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Gymshark workout onesie review: Are fitness bodysuits worth the money? – Insider

Posted: February 14, 2021 at 4:52 pm

I love a one-piece. Dungarees, jumpsuits, playsuits, leotards ... I find it incredibly comfortable not having any constriction around my waist.

So when I saw the new (well, sort of new they're something of a throwback to 80s-style unitards) trend for workout onesies, my interest was immediately piqued.

After spotting an increasing number of fitness influencers rocking all-in-ones for their workouts not to mention tennis legend Serena Williams wearing a catsuit at the Australian Open I knew I had to give it a try.

I wondered, however, if they would actually be practical, or simply yet another way for activewear brands to get us to part with more cash.

I decided to buy the Gymshark Flex All In One, which cost 28 ($38) on the UK site and was reduced from 40 (currently retailing for $50 on the US site) Gymshark is one of the most popular activewear brands on Instagram, but I'd never actually tried any of its clothing.

Reader, I'm a onesie convert. I wore it for various different types of workout, and found my all-in-one practical, comfortable, and somewhat amusing to wear.

My first impression upon seeing my reflection in the onesie was: I look like an Olympic swimmer.

Various brands do full-legged all-in-ones, which would probably minimize this vibe though.

It was a snug fit and there was no hiding my VPL, but it was very stretchy and comfortable.

However, there was no built-in sports bra or bust support. If you were going to do high-intensity exercise, and especially if you have a larger bust than me, you'd definitely want to wear a sports bra underneath, which would slightly ruin the aesthetic too.

I do think you need to be pretty confident in your body to wear something like this if you're self-conscious about your "hip-dips" or whether your stomach is flat or not, it's probably not one for you.

If I wore the onesie to an exercise class or the gym, I imagine I'd receive mixed reactions, but in my own apartment at least, I felt awesome in it. It felt fun! And definitely made me want to move.

One of my pet peeves is leggings that fall down during a workout and so many of them do. The beauty of the onesie is that this issue is completely removed.

I wore my onesie for various different workouts to put it to the test properly: weight-lifting, yoga, dancing, and P.volve classes.

Pleasingly, it was completely squat-proof you don't notice until you bend over that the material actually changes over the butt: it's more opaque, and then more mesh-like over the rest of the legs, which feels nice and breathable.

It was very easy to move in, and felt particularly good when stretching or performing side-bends I could move completely freely without worrying about anything falling down or digging in.

Not needing to fuss over my outfit actually meant I could forget about what I was wearing and how my body looked, and simply focus on how I was moving.

Going to the bathroom, however, was a bit more of an effort: Being so tight, it was tricky to pull up and down over my shoulders, and much like when you go out in a playsuit you also feel peculiarly naked.

Once I got over the fact that I looked a bit like I was about to dive into a pool and attempt a 400m butterfly, I loved wearing my workout onesie.

At $38, this was definitely one of the cheaper fitness onesies I found online I know athleisure is expensive and it's essentially a full outfit, but I was surprised to find so many brands selling all-in-ones for over $100.

I thought the Gymshark onesie was definitely worth the money, and considering how practical it is, I don't think the trend is all style over substance.

Yes, it could do with chest support, and a slim pocket might be handy like some leggings have, but I definitely want to expand my workout onesie collection perhaps a long-legged and even long-sleeved version for these colder months.

I've always been a leggings and sports bra kind of girl, but I think one-pieces might just be the future of fitness fashion (as well as the past Jane Fonda knew what she was doing).

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