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Fitness: American Diabetes Association

Posted: August 30, 2016 at 6:43 am


Exercise, or physical activity, includes anything that gets you moving, such as walking, dancing, or working in the yard. Regular physical activity is important for everyone, but it is especially important for people with diabetes and those at risk for diabetes.

That doesn't mean you need to run a marathon orbench-press 300 pounds.The goal isto get active and stay active by doingthings you enjoy,from gardening to playing tennis to walking with friends.Wondering how much activity you should be doing and what your options are?

Here are someideas to help you get moving and start making exercise part of your daily routine.

We Can Help:

Find the healthy eating plan that works for you and your diabetes.

Visit our blog about diabetes and those inspired to stop it.

Even kids can learn to manage for a long, healthy life.

Unleash your inner grill master with these recipes.

Follow these five steps to avoid eye problems.

Find your leading role for type 2 diabetes management.

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Fitness: American Diabetes Association

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