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Posted: February 14, 2021 at 4:52 pm

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We should have to adopt a healthy lifestyle. In search of wealth, we should not lose focus on health because that kind of approach has proven to be harmful.

According to health science, green vegetables are immensely beneficial in many ways. Vegetables and fruits contain vitamins. Therefore, it is recommended to consume them regularly in diet.

One of the famous sayings always falls on our ears: an apple a day keepsthe doctor away. instead of taking vitamins pills it is nice to collect direct vitamins from the apple or other fruits.

Replace your diet with Mediterranean-style foods. Add fresh green items. Green salads and fresh vegetables items should be used more than the meat. The best alternative for meat is lentils which give protein. If you want healthy longevity select fibre- rich foods. From fresh green vegetables and fruits our body gets necessary vitamins, energy and increases the immune system very well. To fight against COVID-19 pandemic it is require to take more green vegetables which boost considerable levels of our immunity power.

Modern trend indicates that new generations are more addictive to eating junk and fast food. They like these items more than regular dishes. Often parents find it a great challenge to prevent their kids from this unhealthy diet. Junk foods are delicious but detrimental to human health. If they refrain from an unhealthy diet then they can be protected from illness.

We should give a rethink to drinking sweet pops. Excessive intake of sugar and a sedentary life can cause obesity and diabetics.

It is better to go for gymnastic exercise than the visiting doctor. Regular exercise and health vegetable diet keep your life evergreen healthy. Eat l than what you hungry. Keep belly little beat empty for air and water. Keeping regular fast also beneficial for good health.

A healthy life is more valuable than the materialistic life. Keep yourself fit and florescent.

Hanif A. PatelGujarat, India

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