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How Clinique La Prairie Is Keeping Humanity Fashionably Healthy In The Age Of Covid – Forbes

Posted: October 23, 2020 at 5:54 pm

MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND - the Clinique La Prairie facility

Fashion, beauty, health and wellness are all intertwined. You cant really have one without the other

The Clinique La Prairie (CLP) in Montreux, Switzerland has been purveyors of luxury health and wellness for 89 years. This is Switzerlands thing, and one of the main reasons why people travel to the scenic nation of wellness facilities, mountains and natural springs because the country knows and understands the value of health and wellness, especially in this time of Covid. There are facilities like CLP all over Switzerland, with expert and advanced care that offer an intimate luxury environment. For CLP, its their mission to partner with visitors by providing personalized treatment to help and inspire people to live longer, healthier and better lives.

Our vision is always looking at pioneering longevity, says Simone Gibertoni, the CEO of CLP. As the future of wellness is linked to epigenetics, genomics, mental wellness and many more inspiring sciences, we are also taking a particular interest in research on microbiota, senescent cells and their markers, stress and sleep, circadian rhythms- among other aspects of life science and biology, in an effort to determine how they can be used to promote holistic longevity. This approach is envogue and the most fashionable lifestyle implementation that an individual can make in an effort to promote self-longevity.

So, how has this facility overlooking Lake Geneva been able to carry on a mission and vision of world class wellness- with the aim of opening up CLP facilities in Bangkok and Madrid this year, and, other facilities throughout the Middle East, Asia and the Americas in the future? From its inception in 1931 by Professor Paul Niehans, who pioneered development cell therapy, CLP almost ninety years later has continued to expand due to top health and wellness innovations. With fifty specialists, wellness programs that range from immune-boosting and anti-aging revitalization, and luxury hospitality all combined in a state-of-the-art facility, the clinic has been able to grow after all this time and keep people living longer in the process.

MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND - the Clinique La Prairie facility

We believe that health is not only the absence of illness, but the balance of mind, spirit and body, continues Gibertoni.Our guests have the privilege of being accompanied and advised in the ultimate refinement, and benefit from the expertise of leading specialists, from renowned doctors to experts in sport, wellness, and nutrition.

Pioneering health and wellness in the age of covid

As CLP is leading in immunity, they know this is on everyones mind this year, and they are seeing a demand of people wanting revitalization programs, a type of holistic offering that boosts the immune system, while upgrading the mind and body notes Gibertoni. In response to COVID-19, we have introduced new elements to it, including immuno-fortifying ingredients, enhanced nutrition coaching and wellness solutions to help activate the immune function, Gibertoni says. In its one-week approach, Revitalization helps to combat stress and infections and to improve health related setbacks. The Revitalization has been carried out exclusively at CLP for nearly nine decades and does include the CLP Extract, containing biologically active substances, given in conjunction with bio-stimulants.

Recognizing that todays lifestyle can attack the immune system, CLPs MASTER DETOX program provide solutions. Stress, food treated with pesticides, overconsumption and demanding situations like the current one exposes us to a vast quantity of toxins which affect our bodies regeneration capabilities, which can lead to fatigue, digestive problems, allergies or a weakened immune system, says Gibertoni. And in the age of Covid, these negative factors are a need for the body to be eliminated of toxins and promote physiological balance. In this new MASTER DETOX week, we focus on a Cellular Genomic detoxification protocol, in line with our scientific approach, and as always on individual plans based on the four pillars of medical, nutrition, wellbeing and movement.

MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND - the Clinique La Prairie facility offers one-on-one services about the state ... [+] and health of your body and how to increase longevity.

Fashion and beauty start with wellbeing

Gibertoni gives a fitting example of how beauty is birthed out of a good wellbeing regiment.

The first: every health and wellbeing program is also about revealing beauty, because each creates a bespoke path to feel good inside and out. What you eat, your level of stress, your lifestyle habits, your sleep quality, your possible vitamins deficiencies, ... these are all factors very directly impacting beauty.

For example, nutrition based on antioxidants and nutrients that help reduce internal inflammation will support protection against free radical effects and promote hydration. Through individual consultations about longevity, DNA insights, nutrition and movement, and of course body and skin advanced treatments, many factors are addressed in a holistic way during the week program that the guest spends at CLP, leading to help restore healthy foundations and routines, and ultimately boosting radiance.

MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND - the Clinique La Prairie facility offers holistic treatments like massages.

For CLP, revitalization and their MASTER DETOX program has been tried and tested against a radical anti-aging and medical science, so their programs have been able to stand the test of time with their treatments, technologies and coaching that amplify a persons wellbeing.

The most top fashion model, designer, and fashion connoisseur cant have a successful run at fashion without a proper health and wellness regimen, and an occasional visit to a clinic like CLP if they can afford it.

The second dimension is about CLPs cutting-edge programs that focus specifically on anti-aging and regenerative medicine, with an integrative approach to rejuvenation. We help realize the personal journey to look, feel and live well, with cutting edge anti-aging aesthetics protocols for men and women, where all aspects of the body and face are taken into consideration.

MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND - the Clinique La Prairie facility

They do this through stem cell-based programs of the likes of their Beauty Stem Cells and Cell Boast Facelift, where an individuals own stem cells are clinically harvested and re-injected and they also revitalize the skin using natural resources from ones own body to regenerate and slow down aging. All of this results in restoring a persons youthful appearance. Non-invasive aesthetic medicine delivers the latest solutions in the advancing field of preventive and restorative aesthetics. And their 4-5-day beauty holistic programs utilize a holistic approach to beauty by using non-invasive technologies from CLPs anti-aging research.

We all know the latest runway collections are envogue and we all want to look fashionable and have our beauty top notch. What we do for our bodies, from what we put into it and how we treat it will result in our beauty and make us illuminate our various and unique fashion styles. CLP gets people there by going deeper and under the surface by identifying nutritional and lifestyle changes that their visitors need to implement into their lives. All of this leaves people looking radiant, sculpted, balanced and more youthful by the time they leave our facility, as Gibertoni points out and it provides long-lasting effects.

Find out more about Clinique La Prairie in Montreaux and stay tuned for their upcoming new location openings- here.

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How Clinique La Prairie Is Keeping Humanity Fashionably Healthy In The Age Of Covid - Forbes

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