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How One Twin Cities Clinic is Trying to Crack the Code of Complex Pain – Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

Posted: October 8, 2020 at 4:56 pm

When it comes to physical pain or problem spots, there are times when people just need more. That might mean more attention from a comprehensive team of specialists, or a deeper dive into the issues with advanced technology. Working in concert, these teams and technologies often zero in on the root causes of a condition and start patients on the road to recovery.

Many health care providers are banding together to create holistic clinics. Then they can easily team up on patients concerns in an efficient and multi-disciplinary way. Such clinics aim to help people with chronic or complicated problems that linger longer than normal, says Greg DeNunzio, MS, DC, a chiropractor and clinical coordinator of the Sweere Center for Clinical Biomechanics and Applied Ergonomics at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

The Sweere Clinic is an integrative health center that sees people with a variety of concerns. They might have headaches, concussions, back and neck pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, balance issues, numbness, anxiety, depression, and hormonal or metabolic issues.

To address such diverse problems, the clinic is staffed with chiropractors, an acupuncturist, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, and a specialist in functional neurology. Eventually, it will include a physical therapist, psychologist, nutritionist, and nurse or physician assistant. Working together, the team also uses novel tools like its biomechanical technology for assessing patients gait or balance.

We welcome the tough cases, the people with complex conditions that they have not been able to get help inresolving, DeNunzio says. We want to care for people here together so we can really take care of them.

Each practitioner might approach the same problem in a different way. By combining a variety of modalities, the team can make a big difference for people, DeNunzio says. In addition to being an effective way to address concerns, its also convenient. Patients avoid needing to get referrals for different providers and travel to see them at other locations. Providers can more easily coordinate care, too.

Another important aspect of a holistic clinic is its varied diagnostic tools. They provide additional information beyond traditional assessments and can often reveal an underlying issue or condition. With these details, caregivers can effectively focus on healing an injury, preventing long-term damage, or even improving athletic performance.

The clinic offers several unique diagnostics that assist clinicians in providing personalized care. The crown jewel of the Sweere Clinic is its Biomechanics Lab, one of the few 3D movement and gaitlabs in the country. Previously reserved for Olympic and professional athletes, the labs 3D gait analysis technology is now available to any patient.

The system uses 12 infrared cameras stationed around the room, plus two video cameras, to provide a three-dimensional view of people as they run on a treadmill or do squats. Plates under the treadmill measure forces throughout the joints of the body. Its analysis gives providers a complete view of patients physical functioning.

With 3D gait analysis, clinicians assess gait patterns and compare the left and ride sides of the body to check for discrepancies. 3D squat analysis studies the core and lower extremities to gauge balance, posture, and bone densityan important evaluation for a variety of patients.

When we have measurable data, we can start to make changes and give you stretches, exercises, and muscle activation drills to try to take the stress off of joints that might be overloaded, DeNunzio explains. The clinic uses the 3D technology to help all manner of people, such as those recovering from surgery, seniors at risk of falling, or athletes who want to improve their performance.

The Sweere clinic also has a 3D CT scanner that provides a full view of the cervical spine, vertebrae, and skulla unique tool in the world of chiropractic care. It reveals more information than chiropractors would receive from manual palpationand X-rays, such as developmental anomalies.

This detail allows us to see exactly how the spine is aligned without having to guess. It allows us to see details we wouldnt normally see, DeNunzio says. Armed with that information, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and others can collaborateon a treatment plan that targets the exact spots causing pain or other troubles.

We want to get to the root source of a problem, and we want to do this in a timely and efficient manner," DeNunzio says. That way, clinicians can provide the right therapy for the right problem, and get patients feeling better for the short term and in the long run.

Located in Bloomington,Northwestern Health Sciences Universityis a pioneer in integrative natural health care education, offering degree programs in chiropractic, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, massage therapy, medical assisting, medical laboratory programs, post-bac/pre-health, radiation therapy, and B.S. completion. Northwestern Health Sciences University Sweere Clinic is a holistic pain management center that focuses on treating and healing complex conditions. Providers have direct access to state-of-art diagnostic equipment, including a3D Biomechanics Laband 3D CT scanner, which offer detailed, specific insights into the cause of your pain.

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How One Twin Cities Clinic is Trying to Crack the Code of Complex Pain - Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

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