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Got a case of COVID Curves? Here are 8 fitness apps to help you get fit in 2021 – Pocketnow

Posted: December 30, 2020 at 9:56 am

Chances are you gained a few pounds after staying indoors for most of 2020. Now that were entering a new year, its time to get active and burn your COVID belly before we start going outside again. Luckily, we have eight deals on fitness apps that will help you stay healthy in body and mind until that happens, and theyre 20% off at checkout when you use coupon code HOLIDAY20.

YogaDownload Unlimited: 1-Yr Subscription

Keeping mobile is especially important during extended periods of remote work, and YogaDownload has plenty of convenient exercises to promote a healthy lifestyle no matter how busy you are. You can access over 1,500 courses from your phone and computer and new courses are being added each week to keep your workouts fresh and exciting.

Get aYogaDownload Unlimited: 1-Yr Subscriptionfor $23.20 (Reg. $119) with promo code HOLIDAY20.

Yogaia Interactive Yoga Classes: Lifetime Subscription

Yogaia is ideal if youre craving an interactive yoga studio experience that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. You can choose between 5-minute classes that you can pump out during your mid-day break or an intense, hour-long session that gets your sweat flowing. Following along in real-time with live classes or watch a class recording when youre completely free. The choice is yours!

Get aYogaia Interactive Yoga Classes: Lifetime Subscriptionfor $239.20 (Reg. $399) with promo code HOLIDAY20.

Onyx Home Workout App: Lifetime Subscription

Turn your phone into a personal trainer with the Onyx app. All you have to do is face the camera towards you so that Onyx can count your reps, time your planks, and monitor your form in real-time. With a lifetime subscription, you get total access to all of Onyxs workouts, goal tracking features, and programs.

Not only was Onyx Product Hunts#1 App of the Day, but it also made it to Apples2020 Apps We Lovelist.

Get anOnyx Home Workout App: Lifetime Subscriptionfor $63.99 (Reg. $300) with promo code HOLIDAY20.

BetterMe Home Workout & Diet: Lifetime Subscription

Abs are made in the kitchen, so you should be as mindful of your diet as you are with your workout program. BetterMe makes it easy to manage both, offering personalized workout and meal plans that are tailored to your goals and will help you get fit faster. These meal plans are complete with video recipes that are nutritious and easy to make.

Get aBetterMe Home Workout & Diet: Lifetime Subscriptionfor $31.99 (Reg. $1,200) with promo code HOLIDAY20.

Rootd Anxiety & Meditation App: 1-Yr Subscription

Rootd is designed specifically to relieve all stages of panic and anxiety. It features a panic button, a deep breathing tool, meditative body scanning, guided visualizations, and an emergency contact button, all of which you have unlimited access to. Additionally, Rootd offers lessons and a journal to track your progress and guide you towards long-term improvement.

Get aRootd Anxiety & Meditation App: 1-Yr Subscriptionfor $20.79 (Reg. $59) with promo code HOLIDAY20.

Omvana Meditation App: Lifetime Subscription

Omvana is a meditation app thats designed to help you target specific areas in your life that you want to improve in, such as getting better sleep or boosting your productivity. With a lifetime subscription, youll find classes, lessons, and guided meditation tracks on each of Omvanas key meditation topics, and you can even combine two meditation tracks to create your own.

Get anOmvana Meditation App: Lifetime Subscriptionfor $79.99 (Reg. $299) with promo code HOLIDAY20.

Fitness Ally Premium AI Powered Workouts: 1-Yr Subscription

Finding a fitness partner will help you both stay accountable, but thats next to impossible during this quarantine. Ally is here to help. It features Allie, an AI fitness assistant that uses your smartphone camera to monitor your form and track your performance. Allie also gives you real-time motivation and feedback so that you can hit that last rep.

Get aFitness Ally Premium AI Powered Workouts: 1-Yr Subscriptionfor $15.99 (Reg. $59) with promo code HOLIDAY20.

Jillian Michaels: The Fitness App (Lifetime Subscription)

Jillian Michaels needs no introduction. Shes one of the biggest personalities in the fitness industry, and now you can train like her with The Fitness App. Your subscription comes with full access to over 800 HD workout videos along with audio-only workouts for outdoor exercise. You can customize every facet of your fitness plan, such as choosing basic to advanced workouts, swapping different exercises into your workouts, adjust transition times between workouts, and even play your own music with each workout.

PCMag gives The Fitness App a4 out of 5, stating,Jillian Michaels Fitness gives you a custom daily workout and meal plan to follow for slimming down and building muscle. It has options to suit different dietary restrictions. Its an excellent app for those who want tough workouts.

Get theJillian Michaels: The Fitness App (Lifetime Subscription)for $149.99 (Reg. $449).

The deals dont end there. You can also enter into this massiveComplete Home Gym Giveawayfor a chance to win over $5,000 worth of workout equipment. The winner will receive a Peloton Bike+, a TRX Pro 4 suspension trainer set, an Oura Ring, and much more.

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Prices subject to change.

Got a case of COVID Curves? Here are 8 fitness apps to help you get fit in 2021 - Pocketnow

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