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Fitness Industry Growing throughout the Ozarks

Posted: January 31, 2014 at 7:45 am

Alicia Epps is a Hot Yoga Instructor at My Hot Yoda and says it has a long list of impacts on your body.

"Its here to help you detox, to cleanse, to sweat, to release any of those toxins that you have built up in your body from every day life," says Epps.

Its newer in the Midwest but the technique dates back 1,000 of years to India.

"Yoga originated in India where it is hot."

She says the boom in Yoga is hitting the Ozarks.

"I have people all the time asking me how do I become a Yoga instructor so theres several places around town."

From Hot Yoga to Crossfit, Crossfit uses multiple different platforms like the arm bar, ropes, medicine balls and even rowing to help improve your every day performance.

Darrell Parker does Crossfit and says it takes working out to a whole new level.

"You have coaches, you have a set regimens that you do and you have lots of good support here" says Parker.

Jeremy Mhire is a Crossfit strength coach and says the technique strengthens your endurance, flexibility, and mobility.

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Fitness Industry Growing throughout the Ozarks

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