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European sports nutrition sector calls for end to ‘decade-long regulatory limbo’

Posted: June 29, 2013 at 6:49 am

The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) says there is no need for separate sports products regulation as general food law is sufficient, ahead of a European Commission report on the matter due within two years.

ESSNA vice-chair Suzane Leser told us, sport nutrition can be adequately regulated within general food legislation provided appropriate adaptations are made.

Leser reiterated the groups position at the recent 5thInternational Fresenius Conference in Mainz,Germany, where she welcomed recent changes in specialised food laws (PARNUTS) in the European Union.

The European Parliaments vote is very encouraging, but we must recognise that the European Commissions report will have enormous implications for sports nutrition products and consumers. The next two years will be crucial.

Any delay will leave the industry and its customers in limbo and draw out what has already been a decade-long debate.

This week she answered some of our questions.

What engagement do you expect with authorities?

The European Commission will be compiling the report, but the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will be asked for scientific advice/opinion. The Commission will prepare a mandate for EFSA with the specific technical questions to which EFSA will need to give a response.

Before doing so, however, the Commission has indicated that it will analyse the market for sports nutrition products to see how the market has evolved in past years, what sorts of products are currently on the market, and the different consumers categories.

ESSNA will engage with this report and is already liaising with key stakeholders, including the EC. We will prepare our position papers on the mandate to EFSA and our views on the sports nutrition market across Europe.

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European sports nutrition sector calls for end to 'decade-long regulatory limbo'

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