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Core Spirit Saving Niche of Wellness by replicating Medium, Amazon and Eventbrite business models – PRUnderground

Posted: December 20, 2020 at 6:55 pm

While some of these entrepreneurs fell into a depression mode, others found salvation at Core Spirit, an online leader in Human Enhancement which encompasses Wellness, Conventional and Alternative Medicine, Personal Development and Spirituality.

Combining a variety of 900 practices, Core Spirit is an online Marketplace and a Global Platform aggregating the most comprehensive directories of practitioners, services, luminaries and professional organizations in the niche of Wellness & Personal Development. Core Spirit covers a diverse range of life questions about Self, Health, Relationships, Parenting, Career and Grief, answers to which can be found with the sophisticated search and filtering mechanism of the platform.

Practitioners and organizations working in this niche had to transfer their business online due to the pandemic so Core Spirit became their trusted software allowing them to list their services in the directory of consultations, sessions and webinars, publish professional articles discussing the benefits of their practice, post educational videos and hold online events.

Professional organizations were able to attract new members and organize online conferences, workshops and seminars. Learners and seekers have received unlimited access to CS knowledgebase, articles, videos, services and products and found answers to their problems with an advanced search system of the platform.

This year, Core Spirit is experiencing an unprecedent growth in the numbers of practitioners with mentors, holistic doctors, therapists, coaches, consultants and others joining our mission. They were able to successfully protect their online businesses and subsequently expand their clientele on a global scale as Core Spirit engages people from all over the planet.

This is what Amy Lansky, a CS dietitian, has said about the platform:

If it hadnt been for Core Spirit, I would have lost my income completely during such difficult period. This platform gave me an opportunity to be a part of this amazing global community or professionals, list my services in the comprehensive directory and share my knowledge with the world.

About Core Spirit

CS is a social platform aggregating diverse mediums of content, experts and practitioners, online and offline events and complimentary products & services addressing the illusionary disconnect between alternative and mainstream life.

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Core Spirit Saving Niche of Wellness by replicating Medium, Amazon and Eventbrite business models - PRUnderground

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