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6 Holiday Health-Promoting Gift Ideas for Your Beloved Senior

Posted: November 15, 2017 at 4:15 pm

Your senior loved ones are fully enjoying their retirement years, but their aging bodies can’t keep up with their zeal for fun, retirement activities and travel. Grandma loves to prepare food in the kitchen, but she has arthritic hands. Grandpa loves watching TV, but he sets the volume too high. Uncle Tom loves golf, but he finds himself out of breath too much. With the holidays approaching, you want to give them a gift that promotes their health so that they have an easier time enjoying some of their daily activities.

Here are a few holiday health-promoting gift ideas for your beloved senior:


People who love eating fruits and vegetables will definitely welcome a juicer or blender into their lives. With one or both items, your senior would be able to prepare a range of toothsome smoothie creations, juices, pureed veggie side dishes and hearty soups. Easy to use and easy to clean if your senior has a handy dishwasher, this gift can happily introduce new food items to your senior’s healthy diet.

Online Yoga or Tai Chi Classes

 You can buy your beloved senior a month-to-month membership to online yoga or Tai chi classes. Sites like YogaGlo and Tai Chi World Online internet-based, instructor-guided classes that are easy to follow and accessible at any time your senior. Best of all, they can do this from the comfort of their home.

New Walking Shoes

 There’s a whole range of ergonomic walking shoes that are super comfy for your beloved senior to use. One range of beautifully made shoe by Pluggz feature a specialized earth grounding technology “plug” in the soles of the shoes. Comfortable and guaranteed to promote body health, these shoes are a wonderful gift for the special senior in your life who could use comfier shoes when hitting the pavement of city sidewalks and streets.

Ankle Weights

 A terrific, easy-to-sport gift that gradually builds up leg strength and endurance are ankle weights. Available in all weights, you can provide up to three different weight ankle weights to a senior looking to gradually work up to a state of greater fitness as they walk every day. This thoughtful gift delivers great results in just a few short days of use – your senior will be thankful you gifted this game-changing piece of fitness gear.

Home Gym Investment: Kettlebells

If your beloved senior has always talked about exercising more, then help him or her step into a regular exercise routine by gifting equipment that constitute home gym items. A range of kettlebells, for instance, that can be easily placed in a corner of the house would not only visually encourage your senior to work out, they’d be perfect for the actual exercise routine itself, as a whole range of exercises incorporate the use of kettlebells.


If you want to gift something more techy and expensive, yet highly useful for optimal health and exercise performance, then consider buying a FitBit for your senior. The top-of-the-line FitBit, with all the bells and whistles, features a digital pedometer, heart rate monitor, an exercise tracker, on-the-map GPS-tracking for walks, jogs, hikes and bicycling trips, alarm and timer, and notifications of incoming calls and text messages. Linked to a mobile app, the FitBit also keeps track of calorie intake (you have to manually input data for this) and how many flights of stairs have been walked. Very similar to an Apple watch, gifting a FitBit is the ultimate tech gadget to complement your senior’s health and fitness tracking.

Though you’ll be overwhelmed with choices when exploring the specific brands of the gift ideas mentioned above, make sure to do some research and read the reviews to find just the right gift within your budget. You also want your senior to truly use this item, so make sure to show them how best to use tech gifts or how to access online gym class membership sites. You’re opening a door to health and wellness for them in the new year and beyond.