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Health Insurers Mobilize to Fight COVID-19 Disparities – ThinkAdvisor

Posted: March 11, 2021 at 6:43 am

North Carolina used gift cards and wellness cards to send $200 million in support to enrollees last year, to help them buy food, over-the-counter medications and other items.

The company also provided $20 million in financing for 500 independent primary care providers, and worked with other organizations to import equipment for making personal protective equipment for health care providers.

AHIP speakers also talked about the Vaccine Community Connectors initiative. AHIP and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association announced the launch of the program last week.

Organizers of the program, which is open to all health insurers, hope to start by getting 2 million older Americans in underserved communities vaccinated against COVID-19. The program then will work to achieve community-level immunity against COVID-19 for everyone, according Matt Eyles, AHIPs CEO.

The program demonstrates the critical importance of strong partnerships between the public sector and the private market, Eyles said. Its another example of the public sector and the free marketing coming together in a time of crisis.

Dr. William Shrank, chief medical and corporate affairs officer at Humana Inc., said the vaccination campaign is part of a response to a pandemic that has shined a bright light on many issues related to health care disparities.

The foundation of this effort is that delivering the vaccine to the population is, arguably, the most important population health effort that we will be involved in in our lifetimes, Shrank said.

Dr. Tunde Sotunde (Photo: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina)

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Health Insurers Mobilize to Fight COVID-19 Disparities - ThinkAdvisor

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