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Finding Fitness: Time for a dance break – The Current – The Student-Run Newspaper of Nova Southeastern University.

Posted: March 11, 2021 at 6:44 am

I know it sounds ridiculous, but it would be a lie if we said we didnt try out dance moves in the mirror or let loose a bit when we blast our favorite songs. For some people, its an instinct, and for others, its just an occasional activity at weddings or other social gatherings. However, have you considered making it a part of your daily life or even a part of your workout regime? No? Well, you definitely should.

This isnt the first suggestion of incorporating dance as a fitness activity. There are plenty of classes people can take, such as ballroom or couples dance classes, jazzercise, pole dancing and other dance types, and studios offer classes that not only teach new skills, but also work up some sweat.

As a college student, you might not be willing to put down some cold hard cash onto a specialty gym membership, and thats perfectly fine. You dont need an instructor and fancy equipment to do some cardio. Resources like YouTube, TikTok and other online platforms can help you be well on your way to learn a new dance or have fun trying.

According to Healthline, dance can improve cardiovascular health, balance and strength, challenge and boost cognitive performance and your mood. Overall, its encouraged to participate in any form or style of dance because all versions such as Ballet, Hip-Hop, Tap and others, all meet the physical activity guidelines of the Department of Health and Human Services recommendations of at least 150-300 minutes per week of moderate-intensity exercise.

So, what if dancing in front of people or with others, especially amidst the pandemic, is not your thing? As long as you have somewhere you can bust a few moves by yourself, such as the comfort of your bedroom or while your roommates are out or at work, you cant make any excuses. It can be as easy as putting on a playlist that makes you happy, wanting to burn off a few calories or throwing on a YouTube dance video to set the mood. Most importantly, have fun and let loose.

Dancing could make people anxious or make them feel like they are doing something wrong, but here is the beauty of dancing in your bedroom or behind a closed door: you are free to literally dance like no one is watching because no one is. This gives you the freedom to enjoy your workout while you get some cardio in and maybe hone in on some dance skills you might pull off next time on the dance floor.

So, be silly. Be a little ridiculous and make the most of your fitness activity in a creative and fun way.


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Finding Fitness: Time for a dance break - The Current - The Student-Run Newspaper of Nova Southeastern University.

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