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How PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition takes a unique, individualized approach to wellness | GVLtoday – AVLtoday

Posted: August 15, 2021 at 1:45 am

The team at PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition in Greenville is made up of health coaches, nutritionists, life coaches + certified PHD consultants, along with an advisory board of physicians and PhDs in psychology. The PHD team works collaboratively under the guidance of PHD owner & founder, Dr. Ashley Lucas, PhD Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian. | Photo provided

Owned and operated by Dr. Ashley Lucas, PhD, RD, PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition offers healthy and sustainable weight loss. They make the overwhelming and daunting task of dropping weight feasible and supportive, understanding that weight gain isnt your fault and that the body is much more complicated than calories in + out.

Thats why PHD takes a truly different approach than most weight loss and nutrition programs. They look at each client as a whole person, evaluating the mental and emotional habits and behaviors that play into why we eat the way we eat.

From there, PHDs team of experts guides clients to enter into their optimal weight in which they will experience a faster, more efficient metabolism and ultimately have the best chance of success in maintaining their weight loss. And with the programs free-for-life maintenance program, 85% of clients who participate maintain their weight loss within 3 lbs.

PHD identifies each clients optimal weight number based on accurate body composition analysis (which varies dramatically for each individual) not based on a generic, random goal weight.

The reason why most people experience the frustrating yoyo phenomenon is because they only let go of a portion of their excess fat weight. That excess fat weight that we carry is active secreting hormones that make us hungry, make us crave, slow our metabolism + make us not want to move. Thats why PHD encourages clients to participate in their program when they are 100% committed to fully collapsing the fat mass.

But when clients are bought in, it works. PHD is based on science, 15+ years of education and training in nutrition and weight management, and clinical experience working with thousands of clients.

Learn more and download Dr. Lucass new book, The Ultimate Weight Loss Secrets, for free online, or call 864-252-4925 for a consultation.

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How PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition takes a unique, individualized approach to wellness | GVLtoday - AVLtoday

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