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How Sean Garner is Making a Remarkable Impact in the Fitness Community – The Good Men Project

Posted: June 22, 2021 at 1:53 am

Health and fitness are of the utmost importance to live a great life. With the internet allowing us to have more connections to fitness professionals than ever, it has provided a plethora of opportunities to build a fitness business online. However, running a fitness business online can be challenging.

The industry is flooded with professionals, each offering the next best thing. However, if you are to become a successful online or in-person gym owner or trainer, you need to do it differently from what everyone else is. You must have a unique presence, in order to attract your dream clientele and to keep them as loyal, raving fans. Scaling up is no easy feat, unless you have the right guidance from an experienced professional.

Sean Garner, the force behind EntreFit.com, is committed to helping fitness trainers and gym owners grow their businesses. Sean knows exactly what needs to be done in a fitness training business, having been in the industry for more than 11 years. He understands how hard it can be to stand out from the crowd and as an experienced fitness business coach, youll see your business mark the online presence you know it deserves.

In Seans 11 years of experience, he has owned and successfully run multiple fitness businesses, including 2 CrossFit gyms, an outdoor boot camp, and a sports performance/functional training center. He also has vast experience in fitness training, having worked as an S&C coach for the Winnipeg Jets EHCL team.

Practicing what he preaches, Sean has furthered his expertise while writing and being a fitness advisor for Mens Health Magazine and is also the creator of the 6 Weeks Sweat Off Mens Health DVD and app products. Sean is the head creator of The Playbook App and Project DadBod, an online fitness coaching program.

At EntreFit, Sean and his team will introduce you to proven digital marketing systems which will help you grow your training business. He will also teach you the tricks of the trade, which will help you stop drowning in the unproductive pools of influencers. Sean will teach you how to bring consistent systems to your fitness training strategy, and with his guidance, you will stop struggling to convince clients of your value as a fitness trainer. Whats more? Sean will show you how to manage your time, so you achieve more in less time.

While helping you grow your online brand, Sean will cover topics such as creating and marketing your online fitness business, and exposing you to the systems you need to grow and scale it. He will also cover sales, creating an offer or a product, setting goals, and how to adopt an entrepreneur mindset. By the end of the interaction, you will also have learned how to find your dream clients and the best practices for your online fitness business.

Seans impact in the fitness community has been life-changing for many. If you are a gym owner or personal trainer who has been in the industry for two or more years and are looking to take your business online, Sean Garner is the online fitness business coach you need to contact.

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How Sean Garner is Making a Remarkable Impact in the Fitness Community - The Good Men Project

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