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Fernwood Holistic Health: ‘Right now, it’s more important than ever to take care of your health’ – Shoreline Times

Posted: January 28, 2021 at 3:55 pm

It was serendipitous when Fernwood Holistic Health opened in March 2020, right as the pandemic hit the area.

This proved to be both a good and yet challenging time to open a new health care practice.

Founder Dr. Dana Krete and her team offer services including naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, yoga and massage therapy from their Trolley Square location at 1921 Boston Post Road suites 2 and 3. Fernwoods focus is on treating and preventing medical conditions using holistic, integrated medicine.

The doors opened in the beginning of March 2020, just before the pandemic turned everything on its head, Krete said during a recent phone interview. At that time, the center closed for two weeks, then re-opened through telemedicine, and has since been gradually trying to get back to more normal operation.

Opening a new holistic health practice takes passion, support and purpose.

It was only natural for Krete, to collaborate with others to name her center with meaningful connections to nature, family, her vision, and a new rescue dog.

Theres love and connection in our name, and love and connection in everything we do, Krete writes on Fernwoods website, fernwoodholistichealth.com.

For dogs and businesses, names are important. I had a few contenders, but nothing was really striking me, Krete said of trying to decide what to call her new business. She remembers her daughter, 11 at the time, called her ideas boring.

The name started with a rescue dog. Krete and her family had lost Rosie, their beloved golden retriever, and started a puppy search, planning to give it a botanical name. The dog they chose happened to already be named Fern, and they decided to use that as part of the centers name. Fern reminded them of The Fernwood, a Hartford restaurant owned by her husbands father in the 60s which he generously left to his employees upon his death. So, Fernwood was chosen, and Holistic Health was added to explain what they are about.

Krete earned a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters of Acupuncture in 2009. She previously practiced with Prive Swiss Wellness in Essex and provided acupuncture services for seven years at Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center. She then moved to all private practice, and recently decided to open her new center. Also on the Fernwood team are two other acupuncturists, a massage therapist, a holistic health coach and a yoga instructor. Group yoga is on hold due to COVID, but the center is open with appropriate safety protocols.

Right now, its more important than ever to take care of your health, Krete said, adding that despite the pandemic, weve been pretty busy. I had a patient base already from practicing in the area, and connections I have from Middlesex Hospital.

Were really glad to see people coming in to get support with that (COVID related issues), and to work on other things too, Krete said.

What happens when people are stressed is that health patterns show up, and they may not even recognize them as being caused by stress. There are things we can do for patients with the levels of stress, anxiety and depression that are increasing during this time, Krete said, reflecting the positive side of opening during a pandemic.

Fernwood Holistic Health treats patients of all ages, although children are not treated with acupuncture.

Typically a new patient naturopathic appointment will take an hour during which the patients history is reviewed, there may be some type of physical exam, and then Krete will look at relevant lab history, consider ordering additional lab work, and begin to develop an initial treatment plan which may or may not include supplements.

The goal is to identify the underlying cause of the patients symptoms, not just to treat the symptoms, Krete said. Thats one difference she sees between her practice and conventional medicine.

A lot of times we end up treating things conventional providers wouldnt necessarily treat because they are typically handled more with a watch and wait plan, Krete said. Conventional medicine can treat conditions in certain ways, but we have so many other options, she added.

Krete gives the example of an IBS patient. If someone goes to a conventional practice with IBS symptoms, theyll likely get diagnosed with IBS and their symptoms will be managed into the future.

From her practices perspective, Krete said, you dont get digestive symptoms for no reason. We look for the actual cause and try to restore the person to normal physiology, so they dont have to keep managing symptoms. The goal here is to treat the person so that they dont need me anymore.

Even the physical space has a role to play. We have tried to create a very peaceful, calm and comfortable environment. Weve gotten a lot of feedback from patients that say they feel better as soon as they walk in, Krete said, adding, We tried to not make it overly clinical, or sterile feeling, but not too spa-like. We wanted to find a balance. I think weve accomplished that through the building and the people we have on staff here. They have so much passion and bring so much energy into the space; I think our patients can feel that.

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Fernwood Holistic Health: 'Right now, it's more important than ever to take care of your health' - Shoreline Times

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