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Equinox Is Linking Up With WHOOP and Apple Health To Give You a Hyper-Personalized Workout Routine – Well+Good

Posted: February 9, 2021 at 6:54 pm

Equinoxs digital fitness offerings are about to get a whole lot more personal.

Today, the brand announced the launch of Equinox+, the next iteration of its year-old Variis platform (which, FYI, will no longer be called Variis). The platform is helping to take its users fitness routines to the next level by pairing with their smart health devices to help them select the best workouts and wellness practices for their bodies on a given day. Equinox+ will deliver next-level connected experiences with dynamic weekly programs and personalized class recommendationsall based on personalized, real-time data from Apple HealthKit and WHOOP integrations, says Samir Gole, VP of Product at Equinox Media.

By linking Equinox+ up with your WHOOP, which provides a red, yellow, or green recovery score every morning based on personalized biometrics like heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and sleep quality, the app is able to help you take this information and use it to influence your workouts. With the addition of these new next-level connected experiences, members will better understand what workout they need that dayeven if its not the one they thought they wanted to do, says Gole. For example, maybe you had scheduled an early SoulCycle class on the SoulCycle at-home bike, but when you wake up, Equinox+ and WHOOP let you knowhey, you didnt sleep too wellyou really should get a little more rest and do a 30-minute PURE Yoga class later instead. In the future, Equinox+ will use Apple Fitness activities to provide even more personalized fitness recommendations, but for now, youll be able to log and share your activities within the Apple HealthKit app.

In addition to introducing this next-gen tech, Equinox+ is adding even more boutique workouts to its platform. Cult-fave Pilates-inspired studio Solidcore is joining SoulCycle, Equinox HIIT, Precision Run, PURE Yoga, Headstrong, and TB12, and the apps personalization features will take into account which classes and instructors you love (and which ones you dont) when suggesting your daily workouts.

Equinox+s new features launch on 3/2 (Solidcore will hit the platform on 2/23) and memberships run for $40 a month.

To find out more about tracking your HRV, check out the video below.

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Equinox Is Linking Up With WHOOP and Apple Health To Give You a Hyper-Personalized Workout Routine - Well+Good

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