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Fitness Industry Veteran and Minority Franchise Owner, Micah Logan, Launches a First of Its Kind Fitness Franchise – PRNewswire

Posted: January 13, 2021 at 12:02 pm

BOSTON, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --Fitness industry veteran, Micah Logan, has launched an innovative, first of its kind personal training concept. It's not personal training that's changed, but how Logan has developed a scalable, proven business model for future business owners that's unique. Logan is thrilled to introduce a "Micro Personal Training" Studio.

The Micro Personal Training studios are developed in 500sqft and 1000sqft models. With simple and elegant design and a focus on building fitness community, this industry-leading model is the next big thing in gym culture. At the "micro" level, personal training takes place in small groups of no more than four members per coach. "Accountability and support are our secret sauces," says Logan. The perfect franchise candidates are Personal Training veterans, experienced boutique fitness operators and those individuals with management experience.

What is it that makes MELD Fitness + Wellness Franchise unique? These "micro studios" have an option for a Smoothie Bar, inside both the 500 and 1000sqft models. Partnering with longtime natural food business experts, Performance Food Centers, smoothie bars are specifically designed to be retrofitted into each MELD micro studio. Members can enjoy a nutritious shake after their workouts and franchise owners may enjoy a business that is not overbuilt and underutilized.

There are not many minority franchisors in the US, making this a compelling opportunity for a growing market. "I've seen plenty of minority franchisees, but not Franchisors, statistics on minority franchisors are harder to find than Jimmy Hoffa," Logan said. Fulfilling a market demand, Logan has developed a bold business model and a remarkable fitness concept with MELD Fitness + Wellness Franchise, for which there is no comparison.

To inquire about a MELD Fitness + Wellness Franchise go to http://www.meldfranchise.com or email [emailprotected]

About Micah Logan:

Micah Logan has been in the fitness industry for almost 20 years. As an experienced trainer and businessman Micah's award-winning studios are in demand with local Bostonians. Micah is an Executive Board Member of MIFO, Massachusetts Independent Fitness Operators Association.

To learn more, visitwww.meldfranchise.com.

Media Contact:

To schedule an interview, please contact Micah Logan at 857-413-9712 or [emailprotected]

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Fitness Industry Veteran and Minority Franchise Owner, Micah Logan, Launches a First of Its Kind Fitness Franchise - PRNewswire

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