is possible for the virus to survive transport and storage which occur in controlled settings with consistent temperature and humidity levels, comparable to a laboratory setting.

The study also noted that an infected food handler could be an index case to a new outbreak, and such an event - though unlikely - could still occur from time to time.

The team has recently been awarded a research grant from the World Health Organisation to further its study. The team is now testing lower amounts of virus on food packaging to replicate transmission occurring through an infected worker contaminating the food or its packaging.

They are also studying the possibility of infection by consuming food that has been contaminated with the Covid-19 virus.

Cheryl Tan

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S'pore researchers studying longevity of Covid-19 virus - The Straits Times

Huawei Officially Sells Its Honor Smartphone Brand to Ensure Longevity of Its Business – Wccftech

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Following the rumors talking about the sale of the Honor smartphone brand, Huawei has officially made the confirmation through a press release. The Chinese tech giant states that due to a considerable amount of pressure, it had to decide that would ensure the survival of its primary brand. Honor and its related assets will eventually become a part of Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology.

Given below is Huaweis official statement on the sale of Honor.

Samsung Could Provide Exynos Chipsets to Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo

Huawei's consumer business has been under tremendous pressure as of late. This has been due to a persistent unavailability of technical elements needed for our mobile phone business. Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd. has thus decided to sell all of its Honor business assets to Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., Ltd. This sale will help Honor's channel sellers and suppliers make it through this difficult time.

Once the sale is complete, Huawei will not hold any shares or be involved in any business management or decision-making activities in the new Honor company.

This move has been made by Honor's industry chain to ensure its own survival. Over 30 agents and dealers of the Honor brand first proposed this acquisition.

According to the company, the Honor brand ships 70 million smartphones annually. Huawei will no longer be a part of any business activity, management, or hold any ownership in this brand. For an entity as massive as Huawei, its troubles started with Google suspending business with the company. This means Huawei would no longer install Android on its devices, but this was just the start.

The company is now unable to develop high-end Kirin chipsets because TSMC can no longer provide it with chips due to the U.S. sanctions. Though Qualcomm might be able to help in some capacity, it might not be enough for quite a while. Huawei continues to believe in its HarmonyOS 2.0 platform, which will start appearing in the companys handsets shortly. To ensure its smartphone arm's survival, theres no other choice, really, unless the U.S. decides to relax the ban slightly and allow Huaweis partners to once again resume business with it.

Do you think selling off the Honor brand was a prudent decision? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Huawei

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Huawei Officially Sells Its Honor Smartphone Brand to Ensure Longevity of Its Business - Wccftech

Apple’s Battery Health Management Feature Cannot Be Disabled on Apple Silicon Macs – MacRumors

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Apple's battery health management feature cannot be disabled on Apple Silicon Macs, as there is no toggle switch for this in System Preferences on these machines.

Battery health management cannot be disabled on Apple Silicon-based Macs

The feature can still be disabled on Intel-based Macs, but Apple warns this may reduce the battery's lifespan. On macOS Big Sur, navigate to System Preferences > Battery > Battery > Battery Health and uncheck "Manage battery longevity." On macOS Catalina, the checkbox is located in System Preferences > Energy Saver > Battery Health

Battery health management can be disabled on Intel-based Macs

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Apple's Battery Health Management Feature Cannot Be Disabled on Apple Silicon Macs - MacRumors

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