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Fitness and eating right

Posted: April 30, 2012 at 4:15 pm


THERES a saying, Once the truth is revealed, the path becomes clear. In my previous column, I discussed some health and fitness questions which hopefully helped clear your confusion about fitness concept. You have answered questions most people never even asked. Now, lets talk more about fitness and eating right.

Many people are confused about what to eat and type of exercise they want to follow because if they ask 100 different experts on eating right and exercise, theyll get 100 different answers. On top of that, there are those TV infomercials that claim this or that exercise gadget or miracle pill is the answer. We have those workout videos, fitness magazines and hundreds of books. But do we have answers? Well, no. What we have is a junk heap of false conclusions, endless

contradictions and half-baked exercise and nutrition theories that are creating so much uncertainty and confusion. These myths have been around for so long that some people have already regard them as truths. These myths rear their ugly heads when you least

expect them and threaten to destroy your efforts to build a leaner, stronger, more energetic body.

Lets not allow that to happen. Lets conquer those myths, s separate fact from fiction and

create some clarity once and for all. To get more information and enlighten your mind about these myths and wrong concepts, I researced and culled information about eating right and exercise. These are based on my experience in fitness industry for more than 30 years.

Q: Is aerobics better for shaping than weight training?

A: To transform your physique, you must train with weights. Walking around the block or

simply climbing a flight of stairs is better than just sitting there doing nothing. But the best form of exercise for reshaping your body is weight training. Through resistance training, you can also significantly increase your metabolic rate, the rate at which your body burns fat. As you may already know when you gain muscle, your body requires more energy to maintain that new muscle. Fat weight doesnt require any at all to maintain because it just sits there. Thats why weight training is even superior to aerobic exercise for people who want to lose fat. If you do nothing but aerobic exercise even if you eat less, your results will not be optimal. Yes, you may lose weight but your overall shape will stay the same. If you start an aerobic exercise program shaped like a pear, the most likely result is you will end up looking like a smaller pear, which is fine, if thats what you want. But thats not what I call a transformation. With weight training, you not only burn fat but you can also change the shape of your bodyyou can achiever wider shoulders and a narrower waist. You can build muscular arms, lean, defined abdominal muscles, strong legs and you can become empowered, confident and strong.

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Fitness and eating right

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