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Focus on Fitness: Develop healthy habits now, reap the benefits later – Plant City Observer

Posted: October 15, 2020 at 5:54 pm

You and your loved ones can benefit from establishing healthy habits now. Its especially good for children who will model your behavior.

People, societal normsand culture play a huge role in who we become and the habits we acquire. The habits we start in the earlier stages of life will set us up for success or failure, which is why its critical that as adults,we help our families set healthy habits. The earlier we set these in life, the more likely these habits will have a lasting effect.

Not only do these habits affect us, but they also affect those around us. Its a win-win! Research shows children learn best by observational learning, which iswatching another individuals behavior, attitudes and emotional expressions and modeling them. There are so many easy ways to help establish healthy habits and the positive effects are endless.

Here are some great ways to implement those habits into your day-to-day routine as a family:

These are just a few ways to help implement healthy habits into your family and childrens everyday lives so that you can help set them up for success.

Some of the best advice I have ever received is tolive by example. Are you living your life in such a way that you want people to follow it? There are so many good habits that I continue today because my parents took the time to show me the importance of exercising your body, eating healthy foods and feeding your soul. It all counts and pushes us toward who we are created to be.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, coach or boss,we all have the power to be of influence but it starts at home with our families.

Hannah Franklin is a Wellness Director at the Plant City Family YMCA.

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Focus on Fitness: Develop healthy habits now, reap the benefits later - Plant City Observer

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