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eFitness professional software to streamline all multi-club …

Posted: March 27, 2019 at 6:47 pm

Operating in the premium segment requires top-notch customer service, this is why we constantly promote a customer-focused culture in our business. To achieve this we invest heavily in our staff and provide them with best training and tools available on the market. One of these tools is eFitness software, which allowed us to streamline our sales process and automate mundane repetitive tasks, allowing our staff to spend more time with our clients than on their computers

Anna Bogucka, COO of Holmes Place Poland

We have been working with eFitness soon after opening our first club. So you could say that we grew with eFitness and eFitness grew with us. Now, 69 clubs later it is clear why we have chosen eFitness as our software provider. Their modern software and their continuing improvements of the HelpDesk allows us quickly solve any operational issues. eFitness has never been afraid to challenge some of our software requests and has always proposed simpler and more practical solutions, which at the end of the day provides us with a quick and responsive tool that aides us in the expansion of our business.

Joanna Skrzyska, COO of Zdrofit

The implementation of eFitness in the Czech Republic was one of the most difficult projects our operations team had to face. Without the eFitness specialists supporting our Czech team, unification of the system throughout our chain and the replacement of several independent operating systems into one would not have been successful. And this is just the beginning of cooperation. Having such a professional partner, I believe that we will soon be able to introduce all of the new eFitness solutions on the Czech market. Thank you for the professional system implementation.

Rafa Rybski, Managing Director of Fit Invest Int

eFitness is a cost-effective software solution that easily scales as a business grows. What we like the most are its reporting capabilities, which constantly supports us in our implementation of various strategic decisions.

Piotr Bochnia, Managing Director of My Fitness Place

Building and managing a growing portfolio of 149 clubs in multiple countries is a challenging task. On one hand, you want to be at the forefront of technology and at the same time you need a stable and scalable solution in place. That is why we have chosen eFitness sp. z o.o. and eFitness software to manage and operate our clubs. It gives us the tools we need for our daily operation with powerful reporting, automation and whole online ecosystem for members.

Jakub Raniszewski COO Benefit System (Fitness Branch)

What we like about eFitness is that they try to understand the challenges we are facing from the club operations perspective and then propose a solution. Thanks to this we are getting management software that helps us optimize our processes and efficiently manage our chain.

Jakub Rozwens, General Manager of Fit Fabric

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eFitness professional software to streamline all multi-club ...

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