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Health Addiction Functional Supplements Coming to America as Americans Are More Focused on Health Than Ever Before – GlobeNewswire

Posted: November 27, 2020 at 3:46 am

PALM BEACH, FL, Nov. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Many Americans increased their usage of dietary supplements since the pandemic began earlier this year.

People are more concerned about their health today and are looking for proactive steps to take to stay healthy, said Nathaly Marcus, founder and nutritionist for Health Addiction, a wellness company in Mexico City. Americans are looking for the best dietary supplements that will keep them healthy.

The Council for Responsible Nutritions annual survey showed that more than 70 percent of Americans take dietary supplements for the fourth consecutive year.

The CRN survey also showed that 43 percent of dietary supplement users have changed their routine this year, Marcus said. An astonishing 91 percent of these people have increased their supplement intake.

People are looking for any health advantage they can give themselves, she added.

Marcus, the first functional nutritionist in Mexico, thinks this growing addiction to health is a good long-term trend.

I founded Health Addiction in Mexico because I want people to get addicted to living healthy lives, Marcus said. I developed functional dietary supplements to help people stay healthy.

Marcus understands the importance of dietary supplements because traditional medicine failed her twin daughters when they were born premature with various health problems.

Traditional therapies and drugs did not help my daughters, who started having seizures when they were 11 months old, Marcus said. I came to America to search for alternative holistic therapies to help them.

With the help of a holistic doctor, Marcus returned home with a regimen of supplements and changes to her daughters diets.

For the first time, I saw my girls smile, relax, sleep, and crawl, Marcus said, adding that her daughters are now 24 years old and healthy.

Marcus eventually founded Health Addiction and developed functional supplements that could help other people. Now, Health Addiction plans to introduce eight popular functional supplements to American consumers:

We decided earlier this year to export our flagship products to America, Marcus said. We believe the high quality of our supplements and their potential health benefits will appeal to American consumers.

For more information, please visit Health Addiction online.

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Health Addiction Functional Supplements Coming to America as Americans Are More Focused on Health Than Ever Before - GlobeNewswire

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